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20 year OTR veteran who came off the road, downgraded license, and now wants CDL back!

My avatar is my Freightliner FLD from when I was an owner operator. 500 HP Detroit, 13 SPD.

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Posted:  6 years, 9 months ago

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Experienced OTR Currently Self Employed and Poor, Needing CDL Back!

Quick Update: I've applied at Prime and faxed my self employment Schedule C's and a couple of active client contacts to recruiter. So far so good, but....

When he tried to pull up my driving records for NH and CO (I just moved to CO from NH), the license #'s would not come up, bummer. If I remember right, NH will not release records to anyone without license holder authorization except for Govt. officials.

But CO... not sure what's up with that, just changed to a CO license 3 weeks ago. Record should be blank, but the license number comes up as nada. Looks like I'll need to make a call to the DMV.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Letter for HR...

I'd have to agree with miracleofmagick and Rob T. Give your full statement of the events to the company in writing and be done with it. You seem like a very positive upbeat person, so do what must be done and let the company handle the outcome, then focus your energy elsewhere and on your own future. Whether his career if affected is his decision and actions.

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Experienced OTR Currently Self Employed and Poor, Needing CDL Back!

I've been self employed on and off the books for several years (Handyman). No recent tax returns. Swift required 2 Notarized letters from customers stating that I had worked for them for the last 3 years. ( I could have provided more). It seems to have satisfied their requirements. I'm waiting for confirmation of an April 25th start date at the Phoenix Academy. I hope that helps. good-luck.gif

Thanks Tractor Man, that is helpful. That I can do. I have steady customers going back 5 years and every invoice I've sent them. Thanks!

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Experienced OTR Currently Self Employed and Poor, Needing CDL Back!

Hi everyone, I've read a ton of forum posts and they've been very helpful, so thanks for those! I wanted to get your advice and/or experiences if you've had a similar situation that I'm going through. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but I'll need to give a small amount of background.

I obtained my CDL with all endorsements in 1994. I've driven for approx 7 companies total since then and have been an owner operator. I have clean records (both criminal and driving) and have had zero accidents in my entire life. I've logged in excess of a million miles easily completely accident free with zero issues. Not even a single late load. I've hauled everything and anything. Dry box, reefer, flatbed, and tanker, including hazmat and a ton of military loads. I've also had 2 full TSA background security checks for being cleared to have access to and be allowed on airport ramps. I've pulled expedited freight for Panther II, and have been to Canada countless times. In approx 2007 I came off the road due to intense pressure from my fiance for never being home. It was understandable and I wanted to make my relationship work, so I called it quits on the road. And for those that were thinking (Why not go local?), I actually did that (Worked for Shaws grocery chains) and it was an awesome high paying job but for some reason wasn't good enough for her.

It has been a massive struggle since then. We ended up splitting in 2010 because I was a "loser". Which made me chuckle a little since I made a ton of money and only gave that up for her anyway. When we split all I had was my pickup truck, dog, clothes, and $42. in my pocket. I'm not vindictive or spiteful, so I left her everything thinking I could start over from scratch easier than she could. Needless to say, I've been a self employed web developer/designer up to now. (Have been a programmer/designer since the 80's). It has been hell. Literally hand to mouth, barely able to buy food and almost living in my pickup several times.

Here's the issue. I need to prove self employment for that past several years. I have invoices, but that's about it. When your trying to avoid starving, than filing is the last thing on your mind. I've read several forum posts of others having similar issues. Wondering how this can be resolved smoothly.

I've applied for many remedial jobs but in most cases I'm over qualified. They seem to want young/dumb employees.

And your going to love this (sarcasm). In 2014 I went to renew my CDL. It was a Friday and the middle of a snowstorm. I was told I had to bring a DOT physical with me. I couldn't believe it... It's never been that way. You always just needed it if your working for a carrier. Anyway's, I could not find anywhere to get a physical (Remember it's Friday and in the middle of a snowstorm). I would have to wait until Monday which was not possible since I had to bring my brother back to FL (from NH) by Mon morning, and it was not optional. I had no choice but to downgrade my CDL to an operator license. That sucked the wind out of me.

So my main issue is proving self employment since.... around 2010 or 2011. I can accept the fact that I'll just go through another CDL training school, that's ok if it will get me back on the road.

I fully understand companies do not want someone who sat around on their moms couch playing video games for the past few years displaying laziness. Even though I barely made any money I've been busting my ass day and night for years to no avail.

What do you feel would be adequate proof and/or verification of my self employment? Have you been in this situation and was able to get through it successfully? and How?

I have not talked to a recruiter yet since I know I need to have my "ducks in a row" first. I have very detailed records including my DAC report ready to go. Just need to fill this big self employment gap.

I've been looking at Prime, Knights, Stevens.... and Swift, Central Refrigerated, and Roehl.

As a side note. Thanks for the great study materials! I really like the way you present them. They've helped my keep up to date with changing regulations.

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