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Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Driving for Prime

I'm not an old hand at trucking at all. I do have sine experience in regards to your questions about "Getting into and training for trucking though ~ or at least a couple of ideas, thoughts and suggestions on the subject.

No. #1. Attitude.

Initially and I would say that it's the No. #1 thing you've got to vigilant in. keeping the right attitude, and your mind focused.

There's going to be moments let alone days on in, when you might have to at least work if not struggle to maintain the correct attitude and frame of mind.

You may find yourself having " to reset" your perspective, mindset, frame of mind, even perspective from time to time.

I myself try to maintain a professional attitude, perspective and frame of mind as much as I can. I'm not always successful, have to "catch and check myself" and get it together.

No.#2. The 5 P's

"Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

Become a sponge 🧽 and absurd any and all knowledge, pulling from any source of such and experience you can. Such as here!

The one source you don't want to pull from? Any source of negativity. Stay away from the Terminal Rats πŸ€, Negative Nancy's and such. Avoid them.

Always watch out for 90 Day Wonders, guys that haven't really been driving for very long, yet they've all the answers to all the questions, have the solutions to all the problems, know any and everything.

I'm. If the opinion that this is a business that you NEVER quite quit learning. If the day ever comes I ever reach that point? That'll be I hang it up..

No. #3 Hyper Vigilance and Attentiveness. Speaks for itself. You've ALWAYS got to be on your "A" game 🎯. Take NOTHING for granted.

In your training? You'll be taught proper processes and procedures. Listen πŸ‘‚ to them, adhere to them.

There's REASONS we do what we do!,

Drivers with a MILLION MILES or more Safe Driving 🚦 records and awards πŸ† are methodical in everything they do, everytime they do it.

No. # 4. The Learning Curve

In any human 🚢 endeavor, when learning a new subject, skill, etc, ........

There's a formula, .....

In which in the beginning?

E = r. That is to say, that in the beginning of learning πŸ“• πŸŽ“ a new subject or skill? A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF EFFORT (E) yields very little results, (r)

But with the right INVESTMENT of time, effort, energy combined with the right attitude and perspective? The equation flips to:

e = R, in which very little effort yields BIG RESULTS! πŸ˜‰

#5. Trainers

I would suggest you conduct your own interview with a potential trainer.

~ How long have you been driving?

~ How long have you been training?

~ How many students have you trained?

~ Will have be taught and allowed to__________(Backing for example)

~ What your rules 🚷 for the truck

~ What endorsements do you have

~ What is your home 🏠 time schedule πŸ“† and how does that synch with my training schedule.

~ Do you yell and cuss?

~ Showers?

~ Sleeping arrangements

~ Pet Peeves

None of the above are all inclusive or may be personally relevant to you individually?

Above all?

Attitude, attitude, attitude. ☺

Posted:  7 months ago

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Looking to start a driving career at 59 yoa

When all is said and done? You can spend a month of Sundays splitting the hairs difference between one vs the other, this or that.

As a veteran the 1st place I would go would be the state employment office. If not at the particular office you visit locally? There IS someone tasked with helping veterans find jobs.

If your drawing a veterans disability you may be eligible to vocational training courtesy of the Federal Government.

Also contact the VA rep in your local county. He or she may be in the next county over as they may cover more than one country

You may wish to check out MIllis Transfer. I believe it comes down to around $500 for training for veterans when all is said and done. They've a 5 star rating on the Indeed job website

Always as about veterans programs. Prime has one but it's not commonly known of

Good Luck

Posted:  7 months ago

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It's not my fault I failed

Exactly, About the only time I know a veteran would say something along those lines (At least in the Marines) would be to another Marine that he was familiar with and knew, or at least worked with. More often than not? Almost as a term of endrarment (for like of a better word)? Used primarly for talking "smack ~ trash" amongst each other.

This Hobo character sounds like what we in the Marines call a "Posser". A Vet can spot them a mile off. You ask where they went to boot camp? They tell you some Army base? That's a red flag. πŸ˜…

Or it they tell you they can't tell you where they went to boot camp because it's classified! πŸ˜‚

I don't care what anybody says about my Veteran status in so long as my retirement check hits the first of each month.

NOW that's something if that doesn't happen I'm going to get SERIOULLY OFFENDED about. 😠

That’s all well and good...I think to some degree you may be correct.

His last quote suggesting that β€œI lick his privates” tells me all that I need to know about him. Vulgar, disrespectful, childish and yes (Harry), cowardly. Not something anywhere close to how the true vets conduct themselves on this site.

Posted:  7 months ago

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It's not my fault I failed

Rainy, Hobo? Forget this clown and his getting butthurt

I know of no military veteran who would get upset over the simple analogy you used?

In fact I would question his connection if any to the military other than perhaps video games?

Confidence and experience speak in volumes, but usually in silence.

Posted:  7 months ago

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Truck Recovery After Abandonment

I attended college after retiring from the Corps, in what just so happened to the same town as the main terminal for Wiley Sanders Truck Lines.

They kept two or more semi retired career truck drivers sitting around just for recovering among other things abandoned trucks etc.

I always thought that would be something I might be interested in down the road?

After reading this thread? I'm having second thoughts?

I'm mean who would have thought recovering a six month old abandoned truck would involve a Level One decontamination, detox and echelon maintenance inspection?


Posted:  7 months ago

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Truck Recovery After Abandonment

Always amazes me how much crap some drivers have on their dash!!! My Lord if that's what your dash looks like? I don't EVEN won't to see the rest of your truck.

Posted:  7 months ago

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Many purple people eaters on the highway

The story I've been told is Purple is Rob Low's (The Owner of Prime) Wife's favorite color.

Got that from a Prime employee of 22 years at the Millieum Building

Also that he himself (Rob Low) is a former United States Marine.

I saw a total of 52 purple trucks today. 90% of them were Prime trucks, most going the other way.

As I'm southeast bound .

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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We Had A Major Truck Accident

My last post wasn't all that pretty, bottom line whether driving SOLO or team everything inside a truck becomes a deadly missile if not properly secured and tied down.

The absolute minimum needs to left out and unsecured. Everything off the dash, GPS, CBs, etc secured bolted down or secured with zip ties. Nothing in the side pockets, nothing left loose on the top bunk.

Bungee Cords and Zip ties are your friends.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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We Had A Major Truck Accident

Thanks for the well wishes.

Yes when team driving you have to Hot Bunk the bottom bunk.

And yes you need to use the restraint provided, although truth be told? I'm willing to bet most don't.

What I'm thinking got me, was a metal brief case that had been stowed at the bunk of the bed, horizontally that bounced out, as I bounced up the first time, on the 2nd bounce, as I was still in the bunk, I bounced and the brief case (The kind you see in truck stops) bounced under the lumbar part of my back.

Which brings us to the third thing you need to do BESIDES strapping in and sleeping in the bottom bunk.

Making sure EVERYTHING in the truck is strapped and buckled down. That's EVERYTHING in the truck, not just the berthing area.

I posted the relevant equation below, but a stationary object (at 90 in this example ) basically accelerates 3X's it's weight and kinetic energy. (Just trying to keep it simple) this 3 lbs at 3 mph become 9lbs at 9 mph. (Again this is a VERY SIMPLISTIC example and explanation)

10 lbs become at 60 becomes approximately 30lbs at 180 mph!

"The matter can also be discussed in terms of some known parameters: the velocity V, at the moment of collision, and the crush distance, D, the distance the passenger compartment has to slow to a stop, as the bumpers collapse, the fenders split off, and the engine submarines. One purpose of seat belts and air-bags is to ensure that the occupants stay with the compartment as it comes to a relatively slow stop.

The relevant formula is: v2=u2+2ad where v and u are velocities, final and initial, a is acceleration and d is distance. In this case, v=0, u=V, and d=D Substituting and rearranging, we get a=βˆ’V22D So the acceleration of the passengers (and the so-called "weight" of a free object) would scale with the square of the velocity. In the given examples, if a speed of 50 km/hr leads to a weight of 80 kg, then a speed of 90 km/hr should lead to a weight

Dan, I hope you heal up real quick and like new. Also I'm curious as to what regulations affect team drivers when one is in the sleeper? Do the restraints have to be used? Does the lower bunk have to be used? This might be a good opportunity to inform us solo drivers who have never been taught team driving procedures.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Was let go today.

From what little I know he was doing 60 on the right hand side, another truck passed him, got 2/3rds of his trailer passed him, (My driver) and the other driver started to Jack knife and clipped our tractor sending us into the median. It was a straight, steady although rough ride into the median. It's to my drivers credit he decelerated, keep her straight front to back, didn't Jack knife nor flip.

I don't know who got faulted, other driver kept going down the highway. This is 3 hours South of Chicago. Haven't seen my driver in 3 days, although he's called every day.

So far it's been 150% support from Prime. They're towing his truck back to Springfield. He's headed back there to get another truck.

Again thanks for all the support

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Was let go today.

Thank you Rainy and all here at Truckers Truth, you've ALL been a great source of well? Everything, knowledge, experience, wisdom.

I got lucky. Only fractured my L1 vertebra. Lots and lots of pain, but I'm working through it. Voluntarily turned down the.pain meds when I can. Mo surgery. Just physical therapy x 3 months + wearing the Turtle Shell x 3 months. Toss up between changing my name to Leonardo, Raphael or Michelangelo. Thinking I'm more of Cecil the Turtle type.

Dan, fire you for what???? You weren't driving. Was this listed as a preventable for your co driver? Did you get further details about the cause of the accident?

As far as him taking another student...that won't happened until he has 1 year accident free. HE might not have a job. They could easily not permit him to lease another truck.

Im glad you are much as can be expected considering the situation. Take good care of yourself and dont push yourself too hard to recover.


Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Glad I didn't have to pay for this

The more o learn of the numerous out of pocket expenses LO's have, the more attractive being a company driver appeals to me.

The truck i just got off of that was in an accident was LO

He's had to pay

A motel room x 3 days

Towing back to Springfield

$1000 insurance deductible

Rental car back to Springfield

And that's just what I know of.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Here is an example of why we stress staying with your company for a full year.

From EVERYTHING I've read? Its really more like 3 years, 2 years minimum.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Was let go today.

I'm already getting messages from others, (ALL non drivers of course, to lawyer up and sue any and everyone for the "accident" I just went through.

Yet every time I hear that a little voice gies off in my head:


I must confess as career military, I know nothing about Workmans Comp. Being military, were taken care of like family.

Well like Prime, who's been on the phone and contact with the Dr. Hospital Administration, my wife, etc. They're going to fly me home as soon as i get cleared. Hopefully next week.

The one and ONLY thing is Prime didn't contact the wife, she didn't know I had been in an accident.

On another note my co driver is an LO, and he's having to come up with major $$$$$ Just to get back into another truck and back on the road.

Since I'll be out of commission x 3 months, I'm sure he'll pick up another trainee. Makes me shudder when i think of the million and ONE plus things that can go wrong in the Olympic split fraction of a second.





I've been licensed and driving 7 months, just earned my 6 month safety award from Prime.

May be they won't fire me?


Marc, you're handling this with the utmost integrity and professionalism. There isn't enough of that in this industry. It's very encouraging to see that.

You're the kind of guy we all love to help. We certainly hope and expect you'll get past this soon enough and you'll be back out there getting after it like nothing ever happened. We look forward to following along as you work through this situation and get back out there.


I was thinking the same and was just about to post this.

This whole scenario reminding me of something that happened when I first got to Prime. A woman driver fell whole getting out of the truck at a shipper. Prime paid the bills immediately, paid her for time off, and even gave her an in-house classroom teaching job. Then someone prompted her with the "get a lawyer" line. She did, and it turned out the customer had a video of her going forward out of the truck rather than backwards with the 3 points of contact. Automatic termination. Failure to follow company policy and insurance fraud are now on her DAC. Im sure she never got another driving job.

Many times the "I'm suing" can backfire. Im really glad Marc is being cool. Good luck!

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Scheduled for Prime Inc SLC

Congrats. Best of wishes for your success

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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We Had A Major Truck Accident

Thanks for the heartfelt wishes .

Yes trucking is comprised of a million and one little things, that in and of themselves, or by themselves? No harm, no foul (but any two that come together at anytime to spell trouble.

Another thing I've learned about truck driving.

Process and Procedures

There are REASONS why we do things the way we do them and why we do them.

If my post helped ONE person by posting. My work is done here for the moment

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Saftey first

Yep laying in hospital now with fractured A1 Vertebra on spine. I wasn't driving but in sleeper. Woke up to E Ride from Hell.

Looking at being out for quite awhile.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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We Had A Major Truck Accident

Thanks. Not sure what happen, something about truck in front starting to Jack knife, and our truck clipped him. Winter Weather was involved.

For real be safe.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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We Had A Major Truck Accident

I wasn't driving. In Sleeper.

Co-driver o.k. in so far as I know

I'm in hospital with fractured A1 Vertebra

Slow down and be safe out there

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Career Change and only going to drive for 5 or 6 years - help!


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