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Posted:  5 years, 4 months ago

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Another dumb coolant question

Tank says ita filled with general elc antifreeze so i bought shell Rosetta(?) Elc coolant but its yellow and stuff in tank is orange.

So is orange organic elc ? What brand should i be buying at a pilot . Every ******* year I have this problem .

Posted:  5 years, 8 months ago

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Is this new dedicated account possible ?

Williamsport pa pick up 0600, over to Brentwood ny back to Scranton PA and start all over in Williamsport.

Google maps says 9.5 hrs but we all know it has no clue about. The horrible times on 95 and long island express way

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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When Written Directions & GPS unit BOTH fail?

First mistake is ever trusting a GPS once you're off us highways and interstates , if I ever listened to it in places like Baltimore or Newark I would be in for one hell of a show.

Always try to find a trucker atlast to help you and use Google maps to get a general idea of the area your going to.

One ways are generally used in a grid setup , could have porbably turned left or right and found a connecting road but ultimately it's your call.

As for the weight limits ? No signs warning you or posted truck routes than I just hammer on

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Can I hook invertor to factor installed cb mount on 2013 Freightliner ?

It's times like this I begin to think the internet might just be a pretty ok place . Thanks dude.

I'm no expert, not even well-versed in Freight-Shakers, yet. So, dont take safety advice from me by any means! I'm not recommending or endorsing this, just sharing what my trainer's setup looks like.

Dash mount on a 2018 Cascadia... Uniden 880 and a PowerDrive 750W. Both have worked flawlessly for the five weeks I've been on this truck. And he claims it's been set this way for about a year.


Again, not offering advice or endorsement here, just showing ya what one setup that I know about looks like.

Choose wisely...

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Can I hook invertor to factor installed cb mount on 2013 Freightliner ?

Can't find any information about the mount , was wondering if it's like connecting directly to battery ? Not gonna risk blowing up the truck or starting a fire till I know for sure.

Right now im using 300w invertor in ciggy outlet but only can draw 150 max from it and I need 230 :(

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Best way to Long island and rush hour times

For anyone who cares, I guess inbound traffic is really bad sunday nights not monday mornings.

Anyhow left at 0600 got to tappan zee around 0800 and only hit a 10 min delay after the bridge, then was smooth sailing from 287->95->695>throgs neck . The 495/LIE was east bound lane was backed up .5 miles from entrance ramp when I got to it, was about a 20 min delay before we picked up back to speed, god the traffic in nyc area is so unpredictable .

Anyhow on the way back out I hit 80 min to cross the gwb, should have paied the 87 toll was only 30 min that way

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Specific Newbie Questions


I didn't want to clutter up the forum with multiple topics or bump threads, so I thought it would be wise to consolidate my questions here. If this is not customary, please let me know so it does not repeat. I have been reading the website and it is a lot of information to take in, so I beg your pardon if the questions are answered elsewhere.

I appreciate your help with these matters and look forward to contributing to your forum should this business be a fit.

0 - Background

32, self-employed, dropped out of university (electrical engineering). No DUIs, no felonies.

1 - Training

I have enough savings to pay for my own CDL at a community college nearby. While I understand that a company investing in someone creates a more advantageous dynamic, it is still a cost that is being recouped somehow, likely monetarily, and might be the equivalent of a high-interest loan.

In the current environment, would free agency be likely to make more money or to find a more preferential arrangement?

2 - Company Selection

I bring some advantages to the table. No family or permanent residence that requires visitation, confirmed bachelor, no roots to speak of. I have no qualms about driving on holidays. Is this flexibility scarce enough to be a bargaining chip, or is it common enough that I shouldn't bring it up?

Ideally, I would like to be local to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or the Dakotas. I would be willing to take lower pay to avoid spending nights in California, Illinois, and the North-East.

3 - Question Related to Medical Examination Report On form 649-F, section 2, I would have to answer "Yes" to the box marked "Nervous or psychiatric disorders." As a minor, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (now Autism Spectrum Disorder) and depression for which I sought help in to my 20s and there are records of this. I do not think that they are "likely to interfere with [my] ability to drive a commercial vehicle safely" (49 CFR 391.41 item 9) as evidenced by my driving record. I have not taken any psychoactive medication in 8 years, and I have driven for 14 years without a reportable accident.

I am confident that I would be diagnosed with both if I were to be re-evaluated. What would you suggest doing to make sure this is not an issue? Would a note from a psychologist be sufficient, or would someone more specialised need to make the evaluation?

4 - Driving History The only thing on my record that has the possibility of being an issue is running a crosswalk light two years ago when trying to goose the "yellow". While I maintain that I had the light, I do not run yellow lights any more out of an abundance of caution. The ticket was plead down to a faulty equipment violation (0 insurance points, non-moving violation).

Is this something I should get expunged, or is it not an issue given the plea bargain?

5 - Drug Test

I partook legally in Colorado in February and have not partook since. I am bald and can shave off the goatee if necessary.

Is this going to be an issue for hair follicle tests? Is there a chance to take the same drug test that the DoT administers before taking CDL classes, and if it comes up positive, be able to re-take it?

For three it will depend on the dr but either way you will NEED a form from therapist saying ur good to drive.

Posted:  5 years, 9 months ago

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Best way to Long island and rush hour times

Tldr: tappen zee to 95 to 295 or tappen to 87 to cross Bronx ? What's rush hour like on Mondays in the morning ?

Still somewhat new to north east.

Im near Scranton right now and have an 1100 pickup on Brentwood tomorrow .

I have to take tappan zee in bound and my plan is to then take it all the way to 95 to avoid cross Bronx and then take 295 to throggs neck and get to the LIE .

Now my question is can I use 695? Will avoiding 87 into cross Bronx work or should I do my plan to catch 95 from the tappen zee.

What time should I leave ? Im planning on 0600 ATM , my only other option is leave at 0300 but then I would have to take an 8 at shippers which I doubt I can force my body to, will rush hour screw me since I'll hit tappen around 0800?

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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How much longer till self driving cars?

I heard just a few days ago uber set up their fleet of self driving cards, I'm worried I won't complete my 5 year plan at this rate.

Posted:  6 years, 2 months ago

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Someone cracked my mirror

Company can list it on DAC as non preventable, your internal safety score will go up. Other than that the company should handle everything but might call you for a detailed report.

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