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Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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New driver, about to start training tomorrow morning!

I am looking forward to this as well. I am using my GI Bill to pay for the school too. I'm interviewing potential employers, not the other way around, to find the right fit for my family and I. I have 3 special needs kids at the house so taking care of them is #1. I need a company to understand that which why I'm looking around. I don't want to just work for anyone. It's good to see there's another brother/sister-in-arms in this group. I just joined but I can tell that this group is a good one.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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I can't drive 55


All the times I ran CA, I set my cruise on 58 and never had an issue ever with the CHP. As long as I only did 58 -59 they have never bothered me at all. I would slow down to 54 - 55 when I was coming up to a scale house, but that was the only time.



Ernie, any day vs night difference on your days in CA driving?

I am curious on this also. keep me posted

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Test Question

Is this a trick question? I thought "all the above" would be a correct response for this. Please advice.

a. Backing is always dangerous.

b. You should back and turn toward the driver's side whenever possible.

c. You should use a helper and communicate with hand signals.

d. All of the above are true.

Correct Answer: Backing is always dangerous. Your Answer: All of the above are true.

there's a whole tutorial on this page about DoT regs. Check this out: it specifically mentions "Backing is always dangerous". I'm sure they pulled it from a DoT regulate or approved study guide. It's all in the wording. Btw, the guide on this has a lot of really good information. You should review it before you test, at least a couple days before hand.

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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The big day has arrived...


Bout done with week 4. I am on track to finish after 6 weeks still instead of 8 weeks. Talked to H. O. Wolding recruiter today that came in to talk to the class and I am seriously considering them. I have logged 365 miles (in 2 days) on the road for the class and it's been a blast. Day 2 I was much more relaxed and things went very well. I just have to remember to not pull up to close to other vehicles when stopping for the intersections.


I know , you have to be able to see the tires of the vehicle in front of you, but even still it is just a good habit to give more space and then you can change gears especially if you are just clutching from forth to fifth to get started. I do the same at stop signs or when turning left onto another street and have to stop for traffic to pass. It gives you more time to gear. Under bridges when making a U-turn so you can see the traffic coming that is making a left and again you have time to gear before making your turn while concentrating on not hitting that curb. Great to hear you are enjoying it.

I will be doing a 5 week school at Sage which starts in 10 days, I'm hoping to get done in 4 weeks. I've taken these CDL pretests online and I'm usually 99-100% on them all. I've looked up a couple practice tests online and there are a few questions I haven't seen before but for the most part they are the same questions. Sage is fast-paced and usually expensive, 4973.50 to be exact (unless you're prior military and still have the GI Bill like me). I hear they have high reviews so I'm really looking forward to this. I will be clocking 1000 driving hours in 4 weeks which is awesome! If anyone has taken the DoT license test, please share with me your insight. I like to be prepared. Thanks. This is a good forum

Posted:  7 years, 7 months ago

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Have CDL, No Real Experience

Daryl, like you I have also served 11 years in the military. My family and I have decided that it's time to move on to other things. I've been accepted to a trucking school. I'm talking with companies to find out what they can do for me, because without me, they'll be fine but I'll still need a dependable income. I've wanted my CDL for about 19 years but didn't want to be contracted to working for someone (ironic I know) below what I think I am worth so didn't do a school at a trucking company. I have tried to get my CDL in the military but since it wasn't part of my normal job it wasn't justified. I will be graduating mid-May with my CDL and all 7 endorsements (or at least that's the plan).

Does anyone have any pre-hire tips for me? Keep in mind, I haven't done an interview or hiring process in a LONG time. I would like to work for a veteran friendly, family friendly, established trucking company with decent healthcare benefits (sounds like a dream company). I currently reside in Wyoming, but I am also looking toward Colorado and Utah as viable alternatives. I would rather do local or regional, although I know that most companies hire OTR. My family will come first BUT if the pay and benefits are good enough to offset that... I would also consider it. So, does anyone have any contacts, companies, or other tips I can use to help me find a company that fits me best?

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