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I love my job. I clock in with a smile and clock out with a smile.

Local truck driver.

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Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Wife-school or company school

I was raised- Growing up a mans word is everything.

You get free training. Honor your commitment for atleast 1 year.

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Wife-school or company school

My wife is currently in trucking school. No issues there except her job isn’t accommodating at all. Threatening her with firing her.

Weekends she’s literally on 2 hours of sleep . She goes from school to work. To school . To work. Barely even stepping foot in our place - just to shower and change then leave. But they don’t care

From what she tells me, it seems like they don’t want anyone to advance and she doesn’t want to be stuck in that place with those miserable people.

Anyway she approached me with going to company paid training. I gave her the warning of signing a 1 year contract in exchange for a cdl . She’s for it. I suggested prime to her as I seen countless of members reviews ( Though rainy? comes to mind )

What you guys think. Yes I’m aware personal choice. She’s up for the year contract.

She’s a bit slow minded but once she catches on, man she’s hooked. I tell her everyday of my local adventures and she fell in love

She’s about 130 pounds. 5’9

She talked about flatbed And refer . I did my stint of flatbed and told her I’ve seen short tiny folk handle that tarp, just be prepared to get those work muscles first few weeks until your used to it.

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Rookie who can’t stand otr training

I may sound harsh but this lifestyle isn’t for the weak. All of us seen our fair share of accidents.

Seen families burned up, crushed, truck barreling through because of no air brakes. You are driving a big weapon of death, yes death. Whatever you hit, small chance they’ll survive.

Hit someone in a car, small chance they’ll die

Hit someone in a truck, small chance they’ll live.

See the difference?

If your heart is not into this, don’t force yourself. Feel free to come back later on before the AI robots come in

Posted:  4 years, 4 months ago

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Rookie who can’t stand otr training

I have a dilemma because I’ve graduated cd school this pass October. I’ve started with prime but the training process has Been tough especially being a woman . The 1st trainer I had was so rude to me and I dealt with him for 2 weeks and then had to wait at a terminal for 2 weeks for another trainer and my 2nd trainer quit because we got stuck in California for a few days due to a snow storm. So I’ve been home contemplating on if I should quit because I really hate otr all over the states and I would like to find something where I can go home every week. I know that it’ll be harder to get but I want to be happy and I’ve been miserable dealing with this training process especially dealing with trainers who are so tactless and mean. I don’t want to hate what I do just for the money and experience. I also don’t know what the next trainer will be like and I will take another chance going out with another person knowing I already have a bad experience with the trainers so I’m kind of over it. I know that I haven’t learned everything I need to know in just a few weeks of training so my only reason for going back would be cause of the money and experience. However I’ll be uncomfortable, and unhappy doing so. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Please give me some advice on what you think the beat option will be. Thanks

One thing you have to face is, you have to swallow your pride. Swallow your way of doing things. You are going to the trainers truck.

I was forcefully given a newbie ( I’m local) they told me , teach him the product. I asked them if he had experience because company requires 6 months experience. They said yes.

Turns out no. Fresh out of school. When it comes to safety, I yelled. Last thing I want is my truck reputation to be the one hitting cars and trucks ( my route is a set area)

You don’t know anything. Even if you think you know, you don’t. My trainee was stubborn but has the same disabilities like my wife so he was even easier.

As long as no sexual advances are made towards you... you have to suck it up princess. You are fortunate that not only you’ll have a trainer, you have this whole forum. And majority being Prime drivers both current and former

Posted:  4 years, 12 months ago

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Terminated by Schneider

When I went otr to a company , I happen to have a delivery in my home state. I informed my trainer there is a very large dip and sharp turn on I-90 . He was from my same state but didn’t actually know the state ( guess he was new ). Anyway he didn’t believe me. When I got to it, I slowed down to about 35mph , made the turn and got a critical event for going too slow on the highway and roll over . They pulled up the gps, talked to me about it. And was cleared. Nice and easy

I’m local now and we have forward and rear facing cameras. When I hard brake, turn to fast, hit bumps, they camera goes off and records 8 seconds prior and 8 seconds after. Third party company actively reviews it and if I did turn to fast, they’ll send it to my job. But if everything is ok. They’ll move on. In a large truck you’d be surprised what even a sudden jerk or medium braking would do to the load ( I only read the first page )

Posted:  6 years, 4 months ago

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TMC CDL Program

If you are not comfortable or your trainer is not being fair don’t do what I did and keep going, report him and you’ll get sent to another trainer

I sucked it up and passed any test my trainer threw at me to fail me. The main thing that bothered me is . Tmc has an option where you click smoker or none smoker . Dip or no dip. I put no smoke- no dip. That way I’m matched with a like mind trainer

Nope. My trainer dipped and it was disgusting. On top of him being in cups, peeing on the side of the truck, making his own spot in the middle of lanes when there were more than enough rooms to park where a rookie can easily back in.

Always yelled at me for not going fast in the truck stop parking lot, yelled at me for switching lanes when cars and trucks were coming on the on ramp - he said I have an increased chance of crashing

Yelled at me when I observed the move over law - again saying i have an increase chance of crashing.

That’s just the tiny bit of it. And I never reported him , my mistake. I think highly of the company, my class mostly got great trainers, the few others reported and got good trainers.. I didn’t want the trainer to get fired as I know that’s not TMC standards .

I hope I still have a chance to try again! I’m loving this local truck career, but my route takes me past truck stops and I sure miss it!

Posted:  6 years, 4 months ago

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TMC CDL Program


I don't know how I managed to keep calm and focused on trying to learn this extremely critical material.


Do you think his behavior is calculated or random? TMC has been training flatbed drivers for a long time and they are very good at it.

Here is what I think; your patience and tolerance were both being tested. You may not believe that to be true, but I'm quite sure the approach was deliverately designed to test your ability to stay focused and maintain composure in a stressful situation. It obviously worked considering you answered all but one securement question correctly.

If by chance you ask the same instructor for some one-on-one time to clarify specific securement topics, his demeanor might be very different. Part of an instructors job is to "thin the herd" so to speak, so that only the strong survive.

I think you handled the situation exactly how a professional truck should, focused on performing our jobs regardless of the distractions thrown at us.

Merry Christmas! 🎄

I know who the instructor is..

Yeah he is very aggressive however when approached he will explain it a bit easier. But if you still aren’t getting it, he will snap at you. Instructions are quite clear. Some people think it’s a game, load securement is no joke. Lives are at risk the moment your truck is loaded.

But seeing as how he practically aced his load securement test, he indeed was taught well

Posted:  7 years ago

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Military Trucking Time

Schneider counts experience towards pay, I believe that's the best you can do

Or look at the PaYS program, start from there.

( scroll to the bottom for a brief on it )

Posted:  7 years ago

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Upcoming new driver

Update. Went with TMC.

Orientation was / is awesome.

Posted:  7 years ago

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My TMC Transport Orientation and Training

Exactly like g-town said. Think of it as a two week interview. Don't mess around. Think safety. THINK SAFETY. THINK SAFETY. Don't mess around. Don't be disrespectful to ANYONE. It's nice to make friends but FOCUS on you.

It is similar to a military atmosphere. Always have situational awareness. Both during orientation and out on the road.

My verification. I finished TMC orientation recently.

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