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by Rhonda
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This is month two of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with their talk of how they are now truck drivers. PLEEEASE! You know nothing after 2 weeks. You abuse me by grinding my gears and not keeping me clean. I am not thrilled at all running around in a parking lot all day.

I had a good life before this. The driver assigned to me when I was a new truck 10 years ago was wonderful. We were a great team. I was washed and waxed weekly and great care was taken on my insides too. They were cleaned and protected from the sun. My seats were covered to protect them from all the wear. You can not tell they had 10 years of use. Other trucks hollered at me when out on the big road. At truck stops, I was the hot topic. So many trucks wanted to drop their driver for a new one.

My driver had tears when he told we had to split up. Something about my age and miles and time to slow down. Hogwash! Don't go by age, go by condition. Why, there are younger trucks out there that are old looking and beat up. Wonder when they last had a bath? Disgusting. Why can't they be on this training duty? I have many more miles and years left in me for the big road. I never caused problems out on the road and this is the thanks I get?? Just look at some of those younger trucks. They leak oil and they are full of dents and scratches. I look younger than they do. Transit buses get more respect than me.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of returning to the big road. Maybe someone will buy me and get me out of here! Look! There goes my driver in his new truck. He looks as sad as I do as he slowly goes by me. He waves. I watch him leave in a young truck. I know he will take great care of it untill they are told to part ways again. I'll show every one, I'm going to start leaking oil all over. May even develop a severe air leak. Maybe I will lock up my brakes so no one can drive me today. At least use me for some short trips so I can get out and use all my gears! I'm not stupid. I know the next step from here is the graveyard.

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