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Posted:  3 hours, 34 minutes ago

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Smoking the brakes

I used to run 80,000 lbs. down an 18 mile stretch in Death Valley coming back to Las Vegas that had a switch back at the bottom... let me just say ... you made sure you came down that hill in the right gear, cause it would not only be a career ending problem at the bottom. It would most likely be a life ending situation. Wouldn't matter how much experience you had. Knowing what you are dealing with on any grade is ultimately the drivers responsibility.

Don't be that driver ... just don't do it...

Once you’ve got them smoking, what’s an appropriate amount of time to wait before getting going again?

Posted:  6 days, 1 hour ago

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Backing practice

I had to learn how to back up a hay trailer behind a 39 Case with a hand clutch. So for me backing a semi tractor/trailer came a bit easy for me. Plus I had a 17 yr. veteran driver teach me on the road during my company training, and he thru in a few tricks to get me on a quick learning curve.

We pulled into a Lowe's early one morning to drop off a load... once we parked we got out for a walk. We noticed a big white line bent at a curved 90 degree angle to the right ... out in the middle of the parking lot.

My trainer gets back in the truck and pulled the trailer tandems around that right angle and got out and told me to practice backing around that curve, which meant of course pulling those same tandems forward ... you get the picture.

He never said a word... he just let me get out and look and work it out.

It changed my whole thinking about backing up...just a little simple exersize you can do in any open space.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Skills Failed

Just focus and do it

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Is there an official 'Ten Commandments of Trucking Safety'?

1... drive your truck with your experience... as your experience increases so will your ability to handle any truck.

2...stay in the right lane and stay out of everyone's way.

3...if at anytime you don't feel safe, stop driving. find a place to park and get your stuff together.

4...keep an open mind... listen to some of these older drivers who have been driving for a number of years.... they did something right to stay in this business for so long.

5...stop assuming anything ... just stop.

6...learn from your mistakes..especially the ones that cost you money.

7...learn to deal with will get plenty of it in this job... and if you don't get a handle on it... it will be a short career.

8...focus on solutions... not problems.

9...if your boss asks you if you want to learn something new...and they are willing to train you so you can make more money.... don't miss out on these types of opportunities.

10...have fun...keep a positive attitude... enjoy the view....

If so, I would suspect any CDL school would cover it. I ask because I have had a NRA-approved hunter safety course and there was a 'Ten Commandments of Gun Safety' we had to know. I have the same philosophy about the transportation world. I believe no vehicle, especially a heavy one, should be given any less respect as should be given a firearm, or a jetliner for that matter. I believe there are more vehicle-related serious injuries and deaths each year than such mishaps related to guns while commercial planes seem to have better safety stats than both road vehicles and firearms.

PS - Another question, does anybody here agree that under no conditions a semi should be shifted on a downgrade, that a downhill truck should stay in the same gear going over the summit that it climbed the hill to begin with? A retired truck driver once told me this years ago.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Hwy training without living in truck?

Check with Knight ... they have a trainer who runs out of Phoenix ... and is home every night... good luck

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Driving with chains

What if really comes down to is ... everyone has an opportunity to make their own decision on this matter ... I chose to work the 11 western states so I could make it home to see my family a little more often ... no disrespect to any driver who chooses not to chain up ...

I put up this post to share my experience for those who are new and may get into this situation.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Log Management ... HOS

There seem to be a lot of new drivers on this site and I don't see much discussion about HOS with respect to running out of hours to drive...

for those of you who have figured this out spare yourselves from reading this post ...

Now ... for those of you just starting out here's the deal ... trucking companies will put loads on you that may require you to drive 10 + hours a day.

you need to learn not to accept these kind of loads... here's what you say to your driver manager...

I got into this business to make money ... if you keep running me out of hours which puts me Out Of Service for 34 hours ... I am doing myself any good here.... tell them you want to work every day... that every day you are out here you want to be working... not sitting at a truck stop doing a reset.

This my friends is your biggest hurdle of overcome... you need the support of your driver manager with this or you will never work at your full potential.

If your driver manager is not listening to you go to his boss... explain it to him... keep going up the ladder until you get what you want.

Tell them you can work 365 days straight if you never want to take a day off.... this is true... there are no rules you need to take a day off. the longest I stayed out and worked everyday was 10 weeks. no BS

if you limit your day on line 3 and 4 to 8 hours to as much as 8 and 3/4 hours you will never run out of hours.

this means you limit your line 4 for pre-trip to 15 min. in the morning ... if you need fuel maybe 30... but with e-logs you can get it all done in 20 or less.

Hit the road... drive your 500 miles... approximately ... depending on your governed speed this might vary ... but a 500 mile day is a good day.

Not everyday is going to be a 500 mile day, but you will find even with stops it will average out.

I learned to commit to a 500 mile day so when my driver manager would call and say hey I got a 1500 mile run for you ... picks up on Mon and delivers on wed... I didn't ever have to think about it .... answer was always put me on it.

By using this method .. I could keep myself booked for loads as much as 2 weeks in advance... meaning I was always working and making money.

I hope this hasn't confused anyone...

and remember ... the squeaky wheel get the miles... because I was always calling my driver manager asking where my next load was....

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Electronic Logs..

How's it going out there with e-logs?

Lot's of frustration with e-logs... I know I went thru them all early in my career.

Here's a scenario some of you have figured out, but new drivers will be faced with this as soon as they hit the road...

Say you drove all night to get to a shipper/receiver to make sure you get to an appointment on time. your about 4 or 5 hours early and park outside the gate and hit the bed... and you put yourself on line 2

ok ... alarms goes off ... time to check in... they tell you to head into the dock ... well you are in the middle of your 10 hour break... you may have hours to drive into the dock, but you know once you get docked you are going back to bed to finish your sleep while your getting loaded/unloaded.

so what are you going to do if have to move the truck and it's going to put you on line 3 which will force you to start your 10 hour break again?

every e-log device...(and I have worked with 3 or 4 different types) give you a few 10ths of a mile to move the truck before it activates you automatically putting you on line 3. Your safety department may tell you this isn't true ... so you need to test your truck to find out.

At the beginning of your day when you are getting ready to hit the road... do a little test somewhere safe so you can stop and check without getting in anyone's way .

While still on line 4 after your pre-trip ... move your truck 2/10ths of a mile and stop ... shut the truck off and sit until you think your activated on line 3... do a quick check of your logs and look at your status... this may take a few minutes ... so you wouldn't want to do this if you have to get somewhere... make sure you have plenty of time.

If you are still on line 4 ... start your truck and move 4/10ths of a mile and repeat everything again ... checking your logs ... but make sure you shut off your truck.

are you getting the idea now ...

some systems will let you move 2 or 3 tenths of a mile ... one of my systems let me move 7/10ths.

you will need to do this little test a few times and double check your findings... because the last thing you want to do is screw up a 10 hour break.

Now some companies may require you to go on line 4 while you are at the dook ... but most won't have a clue.

Now once you are positive this little trick is working for you, and you pull up to a walmart and park it while waiting for you appointment...they are not going to say a word to you if you stop your truck several times from the gate to the dock ... just stay to the right of the service lanes so you don't block traffic... but I know some of these places are huge and there is no way to get around some of them without driving half a mile or much more to get to your dock...

so watch your odometer ... If you don't have a 10ths reading on your main od... put it on trip ... it will have it...

this isn't rocket science and you need to remember only you can protect your 70 hours of service ... you burn it up ... your done...

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Thinking of a Career change to Trucking

are they training drivers in school on automatics now?

this is just not right...a huge disadvantage to someone getting into this career.

the restriction would not be on your cdl if you only drive automatics though.

it would be when you take your driving test for a new company that only has manual .

they would probably put you on a trainers truck for a couple of weeks to learn how to drive manual.

I wouldn't think they would make you train all over again... unless of course you are having difficulty learning to drive a manual.

Well I just found out that Prime switched to all automatics in June. I would love to drive an auto, but I want to learn a manual. And I do not want any restrictions on my CDL for future Jobs. Now I'm back at researching all over again. I understand most major carriers are going all auto. Any suggestions on Company sponsored schools that only train with manuals?


Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Driving with chains

that is correct...several states require you to have chains in your truck ready for use from sept. 1st to the end of april or even may...

Some good info. I heard some states out west already require you to have chains on board this time of year for the season.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Driving with chains

1st ... learn how to put on chains before you get in the snow... you will be in love with yourself when the time comes and you don't have a choice.

2nd... learn how to put them on correctly ... get them on as tight as you can ( believe me ... I bet a lot of cam tools through the years .... tight... and straps ... lot's of straps ... if your company has bungee cords laying around start your collection... you can never have enough straps... some truck stops sell them in a package price.

3rd...carry enough chains... some states require all drive tires chained up plus 2 trailer tires... this could be a total of 4 doubles and 2 singles.

4th... make absolutely sure they are the right size... that's why you should put them on when at the yard ... not in a chain up area in the snow and cold only to find out they don't fit... well I was told they were the right ones at the yard. ( my wife tells me I never listen)

5th... now your chained up ... ready for the first big hill climb of the season ... you can feel the excitement ... right? take a big deep breath and calm down ... start out nice and slow. a) remember for every action performed has a reaction... simply put ... when driving with chains your multiply your actions by 10. b) absolutely no abrupt/sudden starts... start out slow ... don't dump the clutch... easy on the pedal .. if you don't have a clutch ... well easy on the pedal. c) easy shifts quick but smooth ... all your actions with the steering wheel, clutch, accelerator, brakes need to be as light and smooth as possible. d) last point here and I can't stress this enough... once you get started ... up the not stop (unless you are about to hit something. if you stop you are done... and will possibly need to towed up the hill.

I just want to say that with experience you will get more confidence.

I learned that a lot of mountain grades can actually be climbed without chains (and you may see some drivers doing this) but if a chain law is up, this is a warning... if you wreck without chains in a chain law situation ... the price for this could cost you your career or even your life.

Be safe

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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A Trucker's Wife is Baffled HELP

I believe... every trucking company hires one person in their accounting dept. that sits and figures out a way to rip off drivers... from the very start of my career it was a never ending battle to fight for what I earned each week... My Wife didn't work at the time so she was able to look into the settlement statements and determine what my pay should be... they will do whatever they can to confuse you... and come up with every excuse to try and cover up... so the moral of this story is ... get to the bottom line as quickly as you can when it comes to your pay ... and if you don't this treatment will not end.... If they refuse to come clean... find another company... as quickly as you can ... I agree they are ripping this driver off ... he should be making double if not triple what they are actually getting paid...

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Opinions on Self-driving trucks please!

I agree... there are too many things in this industry that humans need to be involved in ... first even if they do advance to there goal of self driving at any distance... how are they going to deal with winter driving conditions... I just don't see it happening ... and this is just one example

I hear a lot of drivers worried that we're a dying breed because the self-drivers are going to take us over. I hear this all over the news, but when I've really looked into it, it doesn't look like their making real progress in getting 18 wheelers anywhere near the ability to self-drive. Uber has spike their auto truck program. I ultimately think the whole thing is going to turn into a glorified cruise control.

What's y'alls thoughts on this?

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Turning Down Loads

I'm with Big Scott ... on this one you got into the business to make money ...(i'm assuming) and the only way you are going to do that is keep the wheels turning....correct... deal with everything else that comes your way... doesn't matter what it is ... if you start say no to any load then the process has started... you will not stop... now i am not talking about loads you can't possible make it time... unless they tell you your the only one close to pick it up and then you will need to ask your company to reschedule the delivery date and time... there are solutions to every problem ... trick is know them ... learning them ... school of hard knocks ...

go to school ( school of hard knocks) make mistakes ... believe me you will make plenty of them ... i know i did get graduated .... from the ... you school above and you will be a much better person in the end of your career .... and you can say ... I gave it all I got ... no regrets...

you have come to the right spot ... keep asking questions ....

I have driven for a very large carrier for 9 months. I had determined when I started that I would accept any and every load offering unless the appointment was so close that I assumed an error was to blame for my receiving of this load. It has happened. In my first few months of driving, I would listen to all the terminal rats talking about never getting miles, and then in same breath, list all the things he told his dispatch he would NEVER do. "Western 11 only, no NE, no LA, no states that have names ending with the letter 'A'." They told me I'd never get miles as a newbie with the company.

Well, I determined to go full George Costanza and made it appoint to do the Opposite of whatever these terminal rats were doing.

I've even done the little "favor" loads that are local deliveries in local gridlocked cities. Result? $$$! Very decent year So far and plenty of miles I've never begged for. What are some examples of loads you accepted knowing they would be a nightmare?

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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This are the things you need to be a truck driver

#1 common sense If you have difficulty figuring out simple problems in life ... better pass on this career... #2 good listener You are going to be subjected to a training session like no other... with a trainer who might not have the patience to deal with you unless you are lucky and to boss throws you the keys and says good luck ... old school ... they don't do that anymore #3 You will be tested beyond what you would ever think your limit is ... meaning if you think you can handle a lot of stuff... put your number you can handle up here and multiply it by 10 ... seriously #4 you need a good work ethic this job/career/lifestyle... well just let me say like with anything ... your are only going to get out of it what you are willing to put into it #5 be a safe driver... doesn't matter what you are driving... these habits should all ready be in your DNA... if you for some reason are one of those people (and there are plenty out there) that have spent there life (long or short) driving crazy and just haven't got caught... well let me tell you ... if you bring those habits to the big truck world ... i guarantee it'll be a short career for you

this is just my top 5... don't want to scare anyone away here from a great career...

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Questions About Scales

Now on the flip side of this question ...

what to do if you get a message to enter... or a redlight on your prepass... and the scale signs say closed or do not enter ... what to do

I had a student one time on I 84 headed west to Portland, OR. and got a red light on the prepass... but the scale said closed ...

he argued with me about going in and he insisted he needed to enter the scale....

I told him to pull over before entering the scale so I could throw him off my truck and terminate his training... he thought about it for a couple of seconds .... and made the right choice and just kept on drivin

I have a quick question. Yesterday while coming into Maine, I got a message on the Qualcomm letting me know about an upcoming scale, about a mile away I got the bypass but as I got closer there was a sign that said something along the lines of "All CMV must exit when lights are flashing" so being a rookie I went into the scale, which of course I knew i was legal so i had no problems. But my question is simple. Could I have bypassed the scale, regardless of the sign or did I do the right thing?


Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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How does a truck driver protect themselves

My company did not allow us to carry firearms... they never said anything about knives ... so being a huge fan of weapons ...

I took the largest knife I had in my collection... about 14in. with a big shiny silver handle and strapped in securely to my shifter ... got a lot of comments about my addition to my truck ... even a few from DOT officers when they poked their heads in the window from the passenger side.....

I'm wondering how a truck driver protects themselves from possible highjakings, or other life threatening situation? Anything is possible right? So can't a truck driver have some sort of weapon to prevent this kind of stuff: I'm starting school for my CDL next month, and I was hoping in getting some kind of weapon for my own protection, but I will already have my own weapon as my dog will be my traveling companion, but I want a different weapon to protect both is us


Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Alcohol at dinner

I was weened on beer growing up in Wisconsin... so that statement alone should speak for itself... when I decided to start driving big trucks ... it was a no brainer for me ... if I wanted to be successful at this new career... considering I had a spouse, 3 children, and a house payment all depending on me...

I suddenly became a non-drinker... well I caught a couple of beers at the house on my home time.... just needed to catch em when your first get home and not right before you are headin out...

just sayin

Student; cdl permit

I understand good practice and having a drink during a run would not be good. I understand that. But I ask this anyway.

Before your 10 hours off, you have dinner and one beer.

Q1. You do not go back to the truck until 10 hours after the last sip. Are you legal?

Q2. You return to the truck 1 hour after the last sip. There will be a blood alcohol level above nothing. You intend to go to bed. Are you legal?

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Want to make the move!

Move to Vegas... or Nevada... no state income tax ... so you will give yourself a raise right there... and they will do a no test transfer on your cdl... I got my cdl in utah and did a very easy (paperwork only ) transfer to Nevada....

some states will require a written test or driving test or both ... so ask before you move

Has anyone started in one state and move to another after training? I have been wanting to move out of California for a while. Do companies let you off to make that move. My kids are grown, and it's just me. I'm just tired of the same crap the politicians put on everyone. There are some new laws coming in 2020, and not all good for trucking community. Not to mention the higher tax rates here. Now I don't want to be political here 'cause this is not the forum for doing that. I have really enjoyed the forum at TT, going through the High Road CDL Training Program. It has really helped me and today I go for my 8 tests at the DMV, then on Monday we start on the Pre-trip portion.

Anyway, if anyone has done this, a little info would help.


Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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Don't Be Fooled By Owner Operator Math - Old School's First Podcast!!

It's common sense ... never spend more then you make ... with either your home or business... it's simple math ... and these leasing offices will try to sell your just about anything...

My biggest problem was book keeping... they offered for a small fee to take care of everything... well they did a great job of that... the first year i had them do my books i found out they took credit for about 75,000 dollars worth of fuel I bought and tried to tell me I was getting it back with my fuel surplus ... it doesn't work like that...

anyway I watched my paperwork very closely ... to make sure they were not ripping me off ...

they will make you all these promises ... but only you can make it happen...

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