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Born in NC, raised in Georgia, Navy dropped me off in San Diego, stayed and raised a family for 25 years.

Wife got me to bring her back to Minnesota, her home state. (brrrr, -20 below zero is C.O.L.D. but 20f isn't so bad...)

Warehousing for 10 years (minimal driving of class b for parking and such), then in IT for the rest.

Working in IT is soul sucking, I was in it for the pay and am weary of solving other peoples problems.

I would like to experience working for myself and trucking appears to be a place where your worth is determined by your expertise and can lead to places that you determine and not chosen by others.

I am gathering my paperwork and starting the course on this site and hopefully find something more fulfilling.

Update: 11/2018 Halfway thru CDL School

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Posted:  2 days, 17 hours ago

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CDL Exam woes; yep, I took the test.

Yes, woe is me. So went for my driving test finally, and the thing I was very worried about, my pre-test and in-cab, I did excellent (examiner said "Best today and you seem to understand what you're doing and why."), so that was nice.

Then the thing I wasn't worried about, backing, was next and it was ugly... I won't tell about the straight back or offset except to say I accumulated about 8 points (no more than 15).

Alley dock was next.

I had enough points left to pass and was in the alley good (didn't hit the sides), focusing on getting the bumper into the box at the end of the alley without going over.

Used all my pull-ups and get outs and bumper was in the box.

I signaled I was done and the examiner opened the passenger side and asked me to get out to see. I asked 'Is that good or bad?' but he just grinned and said, "Come look." (by the way, he was extremely nice and professional, don't interpret anything I say to suggest he was rude or anything, he was very polite).

So I was in the box excellent (yeah!) but he pointed out I was a bit crooked in the alley... and that that was 10 points. (yeah, 10 points...) and you have to be in the box and straight. So that thru me out.

Okay, bad news; I failed the alley but my school allows for 2 tests before asking for more money so I will reschedule in two weeks.

The good news; my school is in Minnesota but they also have a site in Wisconsin, so we do all of our testing in Wisconsin (then I would take my results, when passed, to the DMV in Minnesota and I will be issued a MN CDL).

Why Wisconsin? Minnesota states you have to pass all three at the same time (pre-trip, backing and road) but Wisconsin states that you can do them individually, so I won't have to retake my pre-trip when I retest (yea for me!). Also Minnesota has time limits on each maneuver but not Wisconsin, and Wisconsin allows for more pull-ups without penalty.

On a side note: one thing that is funny about the testing world, is in the real world its GOAL (get out and look) as much as you need, take as many pullups as needed, safety first. In testing you are penalized for GOAL and pullups, basically being penalized for being safe.

So, other than schedule a retest, what am I going to do? I'm going to schedule more backing practice and now with the experience of the test I can practice more intelligently and I'm watching ton's of Youtube videos on backing (already picked up a couple of tips I hadn't thought of).

My school uses barrels instead of cones in the backing range (cones wouldn't survive, lol) but i ordered some 7" cones from Amazon and I'm going to measure the spaces to insure they are correct and (although I'll look like a giant dork), i'm going to put those cones out to replicate the exam area.

Ya'll pray for me.


Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Best spot to mount your GPS?

Was watching a video and saw this driver mounts his in a location I haven't seen before and has custom mounting it appears.

0595107001540610016.jpgYouTube link if your interested.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Nervous About Going Solo? You're Not Alone - article by Rainy

My fire extinguisher exploded while driving.

Wait... what... are you kidding me?

Your just going to go on and not explain "My fire extinguisher exploded while driving."????

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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I need clarification about farmers needing CDL to drive their own equipment

Hi Everyone

I have to retake the permit tests and noticed this in the training:

"NOTE: For the drivers of truck-tractor semitrailers, the farmer, his or her spouse and their children, parents on both sides, brothers and sisters on both sides and their spouses operating a truck-tractor semitrailer and meeting the above criteria also are exempted from the CDL Program. These drivers must be at least age 21, and the vehicle must have Farm plates. These drivers are still required to take the appropriate CDL written, skills and road tests to be licensed."

So if you (the farmer and relatives) are exempted from the CDL Program, why do you still have to take the CDL written, skills, and road tests?

And if its still required, you might as well pay the fee and get your CDL...

I realize this is a minor question but am I misreading this?


Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Just learned something interesting about retired people who want to get into trucking.


Ask your recruiter if you can get a few letters from family/friends notarized verifying your retired status? Did you show them your retirement pay stubs? Never hurts to ask. The answer is no, they won't accept that if you don't ask.


Prime recruiter didn't care, she pretty much said 'no' and that's it, policy is policy.

Prime probably has tons of people applying.

I emailed other carriers but haven't heard back yet.

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Just learned something interesting about retired people who want to get into trucking.

I'm took retirement from my IT job of 27 years, I'm 55.

I have my permit and health card (no criminal or driving offenses) and was going to go to a self paid CDL school but thought maybe I'd look into Prime and just go with them so I could save my money for home emergencies and such.

But the recruiter (after filling out a lengthy application) said that because I don't show employment for the last 1.5 years I am disqualified even though I'm retired.

Ain't that a kick in the pants...

I'm emailing others to see if that is their policy also.


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