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Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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2022 Operation Road Check


What are the consequences for a company driver if they fail the inspection??


The CVSA is not concerned with the ownership of the vehicle, only the defects.

If you are getting maintenance performed and doing adequate pre and post trip inspections, you should be fine. For HOS, log what you do as you do it, same as always.

If any major problems are discovered, it could result in being placed Out Of Service, receiving warnings, or being issued citations. I cannot answer what Knight/Swift policies are regarding inspections or violations. Ask Shawn.

Ask Shawn, that's funny. He told me to pick up this specific trailer I have now. The left turn signal isn't working and a marker light is busted, he told me to take it anyway. I dont think Shawn cares. From what I see he's only concerned about getting the runs completed.

I always do the pre and post trip inspections. Majority of these trailers need tires and service done. Maintenance, here?? Not sure they understand these trailers need to be maintained. I have told Shawn about these problems but nothing ever gets fixed...

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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First year solo. Knight Flatbed

Last week was a crazy week. Sat for 2 days for a stupid trailer to get repaired at the shipper. DM didn't pull me off the load so I was stuck there. That trailer was down for five days, prior to my arrival, due to the landing gear not raising. Two other drivers were pulled from it to do other loads but I was the chosen one that had to wait for it to try and get fixed. At the end of it all, it was not able to get repaired smh. Finally was taken off that load to do a dry van run on Friday.

Now Monday and I'm back to skateboarding. Feels good getting on the road again, I was losing patience with that trailer. Did the usual Cressona to Lafayette run and have a back haul from Pre Coat metals in Portage, IN going to Lancaster, PA.

Picked up a load I've never done before:

0797666001652746198.jpg5 coils on skids. Honestly I was/am nervous about this load. The front coil is the lightest at 3k lbs then 9k, 9k, 8k and 10k. Paper work says it's a total of 42,950 lbs. Didn't get weighed at the shipper and I called another Knight driver to walk me through using the cat scale at a truck stop. Didn't sound to difficult but then he told me not to worry about it. I am worrying about it because I always like to know my gross weight, just so I know for sure how heavy I am....

Also had to tarp this load and wasn't sure how, but managed to throw it together0652452001652747515.jpg 0587877001652747607.jpg0243956001652747681.jpgNot the prettiest but it's tarped and surprisingly no huge air pockets....

At the shipper I finally did an alley dock back!!!!

0491826001652746977.jpgI didn't drag the front axle and only needed one pull up to get the truck straight. Woo-hoo lmao. Finally after nearly five months I did a near perfect back. The coils were loaded on by a forklift and I'm only assuming they will be off loaded by a forklift and I will have to back into a dock similar to that. Hopefully I can repeat the process.

After that successful back I wanted to go to a truck stop and try my luck there but I decided to park for the night at a rest area in Elkhart, IN. I will be at the consignee tomorrow and hopefully keep this week moving forward in a positive fashion.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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2022 Operation Road Check

What are the consequences for a company driver if they fail the inspection??

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Story time smh...

Stevo, I agree but most likely noone will be held accountable. Definitely got the short end of the stick with that trailer.

Things just keep getting better.... Trailer tech wasn't able to fix the landing gear on Thursday so that day was a waste. My terminal is an hr away from the shipper so I decided to go there take a shower and relax. I sent a message that night to my DM telling him the trailer could not get fixed. Friday morning my DM messages me and asked why am I back at the terminal... I didn't know what else to do. Was I suppose to just sit there at the shipper for a week till things got figured out??

Around noon on Friday my DM gives me two Van runs to do before going back to a flatbed run that's scheduled for Monday afternoon. Both are pick ups in Perth Amboy, NJ going to Pittston, PA. Cool, that beats sitting around and it will be some money I'm making. I completed the first drop then head back to NJ for the second. Arrived at the shipper at 2100hrs, check in with security then go to the shipping office. While at the window waiting to be seen I see a gathering of office members. They all acknowledged I was there by making eye contact with me, I assumed they are having a meeting so I wait. After 15min of standing there and realizing they are having a personal conversation I bang on the window. A lady comes over and asks how can she help me. I give her the B/L # and she comes back saying there is nothing here.... I respond, nothing here or not ready?? Nothing here she says. That is just wonderful lol.

I go back to the truck and call after hours and tell them what's going on and what should I do. I end up leaving, drive 2hrs to Cressona Pa to get ready for my regular run from there to Lafayette, Indiana. I leave because there was no reason for me to stay in Nj when they have nothing for me. I'm a flatbed driver not a dry van guy so I'm thinking that load is not my problem for me to wait there while they figure it out. I have a pre-planned load waiting for me that I can start on. Did I do the incorrect thing in that situation? I will find that out Monday when my DM gets in....

So I arrive in Cresson at 0100 and go to sleep. I wake up Saturday/today, call the office to get the load from yesterday off and to get my preplan dispatched. The Dry Van DM was in the office and I explain to him the events of last night. He seems to understand, didn't question my actions and got me dispatched on my load to Lafayette. It's 1100 and I'm finally thinking things could get back on track and I can finally get into a rhythm. That was very much cut short.... When I went in for my load the lady at the front says she has some bad news and some worse news smh. I jokingly say I can't deal with anymore bad news. She then tells me the bad news is that the load isn't ready. The worse news is they don't have a trailer to put it on. Not only that, apparently there is a line, it's another Knight driver here also waiting for a empty trailer to come in. Good news is I'm second in line lol.

Now at 1700hrs still here waiting. I have seen three Knight drivers come in with empties so now just waiting for them to load it and give me a call that it is ready.

Had an interesting week so far. Did one loaded run, one empty run and a short haul. Spent more time this week sitting than actually driving. Was able to get my 34hr break in though lmao.

I hope this thread is finding you having a 'better day.'

Thanks Momma Anne. Maybe next week I will have better days lol. 🤞

Davy, split berth is applied in my Zonar but still didn't have any hrs left on my 14....

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Story time smh...

Yes Momma Anne, always something lol. Just have to laugh but honestly getting very annoyed of just sitting here. I'm always in Ohio running on I-70. I will take you up on that offer and hit you up if I have time to spare. Maybe Tom can give me a few pointers on backing the split axlerofl-3.gif

Pack, I have now moved my bungees to the passenger side. Lesson learned and will not happen again. Experience is the best way to gain knowledge and from knowledge comes wisdom....

Aaaand I'm still here lol. Woke up this morning at 0800 and saw two missed calls and a message on my Zonar from breakdown. The guy finally showed up at 0400 but I was sleeping. Surprised I didn't wake up from the phone calls because I'm not a very deep sleeper, was probably just super tired.

I call my DM ask him what's going on and he tells me to contact breakdown. I do and they tell me they don't have it in the system smh. Takes an hr for them to realize what was going on. Now at 1100 and the company ****inson can't get a hold of their trailer tech. Waiting and waiting, multiple calls and messages from breakdown and my DM, and also received a phone call from the corporate office in AZ. I felt so special knowing they were just as upset as I was or am, because I'm still HERE lol.

Trailer tech shows up at 1500. We get inside to the trailer and find that the part left behind by the tech earlier this morning is not the correct part for the trailer. Of course not, why would it be... So he gets in contact with his company let's them know whats going on, I also call my DM and vent a little. He leaves to find a hardware store to look for a part for the landing gear and I'm just here waiting, again. It's now 1730....

DM calls and asks will I be able to deliver tomorrow. Let's do the math, It's an 11hr and 8min drive time from where I'm at, I only have an 11hr drive allowance, there is road construction going on through PA, OH and IN, I have to do load checks on the way and the place closes at 1500hrs and is only open on the weekdays. I'm going to guess no, I will not make it there tomorrow in time to deliver. So he tells me if I don't hear from him I should stop by the terminal, drop that load and he will give me a few short haul dry van runs to do over the weekend. Can't complain about that. At least he is trying to have me make money.

1800hr and I'm outside in the back of the plant enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the birds sing. One more hr and I get breakdown pay YIPPIE!!!!

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Story time smh...

Fresh off my weekend hometime, I arrive at the terminal Sunday night ready and anxious to get an early start for Monday. Woke up Monday morning feeling positive, well rested and eager to start my 2 weeks out. Load assignment pops up at 7am then head off to the Hydro plant in Cressona Pa. The usual routine, pick up a loaded trailer headed to Lafayette Indiana. Securing and tarping the load went fairly smoothly and definitely happy with the progress.

Everything is going as planned and ended the day in Lebanon, Indiana. Tuesday I wake up and continue the drive to Lafayette. Arrived at the consignee and decided to un-tarp the load outside as it was a nice and sunny 80 degree day. It's not taking me as long as it did 3 months ago to fold the tarps but this will be the first summer I'm going through and when I was done untarping I was soaked in sweat smh. Really not looking forward to July and August heat.... 40-50 degree weather would be the ideal temperature while doing flatbed in my opinion..

So after my empty call I was told I will be going back empty to Cressona. Awesome, no strapping, no tarping, just a straight run back the way I came. Ended up making it to Hebron Ohio and spent the night at a rest area off 70E. Woke up Wednesday morning, did my pre-trip and was ready to rock and roll. I push in my parking brake, then my trailer brake, then I hear a loud wind sound.... That's not good. With my foot still applied to the service brake I listen intently. I reapply the brakes and the sound goes away. Huh, am I hallucinating?? I release the parking brake, nothing. I push in the trailer air supply and there it goes. Lovely, I have a leak.

With the truck still running, I put it in neutral then set my tractor brake. I proceed to go outside the truck and walk to the trailer. Got to the drives and I feel a heavy gust of air hit me on the side of the head. I stop in my tracks and turn around only to be smacked in the face by a strong force of air. I have my bungees hanging on the back of the tractor and it appears that a bungee hook poked a hole in the supply line smh.

I turn the truck off, pick up my phone and called breakdown. While waiting for someone to answer I ask myself "will electrical tape work??" I quickly hang up the phone and grab the tape. Applied a generous amount of tape to the hole and started the truck up. Sound is gone. Air pressure is normal, I think this will do for now. It's only 5 1/2hrs to the terminal from here so I message my DM let him know whats going on and off I go. Now everything is fine but I have a feeling I should just call breakdown. The reason being is it might get fixed faster than if I went to the terminal. But I ignore that feeling and continue to drive to the terminal. Pulled up to the inspection bay at 230pm and yup, 3 hrs for them to change the line. So my 6hrs of drive time is now 3. It takes an hr and 20mins from the terminal to the shipper... My day is not going as planned....

Before I left the terminal to finish my empty run my DM calls and asks what time will I be there. Told him the mechanic is still working on the truck and I'm not sure. He tells me the trailer I'm picking up has a busted leg on the landing gear and won't go up. The trailer tech needs my truck to support the trailer so he can work on the landing gear. Needs an eta so we can meet. After speaking with the terminal tech I called my DM back and we decide 7pm on the safe side.

I arrive at Cressona at exactly 7pm lol. Go through the scale, drop the empty trailer I had and rush inside to meet the trailer guy... He's not there... I have to get a bobtail weight when dropping an empty so I go back to the scale for the weight and to pick up the paperwork. When I told the guy my pick up number he says that load has been refused by 2 other drivers and has been sitting there since Friday of last week. I ask him if he knows anything about the trailer being fixed and he informs me that the guy came to fix it at 2pm but didn't have the right parts and would be back. But he never came back.. It's now 8pm at that point and have no clue what's going on. I make a phone call to breakdown and they told me the guy will be back shortly. Seriously, shortly? So I have to wait for him instead of taking a shower because I have no idea of when he will arrive and he needs my truck to prop up the trailer.. this whole day is shot. My plans were to pick up this load, head back to the terminal and take a much needed shower. Not happening. I also planned on being in Lafayette Thursday night so I can drop this load off first thing Friday morning. Doesn’t look like that's going to work out either. I am not a happy skateboarder right now.

So it is now 1:20am Thursday morning while I'm writing this. Sitting in the parking lot and the trailer still is not fixed, guy never showed.. Breakdown called me back at 10pm and told me the guy wouldn't be there till midnight. Then received another call saying he won't be here till 1am. It's going on 130am and still nothing. I really could have went to the flying j about 30min from here and took a shower smh..

I am out of hrs on my 14 and I should be an A-hole and say I can't move the truck because it would be a violation. Plus it is waaay past my bedtime. He has until 2am and I'm really done for the night, I need to sleep. It's only Wednesday, well technically Thursday now and this week went from promising to crap!

Life of a trucker I guess, expect the unexpected....

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Nice fat 2400 mile load and a challenging run that I felt good about completing.

Safe travels Davy.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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First year solo. Knight Flatbed

Thanks Davy, thanks Momma Anne. Being on the road is tough. Not being there for family is something I'm not accustomed to. We are close as a family and the guilt from his passing hit me hard, still am not completely over it but I know what he would have said to me.

Keep sending that "JuJu" Momma Anne lol. It is much appreciated!

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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First year solo. Knight Flatbed

Old School, always a pleasure to see your comments Sir. I understand and take into consideration that I'm going through rookie headaches. I have thought about changing terminals but the reason above all for leaving is that I see no growth for me here. Eventually I would like to get into heavy haul and also would like to experience every aspect of the flatbed world, chains, binders, etc. Knight cannot provide that.

Howard is a good guy. I have talked to him about my pay issues but he said talk to my DM. His exact words were "I know nothing about flatbed. Talk to Sean, I don't want to step on anyone's toes..." I realize I cannot go to Howard for anything concerning flatbed. I asked Sean, my DM, about 2 months in why am I always missing tarp and stop pay? He said because payroll isn't processing it. I called payroll and they said because my DM isn't putting it through lol. I talked to other drivers and they confirmed that Sean is constantly leaving it out of the checks but not as frequent as mine. I even called Ashley and Sean did not like that at all. Every Monday I send Sean a message saying I'm missing this and that from my check. It has come to the point that I only look at my pay stub Sunday night because I don't want to be frustrated while driving. If I would have posted this a month ago I wouldn't have made so many phone calls. From here on out I will send messages and emails concerning my pay discrepancies.

About my mileage pay, let me clarify. On 4 different occasions I didn't get paid for a run. Including this recent check. Not that the mileage was wrong but he left out an entire trip from my check. My apologies for the misunderstanding. His BS answer to that was, "It didn't make the cut off time for payroll" Ok, if that's true, how did I get paid for the runs I completed after?? And on the topic of mileage, how is an empty run not the same miles as a loaded run? If I do 560 miles loaded how is it only 549 empty coming back??? That is absurd!!!

Thank you for understanding and realizing I'm not trying to bash this company or the terminal. I could tell from day 1 this terminal had issues. I mentioned that to Melissa, my orientation instructor and road tester, and she told me I had a good eye and shook her head lol. She has now moved back to driving Vans because she said it's a mess in there.

Now about the trailers, I'm not expecting them to be brand spanking new. I understand they get beat up and endure a lot of wear and tear. My issues with the winches being rusted are a little picky. I'm more concerned about the straps, tires and not being able to slide the axle. The glad hands are bent, loose and on one trailer the emergency glad hand is upside down. Also majority of the trailers are past due on inspection and service. Yes, I do bring this up to my DM. I have talked to the drivers as well. They told me some of the trailers have been like that for years....

I sent these pics to my DM a few weeks ago 0988609001651623976.jpg 0313030001651624100.jpg Told him majority of the straps on these trailers need to be replaced. It's not just one trailer, it's like that on all of them. His reply to that was "Straps are expensive. We can't replace them, yall need to take better care of them" Didn't expect him to say they won't replace the straps, that are meant to keep the load on the truck, because they are too expensive.... Also spent 2 extra hours at Cressona waiting for a Loves guy to come and replace a bald tire on this trailer I have.

I can share more pics and go on and on about the trailers but I don't want to turn this diary into that. This place was a nice start to get my feet wet but I cannot waste time staying here for a year.

Well I'm done with my rant now lol. Thank you for reading. I will continue to update as I journey onward, hopefully in a more positive fashion.

And my frustrations are not with flatbed, even though it can be tough but more so with the terminal.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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First year solo. Knight Flatbed

Its now May 1st and have been at it for 4 months now. It has been a while since I posted. The reason being this hasn't gone the way I thought it would. Just trying to stay focused and get through this. I'm still at Knight, still doing flatbed, still having difficult days/months lol.

Not sure where to begin but had another incident March 10th, 0662950001651458216.jpg me and those right hand turns smh...

Grandfather passed away March 22nd, a lot of frustrating and annoying days and way too many negative thoughts...

Felt guilty and started second guessing being out on the road when my Grandfather passed. I was in Indiana when my Mom called and told me the news. Didn't get back to the terminal till Thursday afternoon, he passed Tuesday night. What really ****ed me off was my DM asked if I could do a 2 stop run to New Hampshire before going home since I'm already out and will be near the pick up spot. It took a lot of restraint to stay professional in my response to that. Ended up taking the next week off to prepare for the funeral. His passing was a shock because I saw him over that weekend and he seemed fine. He went to the hospital for sortness of breath Saturday night and when I saw him Sunday in the hospital he was normal. Jokes, talking, moving around... the doctors said his heart was weak but he showed no signs other than taking a few deep breathes once in a while.

Now the job itself is ok. I enjoy flatbed, the Knight drivers are cool and we help each other out when we can. I think there are nine skateboarders currently at this terminal. Three drivers left in March and one left last week. One of those three was the guy I followed for my second run. Cool guy who has helped me out a lot.

My frustrations with Knight or I should say with this terminal are with my pay, equipment and training. Back in the beginning of March I asked for more training with backing and was denied. The trailers here are falling apart. The winches are rusted and broken, all of the Conestogas need to be fixed and most of the straps need replacement. My pay check is constantly missing stop pay, tarp pay and mileage pay. Not once in these four months has my check been correct, it's very annoying.

I really doubt I will stay with Knight for a year. I have been thinking heavily about leaving and even acted on it. I called Maverick in the middle of March, explained my situation and about the incident on March 10th. After questioning me about it he says he is not sure if they would accept me because I'm a rookie driver and had an incident recently. He advised me to wait three months, stay incident free and apply again. So now that is exactly what I'm going to do. I put aside the thought of leaving and am focusing on getting better with tarping and driving.

Four months in and a little disappointed in how things are going so far. Still can't back the split axle trailer and I feel like I should be further ahead in my progress then I am so far. I can say for sure that trucking is not at all what I expected it to be. Not that the job is to difficult but rather the solitary nature. Still trying to adjust to it all but it's coming along. Right now I'm on a run to Marysville, MI which is a change from the constant run back and forth to Lafayette, IN. My last load went to Milwaukee and I wonder if this has anything to do with the drivers that quit.

That's all for now and I appreciate you guys checking in on me. Will try and update more frequently.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Another freaking accident. What are my options at this point?

Just dang! ……..leave everyone hanging!

Lol, my apologies. Didn't mean to leave yall hanging with updates. My head hasn't been right all week, I took this week to really focus and pay more attention to what I'm doing. Trip planning this week included google satellite view, calls to the shipper/receiver for better directions and writing the proper streets to follow on a notepad.

The incident happened last Thursday night March 10th. Friday morning my DM calls and asks what happened because he saw a claim that I put in. Also got a call from the division manager that morning. She told me there is nothing to worry about, Safety would probably give me a call and decide what actions need to be taken, if any...

A week goes by and I hear nothing. I decide to give the division manager a call yesterday and left a message. I then call Safety and the guy couldnt tell me what was going on, told me they probably are still reviewing it. 20mins later my DM calls and asks me why I called the division manager. Apparently I didn't follow proper protocol which was to talk to my DM first. He was annoyed that I went over him, then told me the chain of command. Talk to him first, then terminal manager, then Safety. I am not suppose to call the division manager for anything. My mistake. I assured my DM I meant no disrespect towards him. I explained that I'm concerned about the incident and haven't heard anything yet. He told me no news is good news....

I don't totally agree with that. I haven't received a phone call saying be safer, use better judgment or anything. No contact from safety and I find that weird. I just cost the company two wrecker bills and whatever it costs to fix a street sign in a months time. I would think they would say something to me? Idk....

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Another freaking accident. What are my options at this point?

Thank you all for the advice.

After re-reading my comments I see how it looks like I'm trying to place blame elsewhere. I do know it was my fault, I'm the one operating that vehicle. I failed to do a proper trip plan. I failed to execute a right turn. Better judgement on my part was needed.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Another freaking accident. What are my options at this point?

How do I go about fighting the ticket? Do I need a lawyer involved? I have no clue on what to do in this situation.... There is no valid excuse for what happened. Totally driver error.

Right now I have no clue on how to avoid this from happening again. G.O.A.L next time perhaps. I thought I did the correct steps. I used Google maps satellite before starting my trip. Typed the directions in the Hammer app and had both the Zonar and Hammer app running while driving. This is a new location I'm delivering to and I don't know where I'm going without GPS. If the GPS is wrong then what am I to do?

I complained many times to my DM and headquarters about the Zonar GPS. I asked my DM if I could switch tablets and he said that won't do any good, they are all the same. My exact words to headquarters were "It's an accident waiting to happen"

I'm trying not to beat myself up but this is 2 accidents in a months time. Why would they keep me? I feel like my career is over with now with only 52 days solo driving. Didn't even have the chance to enjoy being a truck driver. The only saving grace is in those 2 accidents there were no damage to the truck or trailer. Property damage on this current incident though. Maybe I should have just switched to dry van since I didn't receive training with flatbed. My stubbornness put my career at risk....

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Another freaking accident. What are my options at this point?

Hate to be writing about another accident. This is 2 in one month smh. This just happened so excuse me if I don't explain in detail.

I made a right turn and hit a light pole and street sign. 0460479001646977355.jpg

Wrecker had to come and pull me away from the pole.

The ticket says offense was reasonable control and no truck route. Gps told me to make a right turn


The police officer said the place I'm looking for was a left turn at that corner not a right, a quarter mile down the street make another left and the place will be on that road. Gps clearly says turn right.

I'm so disappointed. Not angry, just feeling down. My nightmares have come true of having an accident in my rookie year. Worried this is my final delivery for this company.

Is there anything I can do to fight the ticket because the gps said turn right? That's all guys, thanks for any replies...

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Flatbed Securement Discussion 2022

TwoSides I really like your careful approach to flatbedding. I wish more of my coworkers had your mindset. I see too many of them just hook up to a preloaded trailer and just go without double checking straps and adding bungies or properly post tripping trailers so they aren’t leaving problems for the next guy.

Same here Pianoman. It baffles me how nonchalant these drivers are. I've talked to just about all the flatbedders at this terminal and they do the same as your coworkers. I came across 3 trailers that were past due on inspection. When I casually mention it to my coworkers they say don't worry about it smh. One guy that has been here for 8 months is setting himself up for disaster. He leaves the straps on the pre loaded trailer, which are not rode worthy by the way, they are twisted beyond belief and some are on the outside of the rub rail. He tarps the load then puts the rest of the straps over top of the tarp.

On our trailers all our winches are bolted to the side of the trailer already and we have hooks for the D-rings bolted on the opposite side and they alternate winch to hook to winch etc

So your winches are fixed? You can't slide them to a position you want? Forgive my ignorance but when you say D-rings are you talking about for the tarps? Or your calling the hook/buckle on the strap a D-ring??

Are these the hooks you are talking about that are on your trailers? 0120228001646884150.jpg

You guys haul some pretty complex loads. I look at the pics from Chief and others and I'm like man, that's crazy. I have easy loads compared to others....

Also, even if you don't think your technique will be helpful to me please post. Please share all your knowledge. This isn't just for me, this thread is for current and future skateboarders. Big thanks to Chief for starting this thread.

Turtle, I haven't been able to purchase the pocket winches yet. You have told me about that and I don't like putting the winches over the tire but right now I have no choice on some loads. Luckily nothing bad has happened but I will be buying the pocket winches soon...

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Flatbed Securement Discussion 2022

I'm confused Old School. When you made your comment I thought you were referring to this pic. That the load was in a bundle so the straps didn't need to touch the load. 0972839001646880138.jpgThe load above is where the straps didn't touch the bottom row. On top of those short pipes were longer pipes and on top of the longer pipes were another bundle of 3 long pipes sitting on top of aluminum beams they placed in the middle of the trailer. The beams in the middle made it so I couldn't put belly straps on the bottom row. That's what made me uncomfortable. That load was light but long. I had 13 straps on it. 0307378001646880689.jpgThis load I felt like I put too many straps on the middle of the load. I would have preferred 3 belly straps. So it would have been 2 over the top in the front then belly strap, 2 over the top, belly strap, 2 then belly strap then 2 over the top at the end of the load. That still seems like over kill but I will continue to over strap rather than not have enough straps.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Flatbed Securement Discussion 2022

Also is it ok if the straps don't touch the load on the sides?


0836668001646784841.jpgHopefully you can see that the straps aren't even touching the pipes on the bottom row. I felt real uncomfortable with that. What made me feel even more uncomfortable was i couldn't put any belly straps on it. Talked to a Knight driver and a Melton driver before I left and they said it was fine. This was the load I took to Birmingham, obviously made it there with no problems but stressful the entire trip.. My question is, is that ok?

One more thing lol. This is the load I'm currently on that I tarped in the above post. 7 bundles of aluminum rods weighing 46,512 lbs.

0797411001646785364.jpg I feel comfortable with how I strapped it. Just want to know the Vets opinion about it. Maybe I have too many straps in the middle? Should have done 3 over the top in the front and 3 belly straps total???

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Flatbed Securement Discussion 2022

Thanks for posting this Chief. I'm running into some problems as I tarp with not being consistent. Some loads I tarp look ok and some have giant air bubbles in them.

I even made a Rap song for this load.

I . . . .

Like big boards, and I cannot lie,

All my brothers cast a jealous eye,

I tarp my wood in just an hour,

And down the road I fly.

I am cracking uprofl-1.gif Ok Sir tarps-alot. I see you lol.

If only I could tarp a load in an hour... I switched up techniques with this load I'm on now and ran into a little issue. I always "fold" the side up and in. But majority of the time the sides fall between the bungees, see the pics below...


0355297001646778769.jpgIt started out nice and neat. Took this to Three D metals in Birmingham from Cressona. But once I got into Virginia it all fell apart. Air pockets formed and very loose. Below is where I tried a new method, instead of folding the sides up I rolled them up.

0846311001646779067.jpgSo far so good on my journey to Cressona. Still nice and tight, not flapping in the wind and no air bubbles. A little surprised at how smooth the process was going until I came to the ends...This is the little issue I had lol


0751504001646779523.jpg I had no clue what to do at this point lol. Did the best I could and just tucked them in. I have a lumber tarp on the front, put my rolled up tarp in front of it to help with the wind, and a steel tarp on the back. The lumber tarp irritated me. This load needs 2 steel tarps on it. Underneath are aluminum rods.

I do the same steps you listed when tarping a load. It always starts out fine but going down the road it gets loose, air pockets form and the sides slip between the bungees. Any thoughts on why it slips between the bungees or what I can do to fix that problem?

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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First road rage encounter..

Hey G-town. No offense taken, you made an observation and are concerned that I might not be digesting the information given here. I appreciate that. I want to assure you that I am.

What I understand from all the comments was to fall back. Take myself out of the situation before it starts. I posted this to see what I could have done better in that scenario. I wasn't going to but glad I did.

I take into account everything you guys say and I see how it benefits me when I put it to use. I took your advice about slowing down when someone is trying to pass me at a snails pace. Works just fine. You see how my smart drive score has dropped tremendously, that's a thanks to you guys.

I did misunderstand what drive like a granny meant.

For me? Driving like a Granny means to maintain lots of space at all times. Lots of it... never becoming a part of someone else’s story.

Never become part of someone else's story, that is well put. That will stick with me.

Thanks G-town, stay safe out there!

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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I finally got a job! 😅

Congrats! Cool, another skateboarder to the group!!!

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