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I obtained my CDL August 2017 and began my driving career as a local foodservice driver for Performance Food Group (PFG) out of Des Moines, Iowa. After roughly a year and a half I decided to hang up my 2 wheel dolly and take a job easier on the body. I currently deliver to grocery stores in Iowa and the 7 surrounding states

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Posted:  1 day, 1 hour ago

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My logs are a mess

I haven't been able to attend a meeting going over the new logs due to running a route the day they are but I received an info packet this morning. All of our trucks will be switched to Samsara ELD next month. For us we can only use yard move at our 3 terminals. We can go up to 20 mph within a geofence perimeter without it going onto drive line. We cannot drive over 10 miles on Personal Conveyance without calling to get approval first. Only time it would be approved is if we are in a daycab and there are no hotels closer.

The company is also cracking down on logbook violations. Violations are tracked for a rolling 9 month period if we get 1- verbal warning 2-written warning 3- 3 day suspension 4- 1 week suspension 5- TERMINATION

Posted:  1 day, 2 hours ago

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Freight surprises

Wow! How did you secure that, just the board nailed in?

I've talked to Pepsi transport drivers (take loaded trailer to a drop yard and bring back an empty) and they frequently haul pallets of shingles to pay for fuel coming back empty.

Due to the area our stores are located we do quite a bit of LTL freight to the point of bringing in atleast 2 million a year from it. Typically we only go out of route 20 miles total for delivery and P/U. Im actually sitting outside KC waiting 2 hours for my backhaul that will deliver in Des Moines on Monday. Nearly every week we deliver LTL freight to the competing grocery chain DC. Only requirement is we can't use our store branded trailers to deliver due to how the public would perceive that

Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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How To Prevent Drivers From Tailgating You

It still probably smelled better than New Jersey shocked.png

Posted:  2 days, 20 hours ago

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Just got accepted!!


Posted:  2 days, 20 hours ago

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Drivers who speed up when you Pass

There have been a couple instances I'm guilty of what you're talking about. I usually dont run against my governor (70) but some days I do if theres no traffic and I have a big day. One time I was coming out of a 55 mph construction zone and hadn't quite reached the sign telling me "end work zone". Raider Express truck (governed at 62 I believe) moved over to try and pass as speed limit went back up to 70 and I took off ultimately forcing him back behind me. Had there been any other traffic on the road I would have allowed him to pass me and then passed him when safe to do so instead of trapping him in the left lane with cars passing on the right.

I have been getting ones that could care less if you have clicked your high beams at them so you are given the ok to come back in the lane after passing you.

please DONT do that. High beams are a great way to blind the other driver and possibly cause road rage. I actually prefer a driver not trying to signal me over at all unless my lane is ending/emergency vehicle on my side and they're slowing up to allow me in or inclement weather. I know when I'm clear and dont need another driver trying to dictate my actions. That's just my personal preference, though I will flash my marker lights to thank them.

Posted:  3 days, 1 hour ago

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Community college as a means of getting my cdl?

One more thing to consider about attending local school is how focused can you be. I was exhausted learning everything I needed to know to pass my test and got back to the hotel and had to study more and then slept like a baby. Being at home it's quite possible you will have distractions (spouse and kids) that will make it more difficult to stay focused. I dont mean that in a negative way by any means. The flatbed companies that get you home every weekend are pretty good at it but there will be times you get home late, or not at all that weekend due to breakdowns, customer delays etc. Even as a local driver this career puts strains on a marriage due to how demanding it is. I absolutely love it, but honestly it has changed my marriage in both good and bad ways. There are many families that make it work, but there are also many that cant.

Posted:  3 days, 15 hours ago

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5 weeks into Prime PSD Training. Frustrated, unsure, going broke.

Dont give up! Sure its unexpected and anytime your family struggles financially or other ways as a husband or father we feel the need to fix it. You've already come so far, you're almost done with this phase. Soon you will be making atleast the $700 a week minimum, and even more after your TNT training. If you leave now you'll owe Prime for your training and in the future you will have a harder time finding someone to accept you into their program as you already threw the towel in once. This Is a perfect example of how much we stress being 100% committed. I completely understand being worried about money. When I got into the industry I was the only one working in my household with 2 kids at the time (1.5 years and 4 months), and left a job where I was making atleast 1200 a week. The time I was in school the company that sponsored me paid me 600 a week. Thankfully my hotel was paid for but meals came out of pocket. I ate quite a bit of mcdonalds for the dollar menu as my hotel room didnt have even a microwave. I also had to drive home on weekends (170 miles each way)as they wouldn't cover the cost for weekends. I ultimately called the bank and got a deferment (payment pushed to back of loan) on my car and took some money out of my 401k. I was under a tremendous amount of stress but I used that to push me to pass on my first try and start making "real" money.

We get it, almost all of us have gotten into the industry with financial problems. Hang in there, it will get better. Have you taken advantage of the $200 a week advance you pay back later to help out a little?

Posted:  3 days, 20 hours ago

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Handicap reserved parking spaces

Check out this previous thread about Handicap truck spots.

Posted:  4 days, 14 hours ago

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Heading to Swift in Menasha, WI Monday 9/23!

Great news! Good luck

Posted:  5 days, 2 hours ago

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CRST Update

Atleast now you know they're holding you responsible for it. I know that's a pretty penny and most people cant afford to pay it outright. You likely wont be able to go through training elsewhere until its paid in full due to the non-compete agreement. Are you still hoping to drive or have you decided you're not going to.good-luck.gif

Posted:  5 days, 4 hours ago

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Released from Schneider Program / Job due to poor backing

No. Just Rob T. and Bird One.

ACTUALLY, you're the one who said you wont do it but didnt mention If you were asked to do so by a company. The reason I said that is Rick had mentioned a while back that he was told by jim palmer I believe that because it had been 10 years or so since he obtained his CDL but has no experience he would need to start all over. The point I was trying to make was I'd be doing anything these companies ask of me just to get my foot in the door. Your journey has been quite difficult and unfortunately many carriers may pass on you. Many consider you training stale as It's been 9(?) months since you obtained your license, you had a work injury very early at your first trucking job and now you've been sent home from Schneider. I really think you would benefit from a paid CDL training program and IF they ask you to downgrade and retest then that's what you need to if you want in. Don't give up, somebody will hire you.


Posted:  5 days, 16 hours ago

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Released from Schneider Program / Job due to poor backing

Just not turning in my license and endorsements to start over!

Why not? You really have zero experience. You're going to re-learn everything anyways it's just a test. You passed it before why cant you again with more practice? The CDL you currently possess is more or less useless. To be honest if I were in your situation I'd find any company that's willing to take me on and do whatever it is they ask of me.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Safety Concerns

There's nothing like having a great foundation under you. Of course you know that already, being that you are working in construction right now.


Bruce you got competition!

Posted:  1 week ago

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Hit the Driver Appreciation cookout Trifecta.

Psh, the best I could score was a free safety vest from one of our shippers. Another shipper brought in free t-shirts for us, but some jackwagon was seen toting about 30 of em back to his truck.

Always atleast 1 person that has to ruin it for everyone.

Our management team gave us a $10 gift card to our grocery chain, and little snacks all week. The stores all had donuts, coffee, muffins and cookies. The store I had in Davenport this morning gave me a goodie bag.

0292519001568475689.jpg 2 bags of chips, locally produced salsa, dutch mustard and meat sticks, twizzlers and peanuts. I'll be giving the twizzlers and peanuts to our weekend dispatch team to show my appreciation for them as well.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Took off with the wrong load today!

It's hard not to give him a "come on, man" for not checking the address on the bills.

We need "come on, man" emojis.

Completely agree with both! If only there was somebody who could create a c'mon man in the

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Took off with the wrong load today!

I thought you were going to type that you'd grabbed the wrong trailer.rofl-3.gif

Nooo... I always make sure I have the correct load when I leave the yard. I always check the stickers on the first couple pallets for the stores I'm going to. If I take the wrong trailer from the yard I believe it's a 1 week suspension. I'd hate to take a load to minneapolis that was meant to go to Lincoln NE. I always double check the trailer number before I hook up and then just before I leave. What takes me a couple seconds could save me several hours.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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Took off with the wrong load today!

Today I took a 2 store route, a store in Owatonna and Rochester MN, with 2 backhauls in Rochester....427 miles. The day went off without a hitch until my 2nd backhaul for our Contract (LTL) side of business. They loaded me and this was one of those facilities that opens the doors inside and seals it. I got an hour away and get a phone call from dispatch asking me if I can go back. Apparently the shipper had assigned multiple loads under the same P.O. going to Smithfield Foods. In turn they loaded smithfield foods in WI. Instead of Smithfield in OH. I didnt double check it as I seen the P.O. matched and so did the receiver name. I told dispatch I was just a hair over an hour away but I'd turn back if they will have a dock open so I can get quickly unloaded. They didnt need to reload me as the load I was supposed to get had been picked up wednesday and there was a miscommunication. When the shipper realized their error they offered to let us take it but it needed delivery monday and we couldnt guarantee it'd make it on time so having carrier the shipper already had lined up was a better option. I was unloaded in 5 minutes and It turns out they loaded 4 of those big liquid totes on me and I dont even have my tanker endorsement! The load felt different and I couldnt figure out why. My bills said something to the effect of "combo # " under what the freight was so I had absolutely no clue what it was. My 427 mile run turned into nearly 564 and as I pulled into the gate at the end of my day this is what I had left on my 14


I could have used my additional 2 hours as I qualify for the 16 hr rule but I dislike using it especially for a few minutes so I made sure to switch to ON DUTY as soon as I got to the yard. If I dont have it available I end up taking much shorter runs (350 miles or so with a backhaul) which means less money than if I take 500-600 mile runs with multiple backhauls. I am only scheduled 4 days a week so i try to get as close to 14 every day as i can.

Ultimately had I been pulled over I would've received a hefty ticket and put OOS for not being licensed to pull that load. I definitely will be getting all endorsements to protect myself if something like this were to happen again.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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Five Years On This Account

Great job Old School! You are truly an inspiration to both new, and experienced drivers alike.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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Survived sophomore season!

That's awesome! Personally, I'd lose my mind driving the same exact route every day for weeks or months on end. How do you stay focused and alert especially if you're running nights?

Any idea how you're sitting on seniority? It's nice to have a job you thoroughly enjoy and look forward to being your last job. For the first time in my life I also am at a job I really enjoy and want to retire from. It really makes a huge difference in your attitude and makes getting out of bed easier. Hopefully many more successful years will follow good-luck.gif

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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The Corn Is As High As An Elephant's Eye...

I love hearing some of the excuses people have for not wanting to work. Thanks for the laugh old school. That's awesome that Knight is treating the drivers to free food this week and I'm sure there is some complaining they cooked BBQ instead of steaks and lobsters, cant please everyone.

Junkyard dog says

This driver sucks... But then so do the Raiders. The Raiders screw over their fans by moving to Las Vegas. This driver screws over his dispatcher by watching a pathetic team. I'm more of a college football fan. A die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan.


You are going to be greatly disappointed come saturday when Iowa State DESTROYS the Hawkeyes. Just kidding, I'm probably one of the very few people in this state that doesnt follow college

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