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A Family Emergency On The Road

Every truck driver fears a family emergency happening when they're out on the road. It's a helpless feeling, and there's little you can do to prepare.

Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This

Life on the road is challenging, and drivers are on tight schedules. But this was one of those days where I made a mistake that made things even worse!

Keep That License Clean: Your Career Depends On It

For a truck driver that CDL is everything. Here is some great advice on protecting that license.

Reaching 300,000 Miles In A Big Rig

Although I had never planned on driving a semi, I wound up having a great trucking career. Here's a story about the trip where I reached 300,000 miles.

Working My Way Back Into The Trucking Industry

I got out of the trucking industry back in 2009. Almost two years later I'm ready to get back in but I'm facing a few hurdles along the way.

The Weaving Driver

You never know when a beautiful day for a drive can suddenly turn ugly, as it did for Rhonda in her big rig on a typical summer day in Wisconsin.

Inside Trucking Part 3: Life On The Road

An inside look at life on the road from a trucker's perspective.

Inside Trucking Part 2: Understanding Company Expenses

Controlling costs in trucking is critical to the success of trucking companies, and drivers should be doing their part to help - for their own sake.

What Is The Qualcomm (Omnitracs)?

Every truck driver will use a Qualcomm, or Omnitracs, to communicate with dispatch, track their Hours Of Service, and find routing. Here is an overview of how the Qualcomm is and how it works.

Another Night Of Driving And A Very Close Call

As a truck driver you have to be on guard at all times. Even when you're doing everything right you never know when someone will do something crazy.

Pulling Another Trucking All-Nighter

The boss at my trucking company called and asked if I could deliver some loads overnight. I knew this was going to be a long night on the highway.

My 33rd Anniversary In Transportation

After 33 years as a woman in the transportation industry it's been amazing to look back at the journey and how far women truck drivers have come.

My Overweight Ticket

Your axle weights have to be legal before entering the highway, but what can a truck driver do if you're not sure and there's no scale at the shipper?

Sometimes You Face Difficult Driving Challenges In Trucking

Some days are tougher than others for truck drivers, especially with the amount of traffic on the roads today. Today was a tough day in trucking.

I Want Out Of Trucking As A Driver

Truck driving is not an easy career, and I got into it because I needed to make a better living. Now it's gotten old, and I'm looking for a way out.

A Sad Day For Me In Trucking

It was a sad day driving truck today after finding out some really tough news and being called into work immediately afterwards.

Trucking Back To Dallas

I make a lot of trucking runs to Dallas, TX, and usually it's a two day affair. I'm getting ready to head out again and I'm hoping things will go well.

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part Two

Backing was a tough issue for me back when I was new to truck driving, and a situation like this one was a nightmare for me!

Returning To Trucking After Vacation: Part One

I am just thrilled to know about the new adventure given to me - blocking 4 lanes of busy highway while trying to back the rig in. What a mess.

Women Truck Drivers

The American public sees more and more women behind the wheel of a big rig and they must surely think this is a new thing for women. Not even close!

The Trailer Behind The Truck

The trailer behind the truck is something that you may never think about in great detail, and it looks simple enough, but there's a lot to it.

Stormy Weather In Trucking

With the change of seasons comes another area of concern for all travelers of the highways - storms with hail, high winds and tornadoes.

A Trucker's Day Of Bad Weather

Some days you just know are going to be bad. Today was one of them. Its the last of November and there is all sorts of weather heading our way.

The Product Has To Be Made Before You Can Purchase It

It takes a lot of trucks to keep America going and the shelves filled. Most of us never consider the shipping and manufacturing that goes into it.

Trailer Of Breakfast Cereal--Getting It To You

So what exactly do a truck driver's duties entail when picking up and delivering loads once they arrive at the customer? Here's an example.

Medical Disqualification For Unfit Drivers

This article discusses some of the medical disqualifications for truck drivers.

The DOT Recertification Physical

I am just thrilled that I get to have my DOT physical done again. Mine expires tomorrow. The medical card I carry is good for 2 years. Bummer.

FMCSA SAFESTAT: The Grading System For Carriers And Their Employees

it's far easier than you might imagine to get the safety records of trucking companies, and these records have a big effect on a company's drivers.

The DAC Report And Your MVR: How Companies Use Them For Hiring

DAC reports and your MVR are two sources that trucking companies use to determine if you are eligible. But how does this process work? Here's how...

Seeing The Aftermath Of A Trailer Rollover

After a long day, I made it to the truck stop and I was tired. Little did I know, things during the night were going to get interesting!

Making Turns In A Semi Can Be Dangerous - And Comical Too!

Somtimes four wheelers don't know how to handle situations with trucks. They do the funniest, and sometimes the scariest things!

Life On The Road - Sometimes You Have One Of Those Weeks

A lot can go wrong for truck drivers on the road, and sometimes you just have one of those weeks where it all goes wrong!

Driver Error

Truck drivers have a ton of responsibilities when it comes to safety, and patience is key. Here's an example of how quickly things can go wrong.

The Adventureland Caper

I've had my share of fun over the years on the road but this story was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced!

Maintaining The Equipment: The Driver and The Company Share The Responsibility

Whether a trucking company or bus company does proper maintenance is a great way to determine if it's a good company to work for or not.

My First Bus Route

Driving a bus full of children is never an easy task, but add a terrible Iowa snow storm to the mix and you've really got your hands full!

Meal Time Can Be Tough For Women Truck Drivers

You would think that getting served a simple meal would be no big deal. Well, for women truck drivers, it's not always that simple.

A Bus Accident That Never Should Have Happened

Back in 1979, two of us were headed to Conway, Arkansas to pick up two brand new buses. We had no idea what was about to happen.

Passing My Pre-Trip Inspection Exam Was Not Easy

Passing the pre-trip inspection exam is easier for some. But for me, it was rough. Here's the unusual story of how I did it.

Chicago On Christmas 2005 Day 2

Ah yes, driving truck through infamous Chicago. There's never anything easy about it - especially in the winter at Christmas!

Chicago At Christmas 2005 Day 1

There is nothing easy about driving truck in Chicago. But it's especially bad in the winter, and at Christmas time of all things!

Freeing Frozen Trailers After The Ice Storm

After a brutal ice storm swept through the area it was time to get out there and break all of the trailers free from the ice!

Another Ice Story

A major winter storm has hit a number of states leaving a thick layer of ice on everything! What a mess to deal with!

The Training Truck

A popular blog from one of our best storytellers about the life and the view from a training truck.

Noon Bus Route

This is a fun story about driving some kindergarten students home from school.

The Graveyard

A very popular story of a trip down memory lane by a bus driver and truck driver of many years. Sets such a vivid scene.

Out Of Training And On My Own

I finished my training period and for the very first time I was out on my own in my own rig. It was scary, but I made it through!

Fun Things To Do

The lives of truck drivers are just full of activity. Here's some fun things you can do to enjoy and remember the good times!

Day Shift

In my years as a bus driver the morning routine remained one of contemplative introspect as I prepared for the day ahead.

Trailers: Some Common Problems, Fixes, and Items To Carry With You

There are some common problems that truck drivers run into with their trailers. Here are a few, along with fixes and tools to carry.

Three Days In A Truck

Ride along with me as I cruise the highways of Oklahoma and Texas in my big Kenworth for a few days!

Mom's First Ride In A Semi

I love driving a truck, and for the first time I was able to take my mom with me. Here's the story.

Women In Trucking: Tips For Safety and Comfort

Women truck drivers can do a number of things to stay safe and comfortable on the road and I cover a lot of them here.

Tractor Trailer Brakes On Fire!

A great story about trying to get a semi stopped whose brakes were on fire - and then we couldn't get the fire out!

A Funny Warehouse Story

Before becoming a truck driver I worked in warehouses and you wouldn't believe what I did one day! What a mess!

An Icy Night On The Prairie

Truck driving across the frozen prairie is what seperates the real truckers from the rest, and this night was one of the worst.

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