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Posted:  2 days, 14 hours ago

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Who adds remarks to elogs?

When I've asked our logs department they have always said it is not required to add a remark to a duty status. But we are required to add a remark if we edit a duty status.

I've asked both in classroom setting and 1 on 1 with my logs auditor.

Posted:  3 days, 12 hours ago

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Detention Stamps

I've never heard of the fine either. I usually don't put one on unless the customer took so long I thought I may be due detention pay.

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Advice please - started solo and second time this is happening.

To me it seems like your FM is coaching you on how to maximize your efficiency and make the most money. The OTR lifestyle takes some getting used to. One major part of that is being able to get rest when you have the opportunity, not just when you'd like to. If I'm at a customer for 6+ hours I will absolutely try to get in either an 8hr sleeper break or a full 10hr break. That way I have a full clock available to work with and make more money.

Very often I get most of my sleep while I'm locked into a dock at a customer.

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Yep! that was me. i parked at a rest area

I was eastbound and waved at you.

You turned your head and looked right at me, but didn't wave!

I am wounded!

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Tough local backing for a newbie

Prime has gone through a range of trailer tail types. They have been proven to increase fuel mileage, but they do require more attention by the driver.

Our older trailers have the manually open and close type that do cause the doors to sick out considerably. You must be very mindful of them when obstacles are anywhere near your open doors.

The last couple years we had a thinner profile self opening style. They cut down how far they would make your doors stick out, but we had other issues with them. They originally had no method of secure closure. A jolt while backing or a gust of wind could cause them to pop open on their own. Many customer dock doors were damaged by these tails opening back up during backing, after the driver had closed them. I ran into a couple customers that checked what type of tails my trailer had and refused to let trailers with that type of tail on their property. They have all been modified with a secure closure system and the self opening tabs were cut off.

Our latest trailers don't have tails anymore. Instead they have these curved tabs that stick out about 6" and are spring loaded so we don't have to worry about them while backing. Can open the trailer doors easily or even back right into a dock with doors shut and they will move out of the way by themselves.


Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Might have prevented a minor accident

Oh boy I used to have a bad habbit of not applying enough pressure to the brake while stopped on an incline. Id be holding the brake, but not quite enough. Broke that habit before it ever got me into trouble.

When I was taking my CDL exam I had the examiner in the passenger seat and I was doing one last triple/quadruple check of everything before I took my foot off the break. Examiner in a calm voice, "Just so you know we're rolling." (I slam breake pedal to the floor jerking our heads back into the headrests) Examiner in same calm voice, "All good, begin when ready."

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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Rainy were you by chance heading westbound on I20 towards Birmingham around 0900 this morning? Wearing a hi-vis while driving?

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Looking For Information About Prime

Another very happy Prime driver here.

Every bad review of Prime I've seen, both on company or lease side, was from a driver who created their own problem or jumped into a lease without understanding what being an independent contractor means.

I've lost count of how many driver's I've run into that have said Prime sucks because they drove for prime and they got fired for to many automatic generated critical events. Ummm that's your fault driver...not the companies.

Prove yourself to be an asset and they will take very very good care of you. Prove yourself to be a liability and they will show you the door.

That's the same for any company.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Tough local backing for a newbie

Overhead view. Looks like fun!

Those cars parked in the first few spots definitely increase the challenge.


Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Does crete let you set your PTA or do they micromanage you?

Never even thought about setting a morning PTA. If my 10hr is over and I haven't received a dispatch yet I'd be ringing my dispatcher asking what the hold up is.

If I'm already loaded and I take a 10+hr break my dispatcher won't say a word. He knows I will budget my time appropriately and be on time.

I suspect it's when you have a history of excessive breaks followed by being late to appointments, or the dispatcher just isn't familiar with you yet, is when you'll be receiving reminders after 10hrs that it's time to go to work.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Clear your info off the pump before you leave...

This morning I pulled up behind a truck at the fuel island of the Effingham IL Flying J. The driver seemed to be having a problem with the pump. He looked back towards me and pointed at the pump followed by running his finger across his neck. I'm guessing he was signaling the pump is messed up. He jumped back in his tractor and pulled away. I wasn't in a very good position to back up and get to another pump so I figured I'd give this pump a try, and pull around again if needed.

As I pull up I can see the message on the pump screen says hose not authorized. That usually means your trying to pump diesel and the DEF hose is not properly hung up. The pump thinks your using the wrong hose. I jiggled the DEF hose and the screen changes to "remove hose to start fueling". Keep in mind I haven't entered my info, this is still the previous driver's transaction. He got frustrated and pulled away, and left his payment info active on the pump. Had a less honest driver been behind him they could have filled their truck up on on the previous driver's payment card.

I had to get the fuel desk to cancel the active transaction so I could start my own.

If your having trouble with a fuel pump. Never leave that pump until your certain your info has been cleared. Go talk to the fuel desk if necessary, but don't just get frustrated and leave.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Delayed for the dreaded quality control

One morning I was picking up a load of Miller lite. I had dropped my empty for inspection and hooked to a preinspected empty. I then got the required bulkheads preloaded inside the trailer. I was instructed to wait in an assigned parking space and until the yard dog came and gave me further instructions. And there I waited...and waited...and waited.

Later that afternoon I asked the guards if everything was ok, they just said go back to your truck and wait. Very unpleasant couple.

Now it's nearly sundown and I walk up to the guard shack to use their restroom. I noticed that the guards had changed shift, so I decided to see if the new faces had any info. Much more pleasant couple than earlier. When they checked my load info, "Oh your waiting on Miller Lite! The production lines have been down for two days! I still don't think they even have an ETA on when they'll be back up! "

Ah crap.... Would have been nice if the day time guards had shared that info.

Around 7am the next morning the yard dog finally came and knocked on my door. They were finally ready to load me.

Sat for a full 24hrs on their lot while they got their production line going again. On the up side once I got in a door they had me fully loaded in under 10 minutes.

Not the longest I've had to wait on a load, but still hate wasting a day.

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Sleeper Split Would Have Been Useful

That type of situation is the most common reason I log a split sleeper.

Some nights I just start having trouble focusing around 3-4am, and that's my cue to hit the next available parking area and park it anywhere I can. Set my alarm for 2.5 hours and take a power nap. That short power nap is enough to get me alert again, and by the end of the 2.5 hours its nearly sunrise. That sun coming up has a huge psychological benefit and I'm good to drive my clock out. Once I stop again I lay down and log an 8hr sleeper. Now I'm good to roll again with minimal time lost. Then I'll usually complete that trip logging 8hr sleeper rests and 2hr breaks along the way to grab food and a shower.

Keeps me rolling efficiently and I don't need to stop for a 30 minute break if I don't want to.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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While Waiting For Next Load

Usually I either have a preplan or I receive one while I'm at my unload. On the occasion that I've sent my departure msg and still don't have a preplan and I can't hang around at the customer, I'll head to the nearest truck stop. Preferably one with a washout. Don't sit on the side of the road. It's not safe and you could get ticketed. Sometimes it ends up being the wrong direction, but thats an acceptable risk over sitting on the shoulder somewhere.

My last load was GA to MN, as I was delivering I was happy to get a preplan from SD back to GA. Now I've been sitting at shipper in SD for almost 24hrs after my appointment, waiting for this load of lovely meat combos.

Sometimes preplans work in your favor... Sometimes they don't.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Refer on steroids

I had one that drove me insane. Setpoint was Freeshmeat 28 degrees in start/stop mode. But the reefer would cool to 27 degrees and then kick on heat to 29 degrees then cool back to 27 then heat to to 27....heat to 29....

Road assist just said they'll note it and just roll with it.... It was a drop at the receiver and they'll catch up with it later....

I was so happy when I dropped that trailer.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Open carry firearm

No one intentionally goes anywhere they think they will get into trouble. But there are plenty of crimes against both persons and property at truck stops. Add to that it's silly to think that because you look like someone not to mess with, that no one else should be concerned for their safety. An attacker may bypass you and go after someone who looks like an easier target.

I'm 100% for carrying defensive tools. But I also believe in adhering to laws and the written policy's of your employer and/or customers.

On home time I carry a concealed firearm. But the firearm stays home once I go back to work. OTR I keep a variety of "Kinetic Demotivators" handy. If I'm pre/posttripping my truck at night, I always have a 6 D-cell maglight in hand.

I haven't had an issue while OTR yet, and hope I never will. But I don't want to be caught unprepared if I cross paths with the wrong individual. I have had some questionable individuals who didn't seem to have any reason to be near me walk uncomfortably close. But I always spot them coming and had either my maglight or a hammer in hand...ya know checking my tires.

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Why when I back.

I do that all the time.

Without a truck next to me for reference I'll stop where I think I just barely have enough room to open the doors before backing to a dock....and I'll actually have like 20+ feet.

I'd rather be stopping to soon than to late...

Not worried about it.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Just when you think you got it down

If you didn't hit anything, that's a success. We all have our good days and not so good.

I've nailed docks in the first try with no pullups that I thought I was never going to be able to get into.

On the other hand I've had to abort, go around the lot and re-setup my approach 3 or more times on spots that I didn't think would be challenging at all.

You got it done, that's the only thing that matters

Posted:  1 month ago

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Are Drop And Hooks Really Any Better Than Live Loads? - article by Rainy

A side note to my above pictures. Obviously the tire recap being half missing was easy to spot. But as I was checking out the tire I heard the faint sound of air leaking somewhere under the center of the trailer tandems. At first I couldn't locate the leak so I started shaking all the air lines and running my hand all over listening for variations in the leak. That thinner cable was resting perfectly over the hole in the air line muffling the leaking sound. It appears that over time friction from the cable had worn a significant hole in the brake chamber air line.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Are Drop And Hooks Really Any Better Than Live Loads? - article by Rainy

Am currently experiencing a a perfect example of what Rainy talked about.

I just dropped a shiny, clean , fully fueled , nearly brand new trailer at this shipper.

As I'm pretripping the preloaded trailer I'm picking up, I discover a couple glaring issues.


Someone clearly left their problems for some other driver to deal with, and Im the lucky driver that inherited the problems.

The joys of drop/hook...

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