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Posted:  4 years, 6 months ago

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R&D transfer

Izzat so?

I've never worked at a LTL company, but I believe you work the dock as well as drive. And as a new employee I believe you would probably spend more time on the dock then you do drive.

And then, you don't get the message that you need to work faster on the dock?

No all they did is write me up..I had no training on the dock nothing..this was a new implemented system that was new to the company at the time and management wanted to show the head honchos that this wasn't going to work. .At the price of taking it out on personnel. .I just wanted to warn other drivers about how rotten it is there..from what I understand this process has not yet been eliminated at this company. .

Posted:  4 years, 6 months ago

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Backing up

I working on my 6months OTR experience and im having some difficulties in my backing i can get it sometimes but most times im like wtf lol but how long does u think it will tke to actually get it. Im not gne lie sometimes feels embarrassing like all eyes on u. I know it take times but omg sometimes i laugh at myself. Then others just look at u and dont attempt to help just waitin on u to hit their truck i guess

I remember those days and in so excited cases still have Been at it 20 yrs and the advice I can give you is take your time..Get out and look behind you especially at night..Many times backing into store plaza docks such as Wal marts ..Lowe's. .places like that I got out to see the surroundings. .Your not alone took me awhile yr or so to get fully confident in my self. .Some places that are busy out side with intersecting car traffic behind plazas will send a person out to hold up traffic however the majority of them will not. I remember a case where a cop had come to direct traffic cause I had to back blind side across a busy street at an intersection. .I had traffic all backed up cause I was taking so long and someone had called the police. He stopped traffic for me and I got in..He told me happens all the time here..I thanked him and that was that..Good Luck

Posted:  4 years, 6 months ago

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R&D transfer

Someone mentioned r&l..I worked there for a short time..Best advice I could give is stay away from these rotten *******s. They told me I would do line haul and p&d during the daylight hour shift so to speak..The day before I started the terminal manager called me and said your going to b a combo other words you would start at 7PM and work the dock for 7 hrs or more then take a line haul to a switch guy on an exit half way point then return..Needless to say you more of a dock worker than a driver. I would have never have accepted this job if I would have known this would have been the case. I've been a driver for 20 plus years..not a fork lift driver for 20plus yrs. .Needless to say I was as green as the grass is on the dock..Hears the problem..there main head quarters wanted the drivers to work the dock that way they get 2 for 1 at an entry level pay scale. However the localized terminal managers and especially the dock foremans hated this idea and took out there frustrations on the combo drivers..I mean from day one they had me sign a write up slip for not moving as much freight as a seasoned dock worker..that's how rotten this company is..I had 5 write up slips I had to sign out of 7 days brand new on the job..On the 8th day after punching the time clock to go in and start the the day on the dock that foreman walks up to me with another write up slip. I lost my cool... I told him take that Mother %#@ing slip and shove it up your %#@Sss..ripped it up threw it in his face walked out and never looked back. 2ppl held me grabbed my arms ..thought I was gonna kill the guy

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