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Posted:  6 hours, 27 minutes ago

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Favorite Bluetooth Headset

This is what i use. I talk to my wife sometimes and she doesnt complain about the noise of the truck. I use these to listen to music all day and have no complaints. I unload my own truck and have worn them in the rain with no problem. I bought mine about 6 months ago and the battery lasts atleast 12 hours. For comfort it came with different size ear buds. I always only have 1 earbud in and just recently lost all sound in the left side because i snagged it on a nail on a pallet that i had on its side

Posted:  7 hours, 29 minutes ago

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A strong case for much better needed trucker security and the laxing of gun laws nationwide.

This thread reminds me alot of that show a few years ago "big rig bounty hunters". That show sure made it seem like a very big problem of trucks/cargo being stolen and the drivers being assaulted. Does it happen? Of course but the likelihood of being a victim is much lower than the internet or tv would lead you to believe. These stories we read are so few and far between when the driver is "randomly" targeted yet theres how many millions of drivers out there who never have any trouble on the road.

Todd, please answer me this. in this instance of the driver waking up with someone already in the cab, how would a firearm have saved him? I have no strong opinion on guns however wouldnt it be easy to wrestle it away from someone who just Woke up? Also, isnt part of being a responsible gun owner keeping the gun and ammo in different places? Reminds me of comedian Jim Jeffries gun control bit "You wait here D-head, i need my bullets."

Posted:  10 hours, 25 minutes ago

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A strong case for much better needed trucker security and the laxing of gun laws nationwide.

Todd it seems to me you're almost looking for a reason NOT to start this career. Crime can happen to anybody, anywhere. Its all about street smarts. I admit i didnt read this story, and Its unfortunate this individual dealt with that but i could be assaulted and/or robbed even taking my kids to chuck e cheese. If you want to live in fear feel free, however most often its easier to not put yourself in a position to be a victim. I dont drive OTR so it may be different, however i never carry more than $20in cash on me. In my job im often times going to a closed business to deliver because i have an alarm code and key at 4am. Some places are well lit, others not so much. It is a little weird having cars in the lot and not knowing if someone is around or if they drank too much and left their car for the night. In truck stops (and anywhere really) always be aware of your surroundings, and stay where its well lit as much as possible (dont walk between trailers). Ive seen a few drivers here say they do not get out of the truck at night. I can assure you that you're much more likely to be injured in an accident in the truck than being assaulted (assuming you're not looking for a fight)

Posted:  14 hours, 42 minutes ago

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Is it possible to just jump into a truck and learn enough to get a CDL without school?

Glad to hear you have another option that you feel may work for you.

I'm still interested in eventually transferring to that tanker job. How would that work as far as verifiable driving experience? Do I just keep copies of all of my driving logs?

One issue you still may run into is the lack of schooling/certificate if you're basically a fill in driver. Also unless the tanker job is local, many of the large OTR companies dont consider local driving to be experience. Some job postings for experience list "OTR experience", while others are only looking for "tractor trailer experience". I'm not sure how your company operates but where im at we use peoplenet for our ELOGS and it tracks mileage on a daily basis and submits that to our office for verification purposes. Being a fill in driver i think would make learning and getting in the groove a little more difficult, similiar reason many feel weekend school isnt a good option.

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Going to training with Swift in Columbus.


Great job with the CDL! I felt very similiar to you regarding the manual while in school but it gets much easier the more you do it. Gets to a point where theres really not much thought of it, its just muscle memory. Good news though, most companies are switching over to a fully auto fleet so i doubt you'd have to "worry" about a manual. Please keep us updated on your journey. When you run into issues or feel like throwing in the towel post over in the "general categories " portion of the forum and we can help you get through it.

Again, great job getting that CDL now let the real fun begin!

Posted:  1 day, 14 hours ago

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Is it possible to just jump into a truck and learn enough to get a CDL without school?

Vincent what kind of work are you in right now? Would it be possible to have your employer cover school and transition you to a driver position? Sysco had offered me that before id left for my current company that i felt was a better match. This isnt the recommended path to take but maybe its what you're looking for. Just know if its local driving its not recommended for newbies due to long hours and close quarter maneuvering. I started my career local and feel i wouldn't have been as successful had my training not been 12 weeks (after the 4 weeks of school). With that being said, we had a driver that finished his training 2 weeks ago. Today he hit a parked car while backing. It dented their bumper in but because they invested their time and money in him they're giving him additional training rather than firing him. Who knows if they'd handle it the same had they not fronted the cost of him to obtain his license. This is an example of why many members agree paid training (with contract) is best/safest route to go.

Posted:  3 days, 7 hours ago

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Anyone around Drive for Pride Transport

We have a member, Dave Reid, that works for pride. He posted about his orientation over a year ago you can read Here. He still comes around quite a bit although he doesnt post daily. I'm sure he'll chime in once he sees this.

Posted:  3 days, 14 hours ago

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Is it possible to just jump into a truck and learn enough to get a CDL without school?

Vincent im in a different position than most members here. I attended a private school (160 driving academy in Moline Illinois) rather that what the other sites refer to as "CDL Mills". My employer footed the bill but even after i spent 4 weeks in school and passed my cdl i still didnt know squat about real world driving or backing. I cant recall if it was you or another poster that recently told us even obtaining cdl before going to a company they were still forcing a contract of 1 year otherwise pay a penalty. The school i attended was roughly $4,000 however some companies like US XPRESS would force you to pay back i believe it was $11,000 if you didn't fulfill your contract. These companies are willing to train because they have such a demand for top drivers and theyre hoping they can get lucky and get some this way. Many people also begin this career with very little money to spare. I think you said the school was Roadmaster, in that case double check the cost. I checked the school in tampa few years ago and the cost was different depending on self pay, financed, or company sponsoring it. If you do pay your way many companies offer reimbursement for schooling.

If you're trying to avoid schooling there are local companies such as pepsi, sysco, holland that will hire you with only a permit but thats a real rough route to take. Alot of city driving, close quarter maneuvering and tight backs often beyond the skill level of a rookie. I started in local food service straight of school but also went through 12 weeks of training with my trainer in the seat next to me. Even with that training i still had some close calls. Atleast in my area, most companies dont put you through as much training as i received.

Posted:  4 days, 4 hours ago

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Finding somehwere to park on home time is impossible

Maybe check out Ryder, Penske or any other rental/repair shops nearby. My company rents parking spaces at our local Ryder yard to store our trucks. Im not sure what the cost is but its worth looking into. Theres also several other companies that rent here. Brightside is you'd be able to park your personal vehicle there as well.

Posted:  4 days, 7 hours ago

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New driver looking for highest pay

The pay ultimately comes down to you. Prime is perhaps the most high paying per mile for rookies, however it still comes down to you managing your clock efficiently to maximize your income. We have members here that started in the mid 30s for CPM and made over $40,000 their first year. Once you prove yourself you'll receive pay increases from whatever company you choose. Also, team driving often times doesn't pay you any more money and then you have the trouble of living in such a confined space with another person and trying to sleep in a truck that rarely stops rolling.

Theres no need to relocate if you're wanting to drive OTR unless you live somewhere like alaska or south florida.

Posted:  4 days, 9 hours ago

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VA apprenticeship (Guy with a REALLY bad attitude)

I find it funny you all think you know me and if I will succeed at this like of work.. its driving a truck, hadjis that don't barely speak English do it.. you all aren't special lol

What we find funny is these people that you feel are below you are out here doing the job that you cant even get an answer from recruiters. I thank you for your military service but you are a disgrace to our armed forces. I can assure you that you havent gotten under anybodys skin here. Although its clear to see the TRUTH has gotten under yours. You're the perfect example of those who've come here before thinking they know it all because of "being around the industry". Most come back not too long after and tell us they've left the industry because its not what they expected. Who cares what others think of us, this forum focuses on helping newcomers enter the industry, not focusing on what others think. Clearly bretts done a great job with this website to have such a following and many of us have successfully gotten our careers underway following his (and other members) advice. Dont like it, leave. I can assure you that you're wasting your time more than ours. These topics are often times read months, and years after originally posted and help others.

Posted:  4 days, 12 hours ago

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VA apprenticeship (Guy with a REALLY bad attitude)

I hope all the recruiters "disrespect" you. Dont need a hot head like you behind the wheel.

Posted:  1 week ago

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First load I'm have to unload myself

Atleast you have a pallet jack. Could've stacked it all on the floor and made you palletize it. Let us know how it goes.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Tnt phase week 1 at prime... Ready to get on my own!


It needs clarified ... his PSD instructor...not his TNT trainer (me).

we showered every day, except.i think once cause of a customer.



You left out one key word: separately.

Then theyre misleading the clerk at the truckstop when they say they need a team shower rofl-3.gif

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Legal purposes for doing both a Pre-trip and Post-trip

Id bet the reason its legally required is because if it wasnt many more drivers wouldnt do it. The amount of damage these vehicles can cause is insane. I already see it quite a bit at the yard we park our trucks at with drivers neglecting to do pre or post trip. Ill admit i dont do the most thorough pretrip because im typically in a truck the shuttle driver just was in (im usually pulling into lot at the same time he is). However i always make sure i check lights, tires and listen for air leaks at a bare minimum. When i return i always do a very thorough post trip. The advantage of doing both pre trip and post trip is you can do at least one in the daylight when you can see better. Atleast with it being required we can be held legally responsible if our carelessness or laziness of doing a thorough inspection results in injury. Laws are meant to protect the general public and unfortunately when we mess up, we as drivers arent the only ones who suffer consequences. If i neglect ensuring my lug nuts are properly tightened and my wheel comes off the result is going to be very bad if an unsuspecting motorist happens to be in the path. Regardless if it was law or not id like to think as professionals we would all inspect our vehicle but having seen people log their pre/post trip and never leave the vehicle proves that although its law many drivers still refuse to do it. Regarding the vehicle not moving we also have 2 trucks that sit overnight with nobody using them until we come in the following morning. Ya never know if there may be a disgruntled ex employee, or someone looking to have "fun" that results in damage that isnt initially seen without inspecting your vehicle.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Can you get another driver position after receiving a negligent in driving in the 2nd degree

Can you provide details, as well as if incident happened in a CMV. Also, when did this happen?

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Here is an innovative way to make flatbed tarping much faster and much safer and more productive for business.

Todd says :

One could have 10 years experience as a medical doctor, lawyer, airline pilot or ship captain and they wouldn't care one way or another, maybe. I personally think going from doctor to trucker is a big career step-down. Somebody must have badly botched his medical practice

Why would they care that you were a pilot or lawyer? That experience means Absolutely nothing in this industry. How does knowing how to perform open heart surgery make you capable of driving an 80k pound vehicle SAFELY on the road? Also, assuming a doctor failed because they become a truck driver is extremely offensive. We have a couple RESPECTED members here who spent many years as nurses and chose this career due to burnout. Take a look at this thread that talks about what people did Before becoming a truck driver. We also have members here who are very respected that owned their own succesful businesses.

Im not sure if it was intended or not but what you said came across as saying truckers are uneducated and cant succeed at anything else.

Posted:  2 weeks ago

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Numbers again

When comparing pay its best to talk about GROSS pay. "Take home " typically refers to NET pay, as in whats deposited into your account after taxes and benefits. Its hard to tell you what you'd need to GROSS in order to NET 30k as we dont know what deductions you can take. Many members here that are willing to ask for advice have had no problem grossing 40k to 50k+ their first year. Ultimately it all falls onto you with how fast you understand how to get it done. Old School, Rainy, and Turtle (among others) are excellent at managing their clock to maximize their income while on the road.

Posted:  2 weeks, 1 day ago

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Blown Drive Tire

Great job doing those pre and post trips. Its easy to skip out on your post trip after an exhausting day but it plays a part of being successful. By finding it during post trip you're able to get it repaired during your 10 hour break and you wont be stuck on the interstate waiting on roadside assistance.

Posted:  2 weeks, 3 days ago

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Test on Wednesday

Just take a deep breath and do what you've been doing. They're not expecting perfection, the examiner just wants to see you demonstrate you have a basic understanding and won't kill anyone behind the wheel.

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