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Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Do you have to report the accident after 3 years still in Texas?

Had an lay over single vehicle accident thankfully no one was hurt on 02/12/2019 took a curve at 55 and it was black ice I guess. I know my fault. The owner of this small company let me go. I been with a new bigger company driving since and they do use DAC 03/02/2019 and now the accident is on my mvr and I got a citation that I got differed. Been driving since then and no more troubles. I am lucky I got the job cause I applied before the accident showed up. I told the manager about the accident and they said “I was approved before the accident happened or showed up on my MVR so I’m good to go”. August will be 6 months of clean driving. After 3 years do I still need to put this accident on my job applications or does it go away in Texas? Thanks to any who have knowledge to these questions cause I know the insurance companies are rough on this. Any extra knowledge even better. Thanks again.

2-5 years on MVR, depending on the state. Some keep it on the "record" forever with major violations or accidents.

DAC - 7 years

PSP - 2 years

Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Getting Hire With Preventable Accidents

Some "minor" accidents are still 3 year "No Hires" for a lot of places.

Rear-end/Following too closely Accident: "I just tapped his bumper". Doesn't matter, thats a big NO NO.

Well, here. Here is what most insurance companies give to their Trucking Companies as minimum standards. Again, notice they put "Following Too Closely" right above "DUI".


Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Cannabis Testing, Swift, NYC Ban on Cannabis Testing

Well, Well, Well... turns out our "I smoked once, under a Dr's orders, for 72 hours" is now the Publisher of High Times Magazine!

You want to support your family? Make Millions of dollars AND legalize weed for truck drivers?

Create a "Breathalyzer" for THC. Because right now, all they can do is Urine/Hair/Blood testing. And that can't tell if you are currently under the influence or not, so they have to assume you are.

Plus - and I am all for the legalization of Pot everywhere - if you can't be disaplined enough to NOT smoke Pot when you know your work doesn't allow it, that's just another reason for a company to not trust your judgement. That's always been the big kicker to me.

Legally, I can drink alcohol in my office. The police can't arrest me for having a beer in my office. But I am fairly certain it would get me fired if I cracked open a "nooner" at my desk. If I were to do that, while knowing that my company would be upset about it, it would show a clear lack of judgement and self-control. Two things you absolutely should have in any job, but ESPECIALLY trucking.

What a hilarious stream of commentary..

First of all, using cannabis in your off time does not cause a safety hazard when you are not under its direct influence. Therefore it is not logical to bar use of cannabis at all in my opinion. Secondly, all driving tests where cannabis was actively altering the driver's minds has resulted in NO change to driver safety except in some cases where people have never used it before in their lives and it caused some deviation for them.

The logic that I see in some threads is that driving while under the influence of opiates, alcohol, etc. relates to using cannabis within 30-90 days of a drug test. You cannot be 'high' for 30-90 days for using cannabis once. It is not a safety hazard for people who ever have used cannabis as it is not a safety hazard for someone who is not drinking while driving. The ignorance about cannabis usage and driving safety is much more rampant than I would have imagined for a field which is so filled with those who are safety conscious. I agree that use of Ambient, alcohol, opiates and even cannabis should be disallowed while driving for safety reasons (despite studies indicated cannabis may be safe to drive with-- I'd like to see someone prove this wrong and cite their own study? Go for it) but use of it during off hours is not dangerous at all and it is a legal medication in most or many states. I won't bother to see if we're over 26 states with legal medical and / or recreational cannabis but it is not more dangerous than alcohol to use when you are not driving.

Calling me stupid for putting this up is forcing me to challenge those to a debate about the safety issues of cannabis. I am calling you ignorant, unintelligent, aggressive, rude and impractical.

Cannabis was banned initially because it was the first fuel for automobiles. It is still the best fuel for automobiles in my opinion.

Cannabis is a cousin of hops and CBD's are contained in beers and ales. Your body produces cannabinoids and requires them. Cannabis is also a food which is ideal for human consumption. Cannabis relieves stress, pain, PTSD, can settle autistics and seizure ridden afflictions when nothing else can. Cannabis was used commonly by horse and buggy drivers before anyone had a stigmatic opinion about it which resulted from vast disinformation in the 20th century which was paid for by Standard Oil.

Thus I cannot really entertain much recognition for the merits of most responses because they are not logical, enlightened, scientifically accurate or interesting. It will not be much of a problem for me to pass a urine test soon and when the time comes I can pass a blood, hair follicle or any test. Then there will be no issue. I do not need to use cannabis but many do and in my opinion it is harmful to the trucking industry, to this country to bar it from any person with any occupation because it simply is not the government's business to stop people from using medications which are not safety issues and which work for them.

If we are in a free country, then we can use what is legal here, what is inexpensive, what works, what is natural, what is our choice-- when we are not working. Alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis-- period.

Thanks so much for your time.

Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Cannabis Testing, Swift, NYC Ban on Cannabis Testing

I am wondering how trucking companies get away with discrimination for those who use prescribed medications? My qualification for Swift was just reversed since I explained to the recruiter that I used marijuana under Doctor's advice for just a few days. She said in THREE YEARS I could re-apply! Excuse me but my driving record on my job (which is not CDL but is a driving job, 75 hours a week...) is still perfect and my service record is also the maximum, which is rare for the amount of work I do. So it's not a safety issue directly and it's legal in my State, it's under a Doctor's direction and it was a very brief usage. Now I cannot earn a living and support my family? What country is this again? I'll be able to pass a urine test within a week or two and a hair follicle test within about two more months. At that time, I cannot work for Swift. I've heard Swift is not the best outfit but it's quite a slap in the face.

For those who are not aware, NYC just banned testing for cannabis for most jobs. This does not stop Federal DOT testing but does inhibit it for anything but certain medical caregiver, construction and a few other jobs.

If you had already started working there, and started training, it will go down as a "Refusal to drug test". There are many prescription drugs that doctors prescribe that will also disqualify you from driving, not just The Sticky-icky/Mary-Jane/Wacky-Tobacky/etc...

If you went there knowing you couldn't pass a drug test, you basically wasted their time and money, and say what you want about trucking companies - but don't waste their time and money.

If they put it down as a "refusal/failure", you'll have a hard time finding ANY reputable company that will hire you for 3 years or more.

Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Fed Med Expiration looming

PackRat, thanks. Bummer, I only have 4 weeks left to deal with this. Any suggestions about what I should do now?

To be safe? Suck it up and use a Cpap until you don't have to is my best solution. I know, I know...

Posted:  11 months, 4 weeks ago

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Terminated by Schneider

Huh... Swift must have got those same defective computers!


Posted:  12 months ago

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Help in trucking.

Please don't come back telling me they just want some twenty something year old "steering wheel holders" who will work for peanuts. That's baloney, and everybody knows it. A guy with your experience can make one or two phone calls and have a great job immediately, yet you are on the internet begging for help with capital letters!

Quoted for Truth. Experienced truckers with strong work histories are worth the extra money. Safety & Longevity are the two most important things to every contact I have in the industry. Those 2 things lead to $$$$$$ for the company.

Experienced: Knows what he is doing, doesn't cost time and labor making the know what they are doing Safe: Don't have to worry about him tearing up equp or sticking the company with huge repair bills and lawsuits

Worth every penny over the fictional "20 yr old Steering Wheel Holders". (Maybe in a local shag position that might be more likely,? idk...but even then, the equip damage outweighs any savings a company might get by starving out their veteran drivers.)

Posted:  12 months ago

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90 day Dot card

Geez, even now that sounds crazy high - I will try to find that again. I think it was in "Transport Topics", some periodical that our office gets...

Here is what I am finding...

It appears it may have been the inverse of what I said - so - POSSIBLE CORRECTION:

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) has confirmed that fatigue was the most frequently cited cause of heavy truck accidents, and that SOA was also the determining factor in 31 percent of the fatal-to-the-truck-driver accidents studied.

So... still not the study I am trying to find... but 31% of fatal-to-the-trucker accidents is still way too high to have so many drivers taking an "Anti-Vaxxer" level of crazy denial about it.

Well - here is one report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that shows untreated sleep apnea patients are 2.5x more likely to have an accident than someone else. 250% That's what they call a "Not Insignificant Number". (I also feel like AASM might have a conflict of interests, -like Concentra!- but this looks like almost every study I found here in the last 30 min of research. The consensus of all of them was "2 to 3 times more likely to be in a serious accident" , AKA, the "2.5" number)

As long as I am straying WAAAAY off topic from the 90 day med cards... Here are some other tidbits I found on this journey:

•University of Virginia Medical Center - 15-20% of ALL Traffic Accidents are fatigue related and at least 80% of those are either from diagnosed or un-diagnosed sleep apnea victims. (the other 20% must be teenagers and my wife!)

•Harvard University 2006: "20% of all large truck crashes are due to drowsy or fatigued driving, with OSA (sleep apnea) accounting for most situations. This would account for almost 9,000 fatalities and up to 220,000 serious injuries." (don't forget, the fatality is the driver in many cases!)

•It looks like some of the best studies with the largest sample sizes over time come from Europe where they have been ongoing tracking and studying OSA in truckers since 1988. Not many large US based studies are available with more than 5 years of data. That being said, the EU nation's data seems to show that aggressively treating OSA in truckers reduces fatal accidents. Fatal accidents there continue to trend down, whereas in the US fatal accidents are starting to trend UP!: 0090357001559324663.jpg

Also: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI): •5%-10% of the general US population has OSA •It affects Men 2x more than women. •29% of Truck Drivers have OSA (weird!) •50% of Truck Drivers are at risk for OSA! (WHAT?!) •Drivers who have untreated OSA are 2-3 times more likely to be involved in a Fatal Driving Accident •Drivers who used their CPAP machines for at 4 hours per night reduced ALL accidents by over 70% when compared to the control group.

I've come around from the "All this Sleep Apnea crap is a money grab" conspiracy theory take I originally had. Sure - that happens in a profit driven economy like we have here, but those are the exceptions, not the rule. (Looking at you again, Concentra!) Turns out...It's not all mumbo jumbo. Its a serious situation that leads to thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of grieving families and horrific injuries. Let's even reduce all of the numbers we had here by say... 10%... just to FOR SURE eliminate all of the potential BS...

You'd still be: • 2.25 times more likely to be in an accident • 4.5 - 9% of Americans have it • 26% of truck drivers have it • 45% of truck drivers are at risk for it •Drivers who used their CPAP machines for at 4 hours per night reduced ALL accidents by over 63% when compared to the control group.

So even if we assume there are shenanigans going on and account for them, the numbers are still significant and scary. Don't let someone trick you into making poor decisions for yourself just because its more fun to be a skeptic. (and a lot easier than addressing the problem)

If nothing else - do it for Princess Leia. reminds us that Carrie Fisher died from not treating her sleep apnea. Somewhere, a golden bikini gently weeps for its former owner...

Posted:  12 months ago

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90 day Dot card

Yes, 1 Year and 2 year cards are pretty common. 90-day cards are usually given to force a follow-up to a pressing health issue, such as Sleep apnea compliance, high BP, High A1C, etc... once those issues are addressed and treatments are taking effect, 1 and 2 year DOT cards are usually issued again.

If you don't want a 90 day card again, stick with the program/regiment that the Dr gave you. There is no magic bullet.

Take care of yourself. Not only for YOU, but so you don't "take out" someone else! You don't have to dig deep to find stories of drivers who have had a medical "attack" (heart/stroke/fainting) that leads to a terrible accident. Nor do you have to look far to find accidents caused by drivers (both CDL holders and 4-Wheelers) who had "un-diagnosed sleep apnea".

I think there was a study in 2014 or 2015 where they found that 70% of all fatal accidents involving Class A truck drivers involved someone with Sleep Apnea. Geez, even now that sounds crazy high - I will try to find that again. I think it was in "Transport Topics", some periodical that our office gets...

Posted:  12 months ago

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Prescription adderall

Eh, Better to resurrect an old thread than create a brand new one on a topic that is already covered... IMO I guess!

Posted:  1 year ago

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You might be a trucker if......

Your lifted personal 4x4 pickup that used to feel like you towered above everyone feels like someone lowered it while you were OTR.


Posted:  1 year ago

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Friday Short Haul - Hauling hemp, road rage fatality, new rules for autonomous vehicles

That road rage incident was so... stupid. And preventable.

Looks like the 2 truck drivers we held responsible for $900,000 and the RV driver was on the hook for the other $25 million or so? That seems crazy! At best they were all equally culpable, but if anything, those Smoot Bros drivers were... idk, they are all morons.

But I would have guessed the settlement would have gone the opposite way. Dang. What a waste of life, and just another black mark that people will hold against our entire industry. Because of those hotheads.

Surprised we didn't see a post from one of them: "I got fired for no reason by my company today..."

Posted:  1 year ago

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Terminated by Schneider


Posted:  1 year ago

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Terminated by Schneider

2 Quick things...

1. Mark B - IDK if that is your truck or a default picture, but I am either really tired this morning or... I have not seen that Volvo model yet? It is a slick redesign. Honestly, one of the biggest aesthetic problems I have with Volvo is that cheap looking, non-symmetrical grill with the diagonal logo. Makes the whole truck look cheap and fragile. That new design almost takes my eyes away long enough to not have it bother me. (Which is great, because I otherwise really like Volvos, esp with Detroits)

2. Until you drive at least 6 months for a company, they lose money on you. Many places its almost a year before a company even breaks even on you. From cost of hire all the way to benefits, the cost of turnover PER DRIVER is $11,000 - $12,000. So if you get fired the company is not only parting ways with you, they are saying "It is worth the loss of over $10,000 to not have this driver work here anymore and replace him with an unknown driver who may or may stick around for a year and cost us another $11,000." This doesn't even include the training companies that have invested even more in a driver. Successful Mega Carriers and even successful smaller companies don't get to be called "successful" by throwing away profits and not taking termination very seriously.

That is the main reason these types of stories just don't make any sense to anyone who has been in the industry for a while, or anyone who has run a business. I mean - just think for a second. The OP here had the gall, the sheer arrogance, to come here and post complete BS to a group of successful career truckers, and industry professionals...about a major carrier that almost everyone is familiar with. He honestly thought he was going to pull the wool over the eyes of all these "Dumb Trucker's" because he is so much better and smarter. lol - he couldn't even manage to do his job, yet his ego still tells him he is better than you. I have watched a lot of Law & Order, NCIS, CSI but I don't think I'm going to join an attorney forum and make up a story about how "Major Law Firm X" just really screwed me even though I'm the most incredible Lawyer after less than 12 months of practicing. But the OP? He basically watched Big Trouble in Little China and figured he knew enough to fool the best and brightest truckers online.

Posted:  1 year ago

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Deferred adjudication question

Get a hold of your PSP and MVR.

If it's not on there, I wouldn't bother listing it anywhere. If it is truly dropped, then you are still being honest. The question on applications is written as:

"Have you had any moving violation convictions or other traffic convictions in the past 5 years?"

You don't have any convictions, so you are not being dishonest by not disclosing on a legal document about a time where you almost had a conviction. I process every single application that comes into my company, and have for almost 5 years now. So count my experience in this field as damn near "expert level". If you are still dead-set on being that forthcoming (to your detriment), which I can respect, then mention it verbally to your recruiter, exactly like you wrote it up to start this thread. Because - once you put it in WRITING, then all of the documentation that is needed to verify it must be done. If you can't provide it, and the company can't obtain it, then you and the company (that probably wanted to hire you!) are stuck at an impasse.

Just get a copy of your MVR and PSP - if you can't figure out how, fill out an application with me (I can't hire you yet with your experience, so this isn't a recruiting offer) and I will get you one.

That goes for anyone. I run an MVR and PSP & DAC report for every application I get, and I always share them with the applicants. However, I am sure a quick online search will give you other, less convoluted ways to obtain those reports.


We have the same type of thing in Arizona. If you get a moving violation, you can opt to go to a Defensive Driving Class or some such thing. You pay for the class, usually a bit less than the fine itself. Give up a Saturday, and the ticket is dismissed. Not reported to insurance. Like you never got it. This option is only good if you have not had any violations in the past 3 or maybe 5 years. It is pretty much a "get out of jail free card".


That's my big issue here. I pulled an insurance 5 year MVR and there is nothing on there. When I explain the situation it make it seem like its a much bigger problem than it really is I suppose.

I would like to just not discuss it due to there being no record of it. I have heard of more detailed MVRs that carriers can pull that show more though. just want to be honest of course.

Posted:  1 year ago

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Legal to drive?

Sounds like you could have really used this guy!


Seriously though, I do NOT work for them in any capacity, and I am not even mentioning their name for free search engine help...

But I encourage all drivers to look into getting one of their programs. For injuries like Brian's, it would be a God-Send right now. It's also about 100x easier than dealing with regular medical insurance companies. I'm still not sure how they make money, honestly.

Posted:  1 year ago

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Austrian Trucker Babe in the US for TV Show

You would be surprised at the “trucker babes” we have right here in america i would think that would be your easiest way to get this done

But do they speak German for the Austrian TV program? lol

I am sure we have some! TheKraut is one of my favorite drivers here at GO Express, and if you don't mind your "babe" being a man with a beard, I got the perfect bilingual driver for you!

Posted:  1 year ago

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I really need advice about my future

To give you an idea (I'm 31 by the way)... My entire life I never even so, much as been pulled over by the police... About a month ago, Got a speeding ticket in New York (17 miles over the speed limit)... Yikes!

IF it hasn't been said - if they keep you on board, don't leave your current company! 17 over speeding is going to prevent you from getting on with most decent companies for 3 years! 15 or more is the bench mark you never want to cross!

Posted:  1 year ago

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Jury Duty

Lucky! I'm 40 years old and I have been summoned... 0 times. Never even been asked.

Posted:  1 year ago

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Terminated by Schneider

The fact of the matter is, recruiting and hiring and training new drivers costs a lot of Money.

Drivers that can go from A to B, safely and on time, (The basic bar for competency in trucking) aren't being let go for trivial matters. They make up the bulk of the fleet.

There are always certain themes that come up with people who fail to find success at new endeavors, and one of course is a biggie I talk about all the time - they incessantly complain, blame, and criticize. They always think they know more than everyone else so they never listen. They never think they're wrong so they never learn. When they are wrong and someone holds them accountable they get indignant, run their mouths, and find themselves on a bus home.

So here we are with another one, and he won't be the last.

I've known throughout this thread that Christian's driving was the problem because after 25 years in this industry I pick up on the little things which includes subtleties in their language and reading between the lines. Several things have been clear from the start:

1) Christian never thought he did anything wrong. It couldn't possibly be his driving that's the problem, right? Heck, he's been doing this for six months. What could he possibly have to learn, right?

2) He never pursued a proper resolution to this. He never talked to safety. He never reached for a manual or even asked any of us what he could be doing wrong. He made no attempt to improve his driving habits or learn from any of this. He assumed from the start that the problem was the truck and his dispatcher and his company, but of course not his driving. It couldn't possibly be his driving.

3) He was fired, but not his co-driver. First of all, I don't believe his co-driver had as many violations as he claims. Regardless, I knew there had to be a reason Christian was fired but not his co-driver, and of course it was because he ran his mouth to the wrong people. For those who aren't aware, the office personnel don't take kindly to some rookie talking down to them. It will indeed earn you a bus ticket home. You were both driving the same truck but only one of you was fired. The fact that you never tried to dive into that spoke volumes. It said there's a lot more to this than you're telling us.

4) He said he had 17 violations but only 5 were reviewed and some of them happened on straight roads. As Rainy pointed out there are numerous ways to trigger a critical event on straight roads. Not only that, but that only accounted for a few of them. What about the others? Mysteriously the road characteristics weren't mentioned in the others. What about the other 12 violations? Did you pursue a review of them? Did you try to learn from them?

I lost count years ago how many stories like this I've heard - people claiming they did absolutely nothing wrong but were completely wronged by everyone - the truck, their dispatcher, the company. I can't think of a single time this has ever actually been the case. The reason I haven't said anything to this point is because I wanted him to keep talking until he accidentally revealed enough information to let us understand this situation a little better.

You ignored the warnings, you refused to change your driving habits, you ran your mouth, and you complained, blamed, and criticized every single person and entity around you from the truck to dispatch to the company itself. These are not the behaviors of someone who is doing their best to learn their trade, be humble, and give it all they've got. These are the behaviors of someone who is arrogant, overconfident, disrespectful, and dangerous to the people around them on the highway, which is why you were given a bus ticket home.

I also find it hard to believe they've asked you to return. Naturally you're too good for the company, or at least that's the story you're telling us. Personally I find it hard to believe a lot of what you've said. Whenever a story comes from someone who is 100% right with everything they've done and everyone around them is 100% to blame the story is almost without fail a steaming pile of BS.

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