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I obtained my CDL August 2017 and began my driving career as a local foodservice driver for Performance Food Group (PFG) out of Des Moines, Iowa. After roughly a year and a half I decided to hang up my 2 wheel dolly and take a job easier on the body. I currently deliver to grocery stores in Iowa and the 7 surrounding states

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Posted:  14 hours, 35 minutes ago

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CPAP Cleaner Question

how big is this So Clean machine?


Posted:  14 hours, 38 minutes ago

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Wash those hands frequently

Plus the fact that at least 90 percent of Truck Drivers are complete #$@&*! SLOBS!

Stopped at the Pilot in Kearney MO this morning, seen a guy come out of a stall, cupped hands together in the sink and drank from it. Then he left. *PUKE*!!!!!

Posted:  17 hours ago

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Truck comparison

With my current company we have daycab FL, internationals, KW, but a majority are volvos. The volvos are by far my favorite to drive. Turn radius is much better than other brands we have. Internationals seem a lot more cramped and not sealed very well. I'm sure the rubber seals on windows are wearing away but in the 4 internationals I've driven of ours all had the same problem. Gets noisy going down the highway from the wind and gets chilly quickly. KW is nice but the mirrors seemed so small. FL mirrors are a little small as well, and I'm not too big on the shifter being a little knob on the steering wheel. Either way I'll drive whatever is assigned to me as I'm not the one paying for it.

Posted:  17 hours, 23 minutes ago

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CPAP Cleaner Question

Based on rainys wonderful reviews on a different thread I ended up buying the So Clean and am extremely happy. Its definitely doing its job, granted I've only had it about 3 weeks. When I wake up I place the entire assembly into the So Clean and I have it scheduled to run at 10am. I believe it runs for 7 minutes then you're supposed to keep it in there for 2 hours. When I get home about 2ish I take it out of the machine as it does have an odor but by the time I go to bed around 630pm the smell is very faint. The cold I couldn't seem to get rid of is now gone.

Posted:  1 day, 8 hours ago

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Called a driver complaint in

I do wish every vehicle on the road had a number we could call...

I'd love that. Too often people think their invincible, especially in a truck, and itd be nice for them to be held accountable all the time not just when there's an accident. I've been noticing it quite a bit lately on I35 headed north to MN drivers watching videos on a phone mounted next to drivers door. I understand it's a boring drive especially at 1am but things can happen real quick out there. Unfortunately I'm sure the calls those stickers generate are 99-1 people wanting to complain about someone's driving. Most people are too busy to offer any compliment. In my year and a half or so of driving I've only ever received one call to my knowledge. It was my first week out of CDL school and my trainer explained the situation and I indeed did everything correctly. I admit there's probably been times where I've done something that someone has cussed about, but it hasn't been to the point of being called in.

Posted:  1 day, 9 hours ago

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Called a driver complaint in

Unless the left lane was closed to trucks he could have moved over to pass.

Exactly. I'm not aware of any highways in iowa that wont allow trucks in left lane. There were some cars in that lane but he had enough space he could've gotten over without cutting anyone off. It was the first time I've ever seen something that ridiculous that I've felt the need to call it in.

Posted:  1 day, 10 hours ago

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"Todd" would be proud....

I was at Chariton yesterday :-)

Chariton didn't have any extra drivers available yesterday so 4 of our guys volunteered to run down there to pickup 4 trailers of bottled water and run it out to Lincoln NE where they were staging it among other products donating to flood relief. I was already out there running my route so I wouldn't have had hours left. I haven't been to the yard in Cherokee or Chariton yet. I'm sure I will eventually as we run Cherokee's GM out towards Cedar rapids and east and they run our stuff that goes in western MN such as Marshall. Cheaper for them to do it that way than have drivers laid over and push back the following days deliveries.

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Called a driver complaint in

On my way home from work in my personal vehicle I dealt with quite an aggressive driver. Normally I'm understanding to truck drivers, but when I'm doing 67 in a 65 and I look in my mirror and all i can see is your grill? That's BS.

I was on I80/I35 north of des moines and in center lane. Traffic wasn't too heavy and I was passing a different truck on right who also had other cars in front of him. This guy behind me had to have been within a foot of my back bumper. I ended up speeding up quite a bit just to get away from him then he laid on the horn as he passed me. Thankfully he had the "hows my driving" sticker on the trailer. I kept my distance but called it in. Most times truck drivers are looked at in a negative light by the public and crap like this doesnt help. There is absolutely no room for that kind of behavior. I don't expect anything to happen to him besides being talked to but atleast its documented so if it's a complaint they get numerous times they can deal with him accordingly.

Posted:  1 day, 14 hours ago

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"Todd" would be proud....

A couple months back a member that went by the fake name of "Todd Holmes" had stated how trucking companies need to get their truck and trailer colors to match. Today it just so happened mine did and I had some time to snag this pic. It sure made me want a cheeseburger! 0046812001552846409.jpg I read up on the companies social media policy and it primarily covered not using their name, which is why I crossed it out. A majority of our trailers are black with some sort of food on them although we do pull some that are all white with employees "helpful smiles" pictured. We also have some that are a tribute to our military and the major professional sports teams in the region as they're a sponsor to most of them.

Company is very sensitive to how they're viewed by the public and encourage us to even wash our truck and trailer 3 out of the 4 days we work at the onsite automated truck wash.

Posted:  1 day, 20 hours ago

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Guess where I was

Was close to the Swift Phoenix yard a few weeks ago. Was realy nervous. (Just kidding)

Glad you made it away safe!

For anyone considering a career, these jokes about swift are just that, jokes. Swift actually has a lower % of drivers involved in accidents or being put out of service but due to their size it just appears they're involved in more wrecks. I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of this forum, or of swift based on a couple jokes smile.gif

Posted:  1 day, 20 hours ago

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Guess where I was

A Tractor Trailer Demolition Derby?

I cant zoom in on the pic but by that answer I'm guessing it's the swift yard? rofl-3.gif

Posted:  2 days, 10 hours ago

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Rick S

How ya been! haven't seen ya around in a while. Seen ya posted on a thread but I didn't want it to get off topic

Posted:  2 days, 17 hours ago

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Thinking of Packrat...



Posted:  2 days, 18 hours ago

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Courteous drivers


When at a shipper/receiver and approaching another truck at night, don’t crowd them and turn your headlights off.


...when another truck is backing.

It drives me crazy in our yard we have some drivers that will squeeze around ya while backing in. One thing I always do is just before pulling up to get straight when I'm mostly in is wait for those who were waiting for me to get by before finishing.

Posted:  3 days, 8 hours ago

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Rainy I Swear

Im heading down to GA.

The devil went down to Georgia.....


Posted:  3 days, 10 hours ago

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Name three things you love about your company

Trucks. I love the way our all black trucks with white lettering looks.

Work/life balance is great while still earning a great paycheck. Work 4 days a week and if they have additional routes that need to be covered they'll ask if anyone is interested otherwise they'll contract them out to outside companies. No pressure or guilt tripping into working an extra day.

The best thing about my company is how much they help those in need. Last week they donated a trailer of bottled water to a town in Iowa that has contaminated water. Today they announced they're donating 4 full trailers of bottled water, roughly 100,000 bottles for those affected by the floods in Nebraska. We have stores in Columbus and Norfolk Nebraska and all routes in are completely submerged. They haven't gotten their shipments since I believe Tuesday so I'm sure they're nearly empty as they get trucks nearly every day of the week. Right now they've just staged the trailers in the general area so once they can get in they can get them what they need. I cant even imagine what those affected are going through.

Posted:  3 days, 12 hours ago

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CDL school - Kansas City area - JCCC

dancing-banana.gifdancing-banana.gifdancing-banana.gifdancing-banana.gif way to go! where are you thinking about starting your career?

Posted:  3 days, 16 hours ago

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Pallate pattern

Are you asking how to load pallets to fit up to 28 pallets on a trailer? If that's what you're looking for 24 pallets will fit on a 53 trailer running them straight in. 28 will fit if you "chimney block" them, as in one straight in and the one next to it sideways and alternate. 30 pallets will fit if the pallets are turned sideways. If this isn't what you were asking please clarify the question.

Posted:  5 days, 8 hours ago

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Final Recap and Impressions of Roehl and Their Get Your CDL Program

Hopefully it all works as well as you hope. Please keep us updated. If you don't mind me asking what customer is the dedicated account servicing?

Posted:  5 days, 14 hours ago

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Can Truck Drivers Make More Than Web Developers?

Moses, after you get some experience if you decide to train please only do it because you want to help others succeed. There unfortunately are far too many trainers who are only in it for the money and the trainees don't get treated the way they should and trained the way they should.

Bobcat the biggest hurdle moses will have with LTL is where he's at. According to GPS tracker he lives near palm beach/ft Lauderdale. When I lived in FL and was researching entering the field I noticed that the local jobs required more experience than they do in other areas. Once I moved to iowa there were a ton of jobs that just stated their experience requirement as "some tractor/trailer experience". I remember in particular Southeast freight lines and another ltl company "Wilson trucking" required 3-5 years experience, atleast for the Tampa terminal at the time, 3 years ago. The job market down there for drivers is a lot more competitive as it seems most major OTR carriers wont hire people south of I-4.

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