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Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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2 week notice with Schneider

HackAttack...good luck in your local job. I simply cannot believe Schneider has only 1300 miles on a dedicated account. There would be no drivers on the account!!!

I run dedicated in the same area Va. PA...northeast. I see plenty on Pumpkins in my travels.

Good luck!!

Here's a true story. Was working a dedicated account with 12 drivers doing 65 hours a week with schneider. I was bringing in $1000 a week averaging 1600 miles per week. It was 2 appointments per day, 0700 and 1400 with approximately 120 minute unload for each. Was advertised as home daily(maybe if you lived right next to the drop yard haha! But I digress..) I had no problem just sleeping in my truck for the week and going home on the weekends. Fast forward 3 months and they now have 24 drivers doing 1 load per day. When my checks started averaging 600 a week I transferred to OTR.

Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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My Awful experience with Schneider National as rookie.

I think most of you are misunderstanding something about me defending him. I'm not saying Schneider is a horrible company, like I said before my great great family member worked for them when it started and loved them. Their orientation was like a little cdl refresher course with added info and training, but the reality is the company has turned to drivers being numbers and in that system people do fall through the cracks. And if right they did what most defense companies during war expanding past regular operational capacities and now some drivers will always suffer, may be at the hands of the masses, corporate structure, etc there will always be a defining line that gets drawn, and in this case it seems to be Natives of America, which would have old man Schneider rolling over in his grave to jump up and slap the **** out of people.

Jesse, you are 100% correct. Schneider hires on 100 new drivers a week knowing that the majority will quit, but its cheaper than giving good wages. Btw Ive been sitting at the drop yard almost 24 hours without a load. Ive been talking to the other OTR drivers here and they arent getting miles either. When I talk to my driver leader, with whom im bery polite and proffessional with(so im not blamed as being an a$$), im told loads are light so hold tight. Loads have been light since I started OTR! Guess theres too many mouths to feed.

Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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My Awful experience with Schneider National as rookie.

I've had some issues with Schneider myself, they micro manage their drivers on every side angle thing playing the military cover their ass game mixed with a slight mind control aspect of their company if you take a good look at the verbage and wording with quite a few things. They don't micro manage anyone else in the chain and it always seems when a driver has a legitimate complaint there's 5 guys like you people defending them. Sorry guys but I agree with him, had a truck broken nonstop for the 6 months I worked there, my family has worked there almost since the company started, it has changed considerably.

My latest 2 days with Schneider OTR...

Dropped off my last load of a 2 stop yesterday at 1200. Didnt get another preassignment so called to see whats up next...Driver leader is off Sunday so got forwarded to green bay where the off hours people are. After being on hold for 40 minutes(eating into my drive time) was told that I probably wouldnt get another assignment till the following morning so I should wait at the reciever. I said theres no Idling allowed here and its 96 degrees out so Im going to go to the nearest drop yard for the night. I end the day with 136 miles and 7.5 hours on duty(3 hours driving). The following morning 08/01/22 at 0500 I recieve a preassignment alert. The assignment is to drive 430 miles picking up in Modesto CA and delivering to San bernadino CA. The load wont be ready for pickup till 2200 that night and stop details say not to call shipper. I call the driver leader and get redirected to green bay again. Im told that they are going to find something for me to run sooner and to hold tight. Here it is 0700 with no load. This has been a very common occurence my year with this company. I can tell many other stories just like this, like my 66 mile day last week that had 3 stops in LA, or my 200 mile day a few days ago that had 2 stops with 2 hour live load and unload. A lot of the truckers on this forum are really quick to blame the drivers for not hustling and keeping the wheels turning, but I think they are unaware of the circumstances. Maybe they are owner ops or just work with good companies and cant believe it could possibly be like this. How do you keep the wheels turning as an OTR driver when you dont have loads to run or are given a 66 mile run that has 3 stops around LA with Live load/unload at each stop that take up to 2 hours?

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