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Posted:  4 years, 12 months ago

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2 cdl sponsorship companies, 2 variations of dmv record, please help !

Hey. Thank you for reading this, and thank you to anyone who has responded to any of my previous threads. I read all comments and appreciated them ( sorry for the delayed thank you - response )

About 2.5 years ago I went to PRIME cdl sponsorship, after recently ( 1 month after ) having an accident. It happened in Florida. guy accelerated off a stop light, then turned immediately into a gas station on the corner without signaling. rear end collision, at fault, citation : following to close.

local company, East-west cdl sponsorship program. home on weekends, 1000 week, NC area to California and back. They ran my license after this event. They could not find the FL accident, I informed the recruiter, but did not mark it on the application.

Prime can find it ( the accident ) along with any other violation, dismissed, expunged or otherwise. East-west cannot. I asked about this, and was told that because I payed the fine. They most likely did not inform the NC DMV.

I would like to drive for maverick after doing research.

Here is the question : Should I tell mark it on my application, tell them only verbally as I did with East west, or say nothing.

I don't want to lie to anyone, I"m clear going back to 2013 of any non moving violations excepting this.

If i'm found lieing i'm afraid i could be banned form the company for life or labeled as such, and then have problems if I ever have to tell ''my side of the story'' in the event of a problem on the road. East west seems more laid back than maverick or Prime.

I feel like they have a much longer, and more in depth training program for there drivers, seemingly acknowledging that people learn at different paces, and seem to focus on producing a competent driver, as compared to the legal required time to operate a truck.

east-west I think is, dry van only, 10 trips to California ( from NC area ) with a trainer, and then your solo, good luck !

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Posted:  5 years, 3 months ago

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Stratgeic, money-making, trucking how to : ????

I had an idea a while back, and I want to know if these things are worth considering. I've driven regionally in a sprinter. I do not hold a CDL, and have only done ''some reading and you tube watching''. Is it worth while to carefully plan what company you work for ? I live in North carolina, within 5-50 miles are several major trucking companies.

for a seasoned pro or a new student \ school graduate not bound by contract ?

* driving on the south east ( limited bad weather, limited winds that can affect trucks, few low bridges, or routes that forbid 18 wheeler traffic I assume the loads pay less here for companies \ drivers, but less down time for traffic and weather has to be a plus.

what good is PRIME at 49cpm, if your snowed into a truck stop, or sitting in a wreck out west, or being sent into densely populated cities ? ( prime pays there in house students 49cpm starting pay for a lightweight truck, I'd imagine they pay for it in miles or difficult driving. )

I've seen ads for heavy haul trucking, promising 90k per year ( asheville craigslist ) and other companies with a ''safety net'' of $1,300 per week. ( I know you cant believe everything you hear but if I was hired at the above stated rates, and the reality was 20% less I'd still be happy )

your job at the end of the day is to get from point A to B without harming cargo, causing injury, breaking the law, and without being late. If those are rules that apply across all companies.

Dose it make sense to plan your employment around non traditional means for the purpose of making money.

EX: no mountain driving, limited snow driving,no heavy traffic areas, speed at which you can get loaded\unloaded, reliability of next day ''easy'' miles, places to park. Any thought on this or is this even worth while to consider ? I realize some of this may seem like an idiots pipe dream.

Posted:  5 years, 10 months ago

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Should I be Afraid ? or am I just be paranoid ? ( from cargo van too big rig )

Hey, I need some advice. I am thinking of getting my CDL a local company. They primarily run North Carolina area to California and back. Pay after a month or so of training is 800.00 is per run, not by the mile.

I used to drive cargo vans and 12 ft box trucks. On a trip to somewhere up north ( Michigan I think ) I came down a road to merge into a 6 lane highway with traffic moving at about 60mph, with very little room between vehicles. Because of the angle of the road, I had no way to see what I was driving into, until it would've been to late to stop without making a very sudden stop ( 40mph ) ....I would've expected a lane to run along side, level, with he lanes I was merging into, but no such lane existed. The vehicles I was merging into slowed down, creating a space, as did the vehicle behind me. This terrifies me because I was entirely dependent on the vehicles around me not to cause a wreck, and because if I had to it again, I don't know what I could've done to avoid being in that situation. If I had been in an 18 wheeler, i'm sure I would've either caused a wreck merging or stopped and possibly been rear ended. There were no road signs to indicate the situation or lack of a merging lane that I was driving into.

I received no training besides just driving my honda civic prior to this.

My real question here is. How do you handle situations like that ? In general the unexpected ? .....I know experience and thinking about that your driving into \ how you going to get out of any situation. Has anyone had a situation like this ? should I avoid getting a CDL ? is this kind of thing covered in most CDL classes ?

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Prime, sent home for non-moving violations, what now ? Help !

Thank-you all for taking time to comment. I've been home for a few days and had time to sit and think. Got a job either as a plumber's apprentice or in manufacturing.

As for trucking your right. I made poor choices without appreciating the long term consequences. Now those choices have came back around to kick me in the teeth. So, it seems waiting out 2017 to get a clean license is going to be the way to go.

...Also , I failed the damn vision test. I've taken them before, when I was younger, and always passed. Now I guess I can't read " line 5 " at 30ft. That's just annoying, although probably important for actual, safe, driving. On the plus side glasses can be purchased to easily solve the problem.

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Prime, sent home for non-moving violations, what now ? Help !

Hey, I am\was a prime (PSD) student. First let me start by saying PRIME was incredible. Only got to see the campus inn facility ( not the famed millennium building ). I got to try the cafeteria 3 meals per day. Most people gotctheir food, and had enough to "buy" additional items. Extra orange juice, soda, deserts etc... The food quality is higher than you'd expect. Next door (200 feet away) is the fire n I've restaurant ( free delivery) filet minion burger, wild mushroom pasta dish. It's a high end restaurant. You get 25% off being a prime student.

They also have simulators, these are great machines. It's a 95% perfect simulation of driving a truck ( shifting is a little forgiving, as their are no gears to actually gears to grind) All the instructors, staff, and students were very helpful and went beyond what you'd expect to make sure the students were well taken care of. If your considering a company sponsored program choose PRIME.


I was admitted to program, and excelled at everything put in front of me ( used to drive a small box truck for a guy that had 6 tractor trailers) we came to my file review. I have 1 accident in the past 3 years, no other moving violations. During 2013-2015 I had a few speeding tickets, more recently (2015 side) had a few expired tags, no insurance (temporarily), a driving while license revoked ( was changed in court to noise ordinance violation). I had failed to appear for a seatbelt ticket=license revoked=FTA warrant=jail (post bond) =noise violation.

I was told Prime wanted 1 year of showing I could "take care of my license" . I had a 20 mph rear end accident, after leaving a stop light in Florida 11\16

Local small companies, won't train because of recent accident. (Also swift rejected me because of accident) Large companies, prime , won't take because of non_moving violations.

So, what now ? Wait 1 year for PRIME ? CRCEngland @ 12cpm ? .........Prime was 44cpm +bonuses (higher cpm for flatbed n tanker) USA truck ? Knight ? Werner ?Maverick ? Pam ?

I don't want to get screwed into driving for less than 30cpm, for a year, heading west\north into winds\storms. Weather delays+being new+low rpm. I can get a job paying 10.00_14.00 per hour next week, easily. Don't want to risk my life or driving record, to earn below average $

What would you do in my position ? Seek alternate trucking job, or take a "regular job" and wait the year out (365 days from this posting)

Thankyou in advance !

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Stuck in Chicago on my way to Prime

I'm in Knoxville. Asheville bus canceled. Friend gave ride to Knox terminal. Good luck.

Waiting on a 4 hour bus layover and holy cow are my butt cheeks cold. These metal waiting chairs are the worst. How's winter treating everyone today?

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Got any fun snow stories ? Words of wisdom ?

That's Awesome ! I didn't know a cat could do anything besides meow ! I would love to see that !

Hey at least his paw didn't stick to the windshield.

...Something you might laugh at, I was installing satelite TV one time, and turned to look at the customers cat ( just turned my head) when I did, it looked at me, turned, and bolted ( still kinda looking) strait into the half way open front door that it had just walked past. Stumbled ( like it was seeing stars) for about 2 ft, then shot off strait for the back of the house. The customer and I about died laughing.

I have never seen a cat do that, ever... Most animals like me, so I don't know....

My cat likes to sit on the dash and watch the trucks park. I think he likes the blinking lights.

In UT a foot of snow piled on my windshield over night. The cat jumped on the dash, tilted his head out of curiosity, then pawwd the window trying to move he snow out of his way.

The result was a blood curdling scream, his eyes popped out like a cartoon and he jumped from the dash to my bunk in one leap. Then hid under the blanket.

It was like "omg...that is cold...why did you let me do that?"

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Got any fun snow stories ? Words of wisdom ?

I'm taking the Greyhound to prime tommorow ! Last time at the super good Indian buffet :(. Anyway, it's snowing ! This got me thinking about when I used to drive a box truck (from TN to Chicago, IL) It was 2014 ( I think) the year Cowboys vs Ravens for the Superbowl. I'm not that big of a football fan, but that's just something that stands out to me.

I was driving a 10ft box truck and near Gary, Indiana I kept seeing cars and a few trucks all in the ditches. The the exit ramp to Gary with no less than 5 cars that slid off road trying to get down the exit ramp ( it's an easy one). In Kentucky, heading south it started snowing more, so I reduced speed, 35mph had trouble seeing out windshield. I fell in behind another 53ft truck, and his vehicle caught most of the snow so I could see again (Good thing) we climbed a mountain lookin thing... Then had drive down, that's when I started losing my " snowshield" so I punched the gas a little to keep up, that was not fun, and won't be repeated. Not sure how, but he had to have been doing 45 ish. If he got to far away, I'd lose my ability to see out the windshield. We finally got down and to a truck stop... It was packed, way more than usual, trucks everywhere around the stop too.

I never slid much, so I just kept going. I also never realised we'd been the only 2 vehicles on the road for a long time.

I thought I'd share this, and see if anyone else has any fun stories, or words of wisdom, they'd like to share about driving an 18 wheeler in the snow !

I'm kinda nervous about learning to drive in it, but it's also better because I'll be trained for the most difficult kind of driving, as far as I know.

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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CDL exam tomorrow!!

Hey Turtle. I'm coming out to PRIME on 1/7/17. 22 hour bus ride :\ I really appreciate you posting recent ''what to expect'' diary of the PRIME training program. A lot of my questions and curiosities were answered about the actual in's and outs of PRIME ! I"m really happy to hear about the Christmas party ! I love good food ! Also getting some, hard to come by, details about trainer selection, and tests (wouldn't have expected pre trip to be that daunting )

Let me ask you something, Have you noticed a difference between company trainers vs owener-op trainers ? From reading the forums I'm getting the idea that an ''enthusiastic desire to teach personality'' you might just end up as free labor, and not get the recommended time practicing backing maneuvers, parallel park, pre trip etc.... (pre trip you can kinda do on your own, I think )

Posted:  7 years, 5 months ago

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Prime student 1\7\17, Got a few UNIQUE questions, not appearing in forum , would appreciate veteran responses !

Hey, I'm very excited to start my career in trucking ! I have limited experience in delivery and regional box truck driving. I've finally decided to start my career doing what I love ! So far anyway. I've been reading this message board for a few months He have been trying to learn as much as I can, also very happy to see all the posts and active involvement from all the senior truck drivers, it's all very encouraging, and gives a great variety of information and perspectives about trucking ! I do have a few questions, some PRIME specific, some not, that I do not see a lot of in message boards.

1, During the two ( 2 week ) sections of training on the road, what should I expect in terms of learning to deal with road conditions ? From Missouri, will I be going NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST ? Will I need to put chains on tires for snow covered mountains ( I've heard of Donner's pass ) will I be given easy lanes to learn basics and build on that, or will they maximize the limited time with the trainer's and send me to the worse\dangerous conditions to learn\demonstrare skill while the trainer is there to catch any mistakes before they become problems ? Anything I should be aware of about cold, have a good jacket, a few sweaters, and T shirts. I know it can get very cold, and colder... Am thinking of North Dakota. What about traffic, the idea if driving in fast, heavy traffic ( think new jersey, I've done it in a box truck) in a 53 foot trailer terrifies me, specifically having to change lanes, quickly an safely.

2, I have family in mid Florida area, I can stay with. But have no obligations or need to be home. I could and would like to take home time anywhere. A few days off in California, Nevada (Vegas, but I don't gamble much) , Alaska ( if I'm lucky). More realistically, either end of a major shipping lane for maximum miles after ( "reset" ? ) Also have no problem with teaming, and am accustomed to 70hr, 6 day, labor intensive work week.* Will this freedom\ availability, and desire for a long work week give me an edge, or Anykind of advantage for miles ! As a new guy, or after becoming experienced ?? *

3, I hate to ask something like this, but How do I know if I'm getting a good trainer ? I want to learn the details, and be good not "just get the job done" I'd like to build a quality reputation for the work I do. Is there any red flags to be aware of that might signal I'm not learning what I need to ? I know there are a few obvious things (tailgating, just checking off the inspection without actually doing it ) but truth is, being a student, If it wasn't something very obvious, I might not realise it, and learn some else's bad habits, have that reflect on me as a driver, and have no idea. I know everyone wants the "best" instructor , and no one wants to be a mediocre instructor, sometimes they ( instructors) can be new, or tired as well. Anyway I can get a good one without being rude enough to ask ? Again, I apologize for asking, but I am curious about it.

4, Food, I imagine your limited to truck stops, and places within 3 miles of the exit and space for your truck n trailer to get good food, and whatever you can take in the truck. What are your thoughts on this ? ... I've seen a nice folding grill with wheels, a space for a propane tank the size of your forearm, and push button ignition. Would easily fit in a truck.

5, about living healthy relative to driving. I'm physically healthy, fit, under 28. I have been drinking coca cola as 90% of everything I drink sense 15, And Kool aid before that. Besides this I eat healthy, and do moderate exercise. I'm thinking of removing caffeine, and sugar completely from my diet. Am also thinking of "training" my body to be awake and go to sleep to try and match the legal hours of operation as a truck driver. I'm thinking being as healthy, as possible, and being either sleeping or driving as much as possible would make me less tired, and more alert for longer while driving, than any dependence on caffeine or anything similar ?

Experienced truckers, has anyone tried this ? Did it make any difference ? Is it practical or worth doing as it relates to getting miles or being a safer driver ?

6, self defense. Is this a problem ? Obviously be aware of your situation, surroundings. Park at the well lit truck stop, not the dim gas station with burn out sign lettering. Has this ever been a problem for anyone ? What are your options, and obligations ? ( This will vary by state, and company you drive for) I do not carry a gun, doors not always been locked,at home ( had big dogs, with open space for them to chase threats (squirrels).) I imagine the trucks aren't bullet proof, and won't be "taking one for the team" but this seemed like a good subject to put forward, if just to learn what it's like out there. This being said, I've been in "iffy" looking places across the country late at night, and it seems to me people won't mess with you, unless you give them a reason. Like arguing, cursing at them, or paying for something with a handful of hundred dollar bills. Common sense _ safety right ?

I realize I am basically trading years of my life (or home time with wife n kids, if I had them) for security, and the trade skill, and career opportunity of being a truck driver. What are my chances of meeting a beautiful woman, the love of my life, while being a trucker ? Veteran drivers your thoughts on this too, would be most appreciated.

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