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Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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Pre-trip inspections

I live in Ohio & we get 30 min to do a pre trip of the entire rig tractor & trailer with a

state examiner. However Kentucky has NO time limit & 4 possible tests. EX. Break check with

(any of the following) Engine compartment, In cab, Trailer or entire rig. Testing varies by

state. So I said all that to say this. Your school most likely will have a pattern or flow they

will teach you. EX. as you approach the front of the tractor what you are looking for. Then

passenger side exhaust, alternator & water pump (oil if on passenger) then everything else is on

driver side. Do the in-cab before you start the trailer. So, that was my flow. Ask your

instructor or school admin if they have a video to purchase to study at home. My school offered

one for $5. WORTH IT. School is long enough that you will get enough practice & be WELL prepared

come test day.

Hope I helped at least a little. Just don't panic in the heat of the moment. State inspectors

grad to a state minimum. They are not there to pass or fail you. But, rather to keep score for

you. I knew an examiner. She said your attitude often plays a part as to the level of leniency

of the law. You do not need to bake them a pie. But, be kind it goes a long way.

Be safe not sorry,


Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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I just graduated Sept. 22nd. so I know this much. In Ohio taking the Hazmat test didn't add

any extra to exam fees. The background check took about 2 weeks & cost about $90.oo. Some of

the recruiters that came in said that they hauled VERY LITTLE to NO Hazmat. But, if you had that

endorsement they paid an extra .01 / mile. Grandma said pennies make dollars, save them all.

I'll not tell/suggest what you should do but, if your stat is like Ohio. Think you can figure

out what you'd like to do or not do.

Be safe not sorry,


Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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Start Disorientation Monday

Well, did an interview with Garner Transportation today. Sent me for a whiz quiz. Said they'd

call tomorrow with further instructions for coming in Monday for (Dis)orientation, a road test &

then start training. What he said sounds like Monday is all good. I been sitting around broke &

aggravated for a couple years now. Guess I'll try sitting around paid & aggravated for a while.


Anyway, I'm fresh out of school & I feel good about this choice. Only 5 days since I got a

license & have a decent job. If I can keep the greasy side down & the shiny up there could be a

future in this.

Thanks for all the helpful info. everyone puts out. This site has been a god send of useful


Be safe not sorry,


Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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A Thanks to every one

I have been on here a lot the last month reading & general lurking about. So, much information

was a giant help. Graduated the 22nd tested the 26th passed pre-trip & maneuvers no problem.

Got half way through my road test & was pulling out from a light & noticed a couple on side of

the road ahead near the next light. Wondering what they might do I forgot what I was doing missed

a shift panic & failed to recover in a safe amount of time. I went back to my school & they let

me go back out for an hour of extra training on the road. Regrouped my confidence & practiced

recovering. Passed my test today with flying colors. Turns out we fail our selves. All good


Had a letter of Conditional Offer of Employment from Garner Transportation. Followed up on

that already. So, maybe Monday I'll start my new life.

Thanks a bunch for all the great information & positive attitude that offers so much support.

Be safe not sorry,


Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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SHOES vs BOOTS? What type of foot ware do you use?

I have a pair of Vans slip on shoes for comfort. Years ago when I worked in a paper mill I

discovered steel toe rubber slip on boots at a Tractor Supply store for like $15. UGLY ? Yes.

Cheap & comfortable & covers every other need sure. But, don't think I'll ever drive in them.

Be safe not sorry,


Posted:  10 years, 8 months ago

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Trying to figure out double clutching

Welcome to the start of a new adventure. I just got my license this morning. So, all I can

tell is the state (insert yours here) gives us (drivers) a bit more strict test to make sure

we can handle the rig & all the extra stress while being tested. That's the why as far as I can

tell. Real world truth is you will float (gears) most of the time. An instructor at my school

at one time was a state examiner. She said they (not a hard rule just general) just needed to

see that we (drivers) know how to double clutch up & down a few gears. Then if we floated a few

they generally would not point us because they already seen you do it right. Also, a big scare

(to me any way) was don't let the rig travel more than the length of the rig out of gear.

Truth is you can't shift that fast at say 50 M.P.H. Take your time be smooth. Tell a joke.

Be friendly, be confident (not arrogant) & explain what or why you are doing things while you

drive. So, that they don't think you are scared. When you are just going slow because the red

light ahead you believe will change soon. You will be taught how to double clutch for the test

it's not a big deal if you slow down & take your time. Don't overwhelm yourself with needless

stress. We are often our own worst enemy. Good times & be safe.


Posted:  10 years, 9 months ago

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Help,Help Help

I have been unemployed since May 2011. To prove what I have been doing I wrote up a standard

letter & had all my neighbors that knew me & what was going on sign it. Then added their

addresses & phone numbers ( they know I did, it's good for references , too). Just about every

place I use this accepts it. Some friends told me they have received calls about it verifying

& asked about me , too as a person. (Make sure to only ask people you are friends with could

bite ya. LOL).

You was trying to work & I'm sure somebody that likes you will verify it. Write up the

situation & get some signatures. Trust me it WILL help.

Best wishes & best of luck, sir

Posted:  10 years, 9 months ago

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H.O. Wolding, Inc.

Is it H.O. Holdings or H.O. Woldings? I cant find anything about them except H.O. Woldings

H.O. Woldings, Inc. You are correct. I goofed. LOL If a person drives for H.O. Woldings

does that make you a HOW ( pronounced with long O )? At any rate Woldings , yes.

Posted:  10 years, 9 months ago

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H.O. Wolding, Inc.

Oh, yeah I've seen the post on this site with all there info. Just asking about first hand sort of knowledge.

Posted:  10 years, 9 months ago

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H.O. Wolding, Inc.

So, this recruiter from H.O. Holdings Inc. came by our school today. Sounded like the greatest

company ever invented. As we all know & have heard if it sounds to good to be true...

So, I'll just ask if anyone has knowledge of them ? While I surf around looking for more info.

about them.

Spank you all kindly for any info,


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