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Posted:  2 years, 1 month ago

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May Trucking?

Congrats on getting started, Bubbles! I started my career with May Trucking back in 2014, worked with them for 2 years, left for a local job but ended up going back to them for another 2 after that where I was with them up until January of this year.

As far as your questions go, I was based out of theire main terminal in Brooks and I only lived about 30 minutes away so I drove myself to the orientation. But at the time almost all the others were from greater distances away, and i know May had bought them either bus or plane tickets, plus they have a local hotel nearby that they use to put up all the students. That's something your recruiter can explain, but it's pretty standard for most large companies to offer this to new prospective drivers. Now, the one difference here possibly is that due to covid, they might have you rent a car one way and reimburse you. That's what my company I work with now did when I started with them in April, plus a lot of others I looked at offered the same. All answers are with your recruiter!

Orientation is only 3 days, not bad. Day one is drug test and then you have to prove to them you can handle one of their trucks on the backing range performing some basic maneuvers. After that it's all classroom orientation, followed by pairing you up with trainers. Depending on trainer availability, you could possibly have to wait another day or two, which they'd keep you at the hotel at their expense. Orientation really is a breeze. Oh, and they provide lunch each day.

I can't recommend May enough as a starter company to new drivers. They're very big on safety, they're incredibly patient with new drivers (I had a great dm, so that was my experience at least), and best of all they had all the miles I could possibly handle. Goodv luck with your choice😉

Posted:  3 years, 2 months ago

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Castleton on Hudson Pilot. Tight parking

It's not the easiest no doubt. I stayed there once last fall and because I always satellite view my destinations before I arrive, I figured this was a place best to arrive at no later than 3pm. I figured it was my best chance to get into a spot without much trouble. I got lucky because it was probably half full at that point, and it was easy pulling in. But I'd imagine when it's mostly full it's trouble lol. Luckily I avoided that.

Posted:  6 years, 3 months ago

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Any drivers have experience with May Trucking?

I have driven for May for almost 2 years now, and I will say, hardly any complaints about them, they've been very solid to me. Gotten hometime every time I've requested it, been a day or two late sometimes, but they always give you that extra day or two at the end of your time off. I was on the daily guaranteed pay for the entirety of my time here minus the last 3 months, but that is not due to my being unhappy with it, I just wanted to really push myself and see how much I could make every week. You get a solid paycheck every week with the guaranteed pay, and every 3 months I would get a bonus check for roughly between 900-1500 bucks. If you can afford to pay your bills with that weekly set amount, I say go the daily route. And yes, the lack of stress of not worrying if your rolling on any given day was very helpful as a newbie at times.

I've ran reefer almost the whole time, I tried the western regional this past winter but in my experience, the miles weren't nearly the same. Reefer gets you minimum 2100-2300, and at best 3400-3600, but usually right in the middle somewhere. Good luck with them, and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for the info Gladiator 76. Please let me know how things go Sam H. I've been having difficulty getting responses out of the recruiter I was assigned to from my app submitted through their website. I visited their local operating center here in Phoenix and found the recruiter here very helpful.

I was curious if anyone had taken their minimum pay package. Basically they pay you out for 2,100 miles every week. And at the end of each 90 day cycle pay you out for any additional miles you may have driven each week. Has anyone gone with this, and did you infact get paid out for all of your additional miles at the end of each 90 days? IMG_20160424_133322.jpg

I like the model as it insures the company is trying to get me at least that 2,100 miles every week (or they'd be over paying me for what ever miles I did drive). And it means if I don't have a good week (dispatch doesn't get me the loads, truck breaks down, etc.) I'm still getting the minimum pay. I'm okay with waiting for the end of each 90 days to get paid up on the additional miles, so long as they do actually (fairly and accurately) pay me for the miles.

Again thanks for any info anyone has on the company,

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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May Trucking?

I am really considering May Trucking. I have searched high and low and can't find out. I am wanted to do the lower 48 states so it's the refer division. Do you know about the freight? Is it no touch. Or you need to unload several stops? I have heard other companies the refer trucks do it of unloading the trucks.

I currently am in the reefer division for May. When I started with them last July, they told me 99% no touch freight, and they've kept true to their word. I only did my first load where I had to help unload just last week, and it was a nursery load which are primarily the only unloading loads that we do. And that's because it's the season for them. Fall and winter you won't have to worry about touching freight at all. You'll just have to worry about poor road conditions and all the other things that make this job so challenging and exhilarating!

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Mentor Just Dumped My Fiance?? Literally??

When I saw the headline, I thought you meant the mentor actually called up your fiance and told him you were dumping him lol. Sucks to have been left behind, but glad it's not what I first thought;-)

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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A month of trucking with Daniel B.

Daniel, how are you snapping the shots while driving? Does your dash cam allow for that?

Posted:  8 years, 2 months ago

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Another driver on the road!

Hey everybody, I have been a lurker here for awhile and I figured now is as good a time as any to make my first post. I finished my cdl school and passed my test yesterday! I was so pumped and ready for it, the adrenaline was flowing, but at the same time I wasn't sure how it would go. I missed a few on the pre-trip, which I was surprised about because I felt most ready for that, but I aced the backing and I only made two minor mistakes on my drive. The examiner said it was one of the top drives of the day. I was so relieved when it was completed though!

If their are any Oregon drivers, I would totally recommend my school, IITR truck driving school. I was at the Medford campus and the instruction was top notch. Plus they require you to have your Doubles/Triples, Tanker, and Hazmat in order to graduate, which really helps your job prospects right out of the gate.

Now I am going to enjoy a few days off while I narrow down the company I want to start with. I have 4 pre-hire letters right now so I plan to continue researching the companies as well as going to a couple different truck stops to hear what the current drivers have to say.

I will update again when I have narrowed down on a company and am beginning to get ready for the team training. Stay safe out there!

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