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Just a man trying to provide the best life for his Wife and Kids!

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Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Locked in the shower!


Here's a good one for you, stopped at the Pilot in Hubbard, OH for a shower and some fuel. After my shower I go to leave and guess what? The dead bolt broke and won't budge. I called the store and told them and that started the 45min escapade for rescuing me from the dreaded shower #10!

They opened the bottom part of the door and started passing tools through to disassemble the lock. Which didn't help.




They eventually just started breaking away at the door as that deadbolt wasn't going anywhere!

So if you're at the Hubbard Pilot, I'm sorry about shower #10 =D

They did give me lunch though for that traumatizing experience 🤣🤣

Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Cooking OTR

So my wife says I'm crazy for cooking at truck stops and areas where I park. I don't want to cook in the truck due to oil splatter and don't want the truck to smell like a whole onion lol.

Do yall cook put there on the road? If so what're some things yall cook.





Posted:  11 months, 3 weeks ago

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find trucking jobs who hire with misdemeanor

Nit trying to get personal but what were the charges for exactly?

Posted:  12 months ago

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Observation and question

Last week in Texas I saw diesel at $2.99 per gallon at one truck stop.

I assume that the price is going down due to the decreased demand which is due to the transportation downturn. Any comments?

I'm cruising eastern states right now and its around $3.90-$4.19 from what I've been seeing.

Posted:  12 months ago

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Night Shift Tips?

So I haven't done this myself but I've seen it used in other situations.

Has anyone used smelling salts? Just a curious question.

I luckily have someone who stays up all night i talk to on the phone and mix that with very loud off key shrieking/singing helps me.

Posted:  12 months ago

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CB radios and seat cushion advice

Hey guys and gals!

So new into OTR life been local/regional for 5 years. Looking for a good CB setup wanting to know what yall run. I'm looking to get some good distance. Going to have my company shop install it for me and get it running.

Also, Seat cushions. After a long day near bottom of spine/top of but crack is on fire! I'm built like a 2x4 so i have no cushion lol. What do yall use to keep your rears from falling off due to pain.

Posted:  1 year ago

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new guy contemplating on going OTR

That to me seems really low, I have 5 years exp with local and some regional. I'm out OTR for the first time and I walked in at .64cpm base east coast an extra .15cpm then bonus CPM for saftey/performance/ mileage.

The company I'm with takes new guys they'll put you with a trainer for 200ish hours and then if you're ready to solo out they'll get you in your own truck.

Posted:  1 year, 1 month ago

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SAP Driver

Hey guys, Im new here but i was looking to see if anyone could point me in the right direction. First off Im a SAP driver who is currently in stage 5 of the program, my counselor said the RTD drug test will be conducted by a company that hires me but havent been able to find one. So here it last 3/28/2022 i went to take a pre employment drug test and tested positive, now it was a one off mistake i made on a bachelor trip celebration and now im paying for it. Father of 1 with a another otw, Ive never been in any type of serious trouble, criminal record spotless, i do have a personal speeding ticket that happened 3+ years ago, Im a very hard worker and enjoy the hell out of driving trucks. Im just praying something comes up because im literally being treated as if i just served a 5 year bid and have a wrap sheet, and its just really tearing me down. Im a great dude just looking for a second chance to prove that what happened to me last year is not who i am. Someone take a chance and point me to the promise land. Thank you for reading.

Hey Devin I'm the one Rob mentioned in the same boat, just different circumstances.

Question is do you have any tractor trailer experience or was this right as you got your CDL? With no experience it's goign to be tough to get on. Not impossible but tough.

I can link you up with some of the people who are working with me to get me back in a truck.

Posted:  1 year, 1 month ago

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SAP Friendly Companies for RTD ready Driver?


Roehl is a good company with a solid reputation.

Sweet Express is out of the Grand Rapids, MI area. I know some of their drivers personally. It can be a cliquish company. I will say it like this: It's really great for those for whom it's really great.

I'm really hoping to hear back from Roehl, I just talked to my recruiter my app is in review. She said takes 2-3 days so I should hear back today or tomorrow. My buddy that works at my current company came from Roehl and spoke highly of them.

Sweet Express seems good I don't know to much about them but they are a w2 position where as a lot of the ones who work with people in my position are 1099.

Even if I have to go another route I would only stay with them until I can move up into a better company as I finish out my clearinghouse problems.

Posted:  1 year, 1 month ago

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SAP Friendly Companies for RTD ready Driver?

Go on Indeed and type in SAP drivers or something like that. I've done that before and had tons of things show up.

One mistake doesn't define who you are but please, for yourself and the motoring public, stay sober. But there are job out there.

As others have said, if you are ever sent in for a federal drug test, you HAVE to do it. There is no way out of it. Refusing to do it will put you back in the SAP program or worse.

I used to do drug testing. Heard a lot of stories and excuses. My response was usually "I sympathize with your situation. However, the FMCSA does not."

Oh yea I hear ya! I've been sober for a long time now, I'm a youth minister and teach my youngins about the hardships I faced when I was younger.

The facility didn't even communicate anything with me or I would've stayed there till Jesus came back!

Thanks for the encouraging words!

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