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by Pappy
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209. I counted.

That's how many applications I have filled out for trucking companies.

Of those, only four trucking companies have even made an attempt to send me some type of response.

32 of these applications will exceed the 90 day limit in 2 days, so to keep them fresh I will have to send those trucking companies another reminder about me.

It seems so much easier in this day of e-mail and fax etc.

But... I stop an wonder at the trucking companies who hire without even looking at a person. If I owned my own truckin' outfit, I would want to meet, in person, the person I'm about to give BIG RIG responsibility to. I would want to look at the personal hygiene of anyone who wishes to be in my employment. After all, if a person doesn't give a damn about keepin' one's own ass washed, then how can I be assured they will keep my tractor trailer in good workin' order? I have been around long enough to see that if a person don't care about keeping themselves clean, they sure as hell ain't gonna care about your property. I'm shootin' straight from the hip here folks. I ain't even gotta pull out my pistol to hit this nerve.

Truck. Trucking. Tractor. Rig. Big Rig. CDL SCHOOLS. Hmm I forgot where i was going.

Anyways just lettin' yall know I'm still alive. God help me.

In case y'all was wonderin' "What's up wit' Pappy"?

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