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Raised on farm, drove small trucks hauling grain to elevators, worked in finance for 30 years, returned to my own farm in 1994. Our son has been driving since August 2020, with Marten Trasportation since March 2021 and loves it.


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Posted:  1 day, 8 hours ago

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Swift/Knight Acquires USX

I don't own stocks in any trucking companies as I have found mostly better opportunities elsewhere (but not all turn out to be so good, lol). Still, I follow this group of trucking companies to get a sense of how things are going for them (or, more accurately, how investors view how things are going for them):

Trucking Company Charts

USX and Yellow have been looking bad for a long time.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day

Dennis, I agree with that but this thread is supposed to be funny and brighten my day. Now I'm feeling depressed. Better go for a walk!

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Harvey & California

Hi Bruce, thanks for asking and your concern. We just got back from another trip to Madeira, Portugal where the weather was very nice to some strong winds and heavy rain. Not fun. Our near-term flood risk is not significant. We have forecasted river levels on Tuesday that will briefly reach the flood monitor stage but at levels lower than we had in January. But we have a huge amount of snow in the mountains and significant warm storms can quickly change things and cause widespread flooding. Rains are forecast for most of the remainder of the month. The official drought monitor office still said 73% of the state was in a drought as of last Thursday and that our area was "abnormally dry" which is absurd. There is some expectation for a high ridge forming over California after we get past March. Years ago a drought buster series of storm were dubbed a "miracle march" and this is year has been even wetter.

I feel for you guys out there that need to drive through this stuff. Michael had to deal with some ice in Utah about a week ago but was been routed through Las Vegas for the past two weeks to make it back to California.

All of this rain has lead to some significant road damage. A local highway is in bad shape and some locals post that they wish that trucks would be prohibited from using it so the road stays in better shape but they don't offer solutions on how they will get all of their essential items to keep happy.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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One year anniversary

Congratulations, Bruce.

I remember when you were looking to make the change you wanted to avoid going reefer but it seems to have suited you very well. I hope your knees are still holding up okay old coffin avoider.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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I may have to make a choice.....

I'll just share my experience, no suggestion on what is right for you.

When my mom died in 2004 I had seen her many times over recent months, largely because she was undergoing cancer treatment which was then suspended and then pain management doctor, etc. I had seen her the night before she died under hospice care. No regrets with anything, but I lived and worked close by and it was relatively easy to be there for her.

My dad died in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and had been staying in a care home for about a year. Because of safety protocols, visiting was restricted but I still visited about twice a week. Dad also had dementia pretty bad but fully recognized me but didn't always know what I did for a living or even once forgot he had been a farmer all of his life (it was not just a job for him, it was who he was, for the most part). Even though Michael had been off to college before starting his trucking career he always asked how Michael was doing. I had not seen dad for about two weeks when he died but had planned to be there in about one hour before his passing. I was busy doing farm work and had just finished irrigating and had just turned off the pump when I got the call. I had planned to shower and head over there so I often wished I had the chance to get there to see him one more time. I still think about that very often, a missed opportunity. But it's not something I regret, it is something beyond control. My dad was proud of what I was doing and I still think of him very frequently because of the many lessons I learned from him. The same goes with my mom, how she taught me cooking, some gardening, etc. Those are things that will last forever ****il my mind goes, I suppose) so those are more important to me than the visits during the final days or weeks.

Prayers to you and your family for comfort and peace.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Severe tooth pain

You may want to try taking both ibuprofen and acetaminophen at the same time. I had a fall a couple of years ago while hiking and had a bruised tailbone and was in bad pain and my doctor would not prescribe something without seeing me (I was away on vacation) and he suggested this and it helped a lot. My 91 year old aunt had a fall late last year and was hurting pretty bad for some times afterwards and I took her to her doctor and he suggested the same. I told him about my experience and he said it is a great combination and he thinks it will eventually be produced as a all-in-one medication. FYI, 800 mg of ibuprofen is a therapeutic dose that reduces inflammation. I took that plus 8 hour Tylenol (1300 mg). I am not a doctor, of course, just sharing my experience with doctors.

Good luck with your root canal.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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I-80 California/Nevada Mess in Sierra

And I've been griping about 37F! LOL. I have been spending at least six hours a day in my walk-in cooler shipping out product. Okay, there is some wind chill involved too but nothing too crazy like some of those numbers you guys have had but I am tired of this and hope to be done in about one week. I say this is my last year of this specialty farm business because it makes me miserable at times, working long hours (12-14 hours/day) and much of it colder than I like. But customers say I can't quit at 65, no way, and we do extremely well in two months of very hard work.

On the bright side, when Michael was driving for CR England on the fresh Dollar General account we got him a jacket from Refrigerwear that seemed pretty nice for the cold work he was doing. I ended up getting one for myself and I highly recommend it. It is quite durable and helps a lot. I am rubbing against sharp shelves often and no tears yet after 2 seasons.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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I did a bad thing

I'm recalling a bit more about my old incident many years ago, a friend had shared a book her son used when he fought a ticket. I don't recall the specifics but remember there was some suggestion about requesting copies of traffic speed studies but that may have been more for citations for traveling at "unsafe" speeds vs. exceeding the posted speed limit.

This small town makes pretty heavy use of a Facebook page a t and I wonder if there would be any benefit of how this city's speed trap comes across as them being a very unfriendly town not worth stopping at (except at stop signs, of course).

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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I did a bad thing

Bruce, as I recall, part of our reason for driving is to help put your grandson through college. I sure would hope that a judge would see that the overall penalty for this citation isn't justified and maybe even thank you for your kindness.

I only went to traffic court once (about 35 years ago) and the officer apologized for the hassle. I didn't see that coming.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


This is a sad reality of roads in many areas and I wonder if California has the worst roads in the country. Michael says the roads are better as soon as he crosses over state lines. On a highway west of here on shortly after Christmas the road got in terrible shape with all of the rains. We were coming back from a family gathering with Michael driving ahead of us in his car a mile ahead or so and he called and told us to be careful, there was a bit rock (chunk of asphalt) and bit holes in the road). We slowed down and car ahead of us was stopped in the road, apparently moving the rock out of the roadway. Up ahead were about 15 cars pulled over with tires that had blown out from hitting the huge potholes. Big potholes are espescially terrible on low profile tires. I missed the biggest one but hit another and was glad we got through okay. Ridiculous as we have the highest fuel taxes in the country.

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