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I am the Director of Recruiting & Retention at Greater Omaha Express. I also handle all of our marketing and social media pages (Including our YouTube Channel!).

We are a company that does require 2 years of recent OTR experience, so I'm just here to help new drivers make the best decisions for their career down the road. My best advice? Your first company is likely just as good as 99% of the other companies out there. If you hated trucking your first year, and you still hated it your second year... It's probably not the company. Not everyone is cut out for trucking, but those who are will be valued by any company they choose to drive for.

I can answer almost any questions about the application process, backgrounds, reports, work history issues, MVR, PSP, DAC, etc... Don't hestiate to ask me anything you think I can help you with. I'm here for the love of the game. This website is an INCREDIBLE resource for drivers at any stage of their career, and I always try to steer truckers to come check it out.

- Jerrod

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Posted:  3 days, 12 hours ago

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I miss the Blog Posts!

Dave - You're doing a great job with your updates, so please don't take this a slight against you at all!

I just miss the blog posts from Rainy, Old School and the like. I always found those very interesting.

Just my 2 cents - Drive Safe Everyone!

Posted:  1 month ago

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A Truckers Thoughts on the New Coercion Rules

I think it is really simple - make all FMCSA/HOS violations go 100% on the companies. Increase the fines.

You want companies to comply? Hit them in the wallet. They will police their drivers just fine if they are threatened with a hefty fine.

The drawback? More micromanagement for the truckers from their DMs.

If the company wants to take a risk and ask/force a driver to go past the legal limits? The driver now has two options:

1. If you have the energy, Just Do it, and get it in writing - Qualcomm, Text, Email. You get the miles, get the money, and keep your DM/boss happy. All while knowing that if you get caught, your company is on the hook, not you. Everyone knows the deal. And you get to feel like a BAMF Outlaw Trucker from before all the "computers ruined everything!"

2. Tell your boss you are out of hours and can't legally or safely make the trip. If they still tell you to go, Call DOT and report it. They love collecting fines. Or just roll up to the next weigh station and let them know you are driving past what your hours allow. All fines and Points go on the company and not the driver under the new rules of "the Company is always at fault for HOS violations".

I bet you HOS violations would drop dramatically in just a few weeks. Some drivers and companies will have "wink wink, nudge nudge" agreements, sure. But they would only be with the drivers they know can handle it. (its that grey area everyone loves to play in, but with the catch that the BIG wallet has to take the hit if they get caught, not the current policy of "make the driver the Fall Guy") Fatigued Driving accidents would drop. Trucker Fatalities would drop. Groups like "Soccer Moms Against Truckers" would be happier and quit writing to congress so often.

Now Sure, some drivers would think to use it to "get back" at their company if they feel like they were wronged about something, but those drivers are going to struggle to find employment with a legitimate company after their Employment Verification/DAC report says something like "HOS Blackmail" which would be the new equivalent of "Abandoned Load".

Again - companies, even small ones, are capable and willing to enforce the rules if it is going to help/hurt their bottom line.

The ones that don't? They will go the way of Celadon, GDS Express, HVH, Rich Logistics, LME, NEMF, etc...(just to tie this together with the sad year of 2019...)

Posted:  1 month ago

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Minor accident

P.S. be careful how you explain the actions of the other driver, kind of sounds like you are blaming him for you hitting his truck.

Exactly - I have heard the excuse a million times "Well, another driver/lumper/shipper was guiding me back in and I hit something, but all I was doing was listening to what they were telling me"

Don't go there - even though it is true, and sorta messed up. The fact is you are 100% responsible for that truck and trailer and anything it touches. Minus a gun to your head, everything that happens with your truck is your responsibility.

Or - to put it another way people might enjoy - You can't blame the GPS for driving into a lake.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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2 incidents with 1 company and another with first company

As the Director of Recruiting, I look at employment verifications all day. They will list those things. They will also list times where you got stuck and needed a tow, cracked a curb, smooshed some landscaping...

But that being said... with minor stuff, I don't have a problem adding it to the application if it shows up on a Verification. What gets applications booted to the "NOPE" pile are when they try to hide bigger accidents, like sideswipes, Following Too Closely, injury accidents, roll-overs, roll-aways, etc...

There is no way anyone with half a brain will think those aren't important or 'forgot about them'. So either the applicant is purposefully lying, or is working with less than half a brain and that's usually not a great person to put in a big rig.

You should disclose everything by default, but most places (and we are picky) aren't going to trash your app for forgetting to put something minor on there. But backing accidents and overhead objects (Bridges, Trees) should be on your app.

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Death in the family

Also, related side note, pet peeve I see online far too often:

Don't be this driver:

"Heartless Company X put me down as Quit W/O notice/Abandoning truck/load/job/etc because I had to go home for my mom's funeral."

No - what happened was you mom sadly passed away. I am sorry for your loss. Your company was understanding, and released you to go home, maybe even helped you get there. Without notice, no problem, tragedies are unpredictable. They probably recovered the truck and found someone to finish that load for you. No problem at all. After the funeral and arrangements, and once you're ready to drive again, they will be there for you. Most companies will eat that loss for one of their drivers. the case where you read the quote up there... after the funeral, that driver choose to not go back to that company. So now they have quit without notice, abandoned a truck, and it has nothing to do with them needing to be there for a funeral and the company being heartless.

I have seen that story 1000x in almost every company review, and its ridiculous. Don't be that driver.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Acceptable MVR?

This is a good, general guideline:


Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Possibly fired for not reporting accident. Will I be able to get another job?

We couldn't at my company, but there are 100,000 companies out there and someone probably will still hire you. But just know that those accidents probably cost you a lot of earning potential because the types of places that might hire you after that probably aren't paying the most.

Good Luck - Find your Focus.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Are trucker strikes a thing of the past?


Okay let's say by an act of God we could rally public support for a trucker strike. It will be short-lived. Once produce and other items people use in their day to day lives begin to disappear from the shelves, public support will evaporate in the blink of an eye. When riots, looting and price gauging result because of supplies shortages, truck drivers will become public enemy #1


That's an excellent point. Even if the public took the trucker's side and felt we deserved more, their support would fade once their lives were significantly impacted. They'd like to see us rally to make our lives better, but not at their expense.

Not only that, but they would realize that the more we make the higher the cost of goods will be. They'd like to see us make more, but not if it comes out of their pockets.

The public would be a tough sell.

That's what I've always said. It's going to be the 2-3 Million truckers vs 350 Million Americans who don't want to see the cost of their good go up just so truck drivers can make more money.

The powers that be know this, so they keep our focus on those things, when really, we could ban together as a country and start combating ridiculous CEO level wealth vs the common people. A Rising Tide raises all ships.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Two 15+ speeding tickets 2 years ago, No jobs will hire me because I'm fresh out of CDL School. Any suggestions???!?!!?

the attachment might help, sorry!

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Two 15+ speeding tickets 2 years ago, No jobs will hire me because I'm fresh out of CDL School. Any suggestions???!?!!?

I went to school & received my CDL earlier this summer (2019) and I've been applying for company after company with no luck. I just left this orientation on the 3rd day after hearing that the company won't be hiring me (Landair) :/ I had a 15+ speeder August 2017 and another one November 2017. Its been 2 years since and I'm just wondering if there's any company out there that might even consider me. I'm 24 years old & some companies say I have to wait until May 2020 when I turn 25. Please help! confused.gif

Again - here is the typical, baseline standards most Insurance Companies give to carriers.

As you can see - speeding tickets of 15+ are viewed the same as DUI & Hit 'n' Run convictions. They are no joke.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Prior Carrier Reporting An Accident

I’ll just add this. Companies report things to DAC that may or may not be your fault. I had a truck clip my front left hub and damage the lug nuts on 95 ( I didn’t get a truck name or number) Roehl didn’t fuss about it...but they did list it as an incident in my DAC. ....I hasn’t cost me any opportunities since. In fact, Roehl hired me back once and I now run for Ruan Transportation...both high in safety.

So I guess it would be good to challenge it, But I would’nt lose a lot of sleep over it.

Good luck

All accidents you are involved in are listed on DAC and employment verifications. That is where the whole "Preventable vs Non-Preventable" comes into play.

Non-Preventable accidents are no big deal to future employers.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Trapped in California

As a person with a smaller/medium sized company I would say this is still crazy. Typically, if a truck is going to be down for more then 48 hours, we will fly/rent a car to get a driver into another truck. Its only happened 3 times in the 5 years (I know since I also somehow became the travel agent for my company), but the only thing worse than a sitting truck is a sitting driver. Worst case scenario - we can rent a truck.

What you're going through sounds like a mix of inexperience and a very poorly run trucking company.

Posted:  3 months ago

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Failed my this the end?

Correction : CRST sued (and won) swift for 15 million for "poaching" drivers

And JB Hunt before that.

Posted:  3 months ago

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Failed my this the end?

The best thing you can hope for is to wait 30 days, and call back the place you applied to. (that's that last line at the bottom of the "CRST letter" that mentions '49 CFT' - they have to respond to Employment verification requests, but they are gonna wait the full 30 days that the rule allows them to wait.)

Posted:  3 months ago

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Failed my this the end?

Correction : CRST sued (and won) swift for 15 million for "poaching" drivers

He's not wrong. When you apply to other places, those places get this letter:


Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Question of which job I should take!?

To piggyback on the replies (and the update from yesterday)... Go with a larger company to start (over).

Now I work for a "Tweener" type company. We're not a Mega, but we're not exactly small, either. We have 89 trucks (80 sleeper cabs + 9 day cabs for local work). We have full benefits, the company pays for the driver's health insurance, life insurance, rider & pet coverage for free as well. 401(k), dental, vision, supplemental insurance (AFLAC), and other benefits. We have new trucks and trailers and our own shop. We use Qualcomm/Omitracks, the Transflow app, and the trucks are well equip'd with APUs, inverters, fridges, etc... We like to say we are a smaller company with Big company perks.

But as the only recruiter here for the last 5 years, I could tell you all the stories about the applications I see each day. You know what recruiters and hiring managers like? Short applications with only a small handful of companies in the last 10 years to verify. Larger companies take about 5-10 minutes to verify. Smaller companies take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to sometimes weeks to verify. (technically, every former employer HAS to respond, but they have 30 days to do so - guess which places wait the full 30 days?) And that's if they even are open, or have the same name, or same phone number... So I can process and approve a driver like Old School's application in less than an hour, but with someone else who has worked for mostly small companies, 1099 companies, small AG companies, small Oil field companies - they are going to take a lot of time and a ton of work. They have to be complete rockstars to even make it worth my time or my companies time to take the labor hours of tracking down these companies. Plus, the safety department hates verifications from smaller companies too because if they don't have a specific Safety Department that actually tracks everything they are supposed to, the verifications are usually very incomplete. If I had a dollar for every DOT report-able accident (preventable or non-preventable) that I have seen on an application or MVR/PSP report that WASN'T on the required form from one of these small places, I'd have hundreds of dollars. When that happens, I have to bother that company again and have them fill out the paperwork AGAIN, and guess what? They aren't motivated to do more free paperwork for some driver that quit on them (or was fired). And my safety department scrutinizes those applications 10x harder because they are ASSUMING at this point that something is missing. So that more of their time as well. Those applications linger in my "To-Do" box for days or weeks while other drivers get approved, hired and invited to orientation. (And we use TenStreet/DriverPulse/Intelliapp - so the processing has been streamlined about as much as possible!)

Usually, when that happens and I FINALLY get everything processed and approved, I call to give the driver the good news. And... I am told they decided to take a job with "Chuck's E-Z Trucking IV" because they hired them on the same day they applied. Sure it's 1099, but they have to get back to work 5 minutes ago... ugh. Which is fine and good, I can't win them all, but I know (and the driver should know) they didn't process your application properly, they didn't follow DOT regulations, and now we're left guessing what other corners the fine folks at Chuck's E-Z Trucking IV are cutting as well...

Plus, and I can only speak for myself, it doesn't really encourage me to give drivers with that sort of work history my limited time per day.

TL;DR - Think of it this way - for hiring managers, verifying employment with Mega carriers is like a driver doing all drop'n'hooks with mint condition, pre-loaded trailers. Verifying employment with small companies is usually like dealing with understaffed Cold-Storage locations that just waste your entire clock while you wait for them.

Big picture stuff - but to ignore it would be to ignore reality.

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Realistic beginner driver pay for regional drivers

Quoted for Truth - we could probably link a dozen or so posts from this site alone about that.

Does the non-driving job you are contemplating offer an upside of 50% second and third year.

I’ve seen people do the exact same thing you are doing, only to kick themselves a year later for prolonging their agony and limiting earning potential.

Trucking year 1 - $40,000

Trucking year 2 - $50,000

Trucking year 3 - $60,000


Non-driving job year 1 - $40,000

Non-driving job year 2 - $42,000

Non-driving job year 3 - $45,000

After 3 years trucking? $150k

After 3 years of boring office work or manual labor? $127k

(And I know its one of those 2 because you wouldn't be contemplating trucking if your non-driving, $40k job was fun and awesome)

Posted:  5 months ago

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Trip planning

Dang! I was hoping it was in here. I was trying to tell one of my drivers how having Google Earth makes trip planning so much better because it helps you figure out where you need to turn to get to the docks (things that aren't always obvious at ground level).

There was a post in here where the driver was going somehwere really tight, and he planned all of his turns, backing, and backing turns to get in abd out of there. He had the lines all drawn out... I know it was on here, I just can't find it. It might have been a East Coast or Chicago customer perhaps?

That was about the best example I have seen on how trip planning everything, down to the last turn to get out of there, is the best way to get things done!

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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1 preventable in 3 months

Not all "Preventables" are the same. Very minor rear-end accidents, trailer roll-a-way, forgetting to set brakes, and others are automatic "no hire" accidents for many places. Especially when you don't have any experience to back it up. Be patient and keep applying.

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