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Posted:  1 year, 7 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

"Time does not heal all" when it comes to the job market. Despite what "you heard" from the recruiter, you need to listen to Rainey and own your mistakes. Doing so means not only being honest about your record and your obvious temper, but making strides (of your own volition) to improve yourself. Since you now have a cushy job, you should seek the type of classes you were ordered to go to for probation and complete them yourself. Additionally, attendance of another group or some sort or mental therapy would be a benefit when you finally do go talk to recruiters. Otherwise, what will you have to offer?

Just like all other jobs nowadays, you will be competing against people with far better qualifications than you. It is pretty easy to decide whether to hire someone with no felony, no reckless driving, and no documented anger issues vs a person who has all of those on their record. So you have to have something else to bring to the table aside from "well, I haven't done those things for 3-5 years," because this could just mean you haven't been caught doing those things for 3-5 years.

As has been pointed out, no one is going to knowingly take a chance on you when there are numerous other candidates who don't have your history. Just look at the newbies on here for instance, there are two or three veterans who are getting into trucking, one who served as an officer for years, and folks with no criminal record at all. And this is just three examples out of 1000's. My guess is the only companies who would consider you are ones you certainly would not want to work for,who would probably hold your history over your head to keep you in line and make you do what they want you to do.

I don't care what generation you're from, facts are facts. And as Brett and G-Town pointed out, there is no room for hand holding or trying to down-play your past when it comes to putting other people's lives in your hands.

It was "your" decision to leave and let your boyfriend tell the cops his side.

It was "your" decision to steal a car and run from the cops.

It was "your" decision to violate a court order and see your boyfriend again.

It was "your" decision not to pay for the classes the Court ordered you to take.

It was "your" decision to drive over 20mph over the speed limit.

And it must be "your" decision to accept your past bad decisions and be proactive in making decisions to counter those.

You will be a lot more successful and happier in life by being honest with yourself, even if it does not result in you becoming a trucker. Additionally, it may give you the wisdom to see and help others who are in the position you are currently in, or maybe even prevent them from making the same mistakes.

I'm sorry if it seems I'm ganging up on you with everyone else, but you can't see the truth. All you have to do is read through past posts from the people who have offered you advice here and you will see they have no ill intent toward anyone. There is a reason for the old saying "the truth hurts." It's because most of us cannot accept the truth about ourselves and actually go on to use that to try and better ourselves despite the hurt. Your career change needs to start with a life change. Good luck to you and God bless you.

Thank you for your input. I did Complete the classes 4 years ago. like I said in two replies back I am holding off 5 years after reviewing everyone's advice. I still think about Truck driving every day and know I want to do it but also know I must hold off for now. I am taking this time to prove to myself I have changed . When the time is close I will be attending a technical college (FVTC) for my schooling and will not go through a fast track Paid CDL.

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

I'm an old man, had it took me a really long time to come to grips with a new way of doing things. Ashley, you say you've made some mistakes , and have come to grips with that. I will take that statement as face value, because I suspect you are from a generation which seriouly believes in a more conciliatory and gentle method of discussion.

Many of us here are older school than that, where bluntness is seen as a positive character trait. That said, I don't think anyone on here reach the level of vitriol that you will hear on the CB at any given time.

A felony fleeing and eluding police is, in my opinion, as bad as a DUI on your record. When you combine that with the stolen motor vehicle components, I don't know that many companies will consider taking a chance on your employment, for a very long time.

The advice given here, to look at schools that are paid for by the trucking companies, is sound. You can speak directly to a recruiter, and get a definitive answer on your acceptability to that particular company.

>Good luck to you, they are mistakes, and learning from them and moving forward is important. You may be qualified for hire by a company, but certainly don't spend your personal funds taking a chance, $3,500 is a lot of money


Thank you I too have come to that conclusion even tho I really wanted that Technical Diploma. lol Thank you for your response!

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

This career is so greatly misunderstood by most people who think they want to get into it. Just recently we've had a person who can't conceive why their medical information should be known by their employer, we've oftentimes had people like Ashley with serious criminal records who don't understand why that should hold them back, we've even had folks who don't understand why their poor driving record should be held against them.

Our industry has suffered for years from a poor image. Professional drivers are often viewed as a bunch of uneducated hardworking redneck hillbillies who can't get a better job, and that has contributed to the idea that just about anybody should be able to become a truck driver. Then there's all this confusion about the big demand for drivers which just compounds the notion that everybody will be welcomed with open arms.

Contrary to what was implied in this conversation, we don't judge people here. In fact you'll not find another more accommodating trucking forum anywhere. We do our best here to help people. We don't care about ethnicity, education, gender, or any other hot button issues that might arise. We are honest and truthful though. Recent criminal backgrounds are a hindrance to entry into the transportation career, and even more of an issue is not recognizing our own responsibility for our criminal record.

I'm really not addressing Ashley in particular here, but more as a general statement for others reading along in this discussion. Being able or willing to admit, "Hey, I've made some big mistakes, here's how I plan to improve myself" goes a long way in this business. A truck driver is a very independent employee. We are pretty much left to be on our own, yet we are trusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility and we must prove to be reliable under all kinds of stress. Accountability is extremely high on the list of characteristics that contribute to success in this career. Whenever we see someone continually laying blame for their issues onto others we see big red flags, just like the employers will.

Some great advice was given to Ashley, but so far she's taken offense with most of it. I'm not sure what else we can do. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility entrusted to our nation's professional drivers. That level of responsibility is not given without thorough consideration of how we've conducted ourselves in the last five to ten years. Unfortunately people don't just usually wake up on Monday morning and decide they want to be a saint after they spent the entire weekend in hardcore sin. That's why recent felony convictions and DUI's are a huge hindrance for those who want to give this career a shot.

There is hope for Ashley, but she has to take the time to prove that her past record doesn't define her. The first step for that is usually taken by admitting our faults, accepting the reality of our shortcomings, and acknowledging our irresponsible actions. We can all improve ourselves and we can put a tarnished past behind us. There are plenty of people who've done such things; we even have seen many of them right here in our forum. Frankly, they are sometimes quite inspirational. We've seen and helped people who were destitute and homeless, people with DUI's, and even sex offenders. Each of them got their issues behind them and produced a track record that indicated they had what it takes. That takes time and Commitment.

Good morning,

Thank you for your comment. I have had time to think about all responses and after talking with some recruiters I would be able to start in 2021 BUT I fill that rushing wouldn't be the best idea . I have come to terms that waiting 5 years would not only give me time enough to get the placement I would prefer but would give me time to work on myself, be sure it is the commitment I want to make and know if I am ready . I was offended at first but not now you all slowed me down and i appreciate it. Thank You

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

Im sorry, but you just changed your story. That reckless driving charge just became a "evading police in a stolen vehicle felony". WHAT???

you didnt know you had a felony? You dont think evading police in a stolen vehicle is a big deal????

i disagree with brett. i dont think you have any clue whatsoever how bad your record is going to look to others. Hes right about your last response..nothing is your fault. The classes cost money, the uncle called the cops, the boyfriend was violent....nowhere is anything your fault. the one time you do admit something is your fault was the 21mph speeding ticket and you shrug that as a mistake. no, that was an intentional, deliberate act to disobey the law.

get past the "im a victim" mentality.

take a look at some articles

Truckers and Responsibilty

Trucker Decision Making and Judgement

Thank you all I came here to ask with past mistakes on my record should I pursue earning my CDL . I appreciate the feedback of applying to paid training jobs to see if I can get Hired. As For the other responses, You just judge . I tried to explain myself and you criticized. I am not trying to get into trucking because I am broke or hard up. I currently have a kushie desk job with a company that gives you 140 pto hours a year I am make 15+ an hr + bonuses . I am looking at trucking as a potential life changing job i could retire with because it intrests me and i would enjoy the alone time out on the road. I wanted to go to FVTC and get the appropriate training to be a good safe driver. And just needed to know if this was still possible with a record like mine. I have read through different posts and did not expect to be criticized like this maybe you are having a bad day or maybe you think its your responsibility to push away people when they reach out and you, dont see them fit. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

Hi Ashley. You need to become.responsible and you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions.


1) You have a reckless driving charge not a ticket.. This is a HUGE deal to trucking companines. You want to control an 80,000 pound killing machine.

2) You refused to go to classes while on probation so you went to jail. Im guessing these are anger management classes. You refused to accept responsibility. "i was the one who left so i got arrested". Do you hear the its not my fault attitude? This also shows a total disrespect for the law and rules.

3) Last year you broke a domestic violence restraining order, further demonstrating your lack.of.respect for the law and rules. Also, painting you as violent. Is this the same.order or a different order as before?

4) Now in WI you have a 21mph which is reckless driving. Over 15 is reckless driving. 21 is much worse and you dont understand the impact of your actions.

You have a history of violence, lack of respect for the law, a pattern of reckless driving and a refusal to accept responsibilty for your actions.

My guess is most trucking companies will want 3 years clean driving record,. That would mean 2021 at best. But you need to change your ways.

If you really want to drive a truck, you need to understand you can kill someone. Your two reckless driving incidents show you dont care about others on the road and put people in danger. The domestic violence stuff and anger management looks like you could hurt someone, so a trucking company would fear serious road rage. Someone cut you off...will you run them down? A customer was nasty. will you punch them?

And worse is your attitude of its no big deal or not my fault. Just because points drop off, the record does not go away. You did it, and no company is gonna want to touch that.

This sounds harsh, but its the truth you need to hear it. The men on this forum and very nice to women and often refrain from being this blunt. So coming from a woman, get your act together. Im sure Moderator Susan will agree with me on this one.

I did not attend my classes because I couldn't affored them.

As to the restraining order My boyfriend and I where together Hiding from his uncle when his uncle saw me called the police.

I do take responsibility for my actions and as to the original DV I was in abusive relationship and had no where else to go. When I did defend myself and got out of there He called the police and made me out to be the violent one. I went back to him after I did time and was with him until recently Moved to WI with my mom. I am not violent but this stuff is on my record I have paid dearly for it . The recent ticket was a mistake not disrespect for the law . Thank you for your feedback and for being blunt because that is how employers would react. And I needed to here it.

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

Biggest thing is disclose it all, don't try to hide anything. There may well be companies that will consider you but if you lie or conceal, they will find it and you will be finished.

The worst may well be the ticket for 21 over. The 2017 misdemeanor isn't ideal, but there may be companies that would overlook it. No felonies?

So I looked up my records it was not reckless driving in 06 it was Evading a police officer in stolen vehicle felony . Not proud of this 2009 Domestic violence .

Posted:  1 year, 8 months ago

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Past mistakes, should I move forward and get My CDL A?

Hi Everyone, So I am looking to go to school and need a little Input or reassurance. All feedback is welcome Thank you I am from CA now in WI In CA 13 years ago I had reckless driving charge not ticket. 2009 CA was put on probation for Domestic Violence and never did my classes so went to prison in 2013 very short time . Sounds really bad but I am not violent just left the scene so was the one who got charged not my boy friend..Regardless it is on my record. 2017 CA Mistormenor for braking DV restraining order. I then left CA was not working for me. Now in WI got a 21 miles over ticket. Points will fall of this July and I will have zero. I am hoping because most of this is in the past I still have a chance of getting hired once obtaining my CDL A BY 2020. i HAVE SEARCHED FOR DAYS FOR ANSWERS AND AM HOPING YOU CAN HELP. -ASHLEY

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