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Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Involuntary commitment medical record, over 9 years ago. Effects on TWIC card.

Funny story:

Went to deliver to an Army post. Go into the guard shack for the background check. A couple drivers already in there with one being an owner operator.

Takes a few minutes so the three of us were sitting and chatting in a room just off the check-in window.

Shortly a few MPs walked in and called the name of the owner operator. He stood up and they asked him to step outside for a minute ... where they turned him around, put his hands behind his back and cuffed him!

The other driver and myself just stared at each other wide-eyed then the other driver said, "Geez, maybe I should leave now!"

Posted:  2 months ago

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…it’s probably the DOT fees. Geez I hope UPS gives him some training…

You would think 😀

Posted:  2 months ago

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UPS offered to pay for my doubles endorsement because they want me carrying doubles. Does anyone on here carry doubles? If so do you like it? How much different is it then 53ft trailers? Does anyone know if it is a good idea to get the free training and carry doubles?

Where are you taking training for doubles that costs money? Doubles is only an endorsement. You study the commercial drivers manual you take the test and get the endorsement. Does UPS have its own driving school?

The only fee I can think of is actually re-printing your license but that is determined by what state you’re in.

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!

The pups are limited to 28,700 on a single axle

Haven't seen that number before.

I double-checked and the PUPS are GVWR at 40K pounds. Federal law limits trailers to 20K pounds on any single axle.

But I have been wrong before :)

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!


We can usually load upto 24k on a pup and are supposed to scale any trailer over 20k. I didn't know they could be that far over on a trailer.

I believe our PUPS are rated up to 40K but are limited to 20K on the drives of a day cab/single axle.

I've had 24K before and sweated every minute driving through VA but when pulled in I scaled just fine!

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Vermont-based LTL carrier LandAir reportedly ceases operations

I was just going to post this as a continuing topic, one of many companies to come I'll bet.

These guys sent out a "Happy 4th" message to everyone, then closed shop the next day. Talk about a poor relationship! They're in trouble with the FEDS now, too. Didn't give an advanced warning with more than 50 employees as required by law.

I don't remember who Andrey was with. He disappeared around tax time back in April.

Yup. The company that owned them should get hit with a big fine. Hopefully some of that will find its way back to the employees.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Vermont-based LTL carrier LandAir reportedly ceases operations

Isn't this the company Andre works or worked for?

Private-equity-owned trucking company had 135 drivers and 148 power units

Posted:  2 months, 4 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!

A note on "fault". If fault means, "who initially screwed things up" then Bruce is correct that the shipper is at fault for loading the trailer in such an irresponsible way. I appreciate Bruce's statement as a show of support for a fellow driver.

If fault means, "who is ultimately responsible" then Bird-one is correct...I'm at fault.

Thanks to G-Town for supplying the word, "responsible" (and his kind words) to help make things clearer. And to Bird-one for further clarifying what he meant. Semantics is a pain in the butt sometimes.

Auggie, the fine was $184. The officer at the weigh station said that the fine was not mine. It is the company's, and they are the ones responsible for paying it. However, I may have signed something during orientation that said I'd liable for any fines I receive while operating a company vehicle. Not 100% sure about that. Haven't been told I'm responsible for it yet. I'll find out soon enough.

$184 for 1,000? Ouch. Hopefully you won't have to pickup the tab.

Posted:  2 months, 4 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!

So yes, I just started with a new company this very week. I always think it's a good idea to make a great first impression.

Instead, here I sit at a weigh station in Virginia with a preloaded 36,000 lb load with the tandems slid back as far as the law allows (41ft), and I'm at more than 35,000lbs on the tandems and 22,000lbs on my drives.

What can we learn from this?

Waiting for company to figure out what they want me to do. I was unaware of this fact: Virginia will allow you to carry your load within its borders for 24hrs after an overweight citation. Unfortunately I need to go into North Carolina where another violation can be assessed if I get pulled into a weigh station in that state.

So what's the fine and do you have to pay for it if it comes to that?

Posted:  3 months ago

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Advice for single truckers who are homeowners

Hello, forgive me is this has been covered already although I cannot find anything in the topic list.

After 25 years+ in the auto parts business, I have become disillusioned and for over two years now have been considering getting my CDL and driving OTR to see our wonderful country that I have officially become a citizen of after 20 years.

I am single so can come & go as I please and don't mind my own company so that checks a couple of OTR boxes I reckon.

However, I own as opposed to rent my home so one of my biggest concerns with embarking on this career is leaving it unattended for long periods. Not interested in selling it.

What advice would other truckers in my situation have concerning handling: emergency repairs, mail/packages & general security?

My family & close friends are also some distance away (FL, TN, Ontario, WA) and maybe OTR would allow me to see them more if routes & resets aligned?

Thanks, Brad

Not in your boat but hire a rental company and rent it out?

Posted:  3 months ago

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Assignment to Lawrence, Maine

Tomorrow I will deliver at Enfield, Connecticut and my next assignment is in Lawrence, MA. It’s a pickup at Hostess - JBS Lawrence. I’ve never been to Maine and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this location. Any input would be very helpful. Thank you.

I'm familiar with Lawrence but not this place.

If it's JSB Industries at 309 Andover St it doesn't look bad. :)

495 to 93N to River Rd east River Rd becomes Andover St. JSB is on the right.

You can also take 495N a little further to Rt28N then take a rt on Andover St but the other way seems less crowded.

Google maps street level will actually show you the entrance at the end of the building back to the docks.

Now, again, I've never been there so this needs to be double checked :)

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Road Kill Chronicles

I’ve been driving nights a lot and sometimes get bored. I started making a mental list of the road kill critters that I’ve seen on Interstates, US and State highways.

These are my unscientific observations.

Most Common Road Kill Critters

1. Armadillo (must be dumb as a rock)

2. Possums

3. Raccoons

4. Deer

(Hey DOT, please spend some money to remove the deer carcasses. I appreciate that buzzards and crows need to eat, but come on guys, gets gross after a couple weeks)

Less Common, but have seen more than once

1. Tortoises

2. Coyotes

3. Fox

4. Skunk

5. Squirrel

6. Raptors (Owls, Hawk)

7. Dog

8. Cat

Very typical to see Armadillo, Possum and Raccoons in clusters of 2-3. Must be getting whacked while hooking up for romance.

Usually I see the smaller 6”-8” tortoises, this is migration season for males seeking mates. However, I saw two very large 12” at least tortoises I think still alive on rural MO highway. I was able to straddle them so hopefully didn’t kill it.

I’ve seen both a live Armadillo and a Possum crossing interstate at night. Again I was able to straddle them with the truck, but don’t know if the trailer missed or not.

Passed a Bloodhound sitting in tall grass on a rural MO roadside. Thankfully it just sat there as I passed.

It breaks my heart to hit someone’s puppy or cat. I hit a puppy with my car on US65 in AR. The dog was chasing something across the highway at full speed. No way to avoid it. Some people should take better care for their family pet safety.

The grossest sighting was coming upon a fresh deer kill at night around a curve. The poor animal was torn to pieces. Blood and guts everywhere. Felt like I needed both a truck wash and shower after that one!

I see a lot of deer around 1:00-3:00am. They like the fresh grass along highways. I usually mentally tell them “Stay where you are, Sweeties. I don’t want to kill you”.

I know this is a macabre topic, but I was bored!

If you straddled the armadillo, you killed it.

When armadillos get scared they jump straight up in the air and then come down running.

I straddled one long ago in my van and it sounded like a basketball bouncing up and down the floor boards as I passed over it.

Oh, and they have armadillo races in San Angelo, TX. Funniest thing is to see them start the race by pounding the ground on either side of the armadillo. Armadillo jumps and then hits the ground running.

Posted:  4 months ago

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Where do you position the tractor 5th wheel when pulling doubles?

I'm going to start this new job pulling doubles. I understand that the tractor's 5th wheel needs to be moved back, but no one has specified how far back it should be. If you have pulled doubles, where do you position your tractor 5th wheel? Do you slide it all the way back to the last pin?

Thank you in advance.

Yeah slide it back. I’ve killed a few flaps since I don’t drive tandems often.

The weight in a lead pup will never be enough to exceed your tandems

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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First time for everything.


We get paid hourly to sit.


Same here👍👍👍


About $32hr for me


Unfortunately, NOT the same here👎👎👎☹

LOL! Yup. I think my best day ever was on a 600mile run. I ran out of hours due to accidents enroute about an hour out of my center. I sat waiting for someone to 'rescue me'. And sat. And sat. I sat there for 4 hours waiting to get rescued. So not only do they pay one to sit, they pay you TO RIDE BACK TO YOUR CENTER! I thought that was cool :)

Anyhow, I blew the big payday because when I got back, my 2d in command boss asked me if I was ok since I had been cranking for like 18 hours or so. I told him yes but even though my ten was going to be up about 3pm that same day, I asked for the day off. He laughed and told me to enjoy it.

So for that one 24hr period I made almost $700 between my mileage pay and sitting pay but taking the next day off cut it in half.

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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It's Official !!!

Congratulations, safe flight and best of luck over there. gf/wife there iirc isn't there? She isn't one of the ones panicking about the recent election results is she?


Got my airline ticket and my first days hotel room....I depart on July 1st @ 12:30 pm outta LAX 13 hours to a 3 hr lay-over in Seoul, Korea. Then 4 hour flight, to land on July 3rd @ 1 a.m. @ Cebu/Mactan airport

Just couple things to do, to have everything needed, to depart without issue....Antigen neg. test, travel insur. And an exit, throw away ticket to Singapore, since I bought a 1 way ticket. Have to have those last things, or they won't let ya even board the flight.

Just gotta play their stupid game, better than them 😂😂😂😂


Funny they elected another Marcos. Wonder if he or relatives have a foot fetish? ;-)

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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First time for everything.

Well got my first blown tire this morning lol. Been waiting 2 hours for tire guy said he will be here in about 30 mins. I’m ok with it I’m getting paid to sit here lol

We get paid hourly to sit. About $32hr for me

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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People who spam the CB

Nothings changed since the '70s on CBs lol My parents, and us of course were big into em back then. Dad made a LOT of friends on the radio. We were in a group, we would go to CB meets and do parking lot security, during them meetings. Dad n mom won a few door prizes like mobile cb's etc over those years, we had lot of fun at it. We went to Baja, the president had a little mountain spot 1 mile from the beach, we went there on the 4th of July.....Of course there was lots of beer drinking going on, they even had 1/4 sticks of dynamite blowing off those were LOUD!

Me and the old man (dad) got into a fist fight, I was 15, he was drunk, and got in between me and another guy I went to high school with, I was gunna beat his azz after he doused me with a 5 gallon bucket of water I told him not to...I never seen my old mans eyes turn colors like a demon, when I shoved him n told him in a lotta F' bombs etc to get outta my way. Well, I'm ducking n dodges dads punches, getting a few in myself, when he had me up against the horse fence. I took a full on shot at my face, I ducked, he hit 4x4 fence post and busted his pinky bone outta his hand...

Our joke after thru out life, Pop's would tell me, I ain't ever to old to get MY azz whipped HAHAHA, I'd tell him "Yeah old man? I ain't 15 no mo' and I'm bigger than you, so if you feel froggy ***hole, JUMP!" Was good for a laugh, I miss the old guy ! He'd been goin on 90 next year

We got our house roof done 1 weekend by dads buddies in 1 day, lots of beer and pizzas lol.....Dad ended up in '80s with an illegal then, base station and 1000 watt linear (military style pull out base) He's talk to Ozzies etc "shootin skip" It could slide thru FM radio bands, n talk like you're on the phone.Had all the goodies side band, etc.

Heard a few stories, around us there were idiots blowing up with crap spam, talking smack etc. Dad and couple his friends went out at least 2 times during the night. Used a loop tracker thingy, to track down the problem makers.....1 time they hook a chain to this guys tower outside his house, tore it down with the truck and drug it down the street a few blocks, and dropped it.....Another time I heard them talking bout them going out to a couple other guys houses and putting strain pins in the coax cable. So next time they keyed their mic's, it fries their radio's finals, and burns up the radio lol

Ok enuff rambling, the topic, just brought back a flood of good ole' memories

Back in the early 80s I was stationed in Augsburg, GE. We had a really BIG antenna. Caught some guy out of Boston on his CB after work. Hell of a skip.

I used to sit on my Dad's CB in the late 70s and chat-up my friends. Early version of TikTok ;)

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Meet & Greet


Another shout out, always.. .to Ms. Laura ~ Happy Mother's day!


Thank you Anne.

Got home at noon after washing out the trailer and dropping it in the yard. Fighting a cold so hopefully it won't get much worse. Think when I got soaked and chilled the other night, it decided to hit me 😡

Heard from just my daughter and granddaughter.

It was an okay day, all things considered.


If it's your sinuses stock up now. I was really bad off for about two weeks and just now tapering off. Mucinex spray worked well for me. Ibuprofen too.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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New CDL here, doing SAIA dock-to-Driver

Hey there, TT folks..

Wanted to jump in and give a proper introduction. My name's Adam, living here in Tucson AZ, recently graduated the CDL program offered locally through Pima Community College and acquired my CDL in February complete with endorsements. I started working at SAIA in January ahead of my certification to do their dock-to-driver program, was attracted to the prospect of being able to be home every night and don't mind the stability/predictability of a steady paycheck and route. Plus, so many companies require a year+ experience to start, but hard to land a job to get the experience just starting out.

Working on the dock has been a good experience, and I've learned a lot about loading and securing freight, plus since I have my CDL already they've been having me do hosteling for several hours a night which has been really good experience for maneuvering trailers on and off the docks. After 3-4 months as a dockworker, I'm eligible to apply for the driver training, and am set up to start a 3-5 week training at the end of the month which will take place in Fontana (LA) CA. after that I'll be back at the Tucson hub, and probably do ride-along for a week or two until they set me loose with my own day cab and a city route.

My experience so far with SAIA has been mostly positive, I like most all of the people I work with and the pay is decent. I'm on a swing shift currently which has been a little tough since I'm a morning person by nature but willing to do what it takes to make this work. They have city drivers, and line-haul, city drivers making basically $27-$31 per hour and line haul is paid per mile but potentially more $$$ if you have a good route. As a new driver I will probably be started out as a city driver, which is better hours (daytime, home every night) but also wouldn't mind locking in a nice linehaul if it comes available.

I'm starting in the industry a little bit later in life, I'm 47 now. Worked most of my career as a dental technician making crown & bridge and dentures, but really got burnt out on that industry and was looking for a change. I've also had several warehouse, delivery, Box-truck route, and other assorted jobs over the last 20 years and always enjoyed the work and lifestyle. Getting my CDL and moving up to the big rigs just seemed like the next logical step for me. I would definitely consider doing more OTR style work if I could find the right situation and company to be with. My kids are grown and out of the house, and don't really have a lot of other things tying me down right now. Just want to work and make as much as possible over the next 15-20 years to secure a nice retirement and nest egg. I'm originally form Portland, OR and my kids are at U of O in Eugene, and I have a lil' something going on with a gal long-distance there in Portland, so ideally I'd love to find a lane that has me mostly west-coast or western states with my resets/breaks alternating between OR and AZ.. Gets really stupid hot here in the summer too, and as an Oregon boy I just haven't managed to get used to that despite being here for 4 years now.

I welcome any advice, ideas, questions, comments or whatever. Stay safe and alert Y'all, happy to be here. -Adam

You're not going to find a "lane" being a newby to Saia LTL that will get you from Phoenix to Portland on a regular basis. You may as well just ask where you can run to if you work the Road. If you don't want to stay in Phoenix your best bet is to relocate with Saia or somebody else in the Portland area and just move and run City from there.

If you stay in Phoenix, you can work City and volunteer (probably) to do road runs on your free time. But those runs will be ... wherever. LTL in a day cab is usually restricted to under 700 miles or less in a day so you can figure out where you can go from Phoenix on a daily basis.

But, then again, I'm not really familiar on how Saia does things so maybe you can get to Portland from Phoenix on a regular basis :)

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Good time to go o/o ?

Hi drivers,

I know this is an awful topic for this forum, but as you may or may not know, the freight market is coming down due to high supply and low demand of trucks. Also, fuel prices are the highest they've ever been. Many carriers will be selling and going out of business soon.

Now, imo, may be a good time to look into jumping into the market to be an o/o, if anyone is interested. You could get equipment once the prices bottom out and ride the rates up when they finally do go up.

If the time is not right for you and you still want to own your own truck, i would suggest you pay attention to what the market does in the next 6-12 months and maybe position yourself in the next downturn.

No hate, if it's not for you. It's definitely not for everyone.

I would say you must have the following if you're thinking about it as a path:

2 yrs experience minimum ( you won't get insured below that, and even at 2 years the rates are high) NO DEBT of any kind. $20-$60k in savings 2 credit cards with no balance driving wise - knowledge of split breaks

Have a nice day folks, and stay safe on the roads!!

My understanding is spot rates are in the toilet

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