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A Family Emergency On The Road

Being a truck driver is not easy, especially when a family emergency arises. This article tells the story of a truck driver who had to deal with a family emergency while on the road. Learn how his employer supported him during this difficult time.

Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This

A truck driver's day takes an unexpected turn when they get lost. Read about the lessons learned from this experience and how to stay safe on the road.

Keep That License Clean: Your Career Depends On It

This article provides tips for truck drivers and those in the trucking industry on how to keep a clean driving record. It explains why it's important to keep a clean record, the consequences of irresponsible behavior, and how employers and insurance companies view patterns of irresponsible behavior.

Reaching 300,000 Miles In A Big Rig

This article follows a truck driver on their journey to reach 300,000 miles. Learn about the challenges they faced, such as playing leap frog with another driver, avoiding bad weather, and dealing with unprofessional drivers. The driver eventually makes it back to the yard safely.

Working My Way Back Into The Trucking Industry

This article reflects on the challenges faced by a truck driver trying to get back into the trucking industry. It discusses the frustrations of the job, the regulations, and the consequences of decisions. It also provides advice on how to navigate the trucking industry and its regulations.

The Weaving Driver

A truck driver on I-39 in Wisconsin encounters a vehicle weaving all over the road. The driver calls 9-1-1 and follows the vehicle until it exits the highway. An officer arrives and the driver gives a statement. The driver is later contacted by the officer to appear in court, but the outcome is unknown.

Inside Trucking Part 3: Life On The Road

Truck drivers can take advantage of free driver payback cards from truck stops to save on purchases. This article also provides tips for female drivers and first-year drivers navigating the trucking industry and offers insight on how to make the most of their time on the road.

Inside Trucking Part 2: Understanding Company Expenses

Fuel costs make up a large portion of the trucking industry's budget. Drivers can help reduce costs by adjusting their driving habits, using Auxiliary Power Units and Super Single tires. These tips can save employers money and may result in pay raises and newer equipment.

What Is The Qualcomm (Omnitracs)?

Omnitracs ELD is a device that is used by truck drivers to monitor their truck. It includes a messaging system, GPS navigation, and more. Learn how to use the device, how it differs from AOBRD, and its federal mandate.

Another Night Of Driving And A Very Close Call

This truck driver shares their experience with night deliveries on I-540 and how they narrowly avoided an accident due to another driver's risky move. Learn about the dangers of truck driving, tips for protecting oneself, and the importance of vigilant driving.

Pulling Another Trucking All-Nighter

This article is about the late night journey of a truck driver delivering two loads to a canning plant. Read about the conditions he faces, the challenges he encounters, and the relationships he builds along the way.

My 33rd Anniversary In Transportation

This is an inspiring story of a woman's 33 year journey in the trucking industry. She shares her experience of fighting limitations and stereotypes while navigating the male-dominated world to make a career of it.

My Overweight Ticket

This article follows one truck driver's experience with an overweight ticket. The driver was following instructions from their employer, but still received a fine. Learn about the unfairness associated with trucker regulations and what can be done to avoid overweight tickets.

Sometimes You Face Difficult Driving Challenges In Trucking

Truckers must be extra vigilant when driving through traffic. This article provides tips and advice for successfully navigating the roads as a truck driver. It also includes a lovely description of the fall scenery, which can be enjoyed while driving.

I Want Out Of Trucking As A Driver

Entering trucking in 2001, the author recounts the many changes and challenges they experienced as a driver. With truckers often facing difficult road conditions, conflicting rules, and even anti-truck sentiment, the author shares their experience and advice for those interested in entering trucking.

A Sad Day For Me In Trucking

A truck driver reflects on a particularly difficult day. He is informed of the death of his friend and is still called to work, but manages to make it safely to his destinations while dealing with the sadness of loss.

Trucking Back To Dallas

This article provides truck drivers and anyone in the trucking industry with tips and advice on driving safely and efficiently. It covers topics such as loading the trailer, safety measures, and best practices for fuel stops.

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part Two

This article provides truck drivers with tips and tricks to make driving more efficient and safer. It includes topics such as backing up a trailer, fuel efficiency, and how to handle difficult situations on the road.

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part One

This article tells the story of a truck driver returning to work after a vacation and discovering their truck is missing. They have to drive another truck, which is in a dirty state and has various issues. Furthermore, they have to back into a busy dock, blocking four lanes of a highway, while they unload it.

Women Truck Drivers

Women have been braving the trucking industry for many years, inspired by daring pioneers in aviation such as Harriet Quimby, Matilde Moisant, and Anne Lindbergh. Today, women can be found in every aspect of the trucking industry, from driving to dispatching to owning their own trucking companies.

The Trailer Behind The Truck

Truck drivers must know how to properly hook up a trailer when beginning their trip. This article gives insight into the steps a driver must take, from connecting hoses to raising the landing gear, to ensure the trailer is properly hooked up for a safe trip.

Stormy Weather In Trucking

Spring brings a variety of weather conditions for truck drivers to navigate. This article offers tips on dealing with cold winter conditions, storms, and more. Plus, learn the importance of knowing your location when driving in areas with hazardous weather.

A Trucker's Day Of Bad Weather

A truck driver's bad day on the road is made worse by dangerous weather conditions. Follow the driver's journey as he navigates through rain, sleet, fog, ice, snow, and sunshine and finds his way back home.

The Product Has To Be Made Before You Can Purchase It

Delivering pop, fruits, and veggies can be a complex and detail-oriented job. This article provides an informative guide for truckers, such as tips for loading and unloading, how to prevent product from freezing, and how to keep shelves stocked America-wide.

Trailer Of Breakfast Cereal--Getting It To You

Trucking is a complex profession that requires following a specific process at the shipper. Learn the process step-by-step, from signing in and inspecting the trailer, to dropping and getting another trailer, here!

Medical Disqualification For Unfit Drivers

America is becoming overweight from eating too much of the wrong foods. Concern for unfit drivers has already started. Learn how truck drivers can get fit and healthy to keep their job and CDL ahead of the new rules being implemented.

The DOT Recertification Physical

Get all the information you need to know about DOT physicals, which are a necessary part of the trucking industry. Learn about the questions you need to answer, the physical tests you need to do, and the medical card you can get with your successful physical.

FMCSA SAFESTAT: The Grading System For Carriers And Their Employees

The FMCSA collects data in four areas to grade trucking companies with DOT numbers: Accident, Driver, Vehicle, and Safety Management. Law enforcement agencies monitor these statistics to identify those carriers with the most problems. Learn how to access this information and how it affects drivers here.

The DAC Report And Your MVR: How Companies Use Them For Hiring

Learn what DAC reports are and how employers use this information to decide whether or not to hire a driver. Understand the importance of disputing a DAC report to make sure your record is accurate and up-to-date.

Seeing The Aftermath Of A Trailer Rollover

A truck driver recounts a harrowing experience on the open road. After a long day, he hears a loud noise near his truck stop and finds an overturned double trailer. Fortunately, he was able to avoid a disaster. Learn best practices for truck drivers to stay safe on the roads.

Making Turns In A Semi Can Be Dangerous - And Comical Too!

Truck drivers must be careful and alert when navigating tight turns. This article discusses the importance of truck driver etiquette and provides examples of dangerous situations that can occur when making turns with a semi-truck.

Life On The Road - Sometimes You Have One Of Those Weeks

This article tells the story of a truck driver's week of trials and tribulations in the transport industry. From tight docks to a popped-off door to unseen tire spikes, the driver faces many challenges and setbacks as they navigate their week of transportation.

Driver Error

An experienced truck driver gets an unwelcome surprise while loading his trailer and takes an honest look at the risks of his job. He shares his story of the importance of safety on the job and the need to be aware of even the smallest details.

The Adventureland Caper

Chum and Rhonda are sent to Des Moines to bus a bunch of kids to the amusement park, Adventureland. They experience a wild ride on the Log Boat Flume and get soaked to the skin after taking on 'Suicide Hill'! Their story of adventure and laughter quickly becomes the talk of the office.

Maintaining The Equipment: The Driver and The Company Share The Responsibility

This article provides truck drivers and people in the trucking industry must-know tips for understanding and inspecting vehicles, as well as how to find the right company that takes care of their equipment.

My First Bus Route

This is the story of a truck driver who navigated a tough 60 mile country route during a winter storm. He used landmarks to stay on the road, got help from the kids, and gave the bus garage phone number out for updates. Thanks to his determination and resourcefulness, he made it home safely.

Meal Time Can Be Tough For Women Truck Drivers

Women truck drivers have difficulty getting served meals, from fast food restaurants to truck stops. This article dives into the struggles and how to overcome it, including re-heating meals made at home for a cheaper option.

A Bus Accident That Never Should Have Happened

The truck driver was on her way back from Conway, Arkansas with two buses when a milk truck driver passed on a hill and curve, nearly rear ending the truck. The force of the accident threw the driver 50 yards, and the bus was damaged. The driver reflects on the dangers of driving too fast on curves and hills.

Passing My Pre-Trip Inspection Exam Was Not Easy

Get tips from a veteran truck driver on how to ace the pre-trip inspection for CDL drivers. This article shares the experience of a truck driver attempting the pre-trip inspection and provides advice on how to prepare for the test.

Chicago On Christmas 2005 Day 2

Truck drivers need to stay warm, pay attention to their route, and drive the speed limit to ensure a safe and efficient driving experience. Learn more about the upcoming I-355 extension and the various precautions necessary for truck driving in this informative article.

Chicago At Christmas 2005 Day 1

This driver shares their story of a December truck driving trip to Chicago. Follow along as the driver faces struggles such as a malfunctioning truck, frozen sandwiches, and Chicago traffic. Learn how the driver uses their truck for comfort and the unique experiences they had along the way.

Freeing Frozen Trailers After The Ice Storm

This article tells the story of an experienced truck driver who had to carry out their duties during a freezing ice storm. Through their knowledge and experience, the driver was able to overcome the difficult conditions and complete their job.

Another Ice Story

This article paints a picture of how truck drivers handle winter storms. It details the activities undertaken to open and close the trailer doors, move the trailer docks, and the dangers posed by tree branches and power lines. It also points out the usefulness of the mirror heat switch and the beauty of nature.

The Training Truck

This is an informative article about a truck's captivity, spanning 10 years of care and a recent sad separation from its driver. The truck is dismayed at the idea of being sent to the graveyard, and hopes that someone will buy it and take it back out on the road.

Noon Bus Route

This article tells the story of a driver who was explaining to kindergarteners how to drive, only to have to use the lesson in real time when the plow broke loose from the tractor. Learn to drive prepared and expect the unexpected!

The Graveyard

Full of dead semi's and buses in a back lot, take a journey to the final resting place of truckers' past. Enter the buses and semi's to explore the forgotten stories left behind and reminisce on the good life they had.

Out Of Training And On My Own

A new Professional Driver faces fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence when starting out. Learn how to gain the confidence needed to navigate the roads safely and overcome your fears.

Fun Things To Do

Truck drivers can make driving on the road fun and interesting by collecting postcards from each state and saving articles about women in trucking. Keeping track of mileage, writing notes, and collecting collector cards are other great ways to make trucking fun and interesting!

Day Shift

This article tells the story of a truck driver's morning routine, from the dispatcher in the dark garage, to the vehicles and drivers that bring it all to life.

Trailers: Some Common Problems, Fixes, and Items To Carry With You

This article provides truck drivers with essential tips and tricks to identify and fix common trailer problems and items to keep in the truck. Get the skills to keep your rig running smoothly.

Three Days In A Truck

This article is a guide for truck drivers on their road trips, covering topics such as pre-trip safety, weighing loads, finding the best fuel prices, and more. Tips such as using a CAT Scale Collector Card and getting free coffee with a Loves card are included.

Mom's First Ride In A Semi

A truck driver takes their mom on a ride in a semi for the first time. Along the way, they point out the different gauges, mirrors, and switches and explain the importance of them. They have to go through a DOT scale, and later hit a bumpy road. At the end, they both find the experience enjoyable!

Women In Trucking: Tips For Safety and Comfort

This guide offers helpful tips and tricks for female truck drivers to stay safe, comfortable, and successful on the roads. Get information on how to pick truck stops, use common sense and good judgement, and use safety measures such as a whistle and locking the doors.

Tractor Trailer Brakes On Fire!

A truck driver had the alertness to recognize a brake fire and the courage to act. The driver and a passing truck driver used fire extinguishers, but the fire department was still needed to put out the fire. Learn the best response to a brake fire in an emergency.

A Funny Warehouse Story

This truck driver shares a cautionary tale of their experience in the warehouse, recounting the consequences of recklessness while unloading a trailer. The truck driver recounts their experience of stacking and re-stacking 1,188 bottles, and the pain endured due to the long day's work.

An Icy Night On The Prairie

A truck driver shares a personal story about driving a truck in an ice storm. Find out about taking precautions, getting fuel, driving on slippery roads, and more.

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