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I'm a rookie O/O. Medically off the road February to July 2019 for a transplant.

Hired by CFI as a company driver out of the Taylor, MI terminal November 2019.

Try not to job hop the way I have done! The grass is not always greener, and no company is ever going to be completely perfect. Think on big decisions for at least a week before making your choice.

Text me at 7572886472.

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Posted:  2 hours, 13 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

Ask Rob D.!

Posted:  2 hours, 15 minutes ago

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Training Location vs. Home Location

Welcome to the Trucking Truth site, Benjamin! Good question that many have when considering driving.

Where you live is no matter to your school, or closest terminal. You can bring your truck and/or trailer home for your days off, it just needs to be parked in a safe, legal location like the nearest truck stop. Some can literally bring the tractor home to their own driveway.

Posted:  3 hours, 33 minutes ago

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Direction to go?

Me too, but you did post it twice...

Posted:  3 hours, 45 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

Was reading and couldn't help notice this.

Was that intentional, or a hilarious auto-correct ??


Auto-corrected me as usual, not making sense within the context of the subject. I usually use the "preview", and check it again for a second time, but many times the errors get through despite my best intentions.

This phone is so smart, it seems to know what I'm listening to on the radio. That was a funny typo that got through there, though!

Posted:  4 hours, 43 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary


I am so happy to read that somebody is following my rambles!


I'm reading it all but just haven't commited.

Please keep this going.

Don't be afraid of commitment!


Posted:  5 hours, 35 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

I'm loving this journey. How many miles are you averaging since switching over to CFI?

I am so happy to read that somebody is following my rambles! Man, it has been slow, in my opinion. Here's my numbers:

November: 3,073 miles in 10 days driving.

December: 9,890 miles in 26 days driving.

January: 4,944 miles in 19 days driving (so far this month.

Totals are 17,907 miles in 55 days driving, for an average of just over 325 miles per day. I try to shoot for an average every day I'm out of 420 miles. I've been out this time since December 1st.

They keep me moving most days, baring mechanical problems, weather delays, or me being sick. I always am greedy and want more, though.

Posted:  6 hours, 53 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

Yes, the key to the "ON" position, look for the amber light to illuminate for three to five seconds, then go off.

Also listen around the cab for air and valves/switches cycling at least seven times as the ABS cycles through several self-tests.

If all of these do not happen, or if the ABS watning light is showing, and staying ON, in the instrument panel, there is a problem that needs to be checked out.

Posted:  7 hours, 40 minutes ago

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Drug tested AGAIN!

I have NOT had one on nearly four years...

Posted:  7 hours, 42 minutes ago

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Drug tested AGAIN!

I have had a random in almost four years, but I've been with several different companies, though.

So......It must be YOU!


Posted:  7 hours, 46 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

20 January 2020 Update

Drove the 30 miles to the KW dealership in Blountville, TN to have the ABS problem checked out. The night shift manager took down all the info and I described the problem to him in detail. So he said, "Let me grab a couple things and maybe it's something easy and quick?" I'm all for that, so after about five minutes, we have the fuse box under the hood open. Ended up replacing two, 25 amp fuses, and everything now works as advertised. YAY! Did not even submit any paperwork to charge the company for the repairs, either. How many dealers do that nowadays? This is now my favorite Kenworth dealership.


Posted:  7 hours, 55 minutes ago

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Drug tested AGAIN!

Ask some other drivers there if they have been tested as often as you have. You may not be out of the ordinary when compared to other drivers there.

Posted:  9 hours, 40 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

20 January 2020--MLK Day

Got up this morning and noticed that I was not getting the ABS amber light to illuminate on the trailer when I was doing my pre trip inspection. Not good, and also an Out Of Service defect if I were to get checked on by LEO. I sent in a message to both dispatch and our breakdown folks and waited. Finally was directed that it will need to go to a dealer for repairs. Nearest dealer is in Kingsport, TN. Also directed that the load will need to be relayed.

I drove to the Davey Crockett TA on I-81 in Greeneville,TN to wait for the relay driver. After nine hours, the relay is complete (plus I got a full 10 hour break in). The other driver did not get his time back until after 1000 this morning, then had a brake canister fail on the way here! Bad luck all around for us both. So now I'm off to the KW dealership to see what happens.

Today was an epic 1.5 hours drive of 89 miles, with 0.4 hours On Duty time, totalling 1.9 hours for recaps next week.

More of the saga tomorrow....

Posted:  9 hours, 51 minutes ago

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PackRat's 2020 Daily Driving Diary

19 January 2020

Got up at the TA, pro-trump, then rolling around 2315. Rolled about a half mile to get fuel across the freeway at the Love's. So 140 gallons later, onto I-40 and really rolling and no rain for the first time in five days, but it was much colder and breezy with 9nly 15,000 lbs in the trailer.

Not much excitement to report. I drove to another truck stop west of Knoxville, TN for my break. 475 miles in 7.8 hours, using 0.4 On Duty for 8.2 hours total.

That's all for Sunday....

Posted:  10 hours, 7 minutes ago

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Post A Picture Of Your Significant Other Here’s Mine

Congratulations on your new co-driver. I have a feeling after seeing her picture that she will keep you both taking lots of walks to burn off energy. Beautiful puppy dog.


Posted:  13 hours, 32 minutes ago

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Trainer kicked me off the truck tonight!

Something else worth remembering here, at least with these larger companies: trainers are considered the cream of the crop to an extent. They're not going to hand new drivers, rookies or transplants, to someone who can't do the job. This isn't to say there aren't bad trainers but like G-Town said you've gotta focus on yourself. That's all that matters at the end of the day.

I'm going to disagree with part of this anyway.

The first company I was at had a policy that was in part, after driving there from being a rookie to the sixth month point, if no accidents or other safety issues, said driver could then become a trainer. Other companies are just as lenient with who they employ as their own trainers.

This is a policy I will never agree with.

As stated several times before, not all trainers are a good fit for either the job, or with a particular student. We are all human after all.

Posted:  14 hours, 13 minutes ago

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Travel advisories and restrictions announced for Midwest weekend storm

I think about all the drivers on here doing their midwest regional routes everytime there's bad weather in the forecast. I pray you are all safe and don't become stranded out there in the elements.

Posted:  16 hours, 19 minutes ago

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Best route from Anaheim to Chicago

Are you returning in that rental truck, Steven?

Posted:  16 hours, 23 minutes ago

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Training at KC Logistics



Posted:  16 hours, 27 minutes ago

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Travel advisories and restrictions announced for Midwest weekend storm

Not to mention some places have seen, or currently are experiencing, bitter cold temperatures. This past Saturday, I heard reports on the radio of temperatures as low as -27 farenheit (without the wind).

These temps can kill you, so make sure you are prepared just in case your truck were to break down. A light jacket and tennis shoes won't cut it.

Posted:  16 hours, 32 minutes ago

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I have New News to Tell You! Know how I always wanted to do this in trucking.....

Great accomplishment, Victor! Now keep moving onward and upward.


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