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Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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One year mark decisions


This is all good input and I appreciate the time.

Also, I am out of Caldwell, ID but my company is out of Idaho Falls, ID.

I also average around 11k per month.

I'm not unsatisfied with my pay, but I didn't want to undercut myself either.

But having said that, after much thought, I will stick with these guys out of respect. They did go out of their way to get me in the door and get me moving on my first solo job. The least I can do is show the same respect for time invested and see where it goes.

Thank you for all the great advice as always. :)


Just finished my 1 year solo mark and have been thinking about the same thing nonstop the past couple weeks, stay here longer (currently at .46 cpm otr) or find something local/regional for more home time and potential pay increase.

Gotten a few approvals from different companies but it’s been such a headache trying to decide what to do, so I think like you I will just stay put for now. I like this company for the most part, I know how they operate, and I know what I can do better to make more $ weekly, but I do not know these things about the other companies except from reading mixed reviews.

Check out Cypress. Guy in my neighborhood brings his sleeper truck home just about every weekend and parks at his house. Venezia is a home daily option.

Posted:  1 month ago

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How was your Christmas?

Sorry to hear it. Hope you recover quickly! Here’s a prime rib from Christmas. 😎


Ah. Did you too take advantage of the $5.99lb prime rib at Publix? I bought two. Very, very tasty!

Posted:  2 months ago

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Gaming and Trucking Question


I've not had any problems. I have an 1800 watt inverter. I run a microwave, toaster and coffee pot. I have an Omen gaming laptop that I run off it. Not sure how it would do with my desktop. But I'd recommend going with another gaming laptop for many reasons


I'm not using a laptop anymore. Funny enough I'm using an Omen Desktop I believe I found the problem I believe my Tundra 1500M can't support over 120V and my Power supply is 240V so I'm trying to find a solution to this

Are you sure your voltage switch won’t physically switch between 120/240?

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Mass firing blindsides former UFI employees, truck drivers


Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Mass firing blindsides former UFI employees, truck drivers

Former employees of United Furniture Industries, operating under the Lane Furniture brand name, say they were blindsided overnight after receiving either an email or text message instructing them not to report to work Tuesday because their jobs were being immediately terminated “due to unforeseen business circumstances.”

“At the instruction of the board of directors of United Furniture Industries Inc. and all subsidiaries, we regret to inform you that due to unforeseen business circumstances, the company has been forced to make the difficult decision to terminate the employment of all its employees, effective immediately, on Nov. 21, 2022,” according to the statement to employees obtained by FreightWaves.

Some employees questioned the timing of UFI’s mass firing, which comes two days before Thanksgiving.

However, over-the-road truck drivers for furniture delivery division UFI Transportation who are currently making deliveries “will be paid for the balance of the week,” the company stated in the letter to workers.

UFI and Lane drivers are directed to “immediately return equipment, inventory and delivery documents” to its terminal locations in North Carolina, Mississippi or California. Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves According to the UFI statement, it directs truckers with loads to “immediately return equipment, inventory and delivery documents for those deliveries that have been completed to one of the following locations: Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Verona, Mississippi; or Victorville, California.”

It’s unclear how many employees were affected by the privately held company’s decision to fire its remaining workforce.

According to the Federal Motor Safety Administration’s SAFER website, UFI has 40 power units and 42 drivers.

Top exec remains silent on closure

Todd Evans, CEO of UFI, did not immediately respond to FreightWaves’ request seeking comment about what precipitated the mass firing.

In late July, the furniture manufacturer closed its plants in Winston-Salem and High Point, North Carolina, resulting in more than 270 workers losing their jobs, according to WARN Act notices filed at the time with the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

Another 220 jobs were eliminated in late July at the company’s plant in Amory, Mississippi.

One former employee, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said the company immediately canceled workers’ health insurance and COBRA coverage.

“Luckily, I am in a position where I will survive,” the former employee posted on social media. “But shame on you Lane Furniture-United Furniture for making sure employees will struggle this winter.”

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Taking son's old dog on the road

Ex wife needs me to take old dog on road with me but I don't know what to do if it dies in the truck..I want to help them out but don't know my options

What does your son want you to do?

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Hello, I'm looking into going to a trucking school in central Florida, looking to get my CDL LICENSE.

Is there any company that you can refer for sponsorship where i am not out of pocket right out $7,000.00 I am a single father and don't have that out-of-pocket funds right now? rong>

This looks promising:

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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How would you approach this back?

What’s the address?

Posted:  4 months ago

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Walmart journey, take 2

Now I’m doing training for running doubles into Washington DC. Pretty interesting. Not as hard as I thought it would be. The hardest part for me is getting used to working nights.

Can you give us a rundown on how that works?

Do you drop a trailer before going into DC and then deliver the front first then go back and get the second?

Looking at the WM at 820 1st St you can't get doubles in there so I'm assuming you just get close and then break your set?

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Involuntary commitment medical record, over 9 years ago. Effects on TWIC card.

Funny story:

Went to deliver to an Army post. Go into the guard shack for the background check. A couple drivers already in there with one being an owner operator.

Takes a few minutes so the three of us were sitting and chatting in a room just off the check-in window.

Shortly a few MPs walked in and called the name of the owner operator. He stood up and they asked him to step outside for a minute ... where they turned him around, put his hands behind his back and cuffed him!

The other driver and myself just stared at each other wide-eyed then the other driver said, "Geez, maybe I should leave now!"

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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…it’s probably the DOT fees. Geez I hope UPS gives him some training…

You would think 😀

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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UPS offered to pay for my doubles endorsement because they want me carrying doubles. Does anyone on here carry doubles? If so do you like it? How much different is it then 53ft trailers? Does anyone know if it is a good idea to get the free training and carry doubles?

Where are you taking training for doubles that costs money? Doubles is only an endorsement. You study the commercial drivers manual you take the test and get the endorsement. Does UPS have its own driving school?

The only fee I can think of is actually re-printing your license but that is determined by what state you’re in.

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!

The pups are limited to 28,700 on a single axle

Haven't seen that number before.

I double-checked and the PUPS are GVWR at 40K pounds. Federal law limits trailers to 20K pounds on any single axle.

But I have been wrong before :)

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Bad First Impression!


We can usually load upto 24k on a pup and are supposed to scale any trailer over 20k. I didn't know they could be that far over on a trailer.

I believe our PUPS are rated up to 40K but are limited to 20K on the drives of a day cab/single axle.

I've had 24K before and sweated every minute driving through VA but when pulled in I scaled just fine!

Posted:  7 months ago

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Vermont-based LTL carrier LandAir reportedly ceases operations

I was just going to post this as a continuing topic, one of many companies to come I'll bet.

These guys sent out a "Happy 4th" message to everyone, then closed shop the next day. Talk about a poor relationship! They're in trouble with the FEDS now, too. Didn't give an advanced warning with more than 50 employees as required by law.

I don't remember who Andrey was with. He disappeared around tax time back in April.

Yup. The company that owned them should get hit with a big fine. Hopefully some of that will find its way back to the employees.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Bad First Impression!

A note on "fault". If fault means, "who initially screwed things up" then Bruce is correct that the shipper is at fault for loading the trailer in such an irresponsible way. I appreciate Bruce's statement as a show of support for a fellow driver.

If fault means, "who is ultimately responsible" then Bird-one is correct...I'm at fault.

Thanks to G-Town for supplying the word, "responsible" (and his kind words) to help make things clearer. And to Bird-one for further clarifying what he meant. Semantics is a pain in the butt sometimes.

Auggie, the fine was $184. The officer at the weigh station said that the fine was not mine. It is the company's, and they are the ones responsible for paying it. However, I may have signed something during orientation that said I'd liable for any fines I receive while operating a company vehicle. Not 100% sure about that. Haven't been told I'm responsible for it yet. I'll find out soon enough.

$184 for 1,000? Ouch. Hopefully you won't have to pickup the tab.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Bad First Impression!

So yes, I just started with a new company this very week. I always think it's a good idea to make a great first impression.

Instead, here I sit at a weigh station in Virginia with a preloaded 36,000 lb load with the tandems slid back as far as the law allows (41ft), and I'm at more than 35,000lbs on the tandems and 22,000lbs on my drives.

What can we learn from this?

Waiting for company to figure out what they want me to do. I was unaware of this fact: Virginia will allow you to carry your load within its borders for 24hrs after an overweight citation. Unfortunately I need to go into North Carolina where another violation can be assessed if I get pulled into a weigh station in that state.

So what's the fine and do you have to pay for it if it comes to that?

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Advice for single truckers who are homeowners

Hello, forgive me is this has been covered already although I cannot find anything in the topic list.

After 25 years+ in the auto parts business, I have become disillusioned and for over two years now have been considering getting my CDL and driving OTR to see our wonderful country that I have officially become a citizen of after 20 years.

I am single so can come & go as I please and don't mind my own company so that checks a couple of OTR boxes I reckon.

However, I own as opposed to rent my home so one of my biggest concerns with embarking on this career is leaving it unattended for long periods. Not interested in selling it.

What advice would other truckers in my situation have concerning handling: emergency repairs, mail/packages & general security?

My family & close friends are also some distance away (FL, TN, Ontario, WA) and maybe OTR would allow me to see them more if routes & resets aligned?

Thanks, Brad

Not in your boat but hire a rental company and rent it out?

Posted:  7 months, 2 weeks ago

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Assignment to Lawrence, Maine

Tomorrow I will deliver at Enfield, Connecticut and my next assignment is in Lawrence, MA. It’s a pickup at Hostess - JBS Lawrence. I’ve never been to Maine and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this location. Any input would be very helpful. Thank you.

I'm familiar with Lawrence but not this place.

If it's JSB Industries at 309 Andover St it doesn't look bad. :)

495 to 93N to River Rd east River Rd becomes Andover St. JSB is on the right.

You can also take 495N a little further to Rt28N then take a rt on Andover St but the other way seems less crowded.

Google maps street level will actually show you the entrance at the end of the building back to the docks.

Now, again, I've never been there so this needs to be double checked :)

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