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Grateful, I am, to all of you who've created value and good will on this site.


Going to collect notes here regarding ham radio and trucking, something I'd like to develop for my future road experiences!

"Make 146.520 Great Again!" (Facebook)

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Posted:  18 hours, 10 minutes ago

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No longer taking insulin!

Methinks it notable that ice cream hits both sugar AND fat receptors. It's more the "cream" than the "sweet" for me.

Since taste buds are so hugely adaptive, I'm reminded here that my own best journey (again) is away from powdered creamers (bad trans fats) and half 'n half (higher sat fat & calories) to low fat milk in my coffee. Which is a world away from the ice cream experience..... but once planted behind a steering wheel for long hours minus the levels of physical movement I now enjoy, the motivation to trade that off jumps considerably.

Brett, any thoughts about how to integrate sustained, consistent low intensity exercise in an OTR lifestyle? Or export any of your approaches to that?

Points you made can't be stated enough in reforming perceptions about what keeps us healthy, establishing personal investiture in that and weaning reliance off the compromised role of allopathic medicine.

Targeted yoga may be an additional low-movement wellness tool worthy of consideration for diabetes management, Marc, and beyond. Every organ in the body can be worked with a yoga posture. Searching yoga & diabetes points to an emergence of quality studies showing good outcomes for blood sugar levels, lipid profiles, blood pressure, body weight and oxidative stress.

I really lack a grasp still on how even minimally adequate exercise & movement will fit into a transition to driving long hours. Not only for me, but for the dogs I hope to include. For the time being, we love our mountain terrain hikes!

Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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No longer taking insulin!

Congratulations, Marc, for such significant achievement in the restoration of your health. What an inspiration to share! I hope this new healthy baseline serves you well in your blossoming trucking career!

Oh, coffee with a 'lil ice cream is a simple pleasure after my own heart, too. Hope that one can endure for

Posted:  1 day, 10 hours ago

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Post A Picture Of Your Significant Other Here’s Mine

Didn't load on first try!


Posted:  1 day, 10 hours ago

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Post A Picture Of Your Significant Other Here’s Mine

Love this thread!

Posted:  5 days, 5 hours ago

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Survey: Your biggest worries and most important questions

I'm still months away from first recruiter contact, but expect to do so within 6-9 months.

Things I wonder about at this point include:

- the feasibility of including my 2 rescue dogs - we're a pack for 4 years now! - into this new lifestyle

- wondering if my research will turn up companies that could get me occasional home time on both coasts... Socal and NYC

- hours of service...... whew. I believe and trust that I can learn new things with motivation, effort and practice! but the implied permutations are a little daunting

- adding my voice to those in previous posts regarding wellness & fitness in their many forms..... have seen excellent threads and posts here but would be great to have a more evolved, go-to resource

- Truckers Forum here is a grand & golden mix of topics; this does work well for me. Much as Training Diaries are separate, tho, I'd like to be able to utilize further differentiated forum sections as time and interest dictate - i.e., fun, social, general interest (like Postcards from the Road or Highlight / Vent of the Week) - or Training / Practice (thank you, Kearsey!) - requests for help, etc.

- a forum to encourage and support use of CB and ham radios in trucking would rock, too


Posted:  5 days, 5 hours ago

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Multi-Stop Flatbed Loads

Great photos, Old School, and waxing great philosophical thoughts, too... an attitude for trucking success that generalizes to life success.

Be safe out there in that winter wonderland!

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Best Happy Thanksgiving wishes for each of you!

I'm very, very grateful for the precious time taken, talents, thoughts, skills.... and not a little heart and soul, shared in these forums. As one who reads much and writes little, just taking a turn to say so - not assuming thanks are taken for granted!

Be safe, warm and steeped in a little gratitude today, friends.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Backing help needed: turning front vs. back of trailer

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Marc, apologies for pulling this richly informative backing thread off track. It's great to learn along with you as I read.

PlanB and Errol, thanks for your remarks. "Platooning" is very interesting from my quick lookup; I wonder about parallels to great solutions posited by economists which then get mangled when vetted through the biases of politicians or government. A new thread, perhaps.

A shout-out to you from the glorious, mountains-in-a-storm here this morning, Errol! (between Idyllwild and Banning, off the scenic 243)

As a NYC native, I love this wild area, too, as quite the counterpoint to any urban setting.


Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Backing help needed: turning front vs. back of trailer

Noob asked about wind resistance.

Hasn't there been some practice of both trucks and racing vehicles to follow closely behind and utilize the "draft" behind a lead vehicle, one effect for increasing fuel economy? If this is true, I think I've also been aware that it's frowned upon from a safety standpoint.

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Getting your CDL-A without school

What resonates here with me are "learning disabilities" and "he is slightly slower than most people".

As a former special ed teacher, I'd want to know that a critical look has been applied with a view of precisely what accommodations, modifications and / or adaptations are needed for any particular aspect of the job. Clear definitions on both sides, that is, job requirements and planned accommodation based on disability characteristic.

Candice, you may have wrapped that part in with confidence but I raise this point because you didn't explicitly address it. The best long term potential and success is achieved with maximum detailed upfront planning and preparation.

I don't mean to stand on a pedantic soapbox here, rather this strikes close to home. Not to hijack this thread, either, but I've been reading quietly for months in preparing for school and issues I'll have to address are moving to the forefront.... trucking will be the first career I enter knowing that I have ADHD. I enjoyed success in earlier professions, including education, but only when workplace demands mounted to the point of investigating sources of my stress did I get diagnosed (in my late 40's).

It's all about success for everyone and the road for each is different; learning disabilities, which include ADHD, are navigable. There's specific information in these forums which is valuable to me (i.e. Mountain Girl has an excellent post on ADD meds).

More can always be added here in terms of how anyone successfully approaches duties or particular challenges based on his / her own best strengths, or preferred ways of doing... after all, everyone places somewhere on a continuum of functioning and evolves preferred styles of learning and performing. Usually it's just those who've been formally diagnosed who raise such into conscious and deliberate examination - but knowing how we tick and best applying that is true for anybody!

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Still struggling to understand HOS

Ah, no such thing as a dumb question, right?

Understanding this accurately must be obvious, relating to conserving use of time on the 14 clock, I'm wondering... just trying to chunk and integrate all this info in my early stages of prep.

What is the incentive on Prime's part to simply not advise to log each / every inspection?

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Qualcomm / Omnitracs & personal WiFi / cellular device

Hey, Raptor! Thanks for your remarks, and PackRat, again, too.

I've discerned from other posts here that Verizon as a carrier and unlimited data as an OTR resource are good resources, so the old grandfathered unlimited data plan I have should be kept to that eventual end.

The cost on those plans rose several years ago from 29.99/mo to a much higher level; my total monthly cost now, for the unlimited data, plus line access charge, calls & texts, taxes & fees, etc. is ~ $118./month. That's for uncapped data, no slowing, etc.; this is one of those old original plans. Just need to pay full price for a compatible phone locked to Verizon when device changes desired.

I've used an app to tether other devices (laptop) and got a Verizon MiFi but leery about putting the SIM into it and jeopardizing my plan, altho VZW was prohibited in a 2012 ruling from restricting tethering - the jetpack use forays into somewhat less clear territory regarding permitted registered devices. The RV community employs these plans with jetpacks with some impunity but so far, I've preferred to stay under the radar. VZW does reportedly shut down these old plans regularly, mostly those using in excess of 100GB/mo.

Based on what others have written here it's competitive at that price level. I just don't use that much data currently - but if OTR, this would be probably be useful, based on how writers on here describe their usage.

Anyway, that's no doubt more than anyone wanted to know about a specific plan! Seems like the Omnitracs could have great potential to serve drivers as well as companies in a more perfect world, maybe someday.

Posted:  2 months, 4 weeks ago

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Qualcomm / Omnitracs & personal WiFi / cellular device

Thank you kindly on both counts, PackRat. thank-you-2.gif

Posted:  2 months, 4 weeks ago

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Qualcomm / Omnitracs & personal WiFi / cellular device

With thanks to Rhonda for her excellent article, "What is the Qualcomm (Omnitracs)?":

The newest Omnitracs devices come with bells and whistles like voice command, smartphone pairing, and Bluetooth so that you can update trip information while not in the truck. The device can even act as a WiFi hotspot so you don’t have to rely on spotty WiFi at truck stops for your personal devices.

and this from the Omnitracs website:

Coming Soon

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability Allows for using IVG as a mobile hotspot, enabling drivers to access the internet on a mobile device.

My question is, is there any sense out there that this planned Omnitracs WiFi capability might be viable for use in place of a driver's personal cellular plan?

I have a very-underutilized grandfathered unlimited data Verizon plan which is costly in comparison with Straight Talk, for example (which uses the Verizon network). I'd hold onto the plan with anticipated future use in trucking, unless the future of WiFi in trucks is evolving in a direction to render that less compelling.

This is my first post! I thought I'd be jumping in elsewhere, in reaction to one of the innumerable wonderfully thoughtful, qualitative posts found here, but I guess today's the day, lol.

Here I say thanks to all have contributed their time and talents in support of new entrants to the industry - and each other. This is an awesome site! So glad to be here.

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