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Hometown is about 30 miles south of Albany NY. 50 year old who searched for and found a new career in trucking. Divorced and have one son.

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Posted:  10 hours, 4 minutes ago

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Schneider Pre-Work Screen Keeps Me From Driving for Them

I got my permit (spent $200 in PA including the $125 DOT physical PA requires) and had plans to attend school paid for by Schneider starting in 3 weeks. It's the ideal situation: they pay for school and you sign on for only 6 months; paid orientation for 3 weeks; only 1 week with a trainer on the road; regional job with gaurenteed salary of $47,000/yr. Too bad I cannot pull 100lbs or squat 10x in a row due to arthritic knees (I'm almost 56). The recruiter told me I could call a lumper if I didn't think I could unload the trailer. I wonder how that works in the real world. I was soooo excited to be doing this. Totally disappointed.

Does anyone know of a similar paid CDL and training plan out there? I haven't found one. All the paid training programs require at least a 1 year contract and they reimburse you so you have to pay out of pocket to start. There is no pay during training and I need that income. I cannot go without income through school and orientation.

Sorry Phillip...most companies will require you to prove you can physically do the work. With arthritic knees how did you expect to get in and out of the truck? What about sweeping trailers? How will you get inside an empty to sweep it out? If you can’t pull 100 lbs and do 10 squats, maybe this isn’t for you.

Good luck

Posted:  4 days, 11 hours ago

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Roehl agility test

Hey Ralph, Roehl no longer does the agility test that Ralph talks about. They now test you on a resistance machine. They test both range of motion and strength. The key areas are...shoulders, knees, and back....both forward and backward. There is a predetermined score you must exceed to be hired.

If, as you say, you are fully recovered there should be no issues. Specifically the back is a forward bend with resistance by the machine and then back up to straight...again with a resistance.

Good luck

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Roehl vs Millis cdl training

Clyde...congrats on your decision. Welcome to the Power of Red. Not sure where you heard that they train only on Autos in Conley. When I was rehired I did my test drive in a ten speed. As a matter of fact, they had to search for an auto for one of the other drivers to test. If you haven’t been assigned a fleet yet, I would recommend trying for the Winchester Va Kraft fleet. It runs up and down the east coast. It all depends on what your goals and needs are.

Good luck! Any questions, ask away.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Roehl vs Millis cdl training

I’d go with Millis Transfer. Ten cents more per mile. You’ve posted twice and both times you talk about pay. Nothing I will say will change your mind.

Good luck. Btw...I drive for Roehl and am. well compensated AND I get home every week.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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Starting out regional and "paying your dues"

I went to Roehl and got my license through there school. I requested and received a spot in their dedicated customer out of Winchester Va. it allowed me the opportunity to get home on weekends and sometimes weekday(I am about to watch one of my sons little league games on my 10 hour break). I consider it regional. Basically east coast. It gives you plenty of experience.

As others have posted dedicated or regional post sometimes pay higher, but they are also more consistent with miles.

Good luck

Posted:  3 weeks, 4 days ago

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I have my CLP and need help

I would try these:Paid CDL Training Programs

Don’t give up. Plenty of people have had this happen too. Good luck

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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On the mechanical side

My perfect truck would have the following...aside from the other items neede to be legal

1. Tires 2. Transmission 3. Engine

Assuming all else was’ll work for me.

Right now I’m in an International 2017, with 193k miles, has a 10 speed Eaton and an It gets me to where I need to go just fine.

See...for a lot of us this is a second or even third career. Most of us sat behind desk for a great deal of our lives. I know NOTHING about the engines.

Reminds me of when I drove a Prostar with the Maxxforce engine...everyone called it a POS...except me. I called it a truck with tires and an engine and a transmission.

Good luck!!

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Afraid I might not get paid.

So I am not going over the road for now and trying a local trucking company. I have worked 2 days and they still haven't had me sign any kind of paperwork. They are also vague, by saying it would take such and such hours and they would pay me X amount of dollars. But when I go in the 'hours' they were talking about have stretched out to more hours than they said. Also they met me, before I started working, saying they wanted to have me sign some paperwork but when we met, they said we would sign the paperwork later. I don't think I will go back to them. Has anyone had any problems like this or know what could be going on with this?

I’d move on if I were you. If your company is not even doing the basic paperwork for your employment, how will you be sure they are doing the proper paperwork to keep insurance, registrations, inspections etc. sounds like a poorly run business that I wouldn’t want to expose me and my money making license to liability

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Got my first ticket. Grrrr.

I feel for ya Chris. I picked up a load in Winchester Va. last night. It weighed 45,911 according to the bills. Roehl has a system set up on their trailers for king pin distance A,B,C,D. It allows us to set the pins correctly depending on what state we run in. It also allows us to estimate weight distribution based on experience.

I’ve learned that Kraft is pretty decent on weight distribution and know where to set my pins. Anyhow, same deal running low in hours I headed south on I 81 in Virginia where the scale never closes. Got the prepass red light scaled...never looked into the mirror window (don’t let see your and got the green light...whew!!! Now I’m clear for the rest of the run.

Some day I’ll get bit. Just like you. Now, you need to turn the page and move on. I don’t think the CSA points will mean a lot on your license or the companies CSA performance. Don’t let it bother you too much.

When I drove for Central Transport I had a large target on my truck going up the I87 NORTHWAY I’m NY. I received several DOT inspections with several violations...and no one has blinked based on my CSA points. That being said...obviously, there ARE limits.

Good luck and stay safe!!

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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I hate Illinois!

Just my two cents... when I went through orientation in Atlanta for Roehl, they had an instructor traveling to Tennessee for that very same reason.

The instructor says they’ve done it many times before. Good luck

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Roehl Transport Physical Capacity Test

I started back with Roehl in January. The use a new machine for their hiring physical test. It measures your strength and agility based on a predetermined score. If you score higher than the predetermined number your ok to proceed to the next step.

Google Roehl physical test...pretty sure it’s in there. In fact I think Roehl put out there own promo video. It’s not that difficult.

Good luck

Posted:  1 month, 2 weeks ago

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Trucking questions

What is a good company to work for that your home every weekend, Does not have cameras in the truck that they switch on whenever they want, call you every time you supposedly take a turn to fast, don't stop at a stop sign soon enough, drive 3 min over, and has a GPS that actually works just for starters

So I work for Roehl Transport. I get home every week for my 34 hour reset. I have an event recorder in my truck. When I drive like an idiot, it records 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event. It has helped me become a better driver. Roehl will deactivate the camera once you prove that you can drive “The Roehl Way” ...which is driven to protect others.

I’ve never received a phone call saying I turned too fast or didn’t stop properly at a stop sign. I can tell you if I ever receive a call like that I would simply say thank you, I’ll try to be a little more careful.

I’ve had some HoS violations...never got a call. My co-pilot works just fine...sometimes the driver doesn’t follow it as closely.

Your first post here seems a little short. Have you had a bad experience with a company? I don’t want to judge you...but it’s just they way your post read.

Good luck with your search!!

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Pretty cool

So it’s the time of season for little league. My son has several games during the week on Tuesdays and thursdays and some on Saturday. May 1st is his opening game.

I knew two of my plans that would end up near the Kraft plant that we ship out of on Tuesday morning. So I sent a note to my FM asking if I could have a plan for Tuesday to end up in Johnstown Tuesday night for my 10 hour. I also told them if it wasn’t available, no worries. I kid you less than 5 minutes I was planned on a load for Tuesday heading to Johnstown.

So excited to be able to see his first game and appreciative of the relationship between myself, my FM and the planner.

Play Ball!!!

Posted:  2 months ago

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Some Confusion About the Use of Sleeper Berth at Shippers/Receivers

I have read posts/comments about drivers who go off duty to "the sleeper birth" on their E-Logs while at a shipper/receiver during live loads. Please explain how you would most effectively use the 8/2 split, if getting loaded/unloaded will be completed within a couple (2-3) of hours. Thanks all.

As Chris said...I would worry about the other aspects of the HOS rules. I’ve only used the 2/8 split once and that was because my driverpc said I Roehl doesn’t like their drivers to use the split sleeper.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Patience at the pumps

So I thought I’d share this story I witnessed today. My fuel stop was at the Flying J Winchester Va. exit 323 on I-81. Anyone who’s been there knows it’s a tough stop. Parking is tight and the fuels pumps are usually two or three deep.

What I witnessed was a driver who was blocked in the fuel pump attempt to back out of the spot. Problem was, another truck had pulled in straight behind him. Never saw him and backed right into his tractor. Not much was very low speed...but, it’s now a hassle for both drivers.

So here’s a couple tips when waiting at fuel pumps.

1. While it seems like eternity waiting for the other guy to come’s really only 5 or 10 patient

2. While waiting behind another truck. Try to leave a mirror or part of the tractor exposed so the driver can see it in the mirror. Sometimes I’ll leave my trailer a little offset too.

3., Before you attempt to back out of the fuel pump, do a GOAL...see what’s back there and where your going to back to.

4. If your ever assigned that Flying J , tell your manager ...oops...I missed the exit.

Be safe everyone!!

Posted:  2 months ago

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HOS & Qualcomm Questions

My system give me an audible beep when I get down to an hour left on my drive time or on duty time. It also turns from displaying in green to displaying in yellow. These systems are designed to provide the driver with everything they need to drive legally. Good luck

Posted:  2 months ago

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Name any kind of part or piece of equipment found in someone’s truck/trailer.

-Rules- Has to begin with the first letter of the person above ure post and no reusing if possible (Anywhere on or in Tractor or trailer)

I’ll start off



Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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April 2018 Training blog at Roehl. Appleton WI

He’s also very talented. He started training 6 months in the future.

I just thought of something...he’ll have to work for our company for 1 year.

I won’t bother him with questions for that whole year.

On a good note, there are many fleets at Roehl...

Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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Question to recent Roehl CDL Graduates

I can not say with any amount of certainty if it is still this way. When I got my cdl through their school in Wisconsin I was also responsible for my transportation to and from that location. However after successfully completing the program we were given our comdata cards that had x amount of dollars deposited on it they said was mileage pay for our travel.

That’s what they did for me. It’s mileafe times the com tour starting at.

Also, it Roehl doesn’t think they can get you home, they probably won’t hire you. It’s called the hiring area.

JT say you talked to a recruiter. Have you applied yet? Applying and being approved doesn’t mean you start next week. When I applied to Roehl and was accepted into the program....I had to wait 1-2 months due to medical. Remember Roehl kept a spot open for me once I got it straight.

Good luck

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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How many miles would I get at Roehl?

Well, Roehl declined my application. Are there any other companies that not only provide your CDL training, but also pay you while you're in training like Roehl does?

Sorry to read this Nate. Did they give a reason? There are several that give some sort of pay/advance during training.

Good luck

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