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Honorably Discharged ARMY 88M driver with 5 years experience

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Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Need some input about the 3 years prior work experience

I'm a little worried about the 3 years prior work experience and hope to get some input, I have read a few posts similar and they were told to get references notarized etc, but my situation is different, Yes, I have been fully employed these past 3 years (actually have not had any gaps in employment since turning 16) but the problem is, or should I say my question is can the 3 years employment be from abroad? Are the required 3 years prior employment must be from the states? I know this is some kind of federal requirement the companies must have on file prior to employing you, so I am curious if I can use my past 3 years as an English teacher in Taiwan for that requirement. I'm also a veteran if that could help sway some companies opinion about giving me a go, but more importantly, I just need to know if the federal requirement companies must comply with if that is mandatory stateside employment, and if employment abroad for the prior 3 years is not acceptable per federal guidelines.

If it must be stateside I have a few creative ideas that might help me. Uber is an American company and I have also been doing Uber eats deliveries in Taiwan so if there is a way I could also possibly use that as a reference for employment. Lastly, I would like to know if anyone has used Uber as a reference stateside to get employed driving CDL, how did you prove your stateside Uber driving job since you are considered self-employed and don't have a reference/contact for such employment? I'm asking this because my plan is, if unable to be gainfully employed right away as a CDL driver post-training, my backup plan is to drive an Uber taxi 3 years stateside until I meet the 3 years stateside employment.

I'm looking to going into the trrops2transport program which will contact employers prior and make sure I can be employed before being allowed into the program so the past 3 years employment history is kind of a big deal/or deal-breaker for that program.

Thanks in advance for any input/advice on my unique situation, Ryan

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Any 88M's out there that can recommend the best school/company to work for with previous ARMY experience?

Papa Pig thanks for the reply,

That's some good info there, I will start to look more into all of what you just mentioned. Is the troops into transportation program open to vets who have been out of active duty for some time? Also were you able to get your BAH during the program? As far as what state I'll choose I'm still undecided but have nothing holding me down or any family in any particular state, so most likely I'll choose the state I plan to train at as a starting base point but its really not too important for me since I plan on doing OTR. will definitely look into Werner, thanks again for the feedback.

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Any 88M's out there that can recommend the best school/company to work for with previous ARMY experience?

Thanks for the reply and insight Rob T,

I do definitely want to get my training and CDL testing done on a stick and feel confident I can do it having driven manual cars and buses before but feeling out the clutch and gear pattern on a rig will be a whole new experience for me. I am planning to arrive a few months before training for the specific reason of obtaining a license and also the school I'm interested in requires to have the CDL permit prior to starting. One thing I learned is in Ohio state there is no 7 day wait period for a failed CDL permit exam which is nice. You can retest within 24 hours but I do plan on studying beforehand. I want to use up my GI money as it expires in 2026 and isn't enough to become a scientist or pilot the only other 2 things I would be interested in going back to school for. I have to use it or lose it. Unfortunately, vets that got out before 2016 are not entitled to a never expiring GI bill (called gi bill 2.0) that vets who got out after that date are entitled to. Also, I don't want to have to go to work full time while trying to do truck driving school as I could probably only get a low paying job and the monthly housing allowance from my 4 months left of my GI bill could get us by until I start work FT OTR. I think I'll bite the bullet and go with a regular company doing the 2-3 training ride-a-long. Two companies I'm eyeing are Schneider and CSRT simply because they claim to count previous military experience into their paygrade and also offer a 12 month VA approved apprenticeship program. (extra 1200 a month for a year) I just don't know of any vets who have joined them and their experience. I am happy to find this forum and have time on my side.

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Any 88M's out there that can recommend the best school/company to work for with previous ARMY experience?

I'm in a bit of a weird situation, I have 5 years experience driving all kinds of military rigs, before anyone wants to give me sh*t and say mil rigs or experience doesn't mean sh*t in the real world I should mention I did do long haul OTR driving missions all over the US on public, city, and state roads/highways in a 915 and hett. But yeah feel free to give me sh*t for having no stick experience haha.

Anyway, I'll get right to it... Got out in 2012 in Hawaii state. At that time they offered no military license conversion to CDL -They have since 2017 but auto restriction : ( I have been living across the world so I'm returning to the US with no licenses (all have expired) I'm returning with my wife, no job, little savings, and 4 months left on my GI bill to cover school tuition and 4 months housing. I'm going into it not as a know-it-all because of my previous experience, going into it all ears, and focused as I need to refresh and become un-rusty My goal is to choose the best school/bah/etc for my GI bill. I'm considering great lakes tds because they also offer heavy equipment training and lodging and are GI bill familiar. Any 88M's out there that can chime in on them? Or any other tips for schools? Lastly, I'm hoping to get hired by a company that has a short or no in ride training post-graduation but that looks like its unavoidable. The reason being I'm hoping my wife can join me ASAP post-graduation as a ride-along and that's really why we want to do it, travel the country.

I'm hoping there are some 88M's out there that can give their experience on GI bill schools, their favorite company to work for and why and lastly if they could do the VA 1 year apprenticeship program post-graduation if they used all their GI bill money up.

Thanks in advance for any help/tips/suggestions you may have and for reading

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