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I am a medically retired veteran after being out of work for medical reasons for 1 1/2 years got cleared to go back to work in November. After feeling out multiple applications and no calls saw a couple trucking companies were hiring and willing to train me so I filled out application and CR England called I start training on the 30th. Yes I have read the reviews but I know opinions are like assholes everyone has them and I will take my chances it's a chance for me to get back to work a support my family it'll let me get some experience while also getting my CDL after training and my 6 month contract if I don't like them I can go work for someone else. I'm not scared of hard work and I know that's what it will take to be come a good driver.

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Posted:  5 years, 12 months ago

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What did you do before becoming a truck driver?

The 8 years prior I installed residential cable had a hip replacement can't go back to that which is a good thing because the money isn't as good as it used to be but when I got out of high school I joined the Army got in a wreck with a rig got medically retired that was in '94 after that I installed countertops worked at boarding kennels turned to trucking because once I was cleared to go back to work after my surgery filled out applications for about 6 months and never got a call & I got a family to support.

Posted:  6 years ago

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CDL training school in Opelika, AL

CR England sent me to American Truck Driving Academy in Opelika, AL it's a 3rd party school they contract through no it's not a glamorous school the trucks on the backing field need to be replaced they had one that if you stayed on the brakes to long you lost air pressure you ended up having NO brakes. they had 5 road training trucks and 3 backing maneuver trucks 1 road truck just sits there because it went to Freightliner to have a new clutch and transmission put in with in a day after they got it back it wouldn't go into 5th gear so they have to wait for the other one being serviced to get back before they send it off again. The instructors know what they are doing I was in and out in 3 weeks yes I know I need more work on my backing maneuvers especially alley dock but I know that will come with time in the real world. The school needs updating they also have a no cell phone policy while on school property if you're looking for a school with newer equipment than this school IS NOT for you but if you live close to the school and want to learn the basics than go there. Also the hotel CR England puts you up in it's alright but watch out for housekeeping they're thieves if you can bring your car because there's not a lot to do unless you have a car to go back and forth.

Posted:  6 years ago

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Test Question

At least on the Georgia test the answer will be A. backing is always dangerous because unless you have a helper you're by yourself

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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CR England

I'm scheduled to start training on March 30th with CR England yes I have heard about how bad they are but have also read some good things I also know they try and get trainees to lease a truck which I'm not going to do especially being a new driver. I'm look for any advice on what to expect I'm a veteran I'm not scared of hard work do they let you choose your trainer once you start driving or is it assigned. I'll appreciate good and bad experiences with CR England would prefer something from within the last 2-3 years.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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I-75 backed up after semi's U-turn

I start training the end of this month but I know that wasn't a good idea all I can say is what was he thinking.

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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I was looking at there school i saw a ad that said 6 month contract so i was like koool school is like 25 mins south of me great 17 school nice 4 weeks with trainer at 425.00 week not so good but better then nothing then i get a call this morning to set it all up she ask me a few ? ok she asked about a speeding ticket i got last dec. no big deal 14 over ok she asked if that was all done no im making payments on oh we cant move forward till its all payed off because if u miss a payment they could suspend your lic wtf she said give her a call back when i have it payed off then i got a e-mail they had sent me this morning where it says 9 month contract not 6 so could of glad it worked out this way

I talked to a recruiter the other day it's a 6 month contract if you're a veteran I'm supposed to start training there end of this month yes I've heard the bad comments but saw some good ones as well but I'm not scared to work hard. If I don't like how things are done I'll do my contract and find another company to work for I also don't plan to lease due to being a new driver.

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