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Posted:  2 months ago

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Why I quit Prime's TNT Program

Ok. I see he was completely quoting another post. It was hard to tell what was a quote and what was his comment as he mixed his comments into the quotes.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Why I quit Prime's TNT Program

Realdiehl says:

Hey Chief, the original poster was training as a "unicorn".

I realize that.

Based on Santoy's comment below I thought he might be in TNT in the tanker division.

As for learning this job in 5k miles, that's a scary statement! Especially in tankers. There's no way to even scratch the surface in that amount of miles, or even 40k miles.

I agree he should ask for a new trainer. I was just offering my help if he was in the inedible tanker division.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Why I quit Prime's TNT Program


Think about what you are saying. You are going to ask for a new trainer because, in your opinion, 6 months isn’t enough experience to train people. Who do you think decided that your trainer was qualified to train people? Prime! Do you think they didn’t realize he completed his own TNT 6 months ago?

My flatbed TNT trainer had a little more experience than yours: a whopping year before he started training. And I was his first student.

Also, as I mentioned in my prior post, I didn’t go out with anyone to train for tanker.

You didn’t answer my question about your tanker division. If you are in the inedible division, I offered to help you. That offer still stands. Of course, you can refuse my offer and make your own decisions.

However, I can tell you something very definite about Prime. You’re not going to convince them that their policies and procedures are wrong. You’ll only become frustrated and most likely alienate many people in the process. Your move.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Why I quit Prime's TNT Program

First, while you suggest that you are in TNT in the Primer tanker division, is that the case? If so, are you in edible or inedible?

I’m a Prime tanker driver in the inedible division. After two years in the flatbed division, I switched to tanker in July 2022.

I think you need to lower your expectations are far as training.

I just want someone who can take their time and show me how to do things the right way.

Yeah, and people in hell want ice water.

You need to be realistic about your training. While you complain about your trainer, is he competent, meaning does he pick up loads, drive to the shipper, without hitting more than a few things along the way, and deliver the load to the shipper? If so, you can learn something by observing him accomplish those tasks. You say he doesn’t back, but I don’t know how he accomplishes the necessary tasks of the job without backing. And if he had another driver back up his truck, I think his days with Prime are numbered.

As far as learning tanker, the only training I had before I started pulling tankers was Prime’s tanker boot camp. And right out of the gate they sent me to places where even experienced tanker drivers didn’t know what to do, like pumping on from a rail car. I’ve done just fine.

If your trainer is a “cool guy” meaning, that you can get along with him, I would stick with him. If you switch trainers, you could get somebody who is very knowledgeable but an *******. Moreover, if you’re in the tanker division, it’s unlikely there is another trainer available. If he’s in the inedible division, I wouldn’t call his fleet manager. If in anyway, you want to move this up the chain of command, I know all the people in the inedible division and I can help you.

As far as being rushed, push back. While you are behind the wheel, take the time you need. Prime will support you with the “I’m the captain of my ship” mentality. My PSD and TNT trainer would rush me and it took me a long time to deprogram myself from that bad habit. If you have any sort of expectation of a long career in trucking, rushing will only result in blemishes on your record that will limit your options. Don’t do it.

As far as pre-trip, you must somehow transition from him driving to you driving. I’m assuming you don’t switch seats while the truck is moving. Simply say you need to use the restroom, get coffee, or whatever. Then turn on the “light check” switch when you get out of the truck, walk around the truck and at least look at the tires. Later, during your drive shift, such as your 30-minute break, do a more thorough inspection of the truck and trailer.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Drive schedule to fit in April 8th solar eclipse?

Here is a map of the path of the total solar eclipse with the cities for the best viewing. The eclipse begins about 11:30 CDT.


Posted:  2 months ago

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Any podcast or audiobook recommendations for those long drives?

I'm bumping this thread in relation to Pianoman's recent thread.

Posted:  2 months ago

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I could use some career (and maybe a bit of personal) advice

My podcasts:

Pirate History Podcast

Literature and History (Doug Metzger)

Philosophize This (Steven West)

Tides of History (Patrick Wyman)

Awakening From the Meaning Crisis (John Verbaek)

America's National Parks

Ancient Greece Declassified

American Birding (ABA)

Big Picture Science

Joe Rogan

Fall of Civilizations

Posted:  2 months ago

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I could use some career (and maybe a bit of personal) advice


Try adding some structure to your drive day by planning the time out in advance.

I generally structure my day as follows.

1st hour: drink coffee and/or talk on the phone.

2nd to 4th hour: listen to podcasts.

30 minute break: I prefer to stop at rest areas where I can stretch my legs and maybe find a geocache or see some interesting birds.

5th to 8th or 9th hour: more podcasts or maybe an audio book.

I will usually stop at least once more during this time frame.

9th to 11th hour: listen to music.

I listen to several different podcasts, but I don’t like to listen to multiple episodes of the same podcast in a row. So, during my 10-hour break or when I have down time during at shippers or receivers, I will add episodes from different podcasts to break up the monotony. My interests are history and philosophy, but I also listen to this learning Spanish podcast.

I also mentioned geocaching and birds. The Geocaching app is free and most rest areas have at least one geocache. My wife and like birding. An app titled Merlin will show your different birds in your area and even has a “sound id” function that will tell you what birds are nearby based on the bird calls you hear.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Thinking of Packrat...

I feel obligated to comment on this thread because I consider both Kearsey and Packrat friends. In addition, I have been privy to the disclosed information about Packrat for quite some time. Moreover, I have some undisclosed information about other members of this forum. And, finally, I have my own commentary about this “dumpster fire,” as Pianoman puts it.

First, understand Big Scott’s comments in context. Packrat revealed that he had been fired. Many people chimed in with their support for Packrat. I can understand Big Scott’s frustration with this outpouring of support. You don’t even need to know Packrat’s “secrets” to realize that he has had many trucking jobs primarily because of his attitude. Just review Packrat's comment history on this forum. Packrat even recognizes that he has been a difficult driver for his dispatchers. While Big Scott’s comment was obnoxious, it was more in line with what a real friend would say to Packrat: his attitude is the biggest obstacle to his success in this career. Did Big Scott need to reveal the other things about Packrat? No. But, this particular thread was based on Packrat’s claim of having heart surgery, which credible evidence indicates is not true. Thus, I can understand Big Scott’s frustration.

But then everyone had to condemn Big Scott, even though he told the truth. And then when Kearsey confirmed what Big Scott said, another seismic shift in condemnation. I haven’t spoken with Packrat for a while, but I knew about his hazy relationship with reality when I did speak with him almost every day. Did I condemn him for it? No! As Kearsey said, he makes up these stories for attention. I considered it more sad than dishonest. It’s not like he’s writing bad checks or molesting children. Speaking of molesting children and Big Scott, I don’t have first hand knowledge of that, but Big Scott has been a substantial contributor to this forum, just like Packrat.

Thus, my commentary on this dumpster fire. Yeah, a person’s overall integrity factors into their credibility. But, as I pointed out above, if you have at least a modicum of critical thinking, you can assess someone’s credibility based on their own words. The fact that someone may lie about their age (to make themselves 10 years older), doesn’t undermine any good advice they may give. And this leads to my final comment on this dumpster fire. People make up stories for attention because naïve people believe them. You don’t need to challenge everything people say, but when things start to seem suspicious maybe it’s time to put on your critical thinking hat. In other words, who deserved the condemnation in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein?” The monster or Dr. Frankenstein?

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Chief Brody


I go to the Quala tank wash in East St. Louis regularly.

Every time I go there, I recall picking you up from there.

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