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30-something guy from Atlanta, GA living the good life!

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Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Know anything about Schneider ‘s ‘Jet-Set’ Bulk Division (Tanker)?

I’m starting with Schneider as a new graduate and am interested in folllowing this thread since I’m also interested in transferring to “Jet-Set” after my year of indentured servitude is up.

While I’m not a driver in that division, I AM a very frequent flyer and the best thing I’ve done for myself is become a TSA Pre-Check member. It costs $85 for an application screening (which might be reimbursed by Schneider) to use the Pre-Check lines at airports, which significantly expedites the security screening process. It is good for 5 years after your approved. Check out the details here:

Even if Schneider doesn’t reimburse you for it, then you should be able to write it off on your taxes as a business expense. Looking forward to hearing about your experience and best of luck!

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Diaz Foods Reviews Needed

I did “interview” with them but they actually offered me a job as soon as I walked in the door. It was kind of off-putting how desperate they seemed to be for class A drivers.

Also, I’ve worked with enough employers to know that what a manager tells you in an interview about a job is often vastly different from the actual experiences of workers in the posted position. Hence why I am looking for reviews from people who have worked for the company.

I do have other job offers as well. Just looking for information on this particular company at this time since I don’t personally know anyone who works there.

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Diaz Foods Reviews Needed

Hey y’all! I just graduated yesterday and have my CDL-A. I am applying for an OTR position with Diaz Foods at the Atlanta, GA hub. I’d like to know some more information about their training regimen, company culture, and starting pay for a new driver with no experience. I’m also interested in what to expect with home time and benefits. Thanks in advance!

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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30 Years Young with No Kids or Wife: Can I Make A Decent Living?

Yes it is a logical plan. But you didn't define what you consider a "decent living."

I would consider a decent living to start in the mid 30k range. I figure if I can put in at least a couple years making about 35k and then three years making 50k then I should have plenty money stocked away to go back to civilian life to pay my way through college and still have retirement savings.

As a rookie your pay will fluctuate considerably from week to week due to the fact that you are still working on getting yourself established with your company as a dependable driver who can be counted on consistently. Performance counts in this business - the top performers make the top pay and get the best loads.

That seems logical enough since being reliable and performing well as a rookie has been a good measuring stick in other occupations I've worked. What do you consider to be the key qualities of "top performers" in the trucking industry?

Does that mean always saying yes to new loads? Obviously getting to your destinations safely and timely. Does having a good rapport with dock workers and management at the warehouses and businesses that you deliver to make a difference?

BTW, thanks Old School and Steve for your responses!

Posted:  4 years, 3 months ago

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30 Years Young with No Kids or Wife: Can I Make A Decent Living?

Hey Ya'll,

As the subject says, I'm a 30 years young guy from Atlanta and looking to get into the trucking lifestyle. I know that I need to look at it from all angles and I've done a ton of research on CDL driving (and continue my research as I write this). I recently separated from my wife and will be divorced before the end of year. My wife ruined my financially and blew my entire life's savings (we're talking 10's of thousands of dollars saved since my teens). I have no children (just an old dog that I love, but I know she isn't my flesh and blood), I'm looking to sell my house before the end of the year, and my family and close friends are supportive of me staying with them for free or a modest cost on my home-time in the future.

I've wanted to get into trucking for years now but my wife wouldn't have it while we were together. Now that I'm about to be officially single and worried about just my own well-being I'm strongly considering trucking as a viable way to re-gain my financial stability. I don't know if its a career I want to stick with long-term since I've been working toward a degree in healthcare but I need to get back on track financially since I'm currently working a dead-end job with no benefits and live paycheck to paycheck. I'd prefer to go to college and get a degree in nursing or radiology but that takes a lot of money and I already have a degree so its hard for me to get loans. In other words, its time for me to put my nose to the grindstone and pull myself up by my bootstraps!

I figure since I don't have any children and won't have a spouse, along with not owning a home then I should be able to save a good bit of the money I make from trucking. The only monthly bills I would have would be for my car (which has one year left to be paid off), car and health insurance, cell phone/wifi, and food. I know that food will be the bulk of my monthly expense since it has a higher cost with living on the road. I know that I won't get rich and the first couple years are hard, with lower wages. However, I do figure by putting in 5 years of trucking then I can get back into a very comfortable place financially, being able to put myself through college if I want. Or, keep trucking as a career if I really enjoy it as much as I think I could!

Does this sound like as much of a logical plan as I keep telling myself it is? Are there any missing key components I might be overlooking? Any suggestions on first year companies I should pursue vs. those to stay away from?

Thanks in advance for your advice and helpful input!

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