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I am a Veteran Truck Driver of 18 years. I have pulled tanker, dry van, reefer, flatbed, and pups (doubles). Currently Im pulling a 53' reefer with a KENWORTH W900 extended hood & wheelbase studio sleeper with the big cat under that long hood that doesn't turn for crap. Lol ( just a little heads up not a good truck for rookies just to be straight some experienced drivers have trouble keeping the bumper or hood on this type truck.)

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Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Dispatcher training

I wish I could offer some kind of help but I have absolutely no idea how one becomes a dispatcher. I know the "computer skills" you'll need will be sending and receiving 1000 emails a day....that's about it.

I'd be concerned also that a lot of places might require a college degree of some sort. At least at the bigger companies.

Im a Driver but I have experience in all positions in the Trucking Business from The shop to planning to driver other than Broker but we do have our own Brokers license and also run under our own authority. My father in law is the owner of the Company. I do know that to be a dispatcher you would need computer skills, knowledge of all aspects of Dot fed regulations. At least Hours of service. Depending on the size of the company and if you have to find and book your own loads. Big Companies have it broke down into different positions. Planning, Dispatch, Safety, etc. . A person with no experience with a big co that needs to know something can goto Terminal Mgr or to specific department to get answer. With a smaller co. I would say you would have to know all aspects from the start to stand out above others applying for the position. Two more things to make yourself stick out is Being a experienced driver and for a small co have your own connections and reputation with good brokers.

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Best State to live for Truckers


I'd say it depends on the type of freight you want to haul. But definitely pick a state with no state income tax lol.


Yeah that's true and a reason I'm thinking about moving from NC is because of the State Income Taxes but as far as what type of freight I want to haul I haven't made up my mind...I'm more interested in where I can get the most miles starting out when I finish training...I like to work and can spend weeks & weeks out on the road, home time is not a concern for me...Honestly as far as I care I can take a few days somewhere with a heated swimming pool, wifi, a good Steak Dinner and be happy. I just want to know about as many options as possible before I do anything..I'll ask the Company Recruiters and see where they feel they have the most miles to offer after training...

On a side note, I prefer warmer climates so South either Eastern or Western are always better but anywhere that affords me the options to get miles is what I'm after first and foremost.

The best thing to dois figure out what type of driver you want to be. Then you need to figure what type of home time you want. Being straight out of driving school you're choices are kinda limited. After a few years you can start to negotiate as long as you keep your records clean. If you want good home time look at a map and try to find a junction point where multiple interstates meet. If you can get somewhere that has this even truck companies that require 2 weeks out chances are you are going to be passing through alot. I get around 3000 mi per week and I live in Bristol, va on I-81. Im within 120 mi of I-77, I-40, I-75, I-81 So im in a Junction of main routes of going north and south and east and west on the east coast. For local jobs look for a place where you have multiple cities within a 250 mile radius. Hope this kinda helps good luck dim your bright lights at night so everyone aint blind and fussing. Be Safe Driver

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