Economic Hard Times and The Politics of Change

by Pappy
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Holy cow man!

I am so bored, I can't see straight.

I've have been unemployed before so it's not like a new thing to me. The trouble is, before, there were always jobs to go to. It was just a matter of a time, a few days, maybe a week, some times the same day I'd be behind the wheel with another company. Today...well, today, it would seem, things are a bit different. I have been through 5 recessions...not depressions. There is a difference between recessions and depressions.

An Economic Recession is when the economy is weak. Like there is no economic growth for two quarters of a year in a row.

An Economic Depression is when there is no money in the economy.

Reasons for a Recession? Many things lead to the cause. For instance, in late 2006, the promise of ending the "War on Terrorism" came under fire by those who supposedly wanted power returned to the people. I say that would be a good thing if the people knew how to govern themselves. But...The people have no idea how to govern themselves. The people have been taught, "there is no truth but the truth you make". That has opened the door to all different interpretations of laws. So, if you interpret the law one way and I interpret it another, then we have a total fuckin' mess. You want it your way and I want it mine.

Sorry ... I started chasin' a rabbit there...ok...back on track here. Umm...oh yeah!

Selling The Need For Change

There were certain people who wanted the power to tell you how to live your life. They began by actively speaking against, and working against, everything that would totally end a war. They believed that if they were able to sway enough people into believing that the current powers were important and were only after monetary gain from beating up a little helpless country, then the people would be ripe for a change.

Well they got what they set after. Problem is, they are dragging us all down with them and the Change. Cause the Change was never defined. How can a person repute or respect a change if people are left to define the change as what each of us wants? Thats fuckin' insanity! As people became more and more convinced that a change was needed, the people forgot to keep an eye on through the back door came doubt. Doubt has eaten away at our economy. If you doubt your money's value, then how can it stand?

May I explain?

If you want a Cadillac Escalade, and you're willing to pay some ridiculous price for it, then you get a Cadillac Escalade, which you are tied to until you pay it off. If you want a house that cost $200,000, but your job only allows you to pay for the Cadillac Escalade and maybe eat off the dollar menu at "MickeyDEEEee's", then you get another job....and now you're working 80 to 100 hours a week trying to keep your BLING BLING and hopin' da Ho's notice you. You soon realize that this ain't the "American Dream" you were taught that you was owed. So piss on going to WAR! Why should I fight and maybe die for this? This is assuming you intended to pay your debts off anyway.

There are so many things wrong with the lifestyle mentioned above...I could write several books, but why should I? Hell, half the people get pissed off as soon as they read "War on Terrorism" and quit reading....another fourth of the people haven't a clue....and maybe a tenth were hoping there were HOTTIE MILFs posing nude here!...The rest? The rest probably can't read and are just pretending to. Well, If you've read this far then maybe there's hope for you.

The Great Depression

Economic Depression sets in when what you have based your money on can not hold its value anymore. "The Gold Standard" was how we based money value back before we got "...a chicken in every pot...". Gold was valued at a certain amount, so money was printed and distributed on that value. If there was not enough money in the payroll to pay a man his earned wages then why should he be expected to work??

Many thousands of folks died of starvation during the "Great Depression"...No telling how many more were murdered by another person wanting the job of the person they were murdering. The government stepped in and promised work...but there were only so many jobs.

Then the Government spoke and said "...a chicken in every pot...". So they did away with the "Gold Standard" and started printing money based solely on the good feelings and outlook of the American people. A number was given to each person and a tax was levied against every person who had a number and made money. Thus, an income tax. This tax was used to feed the surplus population and pay for government projects.

Then another tax was issued against a person's income and it was to be used as "help". It was intended as a retirement - for the aged and the invalid. It was intended for you to make arrangements for your retirement and then the "Social Security Tax" would be used as needed for those who paid into it. It's needless to say...but I will say it anyway....professional politicians have screwed up the intent and damn near bankrupted both of these taxes.

So, this system worked up until the American people lost interest in keeping the good in America, and America in the good. Whats next in the economy? Excellent question, it deserves an answer.

Where Are We Headed Now?

I am by far from being some kind of "Wallstreet Wizard". Nor am I a Financial Advisor. What I do see happening just takes a bit of common horse-sense and willingness to see for one's self. Here goes. You ready? We Americans are headed toward another economic depression. It will weaken this country and it's people to the point of civil war...yes...civil war. NO!! NO!! NO!! Not the kind of "Civil War" that was fought among the states!!! Get over that, will ya!!

This civil war will be between the people who have and those who do not. This civil war will divide this country, and once divided, it will fall prey to anyone who promises and commands a better future.

Cause like I mentioned earlier, we have lost our willingness to govern ourselves according to laws, and most people do not hold America as a Nation of value anymore.

I say, "Damn a Professional Politician!"

And Yes, you may quote me.

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