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Posted:  9 months, 2 weeks ago

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DAC reports are real and not every company participates. CSA yes they do and that 's where it will show. But you can contact HireRight and get a copy of your record. Like one guy on here said you'll have to sit down and call it may take a few phone calls but there are companies that will hire you. The insurance companies make the call, if your insurable keep in mind some are self insured. You had a rough start but it's up to how hard your willing to put in effort. Get out and look if your not 100% sure in backing ,I've been doing this for 13 1/2 years and certain situations I will get out and look 6,7 8 times and never let people pressure you. Do it your way. Good Luck.

Posted:  9 months, 2 weeks ago

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Myth of trucking shortages

Hi there , I've been in trucking 13.5 years , Ii have explored many avenues in this industry Company driver ,drove for % plus split cost fuel ,repairs ,etc. Hauled Dry van, reefer ,flatbed all 48 states. Now I don't claim to it all you never will. But doesn"t mean or require to be the know it all to know to see it, watch it in real time. To know trucking shortages are a perpetuated lie.

Landline magazine look up on there website and search Truth bombs, driver shortages and you will find real statistics that is one article . Yet the ones you see are mostly in all other media , news reports all repeat what they been told. Truth bombs is a term used in alot of subject matters which is when you accept the fact that you see how it works. Qoute: If you read it enough and/or hear it enough it must be true. This happens with the media all the time. It is propaganda set in by special interest organizations. In Washington. I implore you read this article it is enlightening and it helps you understand drivers pay is stagnating. I'm not the author but will gladly take on anyone who thinks there is a crisis.

Congress refers to it as a crisis but the southern border is not. There's your main source of all the the propagand . Please I implore you to read this it provides the numbers ,the evidence that can't be manipulated by just saying its true. When evidence you can see in public records that solidify this argument. Then see how you feel about it. It resonates with today's reporting ,if you hear it and read it enough, it has to be true. Like our recent news ,Biden's fine but your not seeing dementia in a President who cant answer open questions ,only preplanned one and he clearly is reading his monitor Great eye opening to that myth that alot of people benefit from.

Edit from Moderator: Here is the article he is referencing:

OOIDA drops truckers’ truth bombs at Senate hearing

Posted:  9 months, 2 weeks ago

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whats going on in florida food grade tankers

Anybody have an idea of whats going on in florida food grade tankers the last 4 months Bynum ,Indian River, Oakley the 3 largest are all suffering I've been with one of the company's 4.5 years and never seen such a decline new hires bailing out after 4 weeks long timers leaving starved out.

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