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Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Prime PSD phase

Michelle, these articles were not written with Prime's PSD training period in mind, but you may find them helpful in the grand scheme of training.

New Drivers - Beware Of Rocking The Boat

What Should I Expect To Learn From My Trainer?

These are great! Thank you very much!

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Prime PSD phase

Primates, I love that! I hope we can. Yes, I am learning and I feel confident for test time. And no, certainly not knowingly driving illegally. Thanks for your advice and encouraging words. I appreciate everyone who has chimed in!

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Prime PSD phase


Prime told you in orientation exactly what to do if the instructors fall asleep. They told you to pull off the road to a safe place immediately and message dispatch. Instead you came on a public acting as if you were not told what to do. Every orientation class is told the same thing. You were also given names and phone numbers of training coordinators such as Stan or Brooke to discuss such matters.

At the end of PSD they will give you an evaluation form of the instructor. You can report her then, but the response may be "Why didnt you tell us? So you are saying that YOU knowingly drove illegally? Meaning you willing broke Prime policy?" As an employer would you want any driver who does not follow policy, a driver you cant trust?

As for the night driving, in PSD it used to be you could not drive between midnight and 0500. im not sure if that still stands.

Trainers are sneaky...are you sure she is really on her phome and not watching your mirrors, cause i do that. Many students are nervous thinking every movement is watched. others want every movement to be watched.

Trucking can be tough at times and easy at others. We need to be able to make tough decisions. Picking and choosing battles is another aspect.

Do what you feel iis safe and necessary. Know who your resources are when you need help.

good luck


I honestly believe because I got there the 28th of June, just before the 4th of July holiday that I went through some abbreviated version of indoctrination.

Because EVERYTHING you just listed is the first time I've heard it.

Most of the information I got was from you and others here at TNT.

To the OP building a trusting ~ working relationship like ANYTHING takes time.

I didn't remember the sleeping scenario covered either. I did orientation over over the week of Thanksgiving and things were a little accelerated. I really could have just missed it, but I will definitely follow procedure in the future. And yeah, she's snoring, unless she is an Oscar calibre actress is say she's not just being sneaky. We did talk though and I want this to improve. Its been strained from the beginning and I don't want to make it worse with a week to go. I don't want to break policy out of ignorance either. Rainy, would you suggest I go ahead and call after the fact?

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Prime PSD phase

Thanks for the replies. It helps to have outside perspective. I'm going to go with the flow and not let this mess with my big picture. I'm half way through and feel confident I can pass the test when we get back, so even if I'm not getting as much feed back as I'd prefer I'm going to get what I need out of it. As for her sleeping, I'm going to quit worrying about it. She's obviously tired and I'd rather her snatch naps than wreck.

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Prime PSD phase

Hi, I'm currently one week in with my PSD instructor and I have some concerns. First off I'm having trouble adjusting my sleep because two days in we flipped from day driving to driving overnight. My body clock hasn't caught up and I'm driving absolutely exhausted. I voiced some safety concerns to my instructor and she got pretty defensive and basically told me to buck up and deal with it because this is the solo life. Ok, duely noted, that's one of the reasons I'm going team with my husband. Another concern is my trainer is falling asleep during my driving time. Like for hours if I don't clear my throat or "accidentally" wake her up. Again, I'm concerned about safety here. Lastly, I'm not getting any feedback other that the occasional bark of "break it down" or "watch your turn". She's on her phone for hours at a time and I'm really feeling discouraged. I never met the fleet manager before we left but I'm thinking of calling him if I can get some private time tomorrow. Am I being reactive here or do I need to maybe find a different trainer?

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