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Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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What's everyone's thoughts on starting with prime?

Prime is going to automatics- 10+ mpg vs around 7 for manuals. If you test in an auto you get license restriction for auto only. At Prime, if it were me, I might go with trainer in auto, but manual would be my 1st choice. I would ask for time to learn manual and test in it. I do not know what Prime will say about Learning the manual as I stated.

If and When I leave Prime, I want to be able to go to companies with manuals.

I have been with Prime 3 months and drive a 10 speed manual.

My last trainer is a brilliant man. He will go to auto for next truck. He has had a lot of damage done to his manual transmissions by trainers. Of course every trainee is different in their progress. He runs 54 mph. He figures the fuel savings will be around $200/wk- that is what he'll get.

Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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Snow.. I will NOT jackknife my rig

That's Tomah WI.

Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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Snow.. I will NOT jackknife my rig

Tomahawk WI.. HWYS 90, 94.. paved road just starting to become snow packed.. I'm company driver for Prime.

Yep, I'm the guy everyone's passing.. right lane driving 39mph.. I have no problem going slower.

Been passed by 10 rigs or so, many cars.

And guess what.. my following distance is 1 football field... so 4 wheeler changes lanes in front of me, spins, ends up in ditch left side... everyone slows down then keeps going.

No problem. I slow down, keep going. What about dumb head 4 wheeler behind me about 40 feet? Nothing happened to him. I'll tell you though.. someday.. a small car is not going to be able to stop, hit my dot bumper, and that might be his end.

Posted:  3 years, 3 months ago

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Advice- ranks in top 5 on my list

Brett has consistently written: stay with your 1st company a year... if you take company training, they are vested in you... if you screw up they will help you... they want you to succeed.


My 1st load went perfect... I am now a trucker. Company driver.

And then the 2nd one... $&@"?!$&@?!

1am, pitch black, driving country roads, and then that left hand turn thru a train trestle... the concrete abutment... I turned too sharp, didn't use my mirror... STUPID... damaged trailer.

Result- called dispatch... had taken pictures... talked to dispatch, road assist, safety... I told everyone- I will do anything to keep my job.

Police were not involved... thankfully... I was sent to get mt trailer... load was transferred to mt. How many thousand dollars did that cost my employer?

I am STILL employed at Prime. Just got a 920 mile load to Atlanta.

THANKS to everyone for the advice!!!!!

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Hot Brakes

A better answer is... Do no let this happen.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Hot Brakes

So what is that guys next step? Can that be cooled off and would it be drivable? I would think the rubber is compromised. Is it about to go on fire?

Nancy- I would be standing there with a fire extinguisher. I would want it to air cool, hoping I could drive it to a mechanic. I would not throw water on it, unless there was immediate danger of trailer or anything igniting. I'm afraid water would crack or warp it making it undriveable and I would prefer to get it to a repair shop. I would think a person would get fired for this, if the company knew about it.

Anyway, my thoughts... I could be wrong.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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My thoughts...this day out on the road with a trainer

Robby- my trainer was from W Africa. So I completely understand.

He has the virtue of patience. In my experience, it's common for trainers to become impatient and yell. A lot of times that is not helpful and can make the situation worse.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Quick question....Going downhill ...

The combination of the lower gear along with the effectiveness of the Jake brake at those higher RPM levels should keep you from going too fast, but at times if you get to rolling too fast then you want to gently slow yourself down with the service brakes by holding the pedal down for twenty seconds or so, just enough to slow you down to about five to eight miles per hour below the speed that you are comfortable with, and then let off so that as your speed increases a little your brakes can cool a little.

That's a big help OS. I will go to a lower gear. I am wearing out the brakes too much.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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As I eat dinner, I thank the trucker!

You can haul anything if you set your mind to it and work hard with safety as the priority.

Thanks. A good reminder for a #1 priority.

I just finished TNT at Prime. Have talked to FM about getting more backing practice.

I have learned on the road that when someone asks you if you're a rookie to say: no, sometimes I just have a bad day (in backing). People tend to look down their nose.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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The Importance of Trip Planning and Good Timing

He did put two hundred dollars layover pay on me though,

$200 sounds good

Where I work $15/hr detention as company driver. A lease guy just got $430 for about 6 hours detention. I know detention and layover are 2 different things. I haven't heard of anyone getting layover where I work.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Ripped off... NOT... in border town... a rookie, but nobody's fool

So how were you ripped off?? Learn quick to not sweat the small stuff and this was small stuff.

P66- How about "Almost ripped off"???

In the future I am not going to be open- that I'm a rookie. Jose would have kept our load lock- probably sold it. But as my trainer said- This is my personal property.

In your view- small stuff.

You do not understand. Not small for beginner driver. A rookie will get smashed by the Jose's of this world. I had written that there were multiple load locks on dock.

But you are right. I was not ripped off.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Ok, it this maybe a little odd?

Larry. Sounds like u got a good trainer. I've got 2-3 weeks of TNT left myself.

I've got a great trainer. We are running blackberries from Mexico, picked up at Laredo TX to PA. We drive 54 mph. Trainer can always tell me with a small variance what time we will arrive at receiver. Nice load $2/mile on his settlement.

As a lease-purchaser my trainer always checks the state's fuel tax before he plans fuel stop. I haven't got this figured out but he gets a big chunk of tax back. I can't explain how this works.

My point is maybe he can show you this page. I will try to post page later.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Lunatic Trucker intentionally tries to drive me off the road

Truck driver's (LUNATIC) actions were: Intentional... Swerved twice... Racing... This is what happened. And I wrote this in original post.

My 2002 Corolla about 2000 lbs was no match for his tractor/trailer

This was attempted murder.

I did not write this because I am needy and need attention. This happened about 6 months ago. Sometimes I write something, and sleep on it to see if I really want to post it. First time I've waited 6 months.

I have been encouraged to have patience. Yes good encouragement.

Nancy wrote to stop at the next scale. If I have time and it happens again, I will and lunatic will be banned for life.

I will write more when I have time.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Lunatic Trucker intentionally tries to drive me off the road

Montana I90, 80 mph limit, me driving 2002 Toyota Corolla, Sunday AM.

Driving 80 mph pulled up behind trucker, who was behind a pickup pulling trailer. We, the three vehicles, then entered construction zone (65 mph). Out of zone, I start to pass, trucker immediately quickly swerves to left lane (road is clear- no obstacles). Trucker sits in lane for a quarter mile, probably more, blocking road, then finally pulls forward. Then there is room to pass on right between trucker and pickup pulling trailer. I then pull into right lane.

Trucker quickly swerves to right lane- I take shoulder and floor it- racing trucker so I can get back on highway before I hit the cones in next construction zone. I'm able to get a few feet ahead of trucker, trucker is speeding up, I'm able to squeeze in with just a few feet to spare in front of trucker and before the cones.

I keep going, glad to be alive, didn't get trucker's license or Carrier name.

In analyzing this, maybe I was Stupid, I should not have tried to pass on right. Maybe I should have waited driving 65 mph, waiting for trucker to get into right lane. Then passing. If I would have patiently waited, I do believe this Trucker would have continually blocked me.

My view was that I had about 1500 miles to go at 80 mph, or whatever the speed limit changes to.

It would have been good to get license plate #, carrier name and report driver to MT DOT, Highway Patrol and file complaint with Carrier. My round trip was Missouri to Washington and back- 4400 miles. I had no other dangerous situations on my trip. I do treat truckers and others with respect, correct following distance, etc.

I know that most drivers here at TT are Professionals.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Ripped off... NOT... in border town... a rookie, but nobody's fool

Here's the part I don't understand: Why would you insist on signing something? Maybe I missed the point, but usually if someone tells me I don't have to sign I'm more than happy to comply.

Procedure. I sign to show I delivered it. I don't want my company to do an audit and give me a mark against me- that's the real reason. Again it's company procedure.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Ripped off... NOT... in border town... a rookie, but nobody's fool

So first to business, first in gate, back into dock. Trainer talks to worker... conversation not going well.. result... looks like owner is not there, so worker says appt at 0900. It's 0730

Trainer wants info.. got info... Jose (not real name) says back in to dock.

OK.. so we follow confusing instructions.. Trainer, who is the nicest guy in the world says Jose has communication problems.

Now Jose is standing on top of drums counting... then says I need your load lock for this load going into Mexico.

Trainer says- This is my personal property. Jose says I'll mark this on paperwork that load lock not provided. BTW They're 6-8 load locks leaning on dock.

Trainer says Fine.

We look at paperwork. We, the driver have not signed both copies.... so trainer tells me to sign my copy and Jose's copy... no problem.

Except earlier when I walked into office with Jose, Jose said- Sit outside on bench. What the heck?! Huh- I'm a dog that stays outside. I get it.

OK I walk to office. I politely ask woman... no papers... at least she is English fluent... she sends me out to warehouse to find criminal Jose- label my trainer gave him.

So I find the criminal... explain that I need to sign paperwork... criminal Jose said... you don't need to sign it...

Me... So you are refusing to let me sign the paper? I've got my plan- Macro 12, Qualcomm... let the whole world know customer refused.

Jose immediately turns, walks... we enter office, woman has the 5 pages... I sign.

Now they're speaking Spanish. I'm a US citizen, who speaks the proper language-English. Here is a rude criminal and woman who jacked me around, being rude in a business transaction.

What do you say in response to 2 people you're doing business with who rudely talk in front of you? Maybe they called me an A$$ in front of me!!!

My job is done. Trainer and I laugh. Good learning situation.


Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Question for recent company trained CDL members

Actually I learned abut transmission/engine rotation here at TT. Brett wrote about it.

Posted:  3 years, 4 months ago

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Question for recent company trained CDL members

Do you understand what you're doing wrong?

Clutch should be pushed down a small amount- 1-2 inches. If you push clutch to floor you stop transmission rotation. The engine is still rotating. That's why it grinds- because the gears are rotating at different speeds- in this case the transmission rotation is stopped.

I ground a lot the first 2 weeks. I learned fact above. Then I would sit in a chair in a room and practice- going thru the 10 speed pattern while engaging clutch 1-2 inches.

I am in my 5th week of training. I am now doing good. My 1st trainer, at that time the 3rd week , told me I was ahead of others by about 6 days.

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Flatbed Variety

Love what you did, Pat. Took the extra time to do it right!!! A big Atta-boy for you.

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

View Topic:


There's been several things written here that are wrong. Yes a student can be trained to get high mpg. But not the first week when they are learning to shift and grinding gears almost every time. A lot of us, not the second week. It does take time to developer this skill.


1. Upshift between 1000 and 1150 rpm. Exception is driving up an incline- then you have to shift at 1200 and up. When I get in a hurry, turning a corner, sometimes I overshoot- rev too high. I will change.

2. Progressive shift.

3 Drive 54 mph, or less.

4. Shut off engine instead of idling. Use APU.

5. Being a student in training, I'm sure I've left out important ingredients, such as no jack-rabbit starts.

My trainer's philosophy is the same as the companies'- as Prime Inc. Drive slow and conserve fuel. You can make good money, and save tremendous wear and tear on your truck. Driving fast does great damage to everything- both truck and trailer. Also it's safer, which besides giving the driver more time to make the correct and safe driving decisions, you save thousands of dollars on insurance and not having accidents. At my company, probably millions, because Prime has 5000+ trucks.

It's been mentioned before on here- the Super Truckers. Always driving fast, always passing. Of course when there's a huge pile up- Several times I've seen Fed Ex trucks in the pile.

If you feel I am wrong, drive by Springfield Mo, and look at the construction- a large new training center is going up, new roads being put in. Alot of opportunity there. Also the new terminal at Salt Lake City being constructed.

I have been absolutely amazed at the terminals at Pierson FL, Laredo Tx; the multiple drop yards; and also the Prime Floral division.

I understand some of the history and growth pains at Prime. It used to be Prime Expedite- drive fast, and deliver quickly. That clearly has changed.

As far as driving fast, there are times when we drive 60- such as Fed Ex loads where everything is being timed and delivery time is critical.

I have also driven 64 when we had a break down and had to meet delivery schedule. Driving 64 is an exception. Primes on-time delivery rating is 98.6%.

I have written all this and I really feel out of my league because "I am 'just' a student."

Also, my trainer is always in the Companies' top .05% for drivers for MPG. I haven't mentioned his paycheck reflects it. And the 7 diamond ring for 7 years of service. And his hard work. And the 72% of revenue he gets.

I'm looking forward to your responses.

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