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Posted:  8 years, 7 months ago

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What made you take on truck driving?

Smokey and the Bandit(1977), Black Dog(1998), Breakdown(1997), Joy Ride(2001)

Next time you have the day off give these films a try. It is what had me wanting to drive a truck since I was a kid.

What about Convoy? I LOVED that movie as a kid. So much so that I bought a kids book that had all the CB lingo in it and what each word meant. I ended up walking around the house "talking like a trucker". My sister hated me.

Haven't seen it in a REALLY long time, though...might not be "watchable" as an adult...

Posted:  8 years, 7 months ago

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What to do about janky cdl permit test?


Yeah, I took the Georgia test in May and remember similar issues...I barely passed the general knowledge, but, like you, had no problems with the combo and air brake tests. I do remember seeing a few questions that seemed to have multiple correct answers. I also remember getting a couple of questions that seemed completely foreign to me (and I felt like I studied pretty hard). That test system looks like it was developed in the late 80s. Walking out of it, I did wonder if they ever update it.

Anyway, don't sweat it and stay after it. You're likely to get a better mix of questions tomorrow. Not to mention, some of the questions tomorrow should be the same as what you got today. So, you have that going for you! Good luck, man!

Posted:  8 years, 7 months ago

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Roehl, Prime, Schneider,Werner-----Where to go???

Schneider is going to automatics. But, it'll of course, be the newest trucks that have them. So, it would be highly unlikely you'd get an automatic right out of the gate. They also do not allow pets at all.

Posted:  8 years, 7 months ago

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Can I Do It...pretrip calculator

I like this idea. I think most would say a driver wouldn't need it after driving for a while. But, if the app worked well and a driver used it from the beginning of his/her career, I think it's very possible he/she'd continue to use it indefinitely.

Thoughts on inputs:

Maybe a radio button to determine whether or not fuel/scale stop will be needed?

Inputs for multiple deliveries.

Input for average load/unload time, if known. If not, maybe use some sort of default.

Maybe a "setting" for normal speed the user drives.

Errol - DOS?!?! NICE! I got into BASIC once upon a time...ya know...on the Commodore 64!

Posted:  8 years, 7 months ago

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Schneider orientation in Dallas texas

I start orientation on Tuesday. How difficult is the backing during the first week? What kind of backs do you do? I'm pretty confident with my ability to do it. Do you spend 3 weeks gone from home or do they give you the option to drive home before you meet with a trainer? I would just like some info on their orientation. I just graduated school and got my cdl

I went through Schneider's training this Summer in Atlanta. Making a little bit of an assumption that training at the other Operating Centers is similar, pretty much the only backing you'll do in week 1 is on a backing yard sticking your trailer between two other trailers. It wasn't difficult, but the training yards in ATL have A LOT of space...absolutely nothing to worry about in front of the truck.

I think you can expect to be away from home the entire three weeks unless you live pretty close to the Operating Center. Week one's class will run through Saturday. For me and most of my classmates, the trainer (TE) picked up the trainee at the OC on Monday morning of week 2. Although, we had one guy get picked up on Sunday and had two others who had to travel to their trainers. So, it will depend on how the chips fall and that's probably only if you're driving your own vehicle. I don't think Schneider will pay to send you home and back.

Overall, it's a decent experience. I've read it on here a bunch...there's good trainers and bad trainers out there. Schneider was no different in my experience. I had a pretty good trainer, one not-so-good (being kind), and an awesome training engineer (the person you go on the road with for the 2nd week). Probably pretty standard.

Posted:  8 years, 11 months ago

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Resume question

I have an interesting question to ask. What can one do to a resume once you have a CDL. I have non commercial driving experience but I don't know how to build a resume once I have my CDL. any thoughts?

Are you asking where you would list a CDL on a resume? (I'll assume "yes").

Any chance you're going to a truck driving school to prepare for the CDL exams? If so, you could list the school under "education" and mention that you completed the CDL exams.

If not going to school, you could add an "accomplishments" (or "achievements") section on a resume and list it there.

All that being said, I agree with Steve above. I just got my CDL last week and have been applying to companies. While I have an updated resume, I haven't needed it to this point.

Good luck!

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