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I'M Making America Great Again!

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Posted:  2 years ago

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Which company to start with, i'm located in Kentucky!

I'm partial to SWIFT! They run a OUTSTANDING CDLP Program!

Posted:  2 years ago

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Companies to avoid?

On most sites you will receive multiple answers. Not here necessarily. For example Western Express catches a lot of flack, but Old School excelled there. Swift catches bs also but the majority on here speak very highly of Swift. Stevens also, I can personally say they are a great training company not without faults. It is what you make of it. Dont be a sheep and tag along with the naysayers. Do you have your cdl or looking to go company sponsored? Lots of info here on TT. I as well as Anne know of a few training companies not mentioned here Holla!!!

As a recent graduate and hire of SWIFT Corsicana TX, I do have to say they are very good at what they do! And the folks are very helpful. SWIFT has there stuff together from Recruiting to Driver Placement. And they did not push leasing! I would recommend SWIFT. I ride for the brand and they have helped this cowboy out and I am very loyal to SWIFT for what they've done for me...

Mark Reaser Abilene, TX

Posted:  2 years, 2 months ago

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Old DUI's Am I S.O.L for becoming a truck driver?

My Experience with OLD DUI

Hey Y'all, In California had a Felony DUI charged and sentenced in 1991/1992. And a misdemeanor brandishing a firearm in 1990 as well as a disorderly conduct in 2003 in Arizona. After 28 years, I sought to get the Felony DUI reduced and dismissed and to have full restoration of my 2nd Amendment. I contacted the prosecutor "DA" who was retired. He and I had a good conversation. Back in 1992 he came to the bench and said that Mark, we are both Marines. He suggested that I get into archery. Later it came out that his case had holes in it and that if I took it to trial, there was a good chance of beating the charge of Felony and being sentenced to with a misdemeanor. I told the DA that I served my time, I completed probation with no violations, I paid my dues to society. I want this off my record. He gave me the names of 3 attorneys. The one he strongly suggested I went with. This attorney had the Felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. Then the conviction overturned from Guilty to Not Guilty. And the judge ordered a Full Dismissal. In 2018 I received full restoration of my 2nd Amendment. And I Cherish IT! In 2020 I was able to obtain my LTC from Texas DPS. And that was no easy feat!

On the criminal background the question states: Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony. Have You Ever Had Your License Suspended. I answered YES. Then wrote I have a Full Dismissal and Sentence Over Turned and supplied the court documents to the recruiter. The License suspension was due to the Felony DUI and it was for 3 years and my Drivers License was reinstated in 1995.

In 2019 I applied for a Government Contractor Position with ICE / DHS. I supplied all the documents to OPM. They had a background investigator and a honcho at OPM crawling all over my past. Honesty pays off! and they confirmed all the documents that I supplied. I've been working at the ICE Detention Center since as an Officer watching over Illegals.

I have not been in trouble since Peeing in a bush at a boat dock in Lake Havasu!

Scared Straight! You Betchya!

As in stated by a fellow user above, it is harder to get a job with a background. It requires ACTION. And the user also stated some companies won't touch you. That is True. 2 out of the 5 companies have said they have strict guidelines and would not consider my application even though the Felony DWI was fully dismissed. So Just Keep On Trucking! No pun intended LOL There are plenty of good companies that will give you a chance. And when you do get hired, Ride For The Brand! with gratitude...

Thank You For Letting Me Share This,

Stay Blessed Y'all, Mark R. TEXAS

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