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When you make a wrong turn onto US 119, and keep going!!

In my previous post I mentioned that I had previously driven over the road before, and like many here, I'm going out there again. Notice I said "going," not hoping to go. Each day you should talk to recruiters, visit this site, and TruckingTruth's truck driving forum.

Taking those actions will get you to where you desire to go. Even though I'll need to go back to school for training to drive again, I'm not concerned because I've been on US 119 in Letcher County, Kentucky. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I made a wrong turn.

Letcher County, KY is in the southeast section of Kentucky bordering Virginia. In my opinion, it is home to some of the finest truck drivers I've ever seen. The mountains there are over 3000 feet. There are no guardrails and the view below is spectacular! It is the type of drive where the driver must swing into the oncoming lane in order to keep the trailer from being ripped by the jagged rocks on your right side.

The day drivers approaching you on your left see your approach and think nothing about throwing it in reverse and backing up to give you clearance! The day that happened, I knew I could drive - but I also knew I'd never be in the class of those truckers that do it every day in Letcher County, Kentucky.

New drivers here will get road experience. I hope it's not on roads similar to US 119. I really hope you never have reason to be there. Of course, if you live there, I hope you get home often! Oh, and about those day drivers on US 119 - I forgot to mention that they get a good chuckle before they throw it in reverse!

In the past, way before GPS and computers, drivers used only a map if they didn't have directions sent to them by their fleet manager, etc. I wasn't clever enough to really know all the intricacies that are part of the trucker's Rand McNally. I'm sure it's much easier out there these days.

Those of you on the road, be safe out there! Those of us not yet there, prepare!

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