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Posted:  6 years, 3 months ago

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Just learned something interesting about retired people who want to get into trucking.

I retired and worked part time until going with Millis Transfer and attending their school. Another good company to look into. I did not have any employment gaps. Millis does not have strict one size fits all policies when it comes to hiring and makes decisions on a case by case basis. If you call recruiting I would ask for Peggi. She is very knowledgeable.

Posted:  8 years, 10 months ago

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Video: Instant Karma When Car Cuts Off Trucker

The cop kinda cuts him off as well lol.. It just looks really bad..

Seems like the police sped up a little to increase the merge distance after they realized they were doing the same thing. In that kind of traffic the guy in the car may have eluded the officer if he didn't get him sooner than later. Or the officer would have missed the exit the guy took with the same end result.

Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Millis Transfer driving school

Me too matt every conversation i have with the wife always has roehl in it,she say's that is where i should go,mills or/even maverick are a close 2nd/3rd lets see what the others have to say

I have spoken with 2 Millis driver during my research on what company to go with. Here is what I learned about miles.

One said he is getting around 3,000 a week giver or take. He also said if you are late with loads they do cut your miles until you prove yourself again (or in the first place). He lives near Chicago.

Another driver was complaining about too many short loads and not enough miles. His not enough miles is averaging 2,800 a week. He is SE Regional.

Posted:  9 years ago

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Questions about Swift (quite long)

Bumping thread up to see if I can generate additional replies.

Posted:  9 years, 1 month ago

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Questions about Swift (quite long)

Thanks for the replies so far.

C.S - Yes I understand completely about asking for favors early on before I establish myself.

Posted:  9 years, 1 month ago

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Questions about Swift (quite long)

I am planning on getting into trucking as a second career. I have done significant research on the industry, types of driving jobs (van vs reefer vs flatbed vs tanker & OTR vs regional, LTL etc.... Swift is one of my target companies as everything I have been able to find about them is generally positive and I live near their Syracuse, NY terminal. I am also very close to a Millis terminal (Weedsport) and am not ruling out companies that do not have a terminal nearby. I realize there are pros and cons to ever company and each individual has to weigh all the factors to try and figure out what works best for them. That is what I am trying to do.

*I am aware of the upcoming camera installation and have read all about it. It does not concern me and I do not want any feedback about that particular topic, please. 1) I read sometimes about load screw ups that seem somewhat egregious to me in the sense I cannot understand how things can go so askew. This isn't just Swift but curious how often drivers experience this with them. For example; You are scheduled to deliver a load at 4 pm, you arrive on time and find out the personnel who do the unloading go home at 3, leaving you to sit there all night until the next morning and other similar issues. Or worse yet it's a Friday afternoon and the place is closed until Monday morning. I cannot understand how that can happen when the receiver knows their hours but I know it sometimes does. Do you receive whatever layover or detention pay you are due when these things happen?

2) Are you 48 state OTR or regional and what are your average weekly miles?

3) Have you received all scheduled raises you were suppose without issue? Did the most recent system wide pay increase go into effect? Any pay issues such as refusing to pay detention, layover or break down when you qualified for it? If so how often is there an issue?

4) How long do you stay out and how many days to you take for home time after your time out? From what I have read you earn 1 day off for every 6 days out. What type of schedule does regional provide?

5) Do you have any significant issues getting home in a timely fashion when you have requested home time and any issues taking all of the time you have earned? If so, how often?

6) I have a pension so I can afford to squeeze an extra day at home here and there. For example I have "earned" 3 days at home but I set my availability out an extra day to get 4 days at home. To your knowledge is that something I could do without issue? My plan is to do 2 weeks (3 max) per time out and then shoot for 3-5 days at home each time.

7) How is Swift about idling? I realize they prefer you idle as little as possible and I understand and agree with that for the most part. However there are some days where it is just too warm or humid to sleep on your break. Do they take that into consideration? My thought is if I just shut the truck off at every reasonable opportunity and did not abuse it that it would balance out somewhat. I am aware of winter time bunk heaters. Mostly concerned about summer time. Also, what effect does idle time have on your bonus? Is it an all or nothing proposition or if your idle time is a little high but other parameters are good do you still get some of your protential bonus?

8) Anything else anyone can think of that I did not consider and mention here?

Thanks in advance for the time of anyone who replies.

Posted:  9 years, 1 month ago

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SWIFT in cab cameras

Hey Errol, sent you a private message a few days back.

Posted:  9 years, 2 months ago

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Prime vs swift vs millis

Dina D,

A few posts back you mentioned Swift's pay being lower. It used to be but late last summer / early fall they raised starting pay to .33 a mile which is very average for many companies. Higher than some, lower than a few others.

They have another raise coming up I believe in May and it will be raised to .36 per mile to start. Obviously it goes up from there. Good luck whatever way you go.

Posted:  9 years, 2 months ago

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What did you do before becoming a truck driver?

Retired police detective after a little more than 21 years. Looking forward to a little solitude and a different kind of stress.

Posted:  9 years, 3 months ago

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JB Hunt, TMC Transportation


In addition to what everyone else said, TMC has a youtube page with a video explaining mileage pay vs. percentage pay.

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