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Posted:  4 years ago

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Companies hiring drivers with accidents

Non preventable accidents don't count. So just forget that ever happened. I have only 6 months experience and I got 3 minor preventable in the last month and was fired for it. It makes it hard but not impossible to find a job. Usually the companies that tolerate accidents want 3 years of experience and the ones that don't require experience don't tolerate accidents. So you have experience on your side. Next, where you fired for the accidents? That severely limits your options but doesn't make you unhirable, I got hired by 3 companies after getting fired. Also find out if the accidents are on your DAC mine weren't because May trucking doesn't report anything unless there where injuries. But ALL Accidents will be on your company record which all companies do check. So don't lie. That being said, look for companies that are self insured like May trucking and. NAVAJO. Or try out some mom and pop companies that only look at mvr instead of DAC. central tranport is worth trying. Or do what I did and try a foreign company. I currently work for KW international. They are a Korean forwarding company and they don't look twice at my accident record because they have a Korean insurance company with different rules. I hope this helps

Posted:  4 years ago

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Fired for accidents, will I be able to get a new job?

I ha e a similar situation maybe I can help. I was fired for 3 preventable accidents in one month after having 6 months with no issues. First I was in Phoenix getting into the left turn lane in a surface street. There was a flatbed in the lane to the right of me and his left wheel was on the line I pulled up along side him and our mirrors colided. No police involvement or anything we just exchanged information and went on our way.

Less than a week later, I'm in a fuel island and I was backing up so I could reach the DEF hose and I hear this guy honk. I think must be hinking because I got too close. Because I didn't feel anything. Sure enough, I barely tapped the front of his truck, the kind of damage that you can fix with a paint brush. He decided to tell his company and it went on my company record.

3 weeks later I'm backing into a parking spot that is unlit at midnight, and it's snowing pretty heavily and I was really tired. I got out and looked. There where 3 empty spaces and I missjudged the distance of the guy on my right and ended up slamming into him pretty hard. After that I ended up getting fired. I know it sounds bad, and it is but not all is lost. Luckily I worked for May trucking at the time and they don't put anything on your DAC report unless someone gets killed or injured. They are also self insured which means they can decide who they hire. So that is a good place to start. Companies that are self insured. May trucking and NAVAJO are 2 that i know of. NAVAJO actually started my orientation and I passed their road test but we couldn't move forward because I take adderall for adult ADD.

There are also companies tha look at only your mvr instead of your DAC report. These are your mom and pop companies. Usually they want to see more experience than 6 months. I was actually able to get my foot in the door with an Arizona based hay hauler called southwest farm supplies. The trainer refused to train me because I use the clutch sometimes when I shift, and he recommended to his boss that I don't drive for them. Then I found a company called KW international (not to be confused with kkw) they are a Korean forwarding company that moves Korean goods across the U.S. They took a long time to process me but they eventually hired me and I am writing this from the sleeper as my team mate drives.

When you get fired for accidents your options are severely limited So you have to settle and put up with some bull. With kw the thing that sucks is almost everyone there only speaks English as a second language and you have to drive team for the first month or so before you can go solo. But the fact that they are based in Korea means they have Korean insurance which I'm imagining has different rules considering they were willing to hire me. Find a company that will hire you and show at least 6 months of clean driving and companies like swift, western express, interstate May and a few others I can't remember will hire you.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Can you become a truck driver if you had history of mental illness?

I have adult ADD pretty bad and I take adderall for it. DOT doctors signed off on it and i was able to work for May trucking, and KW international, a lot of other companies said it was okay as well. NAVAJO explicitly states that you can have ADD but you cannot take adderall for it. My step father is bipolar and takes, either Zoloft or lithium for it and has driven for 17 years for digby, mcelvey, and saia without any issues.

Posted:  4 years ago

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Which companies have driver facing cameras?

May doesn't. Saia does.

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