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I've done it all. From Burger King, RV sales to building custom bbq trailers, and laying carpet. Even worked for Apex trucking in California and worked at a truck stop wash station washing truck, washouts and steaming the frame. Tired of job jumping so I've been thinking about getting my CDL now that I live closer to a school.

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Posted:  9 years, 7 months ago

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Best time to start truck driving school and job question here in Idaho.


I currently live in Idaho Falls, ID and the nearest school is just 30 minutes away from me. The truck driving school is "Sage." I'll be paying cash for the school and taking the more expensive one which gives me more training behind the wheel. My question is this:

Should I wait until after winter to take the class due to construction, etc slowing down due to the winter as finding a job around may be a little tougher then?

Second and third question: As there are no guarantees in life as so much for a job. So my question is: What are the chances of getting a job right out of school or being pre-hired prior to getting my CDL? Are jobs really lined up for people like me fresh out of school?

Reason I ask as I see lots of jobs for drivers in and around my state. Yet most jobs state they want 2 years experiance. I can take this class next week but I'm afraid of dropping $4500 on just a course that will yield me no job in the end. Your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Posted:  9 years, 7 months ago

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I've been looking into Sage for years and finally went in. A few questions to who might know about Sage.

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Hello, I've have viewed this website many many times, I finally joined and I think it's great what you all have been doing to help people like me. I've also been looking into Sage truck driving school for about 10 years now. The trouble was I lived many hours from the nearest school. Now I've moved to Idaho and have one just 30 minutes from me. I checked it out yesterday to find out about classes and price. It's not an accredited school so my only way for funding is cash or credit union. Although my credit is good I have no employment right now due to just moving here so the bank is out. So cash is the way I'd go. As a matter of fact I could pay for it right now. The trouble I'm having is I asked the cost. And here was the break down here in Idaho. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote under the 84 hour classroom instruction, 20 hours lab instruction and 14 hours trucking workbook along with 30 hours of one on one behind the wheel training and 2 hours of CDL driving exam which comes to 118 total classroom hours and 32 total hours behind the wheel for $3711. The next offer of class is 5-6 weeks which is everything except the 14 hours of trucking workbook and this one offers 14 more hours behind the wheel at $4497 which both classes are a combined 150 hours of training. Ok fine and dandy. I asked if this was his lowest cash price. He pondered and said yes because we don't have to wait the 45 days for funding if I was coming in on a vocational rehab program or something. So he showed me around and we talked for about an hour. After I left I was looking in the pamphlet and in the middle was printed under the "How much does it cost" section as being the first course class at $3709.50 and the longer course for more driving at $4494.50. So the numbers he wrote down as a "cash" price were actually higher than the book for their normal cost. So now I feel he lied stating he was giving me a discount for paying outright cash/check. What are you thoughts? And do I need to pay about $800 more for 14 hours of more drivers trainging? I look forward to your comments and thanks in advance.

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