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I obtained my CDL August 2017 through 160 Driving Academy in Moline Illinois and began my driving career as a local foodservice driver for Performance Food Group (PFG) out of Des Moines, Iowa. After roughly a year and a half I decided to hang up my 2 wheel dolly and take a job easier on the body. I made the switch to deliver to grocery stores in Iowa and the 7 surrounding states. As of 1/21/22 it'll be 3 years and overall still happy with the change.

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Posted:  21 hours, 56 minutes ago

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I'd like to become a driver, but having trouble finding what I need...

I've also filled out an application for Prime Inc. I'm just waiting for them to get back with me.

I'm not sure if you're aware but Prime has perhaps the longest training period. They will send you on the road for 3-4 weeks with your permit, then after you take your cdl exam you'll team for 40 or 50,000 miles which I believe takes 3 months, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

They're an excellent option as are many others, I just want you to be aware of that as you contemplate your options regarding your cat.

Posted:  22 hours ago

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I'd like to become a driver, but having trouble finding what I need...

I have asked everyone around me if they could watch him. Anywhere I've looked as far as getting him a temp home is some type of money situation that I honestly don't have.

If you haven't already, reach out to animal shelters and see if they have options available. Several shelters in my area utilize volunteers to have them at their home to keep them out of the shelter until they're adopted. Perhaps that's an option as well as pet rescues.

If you're relatively healthy go donate plasma. Many places, like Biolife, you can earn $800+ your first month if you do 2 donations per week. I'm not sure about your area but to board a cat around here it's $15/day.

Is it possible to tap into your 401k to get by? Sell some of your possessions?

Posted:  2 days, 1 hour ago

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I'd like to become a driver, but having trouble finding what I need...

Go visit the private schools in your area. Most have arrangements with numerous carriers that are willing to finance your schooling with the only expense being your permit and license (less than $100 total)

Roadmaster has a location in Dunn. Unless things have changed they're owned by Werner and can finance your training. They also allow a cat om the truck when you're solo. You will need to make arrangements for your cat because after school you'll go out with a trainer for a minimum of 2 weeks OTR.

Doing a search on indeed for your location for "dock to driver" or "driver apprentice " may yield positive results as well. Although a physical job and not typically recommended, Pepsi, Coke and food service companies are usually hiring people off the street to get their CDL and those would be home daily eliminating the issue of caring for your cat.

Posted:  3 days, 22 hours ago

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Reobtaining CDl?

What does your current state show when you look up your license status on their website? Was your medical card up to date, or when did it expire? Some states an expired medical card is all that's needed to bring your CDL active while others limit it to 6 months expired medical cars before you must retest for your CDL.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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What companies would potentially hire with 1 FRESH preventable accident on record?

Julio the only advice we can really offer is to apply everywhere and see who is willing to take a chance. Make sure it's a W2 position meaning you're a company driver receiving benefits and work comp.

Anybody willing to hire you is going to want details and what you learned from this. It will be a tough battle given the current freight market but apply everywhere and see what happens. It likely will be for less pay than you were receiving just keep that in mind.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Massive Layoffs At UPS A Big Win For The Union!

It looks like Keurig Dr Pepper drivers voted at 3 separate facilities in Wisconsin to get rid of the Teamsters. According to Freightwaves:

Local 200 has been representing us for the entire 20 years I’ve been working here, and in that entire time, we’ve had four contracts,” Cotts said in the statement. “All four have been poor. Constantly getting five-year contracts, which are of no benefit to us employees. Poor vacation, poor pay, subpar benefits, no real job protections. Our contract wages were way below standard for our industry.”

The article also mentions the union claiming a big win at US Foods but doesn't have information of the contract, and also a potential strike at Anheuser-Busch.

This just goes to show that local leadership for the union matters. Dr Pepper drivers at those 3 locations weren't happy with their contracts, but UPS and US Foods seem to be.

For some reason when clicking the link I'm trying to provide it pulls up page not found on freightwaves despite copy/paste. It may be due to TT censor putting stars in link as shown below.

Teamsters ousted at Dr Pepper Wisconsin, face off against Anheuser-Busch

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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What's your favorite run/lane?

Drivers have different preferences for where they like to run or maybe certain customers they service. In a standard OTR setup you're not likely to frequently get the same assignment as dedicated or local but I'm sure it happens.

For me, I enjoy a run a route I occasionally will take Wednesdays and/or Fridays. It typically consists of leaving Des Moines for 1 store in the Kansas City metro before going to Lawrence KS for 1 store and 2 gas stations with a backhaul in the KC area. It's a pretty laid back drive, rarely run into other drivers, the stops in Lawrence are easy and ends up paying about $500 for 12 hours. I have to hand unload at gas stations (with employee help) but it's usually 50ish cases and the exercise is nice. The only downside is the drop/hook backhaul frequently, but not always, paired with it. They have you check in then assign you 1 of 4 offsite locations to drop it a couple miles away. Go drop your empty and come back to grab your loaded. It takes about an hour so it's not terrible but it's 42k of butter we pick up. Fortunately I've done it enough I have a sheet of paper I've written down load weight and tandem placement for various heavy backhauls. I still hit a scale to double check but it saves time. Yesterday I scaled legal with 11,880 33,180 32520 with a total of 77,580.

What's your favorite?

Posted:  1 week, 6 days ago

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I've (almost) got it all, what now?

As the other 2 guys mentioned keep focused on the task at hand. Do everything you can to keep a clean record and you'll have many opportunities after a year. We've had many new drivers pop in here and have their entire career planned out then can't make it through school for various reasons.

With that being said money isn't everything if you're not happy with what you're doing. After you get experience you'll have a better idea of the type of job you want. I see you listed Ankeny IA in your profile as your location. You have a lot of LTL carriers to the south like Old Dominion, FedEx, and a few others. We have drivers active on this forum that drive for them (different terminals) and are happy there. Personally I don't think I'd enjoy it due to running the same route every day/night.

I drive for PDI (Hy-vee) in Ankeny and enjoy the job enough that I commute 45 minutes each way. We don't have the turnover problem many companies in this industry face. To some drivers they wouldn't enjoy it because most routes start between midnight and 2am but it works great for me and juggling family life.

You also have Casey's and Kwik Star frequently looking for drivers. Kwik Star is advertising $105k a year for fuel haulers your first year with them. The opportunities I discussed are only a small fraction of what's available that gets you home daily in this area. If you're looking to stay OTR there's far more. Let's get through school, keeping a clean record then focus on what's next after you get a year of safe driving 🙂

Posted:  2 weeks, 2 days ago

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I was fired from Pam transport for a 90 day minor safty now I cant get a job anywhere

Now the full point of termination. I was in my company yard they had a stop sign placed behind a bunch of trailers and trees. everyone on the yard pulls past the stop sign because you cannot see anything where the sign is placed. so you have to pull a bit after the sign and stop. stop and check if any yard trucks are coming. I did what I have done and everyone on the yard does and it follows. I pulled a bit past the stop sign about to where the sign was visible in the passenger window to the head of the trailer that was blocking all view in order to see and stop. company records everything on their dashcam. safety called me in a week later I was fired no chance auto-termination.

In that instance stop BEHIND the stop sign. THEN creep forward as needed to see and proceed when safe.

Hogan is hiring out of Plant City. Job linkI've not worked there but worked with a guy that nobody would touch due to termination for safety. He claims drive cam came loose and was hitting windshield so he unhooked it to not break window.

Most companies will be willing to hire you after 6 months of safe driving elsewhere after termination for safety.

Posted:  2 weeks, 4 days ago

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Finally got a deer!

Unfortunately knight won't put a deer slayer on.

Any idea why? At PFG we didn't either but that was far more city driving. I'm guessing Knight choosing not to utilize them is cost/benefit. It blows my mind hearing some OTR drivers hitting 8 or 9+ MPG. I'm usually right around 6.9 - 7.5 MPG but I also run 70 when possible as opposed to 65 or less.

Just before I hit the deer there was a class B tanker oil truck that merged on the highway behind me. He was tailgating me decently and alot of cars were out and about. After hitting the deer (and leaving it in travel lane I'm guessing due to tandems rolling over it) traffic backed off very quickly. This is another example of why following distance is so important.

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