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I'm a self made thousandaire.

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Posted:  3 years ago

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Podcast 19: You're Getting Career Advice From The Wrong People

Wise words. Thanks for the podcast, Brett. Learning so much from TT! thank-you.gif

Posted:  3 years ago

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Started Swift Academy (Columbus Ohio) Oct 8th 2018

Good job! Keep us posted on the do's and the don'ts, the good and the bad.


Posted:  3 years ago

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Pre-Trip Inspection - My Way! A must see!

Amazing work. Thank you Daniel!

solutions-24.1.png Note From TruckingTruth:

You can now find a PDF printable version of this entire pre-trip inspection and a PDF checklist, both printable, in our Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide or you can view them directly here:

We also have pre-trip inspection videos, checklists, and pre-trip inspection CDL practice tests.

Hello TT! You're looking at yet another legendary thread done by me!

This is my Pre-Trip Inspection, done my way! This Pre-Trip is done on my truck and trailer. I physically took the pictures and edited them to my liking. These are not pictures taken off of Google. It is a complete Pre-Trip Inspection and features everything you'll need to know. I've been working on this for a long time and my hometime finally gave me the chance to finish it all up.

This is based off of Prime Inc.'s Pre-Trip Inspection procedure. Your companies Pre-Trip might vary slightly.

Here are our sections:

Engine Compartment

Drivers Door Fuel Area

Coupling System

Trailer (Please note in the type of suspension your trailer has)

Light Check

In-Cab Inspection and Brake Tests

You will absolutely have to do the Coupling System, Light Check, and In-Cab Inspection. Then they select for you to also do either the Engine Compartment, Drivers Door Fuel Area, or the Trailer. It could be either one. You will have a total of 4 sections that you must pass on your exam. So study extra-hard on those required sections.

As stated, these are solely based off of how I like to do the Pre-Trip. I give my personal opinions as well as some helpful tips.

Your Instructor's advice may vary. In the end, just do it the way your Instructor wants you to do it.

Posted:  3 years ago

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Truckers Truth Face Book

I stopped using faceberg around 2014. They data mine your life and sell it to the highest bidder. Be weary of all the social media / big tech platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube etc). Not only do they sell your data but they algorithmically manipulate what you are "allowed" to see and read.

Give it a LIKE!!!!

Posted:  3 years ago

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Be warned about Automatic/Manual CDL

Exactly! Innovation cover-ups and planned obsolescence is something governments, corporations and NGO's have been involved in for hundreds of years. The "best way" is "their way", period.

It makes no difference in the end what's possible. We don't use the best of what's possible on a mass scale. We use what the government and major corporations want us to use.

Most of the best inventions of the past 200 years are locked away in secret government warehouses and basements out of the eye of the public because changing to the new and better technology would cause too much pain for the largest corporations, so they just won't do it. They'll stick with what we have and run major distraction campaigns to make us believe it's different than it really is - just like with electric vehicles.

Posted:  3 years ago

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The Benefits Of Staying With Your Starter Company Beyond One Year - article by G-Town

Great article! G-Town made some good points that I hadn't really thought about. Wish there was a "reputation" system so I could give this gentleman a thumbs up.

Posted:  3 years ago

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New job

You don't seem like a "Grump Old Man". What a kind thing to do!


I am scheduled to start orientation on the 12th for a dedicated route and will be trying for the doubles endorsement which is required for the job($8.5 for doubles test)...In TN will they require me to pay for my address change on license for a CDL, it doesn't match where I currently live? I read the TN website as I don't have to pay the $16 to change the license just report my address change for free for their database, not much money but just don't have it right now....


If you truly needed the $16, and have a paypal address or some other way for me to get it to you, I'll hook you up.

Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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DOT Drug Testing: Urinalysis or Hair Follicle?

Good morning guys and gals,

One of the number one questions asked about trucking companies in YouTube comments has to do with drug testing policy (UA or HF). Many/most of the companies listed in the link below haven't been updated in a number of years. I 'm curious to know if/when this list will be completely updated. Are forum users, such as myself, permitted to compile data and submit it so we have a more updated list? Thanks.

Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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Jim Palmer Trucking - Missoula MT

Hey Dave just wanted to thank you for all the info on your journey with JP. I have one question regarding their drug testing policy. Do they require urine test, hair follicle test or both and if hair test, is the spot where they remove the hair very noticeable? Will I have a big bald spot on my head? Thanks again.

Respectfully, Bill D.

Welp, day 1 down! This is going to be a short update. First off was the DOT physical. I passed! Next was a tour of the place. Lunch then drug screening. Rest of the day was orientation and signing on the dotted line.

First thing tomorrow will CLP test.

Tired, need a shower and sleep now.

Until next time!

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