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Born in Houston, Texas but grew up in Missouri. All over Missouri. Joined the Marines out of high school and then transferred to active duty Army. After the Army went to college and then to law school. Worked for St. Louis County for 8 years, doing a variety of governmental legal work. After leaving the County, I worked in three private law firms doing real estate development and public incentives. After 22 years in the law practice, I got burnt out. I got tired of the impossible volume of work, the push to generate more business and associated marketing, networking and sales, the unreasonable clients, the office politics, and the general lack of integrity in a profession governed by ethics rules—self-governed I might add.. I am an adventurous person. I have sky-dived, scuba dived, rode several centuries (100 miles in a day) on a bicycle, rode an Ironbutt (1000 miles in a day; non certified) on a motorcycle, completed an Ironman triathlon in 2003, got my EMT license in 2011 (expired now), rode Route 66 on a Harley in 2017 and 5900 miles through the eastern United States and Canada, including the Trans-labrador highway, on a Triumph Tiger 800 in 2019.

I like to travel and prefer trips where I drive. In fact, driving has always been a source of rejuvenation for me. I prefer to be alone. I like to be active, so physical work doesn’t bother me. I like challenges and am pretty resourceful in overcoming obstacles. I analyze everything, probably overanalyze most things, but it serves me well because I am good at figuring out systems.

So after much research for a second career later in life, I decided to make the drastic career change into trucking at the age of 52.

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Posted:  21 hours, 43 minutes ago

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Wait is over Finally at Prime PSD training

I got the T shirt.


Posted:  21 hours, 49 minutes ago

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Wait is over Finally at Prime PSD training

I guess I am going to agree to disagree. We are driving $150k trucks, there shop rate is $155 an hour, the top techs are going to be making in the $30 range. When they reseal a windshield for the 3rd time and back it outside they need to turn the apu back on. That is just plain incompetent. My trainer has been driver/ trainer since 2009 and he said he has never had to do anything with the fridge items. If Prime bought the dealership they need to inject some Prime can do attitude into that bunch. After they look at the money paid to the driver for breakdown pay I think things will improve at the dealership level. I am glad to hear IH is treating there customers well, maybe I just need to bleach my hair blonde lol. Cheers and happy trails


Well... It sounds more like your trainer's first time in the shop. Standard Operating Procedure at dealers is to turn off the APU due to fumes in the shop. Even some truck washes will have me turn off the reefer and APU because of this. Yes, I have transported my fridge food to my hotel room while waiting on repairs.

The FL dealer on Division St (and there are 2) has a 24/7 repair center with showers and free laundry facilities. They also have an express diagnostics pane for added service. This is far better than most dealers.

Before covid we were getting almost double the amount of trucks. And rumor has it... Prime owns one of those dealers so we are getting a HUGE discount at ridiculously low prices

The International dealer not only puts my truck in the shop right away but will take the parts off brand new trucks in their sales lot rather than make me wait. Still, repairs can take a long time to diagnose with all of our electronic safety features. Volvo is having problems with Primes requirements and their wiring.


They don't always back the truck out of the shop. Soif they leave it in the shop they will leave the APU off because of the fumes.

when I had mine at the Freightliner dealer in Atlanta they hooked a battery charger up. Problem solved.

Posted:  1 day, 21 hours ago

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Road work / road construction zones


I have developed a theory on the "trucks use left lane" signs. That it is traffic control. If one truck in the left lane goes the speed limit and one car in right lane goes the speed limit then everyone goes the speed limit.


Here's what I think is going on in those work zones where trucks are restricted to the left lane. Check this out next time you are in one of those areas. They are usually in an area where they've shifted the lanes so that the right lane is partially on the former shoulder of the road. The pavement on those shoulders is not designed for extended use by 80,000 pound vehicles. I'm fairly sure that's why they move those trucks over to the left lane.

Packrat mentioned this as well and RD mentions another good point about the lane shift. I had also thought about merging traffic as well. Put the trucks in the left lane and you don't have as much merging conflict.

But these reasons did not always make sense. Some times the lane shift puts the trucks on the "inside" shoulder. Sometimes the left lane is worse for off tracking or very narrow where you are right next to a jersey barrier but the right lane is wider.

I started wondering if speed control might be the reason when I was in the left lane doing 45 mph right next to a car doing 45 mph. All the trucks were backed up behind me and all the cars were backed up in the right lane. all of them going 45 mph and impatient.

Posted:  1 day, 22 hours ago

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Can CBD pop positive?

It's already done. you'll either test positive and be sent home or not. No answer anyone can give will change that.

Good luck.

Posted:  1 day, 22 hours ago

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Postcards from the Road! (Post Yours Please!)

Andy returns to Shawshank.


Just west of 1-71 off U.S. 30 you'll find the Ohio State Reformatory which is one of the filming locations for the movie Shawshank Redemption.

Posted:  2 days, 21 hours ago

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Road work / road construction zones

I just went through 1-70 in Indiana so I feel your aggravation.

As a result of this experience with construction zone speed limits I have developed a theory on the "trucks use left lane" signs. That it is traffic control. If one truck in the left lane goes the speed limit and one car in right lane goes the speed limit then everyone goes the speed limit.

Posted:  3 days, 8 hours ago

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December Birthdays

Instead of making a topic for one driver who is 65 today I figured I open to all who have December birthdays.

Can you guess which well stocked driver's birthday is today?

Here's a hint


Posted:  3 days, 21 hours ago

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Thoughts? Lawsuit in bridge-tunnel truck driver’s death

I'm not a Lawyer nor have I played one on TV lol... Since the CBBT I arguing Sovern Immunity shouldn't that issue have been adjudicated prior to the start of the trial? I'm assuming the since the trial is proceeding a Judge has found the case has merrit and Sovern Immunity doesn't apply?

There are waivers for soverign immunity.

I. Dangerous condition of government's property that was a) caused by a government actor or b) known to the government actors

2. Operating a motor vehicle.

so plaintiff's case most likely alleges the wind was a dangerous condition of CBBT's property and bridge operators knew it.

also generally in a bench tried case unless its really clear issue of law the judge will " take up the motions with case." Because he or she is deciding the entire case they'll just take it all in and decide based on all evidence and law. that way they can pick the best basis for the judgement which is always the facts..

Posted:  4 days, 8 hours ago

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Realistic First-Year Salary

Here are my earnings at exactly 6 months. This includes TNT of 3 months where I made $ 700 per week gross.


Posted:  5 days, 23 hours ago

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Home Run, Inc.

Congratulations on hitting another Milestone. Keep us up-to-date on your progress and if there's any help it I or the others can offer please ask

Posted:  1 week ago

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Rookie Advice - Working Out Flatbed Training

Is that a picture of a Lowes load?? If it is, no wonder I hear how most everyone hates those loads.

That is an MBCI load one of Prime's major customers.

I actually had to tarp one of their loads which is unusual but not as bad as the one in the picture.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Advice for a GPS.

I really like my Garmin 785 LMT-S with the dash cam for the following reasons:

1. Phone connectivity.

a. The Garmin Smarthphone Link connects the Garmin GPS to my phone. This gives me real time traffic information and the Garmin will warm me of traffic just like Google maps. Also, with the real time traffic, it adjusts my "arrive in" time. More on that below.

b. This also allows me to "send" my destination directly from my phone to my GPS. I find the address on Goolge maps, then choose "share" from Google maps. Then select Garmin Smart phone link. And it sends it to my phone. I can also "drop a pin" to the specific location. For example, Caterpillar of Morton, Illinois, is a big place. And address for the GPS will take you to the general location, but there are several entrances that say "no trucks." So where do you enter? Look at Google maps and the satellite. See the pictures below:


Now that I know exactly which entrance, I "drop a pin" by long pressing on the truck entrance. I "send" that to my GPS and it will take you exactly to the truck entrance.

2. Up a head feature.

My Garmin has an "up ahead" feature that tells me all the truck stops, truck parking, and Walmarts specifically on my route. It will also tell me how many parking spaces each truck stop or rest area has. Not how many that are open, but how many total. My trip planning basically consists of looking at what is ahead with about two to three hours left on my clock.

3. Arrive in time.

My Garmin tells me how long it will take me to get to my selected destination. And it's pretty accurate. As I mentioned, it factors in traffic delay. It is so accurate that I will choose, and make, a truck stop that my Garmin says I will arrive in 2 hours and 20 minutes, when I only have 2 hours and 30 minutes of my clock.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Getting into trucking

Pre-trip inspection just requires repetition. I suggest developing a "flow" and breaking it down into "groups." For example the engine compartment.

1. Passenger side a. general hoses. b. Alternator and belts.

2. Drivers side. a. Fluids: water, water pump, oil, power steering fluid. b. From power steering reservoir, follow the lines to i. gear driven power steering pump and ii. gear driven air compressor. c. Then follow the lines back to the power steering gear box. Flow from the pitman arm, to the drag link, to the tie rod. Include castle nuts in the process. d. When you point at the tie rod, the shock absorber is right next to it. So, flow to the "suspension group next." e. Shock absorber connects to the leaf springs, so just point to everything connected to that. f. The brake chamber is right next to the suspension group. Brake chamber, slack adjuster, hoses, brake drum and pads. g. Then go to the "outside" of the tire from "inner" to "outer." Hub, lug nuts, valve stem (air pressure), and rim. h. Then finish with the "top" of the tire. Tread, side walls, etcs.

Packrat already included Daniel B's pretrip. I would print that (the full color version) and have it bound at Kinko's or some place like that.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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This a Marc"The 100k miles Champ" Lee Fan Club By Cornelius. A

Marc Lee,

I'm bumping this thread, because I still think about how much I had looked forward to this friendly competition.

Glad you're still active in the forum and hope things are going well for you.

Rob D.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Rookie Advice - Working Out Flatbed Training


Flatbedding is not as physical as I thought I would be. I went to the gym to lift weights to get prepared for the physical challenges of flatbed work. When I was in TNT, my trainer shared a story of watching a one-armed woman secure a load. So, the physical challenges are not as bad as you might think. I probably over-prepared.

That being said, tarps are heavy. Prime's yard tarps weigh probably about 120 lbs. The issued tarps are between 70 and 100 lbs. Most of the time you will have help with them, such as the forklift operator putting them on to of the load. I have had only one instance where I needed to haul lumber tarps (our heavier ones) up on a high load. Most of the time, the tarped loads are shorter in height.

Beyond tarp weights there are other precarious aspects of flabedding. I had a load of Bobcats out of North Dakota. It was 14 degrees and there was snow on the trailer. The aluminum trailers are slick to begin with but at a layer of snow/ice and it's like a skating rink. And getting on loads generally, requires paying attention to where you are stepping. Walking on onions is a challenge. Building material loads are a challenge, if you have to tarp them.

See the picture below:

0787313001606398716.jpgTMC Orientation Video

Hope this helps.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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CDL school update, I'm officially a commerical driver

Congratulations driver now you start the next phase of your adventure

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Prime Inc. PSD Covid Edition

Your Hometime rule is going to depend on your fleet manager. I've only had two home times since I've gone solo and one of those I was under a load so it didn't even count as home time.

Based on my conversation with Turtle who had the same fleet manager that I have as long as you run hard and don't abuse your home time technical rules don't really matter.

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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Wait is over Finally at Prime PSD training

Congratulations "driver."


That title will have more meaning to you as you go through TNT and also as you become a solo driver.

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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First year is in the bag.



I'm about three and a half months in and hope that I have a successful rookie year

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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The TruckingTruth Meet Up Thread

Rob T and Rob D in KC


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