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Posted:  2 days ago

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Should I buy a GPS unit 🤔

“ May does not have navigation on their Qualcomm.” Really? WOW! So, they don’t care what route you take or where you get fuel?

Okay, sorry. I’m just shocked a carrier as large as they are doesn’t have navigation.

If the initial cost is too much, you could download the free Truckerpath app and pay the subscription to upgrade for truck routes. I think it’s $99/yr. Then you could save up for a GPS.

I hope this helps.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Walmart Dedicated Finale Review

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS on accomplishing all that you have! Especially the debt thing.

Whatever was not for you, I hope it’s behind you now. What’s waiting for you at the new gig, I hope is all you wish it to be.

Focus on the positives that came from that Walmart gig. For whatever you didn’t like, it DID allow you to accomplish a lot.


Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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ESOP plan. Can anyone share info about how they work ? TMC drivers ?

My company has an ESOP (not TMC). Basically the company designates a certain amount, based on my earnings that year, and puts it in my name into the ESOP. It’s in addition to the 401(k), doesn’t come out of my pay and I cannot contribute to it.

This continues each year. Upon my retirement, I get that $. I’m vested after five years but, if I quit the company after five years, I’ll still get that $ at retirement. Quit before five years and I don’t get it.

Not all ESOPs are the same and, if you’re young, you might prefer a higher pay IF you’re disciplined enough to invest the extra.

I probably would NOT make an ESOP the deciding factor, but they can be good.

I hope this helps.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Trucking School vs Getting CDL on your own




I am concerned about quieting my current job and being unemployed for a couple of months until I find some work.



If that's your concern, then you need to go through one of the many Paid CDL Training Programs. That way you are guaranteed a job after successfully completing their program.

I don't know of any reputable trucking companies hiring rookies who just have a CDL they got on their own. The most important thing you bring to the table as a rookie is your certificate showing you've had 160 hours of training. That certificate is what opens the door. It's far more important than your CDL when applying with no verifiable experience.


I understand completely on the training. But my concern also is I was told even going to one of the company CDL training you still may not have a job when you come out. That is what some have said that went through it. Don't know how true it is maybe the guy was just a total screw up.

The only way I see you not getting hired on is if you DON’T pass the testing phase and obtain your CDL. Otherwise what’s the point of them teaching you to pass the CDL exam?

I did private school, signed on right away with Schneider (at the time they didn’t have a CDL school) & they reimbursed the cost of CDL school (over time). And I started at 53 years old.

Bottom line, you NEED that 160-hour course certificate.

Posted:  2 weeks, 5 days ago

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Things Are Bad, Running Out of Time

Eugene proves something I’ve long believed; humility is in scarce supply.

I don’t care how many millions of dollars, or people, you have managed. So have lots of us. Don’t think yourself better than those who are getting the job done.

There are plenty of truck Drivers who may not be much to look at and/or lack a formal education, BUT CAN RUN RINGS around my driving/backing skills.

I’m grateful for all the not-so-well-perceived Drivers, who endured decades of difficult work conditions, that I can enjoy this relatively easy (don’t shoot me!) profession.

I pray I never forget how fortunate I am. 🙏🇺🇸😎

Posted:  2 weeks, 6 days ago

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Just wanted to say thanks

You made the right choice for you. Go with confidence, humility and a determination to be the best, most appreciative Trainee they’ve ever had!

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Stocks and trucking: Have you guys ever researched or purchased sticks based on hauling more of a certain type of product recently?

Timing? Sure, I’ve made a few decisions and been successful. But, investing in the way you’re suggesting also requires you to get OUT at the right time also. Hopefully you are parked at the right time to SELL.

Because it’s so hard to beat the market, I tend to stick with mutual funds.

Respectfully, big money and super-savvy investors probably aren’t driving trucks for a living. 😎

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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What is the norm when communicating with drivers?

“ As for being productive, my first 6 day stretch was 3407 miles. My best day since was 681 miles. I've been on time or early on every load. I ran in the top 20% for fuel economy and never deviated from the fuel solutions. I'll do my part.”

Wow! Congratulations! That’s good stuff. Keep it up. With performance like that, I seriously doubt you’ll make more $ team driving.

Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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What is the norm when communicating with drivers?

So it's normal... ok. Thanks for the replies.


You can show me all the math you like. You can never convince me that the money is better to be part of a team.


OS, I'm hoping that's true once my rookie year is up. Until then it's a 40% increase for me. Also, I'm told teams are dispatched on longer runs which equates to more miles as well. Once I've paid these rookie dues I'll be looking for a better balance of home time and income, probably dedicated or local.

I'm not inclined to trust others to value my interests. When I got my MBA I was taught the 'proper' way to think about labor, it's really dehumanizing. Knowing the industry norms will help me know when to push for myself and when to let things slide. Like I said, just managing expectations.

And yes, I really can understand how complicated it is. I also know there are people like the girl in the guard shack the other day who let me sit there with her feet up playing on her phone, until I left my cab and knocked on her window. There are times when it helps everyone to give a push.

Mark, I appreciate (as probably does Old School) your perspective on business. I found it a real challenge going from business owner to employee.

I started with Schneider and spoke with some team drivers, while I was solo. They showed me they weren’t making much more (certainly not 40% more) than me. Most were grossing, maybe, an extra $200/month.

The cents per mile may be better and your company may be different than our experiences. But there WILL be a trade off. If hometime is a priority it’s gonna need to be coordinated with your teammate. 🤔 If you’re a top performer, you’ll likely make very good money as a solo driver. Just something to consider.

On the communications, yep, fairly normal. However, I never sat an entire weekend. Maybe communicate to your Driver Manager that, for you, this is a job and expect to be compensated for that weekend. You’re in this job to make money, not park and spend money. Just as they’re not making $ if they leave your truck sit all weekend.

Hang in there. Stay safe and I hope this helps.

Posted:  3 weeks, 2 days ago

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Turning in 2 weeks notice driving OTR?

Before I left Schneider, I had a discussion with my DBL. we had a great working relationship and she knew I wanted to be home more than twice a month. I expressed my desire to give notice, but didn’t wanna be told to get out early. She assured me I’d be allowed to work out my notice.

All went well. I’ve been with my current company for 4+ years and no plans to leave.

When you do the right thing, it’s hard for people to find fault.

Good luck!

Posted:  3 weeks, 5 days ago

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Which Lane is the Proper Lane to Turn Into ?

Go with the examiner and let them fight it out between them. Kind of like a police officer telling you to stop while the light is green. Both can give instructions, but one can take your license.


Posted:  4 weeks ago

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Two year anniversary/Truck upgrade

👍 Congratulations!

Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Newbie Trucker Dad Giving Advice - and Stories

This is one very oddly detailed thread about another person. And it’s kinda creepy. If this is real- 😳


Posted:  4 weeks, 1 day ago

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Serious question on OTR trainers ....

Ok, ok... Seems like all I read or watch on the YouTube are these crazy stories on mentors, trainers, etc from hell- trainers screaming, cussing, freaking out, force driving, and today - even punching someone in the face.

Come on- is this for real? If this is for real, I have a couple of comments:

1. I need to become a trainer and mentor for new drivers some day-

2. Make no mistake - that’s not ever going to happen with me and my trainer. Especially - punching in the face and you just what.. keep driving ??? Heck no-

3. I would like to hear - did anyone have positive experiences ?

I would think or maybe I’m naive - that if you’re a mentor/trainer/ or whatever for new drivers you are experienced, you have been trained to train- you want to help new people in this industry.

I promise you- screaming, cussing, and hitting this guy.... simply won’t fly.

This can’t be real ?

I had a GREAT guy at Schneider. His name is Todd Ward. I don’t know if he’s still with them, but it was southeast so I doubt you’d run into him.

No issues and certainly none of the drama like what we read about.

Keep on keeping on!

Posted:  1 month ago

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Newbie Trucker Dad Giving Advice - and Stories

Hi Harvey,

Im sorry, but none the things you said stick out to me as out of the ordinary. Perhaps these experiences will make your son a stronger person.

Not even this? “His partner punched him in the face and told him to start driving.” 🤔

Posted:  1 month ago

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Newbie Trucker Dad Giving Advice - and Stories

He’s stuck with the company longer than they deserve. The punch in the face would’ve been the end for me.

I hope he finds success at this next company. As bad as many companies may be, I like to think Jay’s experience is the exception and not the rule. I’ve only been with two companies and have no plans to leave this one. But neither has been what you’ve described and it sucks Jay has had to go through it.

I believe in giving companies a chance at improving. So I hope y’all will communicate the problems to them after Jay is safely seated in his next position. That punch could expose the company to a major (even class-action) lawsuit. Especially if that driver is still there.

Good luck to Jay AND you.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Give it a go or call it quits?

Sounds like you can can count on YOU. I’ve been there, done that.

Why are you looking to us? You’re either an investor or a doer. If you’re an investor, make an investment decision. If you’re a doer, with limited funds but strong work ethic, make a work decision.

I agree these others are not doing you any favors.

It sounds like a mutual fund would serve you better.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Schneider Orientation 😅

I wouldn’t be concerned about that sunburn. Since you won’t be seeing much of the pool, here’s a view of ours. I get to see it about once a week. 😆


Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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So I decide to walk away on the 3rd day of company orientation

Here's a scenario; Trucking company has a problem with the hotel they've contracted to house their new drivers. Drugs and prostitution are going on there and the company wants to remove the drivers as discretely as possible. So they tell the drivers to check out and bring their stuff to orientation. They give no other information so that drivers won't be pressured into revealing the reasons to the hotel manager/owner.

The above scenario happened to my group, in Atlanta about six years ago. Good thing I didn't just quit.

I don't know how long you ran your logistics company, before coming to this profession, but things are not always as they seem. This job is (in my opinion) VERY MUCH like the military. Just the other day, I went to pick up a preloaded trailer. Simple right? I was there 2 1/2 hours waiting on them to bring the trailer. All while I watched yard drivers driving around without trailers. Oh, but we get detention pay, right? Yeah, ten bucks. 'Cause the shipper gets the first two hours free. And it was late in the day, which meant trying to get to a parking spot while getting some miles covered AND trying to make on-time delivery the next day (which was now impossible). Good thing I didn't just quit.

If you really want this, I hope you recognize we sometimes need saving from ourselves. Maybe your move was the right one. While I respect ALL Drivers, CRE & Western Express are often regarded as second-chance companies. If you're in that category, you just reduced your options by one company.

If you experience another difficult situation, I sincerely hope you'll reach out to the company people (like the one that tried to save you) BEFORE you walk away.

I hope this helps.

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Hiring Catch 22

“ clipping a trailer and causing some slight scratch damage while attempting an alley dock”


They’ve REALLY gotten strict. Or...there’s more to the story. I’m not gonna say more than necessary. Suffice to say Schneider was WAAAY more lenient about six years ago. 🤔

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