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Posted:  5 years, 7 months ago

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Passenger Carrying Drivers. Stopping the 15 Hour On Duty Clock.

It does make for some very long days. Not an easy task to try to get some rest back at the motel while housekeeping is running the vac in the hall way outside your door or they are remodeling the place on the floor above your room. The nature of the job is not an easy thing to do with all the waiting and the odd times you have to drive. For me it's been a good learning experience though in terms of how the transportation industry works for bus drivers anyway. Specifically how the company maintains their fleet or lack there of, Pre trip safety inspections, dealing with road conditions, keeping on schedule, keeping a log book, driving in traffic and dealing with idiot drivers among other things. For me it's been a good way to hopefully make an easier transition into driving Class A OTR before I go to driving school.

I guess the one thing I have taken away from it all is the fact that if i were driving a truck I would be able to just drive and get the day done instead of waiting around for hours on end all the time.

Thanks for everyone's input :-)

Be safe out there

The Moose

Posted:  5 years, 7 months ago

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Passenger Carrying Drivers. Stopping the 15 Hour On Duty Clock.

I hope somebody who has driven a tour bus or is driving one now can answer my question. A bit off topic since it doesn't concern driving a truck but for now I have to drive a bus for a few more months until I can start driving school.

Example: I drop my people off at 8AM then go back to the motel, site seeing, whatever I want to do. Totally relived of any type of job responsibility. Then Pick them up at 8PM = 12 hours. To simplify things don't include pre trip inspection time, etc. Then I drive 6 hours = 18 hours of total time. From my understanding and what my trainer said a passenger carrying driver can stop there on duty time clock when they are completely relieved of any job requirements unlike the 14 hour consecutive on duty time clock of a property carrying driver.

Is this interpretation of the HOS Rule for bus drivers true? If I can't stop my on duty time clock while i wait to pick up my passengers and it all counts as on-duty time I will be in violation almost every trip I take. Listed below are the rules for both classes of drivers taken from the Federal HOS Summary page at:


14-Hour Limit May not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period.


15-Hour Limit May not drive after having been on duty for 15 hours, following 8 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time is not included in the 15-hour period.

Posted:  5 years, 11 months ago

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CB radios

KW4CR is on target

Are you for sure the rig ( radio) is tuned correctly to your current setup? ( i.e antenna system and the way its mounted on the truck) ? Any thoughts on what you have for SWR readings?

When you roll thru a major city start trying to make some contacts were there are more stations on the air. get off channel 19 and find some locals hopefully base stations not mobiles. Contact some different operators and determine their direction and distance relative to your position to determine your rigs performance. Ask them how you sound. How do they sound? If you can talk and hear someone 5 miles away and in different directions from a mobile setup on a truck that's about the best you can expect without a band opening (skip). Not to say you may not get longer distances. Don't be expecting to talk to someone 25 miles away under normal circumstances.

Looks like you have a good radio and antenna setup. Is it mounted to a metal roof? looks like its a ground plane antenna which means 1/2 of of the antenna system is the metal roof it's mounted to. Or is it a wilson designed to be mounted onto a mirror mount? Don't mount a ground plane antenna system to a mirror or bumper. It ain't gonna work right.

Don't fight the mega watt operators running a lot of heat that walk all over you, you will never win. They are knobs and don't have a clue about what it takes to operate a radio correctly. A first class radio operator is courteous doesn't cause a lot of interference were they will mess up someones TV

( the radio and antenna is tuned correctly) and always uses the least amount of power needed to make a contact.

i think one of the best antenna setups for a truck is still the defacto dual mirror mount phased antenna array like the old "twin trucker" which I don't think is made anymore. Other manufactures have something comparable these days from the looks of it.

Posted:  5 years, 12 months ago

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Live unload of car tires. Uggh!

When I lived in Knoxville, TN back in 1982 "The worlds fair you have to be there " I worked for Manpower as a temp. We got sent to a goodyear to unload a trailer full of tires and put them up on the tire racks. It took a long time. I feel your pain, the driver was able to crash though as we sweated to the oldies , hahaha. Interesting how they put a tire flat on the ground and dropped another out of the trailer onto it which caused it to roll across the shop to the guy that had to lift it up onto the rack. $4.50 per hour was big money back then , not :-(

Posted:  6 years ago

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Power inverters

Food for thought when you're designing your system

Power = Amps X Volts

!000Watts of AC inverted Power = 83 Amps X 12 Volts DC

5000Watts of AC inverted Power = 417 Amps X 12 Volts DC

Spend the cash and get a true sine wave inverter if you can afford it. A lot of your less expensive inverters are square wave output. Not an issue with devices like a toaster. Sensitive electronics and devices with electric motors are not real happy being powered by square wave AC.

Oversize the inverter a bit for the surge of power when your device starts up. Especially is the device has an electric motor in it.

Posted:  6 years ago

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Dealing with being alone and never married.

Dating a Granny does have it's advantages, hahaha. I miss shooting BB Gun with the grandson of the one I was going out with. I'm too young to be a grampa but that's OK I'm cool with it.

Posted:  6 years ago

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Dealing with being alone and never married.


I hung up the idea of meeting someone online a year ago after doing it on and off since about the year 2000. Before online dating sites pretty much even existed. I've never been married. I took a peek at an online dating site again about a week ago just for grins and you know what? many of the same peoples photos are still there after years and years.

I started going to church to try and meet a good woman and some male buddies too.

I hope the guidelines of the Trucking Truth Community allow discussions on the topic of faith. It's a touchy subject. If they don't please let me know. I'm not here to proselytize in the least and will not do it. I'm just here to put my $ .02 in here because you've mentioned going to church. Sambo as well has chimed in on the subject, so I'm thinking I'm in the bounds of where this topic is headed in this thread.

I don't know where you stand on faith. There are lots of different houses of worship who serve different leaders. I'm a Christian. I'm also totally non judgemental on what people want to believe. If they believe something other than what I believe I'm totally OK with that. We need to respect each others beliefs and live in peace. My hope is that my opinions on this matter do not spark an outrage as I've been known to do, hahaha.

God didn't intend for us to be alone. If you read the Bible, it says this, and he created woman to be a companion for us.

The Bible is my guide book for life. I try to live by it but continually fail to measure up to the things it teaches and constantly fall flat on my face. I look to it for advice continually though because it teaches what is right and offers me hope for the future.

Sambo hit it on the head. We were not created to be alone. 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 also states that it's OK to be single if you want. It's your choice.

Most importantly they need to be friends. Some common interests etc.

Sue nailed it on this point!

We as humans were created to be social beings. Adam had friendship with the animals. This is a very special relationship, the bond between animals and humans but as Sambo has referenced the Man needed something more to be complete so he created a woman to be his friend. They were friends before they were a couple. Be her friend first share some common interests and get to know her as the person she really is and you'll be set.

Marriage is a legal contract something man has created. Adam and Eve didn't have a sheet of paper stating that they were married. They were committed to each other though so in the spirit of things they were a married couple.

So whats wrong with a woman whos been divorced and had kids?

I'm 54 so we are basically the same age. The reality is that the women we meet stand a good chance of being divorced and having kids. It's a huge complication. The last 2 women I've dated had kids. The first had grown children the second had kids in grade school. One was my age the other was 16 years younger than me. It made matters difficult because you're getting a package deal.

Sometimes people have to be willing to take risks in order to gain something they might desire.

It's worth the risk though to accept the package deal or at least give it a try. As a guy who never had any kids I kind of liked the thought of an instant family with the woman that was younger And tried to imagine what it would be like to be a dad to these kids. They resented me because I was not their real father and rebelled against their mom at the thought of her being with someone else other than their dad. She had only been divorced a couple of months a fiercely independent person with a good career ( a nurse ) so she didn't in any way need me as a support mechanism. When she searched deep inside of herself and I'm sure at the insistence of her children she gave me the flick. But hey I gave it my best shot and we are still good friends.

You're looking in the right place ( A church ) to find quality friends and a mate. It's not the only place either as Sue has pointed out.

I've pretty much did whatever I wanted do do most of my life and valued my independence. I'm sure this is something a driver values in life or they wouldn't be behind the wheel. We do need a balance though to stay on an even keel in life. I'm in the same boat as you since I've moved to a very rural part of the country and are searching for much of the same things. Don't give up hope!

Why so downcast oh my soul? Put your hope in God Psalm 42:5 42:11

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years ago

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A PSA for those considering Prime Inc.

Old School,

I really appreciate the time and effort you spend writing the columns in this website and taking the time to speak personally to people especially myself. Writing an article is no easy task.

I've quit some pretty good jobs in my life because of my hotheadedness lack of tenacity and not being able to deal with my superiors in an organization. Head of Network and Computer Services for the Kenosha Public Library System, Network Administrator for Kenosha Beef International. These were the best paying most excellent jobs I've ever had and I walked out on them. It will be a long time if ever before something like these 2 jobs will ever become part of my life again. It's been 16 years since I've left these great opportunities for employment and have yet to recover from my stupid mistakes. I could stay in the computer industry it pays very well but I have no interest in doing it professionally anymore because I get no enjoyment from it.

Lesson 1 of the sermon ( I say that tongue in cheek you coined the phrase, hahaha ) is Seek a job and do it because you get some sort of fulfillment from it. Don't do it strictly for the money.

The second lesson I've learned from the school of hard knocks is to stay away from the "Grass is always greener" mentality and attempt to stick it out.

My last and I hope my final computer job was spent in a call center fielding calls for technical support with WiFi issues in hotels and motels across North America. I lasted 6 years. This for me was my worst nightmare come true. Call after call all day long. People with limited knowledge of how to use a computer ( no fault of their own, not trying to be condescending towards them in the least ) who were staying at a place where the management refused to invest in a decent network that operated correctly ( something completely out of my control) . Rude and irate guests ( rightfully so ). Dealing with Internet Service Providers. It was ugly and very depressing. But you know after I finally figured things out the hard way that its not a perfect world I finally got battle hardened enough to learn to just stick it out.

I had to quit my last job because as an on call driver I was only getting 15 hours per week spread over a 7 day period. It was not paying the bills and I was required to be ready to roll at anytime of the day. That was a Class E Permitted job, my first professional driving experience. I really liked hauling the old folks to their doctors appointments at the rest home. My current job is Class C. I'm getting the hours + overtime and you know what? I like this one too! I really enjoy driving around Missouri State University all day long. So now as I think about stepping up to a Class A Permit and Driving OTR I really have to search within my self to determine if I'm looking at the "Grass is Always Greener" Mentally once again.

The 3rd and final point is that if you decide you have to move on to a new employer look deep into your self and ask if you are really doing it for all the right reasons.

So in closing as people are starting to nod off as has been known to happen when a sermon drones on, I'd like to say that the content of this website is a huge asset for people like myself who are trying to make good well educated career choices in life. I value everyone's efforts tremendously.

Posted:  6 years ago

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A PSA for those considering Prime Inc.

We can debate the ethics of hiring practices in America and company policy all night long and get nowhere. The simple fact is that if you want to get hired by a company you have to jump thru the hoops they put before you or go somewhere else.

Once hired you need to prove yourself as a valued employee. if you don't like working there for what ever reason you need to move on or live with it. More importantly a check up from the neck up may be required to determine if your attitude is in the right place or not for the job you are doing.

No company you ever work for is going to be perfect in every way. Since I don't work for Prime I'm not in a good position to tell you thumbs up or not. I've based my opinions on face to face conversations I've had with people who have been sent home on the bus after being washed out of orientation and a limited amount of threads written on this web site.

My opinion of prime as a whole is misguided and not based on an entire set of factual accounts. I stand corrected on the issue. The people that actually work there have stated its a good place to work and have defended them. This is a good sign and I give you folks a lot of credit for speaking up and defending your company. I'm sorry for what I've said.

I have also disrespected the more experienced drivers of Trucking Truth by getting up on a soap box and shooting my mouth off. I hope you'll all accept my apologies. If you want to nickname me the Sermonizer as old school has bluntly pointed out I'm OK with that I should have been a preacher :-)

As I've stated before we do all sit at the Trucking Truth Round Table to discuss issues concerning the trucking industry as well as life's struggles that are affecting all of us. At the end of the day to be able to reflect on whats been said regardless of if we all agree or not to put our differences behind us and to be able to return in the morning for a fresh round of discussion is very important to keep this site as a community moving forward.

I hope you're all OK with me sticking around

BJ the Sermonizer Moose


Posted:  6 years ago

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A PSA for those considering Prime Inc.

How many people does your meat plant interview and not hire?

That I can't honestly say.

The name of the company is Birchwood Transport a division of Kenohsa Beef International for those who are Interested.

And thank you for sharing the contractual information concerning orientation and virtues of working for your company.

At the end of the day it is nice to be able to sit at the TT round table and have a civil discussion about the concerns of the trucking industry without being insulted.

Posted:  6 years ago

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A PSA for those considering Prime Inc.

The sign read "Absolutely no recruiting is allowed at any Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle Offices"

That's what I saw when I Got my Class C CDL Permit last week. I'm a lowly bus driver working my way up thru the ranks from a Class E ultimately to a Class A Permit. I still sit with the ordinary people at the truck stop. I'm not allowed in the Drivers area yet!

Yes it is true I know nothing about the trucking industry other than I worked for a company in the beef industry for six years who trucks their manufactured product across the lower 48 states. They are one of the top ten suppliers of ground beef in the country. If you ever ate a Wendys hamburger or some of the other fast food hamburgers they probably made it for them. They stood up to a big corporation like walmart and weren't afraid to tell them to take a hike when they offered them a bum deal to supply their stores with hamburger.

I did a lot of work bringing this transport company up to speed with new computer systems and technology thru the years. Does the word Qualcomm ring a bell? This company was one of the first in the industry to embrace this new technology before it became an industry standard. I helped them roll it out to their fleet of trucks. I spent a lot of time in the office and out in the repair facility. I got to know the people who worked there pretty well from the top to the bottom of the organization. I'm very good friends with the Vice President of the company. I've had great conversations with the office people, safety officer, dispatchers, mechanics and drivers. Yes I'm just a fly on the wall to Prime yet I do have a little bit of insight into how the trucking industry works.

No they are not a successful mega carrier like Prime. They are a small yet humble company in comparison. One thing I can honestly say though is that they do have a sense of integrity and fairness in how they treat people. This is what the owner ( a just and successful business man ) instilled in them from the beginning, to do what is right. They are crying for drivers like the rest of the industry. They aren't afraid of being sued because of discrimination and will tell you straight up before they hire you if you can actually work for them or not. They value your time and effort and treat you like a human being.

The opening line in this reply is akin to the fact that there is a serious shortage of qualified drivers in the trucking industry. I'm not here to demonize Prime in the least. They are doing what most other companies are trying to do, fill their needs anyway they can or be swallowed up by the competition. That doesn't justify their hiring practices or any other company for that matter and is not the way people deserve to be treated.

Where does this mind set of success at all costs for the company the heck with the guy on the bottom rung of the ladder ( the driver ) come from anyway?

I'm a speck on the wall to be sure. I'm not afraid to speak up for the working man though and I myself personally prefer to work for a company that has some respect for me as a person. A company where I'm not just a "Human Resource" like a piece of steel or other raw material. A place were I can stick around for awhile.

Posted:  6 years ago

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A PSA for those considering Prime Inc.

Roger, as appalling as it sounds, and it does sound appalling to me to, we have seen Prime knowingly bring people in even though they have disclosed they are taking medications the company will not allow. I haven't heard of any other companies doing this yet but others may indeed be doing it.
I did however put most of my belongings in storage and planned on going OTR and worry about a home in a couple of years..
My feeling about this whole experience is a mixed one. I'm sure Prime is a great company to work for as I heard a lot of good stories to that effect, but the companies respect for you doesn't start until you get out of orientation, I feel like I was treated like someone who had come back with dirty urine or something.

We talk about honoring our commitments to a company when we sign up for on the job training. Find a good company that fits your needs and stick with them for at least a year maybe longer.

The company is willing to take a chance on you to train you and hope you will make them money. After all your number one job description as an employee is to make the company money.

We talk about being honest and not putting up a big smoke screen in order to get the job. The word integrity comes to mind. Does Prime live by the same standard?

This man has made major life decisions in order to be hired by this company. This didn't occur until they gave him the green lite to come to orientation.

Words have been said that this company does this sort of thing in order not to lose the individual to another company.

Get them into orientation and wash them out if you have to so they don't lose them to another company. How can anyone justify this behavior? Is this the right way to treat people?

Its been said that all trucking companies do the same thing, they haul freight which is a commodity item.

The big question in my mind is why would I want to work for Prime when they treat people in this matter?

What sets Prime apart from any other company? After all hauling freight is a commodity item.

Every employee especially a recruiter is a representative of the company's culture.

What type of company culture does Prime promote? The recruiter needs to be setting the example to outsiders.

When you are selling something to a possible buyer ( in this case a possible candidate for employment) you really need to shine and make the case for your company. What sets them apart? Why are they the best?

Note to all the Moles at Prime reading the mail on Trucking Truth:

You will never know how many people you have lost to other companies because of the way you treat potential drivers like this man and the bad press it has created. Treat people as you would like to be treated and give them a good reason to work for you that sets you apart from other trucking companies and you won't have any problems finding people to hire and retain as experienced drivers. If you would have been up front and honest with this man in the first place he would probably be driving for you in the future. I doubt he'll be back.

Choose your company wisely and stick with them!

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years ago

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288 Stops in 60 Miles

Equals 24 loops around the college in 6 hours driving shuttle bus. Tons of hazards to avoid, lots of steering, braking and accelerating. Be alert! Don't let anyone get thrown under the bus, hahaha.

I passed the pre trip, backing and road test at the DMV without any issues on Tuesday as a Class C driver. I've been behind the wheel for 2 days now at the college without hitting anything or anyone, no small task.

I still have my Class A learners permit with combination and air brake endorsement so I'm setup to go to Class A training for the big rigs in February of 2017.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, constructive criticism and fellowship with hopes of seeing you out on the open road in 2017.

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years ago

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Job History Woes the catch 22

Keep a stiff upper lip and don't stop swinging at the pitches that have been thrown at you. You need to get some work history under your belt to show prospective employers that you can cut the mustard.

There are tons of driving jobs out there. Although they won't count towards any type of job experience driving a Class A Semi Tractor Trailer they will show your future employers that you are at least making an effort to better your situation.

You are more that a burger flipper and have proven that by graduating school as a driver.

Possible driving jobs:

Auto parts runner

Pharmaceutical medical / specimen driver

Medical transport of disabled people

Bus Driver <-- This requires a CDL. If you have one then you're a better candidate as compared to somebody without one.

Document carrier

Pizza Driver

These jobs are a means to an end, only a starting point to where you want to go. At least you'll have a wheel in your hand instead of a spatula.

In short, Pull yourself up by the boot straps solider and hit the ground running. Get some wind in your sails and you'll be fine. Keep us posted on you're progress!

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years ago

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Making tough decisions in trucking...

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Both of you guys stand with the best of them :-)

Posted:  6 years ago

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Cb question (rookie)

Troubleshooting the inline SWR Meter Problem

If you're going to use an inline SWR Meter for testing set your radio controls as they would normally be set for regular operation. Don't set the radio in CAL Mode.

Is the inline SWR Meter designed for CB radio operation? 27Mhz or (11 Meter Amateur Radio Band ) is the frequency range of a CB. Somewhere in the SWR Meter instructions it should tell you what frequency it is for or it may just say hey this SWR Meter is designed for CBs

If you purchased a more sophisticated SWR Meter they have interchangeable "slugs" that will set it up to operate on different frequencies so you can use it on radios that operate out of a CB's frequency range. Check to make sure the SWR meter is setup to operate on Citizens Band.

If the SWR Meter was designed for amateur radio operation it could be setup to operate out of the CB radio frequency range and can cause you big headaches.

Also check the coax "jumper Cable " you're using between the radio and the meter to make sure it's the right impedance match for operation in the CB frequency range. You want to use coax rated at 50 ohm impedance. It should have writing on it that says something like "RG58/AU" and may even have the impedance written on it "50 ohm" Is this cable in good condition? Connectors attached firmly, hopefully soldered on not the twist on kind. If its a factory manufactured 50 ohm cable you should be in good shape

Was the SWR meter purchased new in a factory sealed box? It could be defective. Something is a miss when you have it plumbed into the feed line that's for sure.

Testing with the Radios Built in SWR Meter

Remove the inline SWR Meter and attach your antenna feed line directly to the radio.

When you use the built in SWR Meter inside the radio do you go thru a calibration process before you check your SWR?

With the built in SWR Meter in your radio properly calibrated what are you getting for an SWR reading?

If the SWR is 1.6 / 1 or lower 95% of your signal is getting to the antenna. Call it a day unless you're up for a project and want a learning experience in tuning an antenna. (Not a bad thing if you need something to do, hahaha)

A bit of Radio Theory

Keep in mind the SWR Meter does not tune your antenna. It only checks what is called Standing Wave Ratio. An SWR Reading of 1.6 /1 is saying that 95% of your RF ( Radio Frequency ) power is getting out onto the antenna and 5% of the power is being reflected back towards the radio. Think of SWR as the back pressure in an exhaust system.

An antenna is tuned by either making it physically longer or shorter. Antenna turners can also be used to accommodate an antenna that is not cut to the right length. They are impractical when operating in a very narrow range of frequencies. CBs operate between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz which is a very narrow band. Ham Radio operators use a tuner so they can make 1 antenna work over a wide range of frequencies.

Guy's radio in stock configuration runs at 50 watts output and is not a standard radio you could buy off the shelf. Most stock radios run at 4 watts output. I'm sure he is also running with a good quality antenna system. He's getting extended range but is also paying the price with more expensive gear which is not a bad thing in the least. What type of antenna are you running with on the truck? You are getting excellent range!

Also keep in mind that unless atmospheric conditions are right to "skip" signals off the ionosphere that surrounds the earth radio communication is limited to line of sight. This is the brick wall that really determines your transmit range. In theory (not necessarily in practice) an antenna mounted on a 100 foot tower has a capability of transmitting about 15 miles. Because of the curvature of the earth you can see this far before the horizon drops off. Another term for this is called your "Radio Horizon" Add another 1000 watts of power and guess what you may be able to transmit a few more miles but not much farther. A radio operator from the military once took me "If conditions are right, give me 5 watts of output power and I'll talk around the world"

If you can transmit 5 miles from an average mobile CB radio you are doing great. If you need more range get the antenna higher off the ground which is impractical in mobile operation.

Antenna Theory in the frequency range that CBs operate in (27mhz) is not cutting edge science and has been around a long time. One of the best configurations for Large Semi Trucks with a trailer is the dual mount antenna system on the left and right mirrors. This is by no means the best or only configuration however this setup is ideal for communicating with other people in front of or in back of you. It also works pretty good to work other stations that may be on your sides because the truck is often blocking your signal and the other antenna may have a clearer path.

If you drive flat bed, tanker or some other configuration that will not block the signal of an antenna on top of the tractor a roof mounted antenna is a good setup. This type of antenna works equally well in all directions.

Well Boys and Girls that's radio theory class 101 for the day. Keep the questions and comments coming in!

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years ago

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Cb question (rookie)

Connector Issue Digikey electronics might be a good source for a connector if you strike out at the Truck Stop or a Radio Shark Store. Here is a link to their connectors page on the internet:

They might give you some help thru live chat on their home page

SWR Meter Question Are you placing the SWR meter inline with the radio and antenna or just connecting up the SWR meter alone to the radio? Connect the SWR Meter to the antenna output of the radio. The SWR meter should have a connector labeled " input" or "Radio" Connect the antenna to the "output" or "Antenna" connection of the SWR Meter The SWR Meter will effectively be between the radio and antenna.

Calibrating the SWR Meter

Set the CB to channel 20

The SWR meter should have a calibration control on it.

Set the meter to calibration mode

Key the Mic up on the radio and hold it on.

Turn the Calibration knob until the needle swings to the CAL Mark on the display, usually the needle swings the full path or 100% of the dial.

Turn off the cal function

Key up the mic again and hold the button down and read your SWR

Set the CB to channel 1 and go thru the same procedure. Set the CB to channel 40 and do it again.

Note the SWR readings for channel 20 channel 1 and channel 40

Was there a big difference in the readings on the different channels?

1.1 / 1 SWR is the holy grail that you'll probably never obtain 99.7% of your output power is getting to the antenna @ 1.6 /1 SWR about 95% of your transmit power is getting to the antenna @ 2 /1 SWR 89% is getting to the antenna. 2 / 1 SWR is the danger point don't go above it without tuning the antenna to your radio. If SWR is 1.6 / 1 or less on all 3 channels consider yourself blessed and hook the antenna back up to the radio and call it a day. Tuning an antenna for correct SWR is beyond the scope of this thread and varies depending upon its type and manufacture. I will help if your SWR is too high though.

As Tractor man said follow the instructions that came with the meter for interconnection methods and how they want you to calibrate the meter. If you don't have the instructions post the make and model of the meter and I may be able to help.

Posted:  6 years ago

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Pay my own way or "free" company school? And which company has best starting pay?

Correction "Good Luck" hahaha my editorial staff was asleep at the wheel

Posted:  6 years ago

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Pay my own way or "free" company school? And which company has best starting pay?

I guess the beauty of it all is that no matter what direction you decide to go you have some opportunities. Not to many occupations now a days are willing to buy your books send you to school and feed you lunch.

I've really taken it to heart though by whats been said by the more experienced drivers especially Brett the founder of the site is that no matter who you start out with you should stick with them for at least a year hopefully longer. Given this fact I've really tried to pin down who I want to drive for right out of the gate and what I want to haul. For me it's going to be flatbed freight.

TMC for instance will send you to their school or offer up to $6000 in tuition reimbursement from another school if you stick with them. Not sure but I think its 6 months that you need to drive with them but I could stand corrected. I talked to a recruiter at Hogan. Their payback period on tuition reimbursement is 6 months but they aren't a flatbed company so they are off my list although they look like pretty good people to work for.

Then you have Millis Transport that has a very good program at very low cost. I thinks its $2000 for their school with a direct hire after graduation and obtaining your CDL. 18 months employment to get payed back the 2 grand for their school.

Not to burn any bridges or screw over a company but also understanding that employment is "at will" from the employer and employee side taking Millis as an example if they didn't work out for you after going to their school and forking out the 2000 bucks you could leave with a CDL and awesome training in hand at a very economical cost. Community college driver training for me is going to be $4000. Due the math that's half price!

Maybe some other people could chime in on the cost of other company paid training programs and the cost of breaking out of a contract. I'm betting some companies put the cost of their training much higher but again I'm not in the know on this and the site is called trucking truth so we need to know the facts not what I say they are. So if this was true and you broke the contract you could have some big dollars to pay back. That's one reason I like paying for your own schooling and having some flexibility.

I don't think Ive answered your questions at all because I'm in the same boat as far as what I'm going to do. Be it company training or footing the bill on my own. At least we have choices and are both on the same page "web" that is to get some good advice on the decisions we need to make. Gook Luck!

BJ Moose

Posted:  6 years, 1 month ago

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How to adjust your cb?

You may want to do some testing in a city that has a large population so you can interact with more operators. Set the controls of your rig ( radio ) as follows:

Initial Setup RF Gain 100% Squelch completely open ( so all you hear is static ) delta tune in the middle

Receive /Transmit Test Start tuning thru the different frequencies until you hear another station. Request a break and tell them you need a radio check. Ask them how you sound.

Fine Tuning the Controls Adjust the squelch only to the point were it cuts out the static don't go any higher. Start lowering the RF gain until you lose their signal then crank it up a little more until they sound good. Open up the squelch up again then start closing it only to the point were it starts cutting out the static. Let them know you want to adjust the dyna mic. Set in higher or lower. Ask them when they hear the best signal your radio produces.

Troubleshooting your Radio Try to get an approximate position of the station so you can determine your transmit and receive range and direction relative to your position. Ask if they are a base station or mobile like you. Try interacting with different stations closer or farther away mobile and base and in different directions.

Working the Bugs Out After you've made a few successful contacts and have some feedback from other operators on how things are working start asking some questions, What is maximum distance I can transmit and receive? Can only base stations pick me up? Can I work mobile stations? Does it appear that I can only work another station in a particular direction ( transmit and receive ) or do all stations I have contact with appear to have the same signal quality regardless of their direction? What do other stations think about my signal quality when I transmit? Does it appear that I can transmit further in a particular direction or does everybody regardless of direction relative to my position think I have a good transmit signal? Can I receive in a particular direction better than I can transmit? Or is the opposite true?

Thoughts on Radio Operation Its 2 way communication, transmit and receive are separate operations. If you can't heard the other station you can't work it so you are effectively just a one way AM Broadcast Station. Maybe the opposite is true. You may only be a receiver because of a problem. Problems can occur with both transmit and receive operations possibly one or the other. Its a give and take situation. Both sides of the equation need to be fully operational for it to happen.

Radio Setup The antenna(s) is your best friend. Don't have your radio setup like a good stereo system with a cheap pair of speakers. It's quality and where its placed on your truck has a lot to do with maximum transmit receive range and the directions it works the best. The feedline between your radio and antenna(s) needs to be flawless and of good quality. No loose connections or corrosion no nicks or cuts no sharp bends where it leads thru the trucks chassis so it could be breaking the conductors inside of it. Feedline issues are a major problem area in radio communication. They can create huge signal loss.

Questions for you What type of radio is it? Brand and model? What type of antenna(s) do you have Brand, model and mounting location on the truck? What are some of your observations about how the radio is working after making some contacts with other stations?

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