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Hometown is about 30 miles south of Albany NY. 50 year old who searched for and found a new career in trucking. Divorced and have one son.

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Posted:  2 months ago

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Jeremy... how are you?

Hey Jeremy,

How did you recover from your hike?’

Heard talk of this virus acting like it’s clearing up, then taking another more serious run at you.

Hoping you’re still feeling well

Posted:  2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Roehl campuses in WI


They’re both good. I went to appleton and it is a newer terminal and cleaner but not as many people there. Marshfield has the big office and it is the corporate home. Really doesn’t matter which one you go to. I’m from Indy too and it is a good company to go to. I definitely recommend it.


Thank you for your response. Do we get to have like a vacation days(a month) in future after driving solo. Because i got my family living in Europe and would always want to visit twice every year.

Last I knew Roehl gave you 5 days after a year of service. Some Fleet managers might give you an extra day or two unpaid...but it’s highly unlikely you would get a month.

Posted:  3 months ago

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Sleep Apnea..Don’t mess around with it

How long did it take you guys to get used to it? I have been on mine 5 weeks and find that I am more tired and really cranky when I wake up.


I’m used to it for the most part. I can fall asleep relatively quickly. I do wake up during the night though, but have no issue falling asleep again.

My apnea was overall determined to be mild. My doctor told me I would not likely see a big difference once I started using the machine.

I’ve noticed that I am able to adjust my breathing to the pressure of the machine, although some nights it’s still a battle.

Last night I got 5-1/2 hours on the machine. The night before 6-1/2. Some nights I barely stand an hour on it. That’s why I “bank” enough time to still stay compliant in insurance and DOT requirements.

The heart rate issue really has me worried. So I will make an effort every night to use the machine.

Posted:  3 months ago

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Sleep Apnea..Don’t mess around with it

I’ve been driving since October of 2014. Each year I’ve qualified for a one year card based in medications for high blood pressure. This year I was flagged for a sleep test to determine if I had sleep apnea or not. Today I sat with the specialist treating me for my sleep apnea. He reviewed with me the results. I have to tell you, one number stuck out. I had 26 obstructive Apneas. That’s when your airways are completely blocked. I had a maximum duration of 28 seconds.

Here is the one that scared me and made me thankful I went through the process and am now in a APAP (automatic) machine. My heart rate: it ranged between 87 and the low was 41bpm. There is a term bradycardia...which is defined as lower than 60. My average heart rate was 52.

I had NO CLUE any if this was going on. No clue of the Apneas, no clue of the slow heart rate. As the doctor said to me....well of course you didn’t, you were sleeping. Lol.

My point? Yes. It’s a pain in the butt. Yes, it’s uncomfortable..but you do adjust and get used to it. I’m assuming that there’s not much room below 41 BPM before the ole ticker just stops altogether.

So when they say you need to be tested, say thank you, get tested and deal with the results. It may have just saved my life.

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Haven't used my.cdl since I received it almost 2 years ago. Need advice.

Paid CDL Training ProgramsApply For Paid CDL Training

Did this kind of backwards...but here’s your links.

Good luck

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Haven't used my.cdl since I received it almost 2 years ago. Need advice.

There’s really only one way to find out. Apply to the companies.

At the very least you’ll need a refresher course. Similar to the “Paid CDL Training” only you don’t take the road test at the end. Assuming of course, you’ve kept your medical card up to date.

I’d apply at all of these

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Just watched a driver beside me at a truck stop roll a joint

He probably has a bulk bag of tobacco at home and the baggie is just his weekly amount. I wouldn’t think he’d roll more than one joint. He probably figures he’ll smoke two cigarettes on the way to where he’s going.

As far as the post about Hemp. If you want to believe that the amount of THC is negligible, then by all means smoke it and let me know how tour next random goes. I don’t know much about the stuff. Even a hint of ****ing dirty is a red light for me.

Keep it clean drivers

Posted:  3 months, 2 weeks ago

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Question regarding DUI


Instead of running it up the Trucking Truth tree ....why doesn’t he send out applications. Use this link Apply For Paid CDL Training

I’m not sure how they will treat the “code”listed on his license. They will look at the suspensions as a negative though.

I would suggest he fill out as many applications and send them. See what kind of feedback he gets. Remember...these are not credit reports...nothing happens if they say no thank you.

Good luck!

Posted:  3 months, 3 weeks ago

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FINALLY heading to my own truck!

Victor: I would think long and hard about your plan. You have struggled in the last year just to land a job driving a truck. Now you want to land an airplane.

I always wanted to be a rockstar when I was growing up....guess what...didn’t happen. Now I’m a truck driver who enjoys rock music.

You should be a truck driver, who enjoys aviation. I implore you to rethink your approach.

Good luck!

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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I have New News to Tell You! Know how I always wanted to do this in trucking.....

Victor I had been wondering how you tested out. Congrats! Western Express is a fine company. You’ll do well there.

Keep in mind that the responses available here are sometimes delayed. You may want to develop some “go to” contacts at Western Express that you can call for immediate advice.

Good luck and congrats again!


Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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I am uncomfortable taking an on-site sleep study-I already have 2 year medical card

I’m going through the process now. I have an appointment next week to get my machine and start treatment.

I’ve always wondered when I was going to get flagged. Four things 1.Age 2. Weight 3. Blood Pressure 4. type 2 diabetes. Now I got tested.

Right now I’m trying to navigate the thirty day requirement on Data as my medical card expires on 2-12-20. I think there is a thought of an extension for 30 or 60 days to allow me to get data for them to look at.

My thought is this. I can accept it, do as they request OR I can look for a job in a different profession.

What’s easier?

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Roehl GYCDL Training

Hey Andy,

Roehl is a great company. Family owned. I went through their GYCDL way back in 2014. Then it was 3 weeks (2-1/2) to test. I think they expanded it slightly since then.

Good luck moving forward!

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Moe's CDL training diary

Sorry to read this Moe.

This chapter of your adventure called life appears to be closed. Onto the next chapter.

Put your head down and move forward in a positive direction. Good luck!

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Contemplating a Career Change

I really appreciate the replies guys. It's a tough one as I definitely do not want my kids to recent me for being gone. Reading up this profession, it seems the first several months and first year can be the most challenging. Daughter in high school has a majority of her sporting events during the week and our son who is grade school has his basketball and baseball on the weekends.

I just briefly researched TMC. Looks like they offer a CDL training program as well and list positions available in the Milwaukee area. Knowing the possibility of being home on weekends may be an option, this may be a compromise everyone could live with. I'm going do a bit more research on TMC as they were not one of the 3 I have been looking at. Veriha, Schneider and Prime are the others I was referencing.

Just keep in mind that “home on weekends” generally means you get home on Saturday at some point and reset til Monday AM. It does not mean that you get home Friday night and head back out Monday morning.

I see you are in the Milwaukee area. Have you looked at Roehl? They offer paid CDL training and have some of the most flexible home time programs.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Contemplating a Career Change

I won’t bore you with a story.

I’ve got a 14 year old that’s playing football in the fall and basketball in the winter. I know for a fact that it would break his heart if I went back OTR and missed his games. I suspect yours would feel the same way.

We had a discussion just yesterday about me going back on the road in a couple years as a way to put away money for his college (I rent so the thought is to pay myself the rent into his 529)...we’ll see what happens.

Now I run for Ruan Transportation on a local Target account in Amsterdam NY. I just got back from picking up my son at basketball practice. Its a small thing...but it’s a big part of being a dad. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Good luck on your decision.

Posted:  5 months ago

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Failed drug test

I would strongly suggest you revise your circle of friends to exclude “those who use”. Chances are very good that somewhere along the line you ingested something from one of those “friends”....unknowingly. That’s my thinking. The suggestion that you had to ask them “to keep it out” means that at some point it has been around.

I might think back to scenarios that would have exposed you to the risk.

I’ve had my CDL for 5 years now and even the suggestion of drug use excludes that person from my life.

Good luck

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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Cdl advice needed

So Roehl invested 4 weeks into you and sent you packing when you failed the parallel parking? Seems kind of hard to believe. Is there any part of the story your leaving out. Did they ever ask you to leave the program before testing? We’re you a difficult student at all? Is there a state restriction on retesting?

Normally, a company would make several attempts to pass a student and get them running in the fleet. Makes no sense.

Posted:  5 months, 3 weeks ago

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1 accident, 2 minor inspection fails.

Hey Duane....somethings not right here. Are telling us everything? A truckstop accident and a couple minor inspection warning for most companies won’t end in termination.

Is there more to the story that you aren’t telling us.

Always tough to find employment in the Florida market.

You should fill out the forum application and blast it...see what you get back

Good luck!Apply For Truck Driving Jobs

Posted:  6 months ago

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Training with Veriha updates...

Marc..?.. can you elaborate? How can you pull a 16 exempt AND an 100 mile radius deal.... thought it was either or?!?? (Where's Rick S., btw) LoL. Maybe Bobcat Bob knows? Brett? Anyone?! It's really unclear, and the husband comes to ME with his ifs/ands/ors..... and I've got the same green book and Google we all do. This has always been vague; and he's been out of school since '03, and not quite by the books prior. Always looking to learn, ya know?

Hubby pulls a 16 here and there doing intrastate/daycab, but the start and stop point have to be the same, IIRC. For instance, if he pulls a 16, he has to return to the yard, about 35 minutes South of our home. If he brings the rig home (which he does often thank gawsh...) and runs over the 14, they allow him PC. Always empty, no backhauls...not many rejects in corrugated. Never advancing a load, just sleeping here, to run again and load next day after the 10.

Just wondering. Before he got his 'new' Qualcomm he could 'kinda' do the 100 air mile radius deal... but.... if you go from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, to Toledo, to Dayton, and home..... it doesn't add up.

I'm just trying to learn a bit myself here, as well..

Glad things are going well for ya, man~!



The 16 hour exemption is designed for local drivers “daycabs”. One of the provisions of the exemption is that you NOT travel more than 100 miles from your Starting point and as you stated...must return To the same location you started from.

It’s really designed to save drivers from the unexpected storm delays, accidents and such. but is NOT designed to allow drivers the opportunity to pick up more loads etc. I believe once you declare a”big day” your next stop should be back at the yard.

I’m sure Rick S will chime in with more information....but that’s some basics of the law.

Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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Backing help needed: turning front vs. back of trailer


Just take your time, do as many GOALs and Pull Ups as needed, learn from your mistakes, don't get frustrated or in too big a hurry.


Thanks PackRat!



Really more concerned about TRAINER'S frustration!


Marc...your only concern is to back that trailer into the hole. Don’t be too concerned about the trainers frustration. In fact, ignore it.

You will learn how the back of the trailer moves in relation to your adjustments.

Good luck.

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