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Graduated CDL school 10-15-19. First trucking employer 12-10-19.

Truckers Christmas Group

Truckers Against Trafficking

Toys For Tots!


Hauling Barbie doll bed for girl next door (Completed)

-CDL training, all endorsements (completed)

Orientation, Company Van Driver (completed)

Van, Solo, OTR Driver (Completed)

Van, Team OTR Driver, (6mo) (Completed)

Orientation, Company Hazmat Tanker Driver (Completed)

Dedicated Hazmat Tanker (Current)

OTR Hazmat Tanker (Current)

Emergency Responder Certification (Completed)

Nuclear & Refinery trained (Completed)

Hazardous Tanker Training Engineer (Completed)

Hazardous Tanker In Truck Trainer, Instructor (Planned)

Hazwoper level 1


Hazwoper level 2


Hazwoper level 3


Hazwoper level 4


Hazwoper level 5


Hazardous Tanker Owner/Operator (Researching)

Hazardous Tanker Fleet Owner (Researching)

Planning a semi truck golf cart training yards for children. Teach um young!

Nutritional Focus: Plant Based, Whole Foods, Gundry/Joe Cross lifestyle

I am proper secured, no loose parts, no abrasions, bumps, or cuts, and I am not leaking fluids.

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Posted:  6 days, 10 hours ago

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Truckers struck with COVID-19

Wow, we had some great posts on the topic of Covid!.

So I ended up getting flown home for kidney stones. Then I get Covid. I took advice of many in here and just let the bug run its course without notifying the company officially. I was released to go back to work.

I will say this. Returning a week out of the seat showed me how I can loose the feel. Took better part of a day to get the feel for the road, properly checking mirrors, timing lane changes, turn distancing. I felt so rusty. Feels like a head cold at this time. Safe and legal, just not fun.

Thanks everyone for support and information!

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Truckers struck with COVID-19

Good day folks. Started feeling like I had the flu, and bing-batta-boom, I get diagnosed with COVID. Feels like a low grade flu. I feel I could legally drive in my current condition.

What suggestions would you fine folks have regarding how to approach my company regarding my COVID diagnosis?

Any drivers that have been hit with COVID care to share their experiances with how their companies handled the COVID diagnosis? Procedures to follow? Steps to Take? How long until able to get back in seat?

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Narcotics administered at hospital

Nae, Anne! Welcome to the post!

Great information and support. First home time in 11 weeks. I woke thinking I was in sleeper and no bunk to smack my head into. Nothing to trip on, my darn coffee maker is in another room. Matter fact so is the bathroom and kitchen. Everything is out of reach. Lol

Perhaps take time off to go to the truck dealers and look at the new innovations. Then head home to play truck movie marathon!

Oh, I see another post

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Narcotics administered at hospital

Travis, very impressive details! Thank you!

Steve L. Just got off phone with my company. I wasn't able to speak with them last night.

Company flying me home for medical treatment and covering Uber to and from locations. I cant legally drive until cleared by the company's medical team. So I need documentation from my urologist, family doctor, then another CDL medical test. I haven't heard about a clearing house test. Will follow on post when I know more.

One thing is certain. Not drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon juice daily caused build up of stones and I am without income. You might see me at Pilot trying to recruit drivers to get referral bonus pay.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Narcotics administered at hospital

Good day truckers. Have a D.O.T. FMCSA drug question.

Kidney stone resulted in parking truck and being admitted to ER. Pain was severe and Morphine was given.

From clearning house guidelines we are to be drug free. Is there any guidelines regarding hospital administered narcotics? How long drug will remain in body. Waivers or documentation kept with driver and cleared to drive?

Would I need to be out of work until drug test indicates all clear?

Thoughts, suggestions?

Posted:  3 weeks, 5 days ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  1 month ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  1 month ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day

Haha, exactly. Complicated math! So I get off and.... thats when Garmin says non hazardous, bridge weight, and low bridge all at same time!

Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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Just a funny trucking picture to brighten your day


Posted:  3 months ago

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Bunk curtains, need suggestions

Good day truckers!

I am driving a Freightliner Cascadia mid height 72" sleeper 2021 with two bunks.

I will be having a student with me on the road and privacy is an issue. I am exploring possibilities to have curtains for top and nottom bunks. This way dressing and personal time can be a nit private.

Does amyone have experience adding curtains? How to mount top bunk curtains?

Appreciate the assistance.


Carl Sr.

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Check, arm pump of truckin bucket list!

Yes ladies and gents, it has happened! 4 Wheeler pulled up as I am headed South on the I-77 Virginia, 2nd row seating window rolls down, whole roll of choldren giving me the arm pump.

Could have been any truck they picked, but it was mine! Started out with a toot, but they started screaming come on! Blasted that horn! Children started clapping and shaking their arms in excitement.

Remember when we were the children in in the family truckster headed across the country on vacation and the only A/C was rolling down the window

Another tick off the trucking bucker list!


Posted:  5 months ago

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Emergency Spring Brake Release

I can across a CMV photo of three knobs

Tractor brakes Trailer brakes

And Spring release.

Is their an experienced trucker that can shed knowledge on this third knob? Is this from trucks of past? Special application?

Inquiring minds like to know.


Posted:  6 months ago

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CB radios and gear

I have dabbled in fitting my truck with a cb and antennas when I first started trucking. As company driver, I cant drill through firewall, so cable goes through door to mount...Freightliner 2021 P4 is what I am currently running.

I would like to upgrade now my son is joining trucking, and buy new for both of is.

I hear of bluetooth headset for CB, weather channel, police band. List goes on.

CB are critical when weather is at its worst. Its a safety investment in my opinion.

What cb unit, antennas, and cables would experienced cb truckers recommend?

Thank you in advance!

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

View Topic:

Hazmat Tanker PPE

Thank You Spaceman Spiff, PJ, and PeteB. Great information you guys gave me.

I am in second year of handling chemical unloads, and what I thought was needed or important at the start of my tanker experiences has mellowed out to what do I really need, and as you guys stated, many customers handle the loads themselves.

At the start of this post, I was planning for What-If scenarios that haven't developed.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

View Topic:

Prescription glasses & Trucking

Thank you everyone for your responses!

Old School, Davy A. Pack Rat, Big Scott, Bruce K, Realdiehl.

I have attempted to use the progressive tri-focals and NO success for me. Eyes did adjust over time, but there are some annoying limitations.

The reading glass range is very narrow indeed, and I find my head having to move left to right just to read a page. (Which is why pop-up books are so much better!)

The Computer screen section has same problem, I have to keep raising and lifting my head to move around the screen. (Make me feel like my own bubble head!)

The long distance part is great, but it's at the top of the glasses, and again, I have to remember to lift head just so to get the accuracy. Considering that almost every single road in America is a constant bouncy house (with exception of Chicago) I can't keep my head steady enough to prevent eye strain. (Now Chicago, I think I figured out the issue. The MASSIVE POT HOLES, I think are where bodies were dumped into the concrete back at the factory, and over time, the bodies decompose in the concrete, and whalla,, MASSIVE POT HOLES! How else can you explain pot holes the size of fat Italians?

To be politically correct for the moderators, please select any mafia origin you like, I just picked Italians.

Posted:  9 months, 3 weeks ago

View Topic:

Prescription glasses & Trucking

I have spoken to eye dr's that have never driven a truck about concerns with getting my first pair of trifocals, or progressive lenses as I am to understand they are called.

I tried to explain my concerns that I need distance clarity due to the extremely long distance to slow or stop a rig.

I tried to explain that I need to look at many gauges every few seconds and how I can wait for eyes to adjust.

I tried to explain how I need to be able to look in to several different styles of side mirrors for backing and depth perception to manuever 53' trailer within an inch of objects was critical.

Everyone "Professional" I spoke to for reassurance that trifocal progressive lenses will be safe for trucking was giving me plausable denieability answers. "Practice at home first". "Take it slow". "If things don't seem right then come back to us". Clearly these folks have no clue what we as truckers do, and once our 80K missles are hurdling down the interstate, the last thing the motoring public needs is a driver becoming aware there is delay time with his/her glasses focusing.

With that explained, I would like to get some "Professional driver" input from drivers that use trifocal progressive glasses. Are they safe, do they in anyway impede the ability to make critical decisions when driving. Is backing perception affected?

Thanks to those that respond in advance!

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