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Posted:  6 months, 1 week ago

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1 preventable in 3 months

Not all "Preventables" are the same. Very minor rear-end accidents, trailer roll-a-way, forgetting to set brakes, and others are automatic "no hire" accidents for many places. Especially when you don't have any experience to back it up. Be patient and keep applying.

Posted:  6 months, 2 weeks ago

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SOO Fed UP!!!!!

Quoted for Truth

Age discrimination doesn't exist in trucking.

Posted:  6 months, 2 weeks ago

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Friday Short Haul - CRST wins lawsuit, OOIDA opposes insurance hike, UPSNav

I love sharing this letter - every recruiter has gotten it many, many times. But if you are under contract with CRST, until you finish it or until you pay them back, every place you apply gets this letter:


Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Pine Bluff Truck Driving School

This place is a JOKE! Yeah you may get your CDL in 3 weeks but all you're going to know how to do is pass the test. In the process, you're going to be cussed at, yelled at, and treated like you're stupid. Instructors sleep while students are driving. They talk about students behind their backs negatively in front of other students, one instructor even stated that one student annoyed her so she wasn't going to help him. The lodging quarters are DISGUSTING! The backing pad is such a muddy, potholes mess that the truck kept getting stuck. Seven people were sharing one backing pad truck. And speaking of trucks....they are horrible! I doubt even the road trucks would pass DOT inspection. I breezed through the written test and pretrip inspection but was having trouble with backing so I asked for an additional day of practice before testing, which I was denied. I feel that I should have been allowed an additional day since it's not required by DOT to test on a certain day. I was allowed some practice time before the test but all that got me was more yelling and more being talked down to by 3 different instructors who happened to be out there. After nearly a week of being treated subhumanly, I could not continue. I packed my bag and left. When I emailed the office about my experience, I got nothing other than "your CDL packet has been mailed". So I'd say they have to desire to change the way they do things or care that I was treated so badly that I quit after 3 weeks. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

Zombie Thread - but here is just ANOTHER reason (out of the hundreds) that you should really use Company Sponsored Driver Training. Private Schools are a gamble - and I like a nice wager as much as the next guy, but I rarely start by throwing down $2000-$10,000 right away.

Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Marten @ .62 per mile

^^^^^ * LIKE X 10 *


Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Marten @ .62 per mile


I keep getting these ads on my internet screen that advertise Marten paying drivers 62 CPM. Is that even realistic for seasoned drivers? What's their gimmick?


It was saying including detention time and bonuses and all the extra perks.

We really need companies/DOT/Trucking Industry to come up with a hard definition as to what "CPM" actually means. It's the most abused & manipulated term in our industry and we all know this.

So why do we continue to compare companies by their CPM rates when we know its apples to oranges?

With or without bonus? Empty Miles? Routed one way, paid another? City Center to City Center or Zip Code to Zip Code Routing? Does that number include benefits? Does that number include other pay that has nothing to do with mileage? (Stop, Detention, Layover, etc)

I have taken so many calls this year from drivers who say they need to make more money, they didn't even break $50,000 last year. So we go through the process, I make them an offer, and the immediate response is: I'm making .60 cpm (approx) and I can't afford to take a nickle or a dime pay cut..."

"But you aren't even making $50,000 per year, so... it's definitely not a pay cut."

"I can't take a step backwards though"

"Buddy, you aren't really making what you think you're making, do the math."


I mean today, I had a guy claiming to make .74 CPM and if I couldn't match it, I worked for a garbage company like the one he works for.

Its getting hard to take anyone's ads, or even any truckers claims, on what they are paying seriously.



Posted:  6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Truckers wife /passenger

So I will be riding along with my husband, I was just wondering what would be the best way to help him while I'm on the road with him I don't want to feel like I can't help with anything...

If you could become the master navigator, that would be great. Complete with the ability to use and understand Google Earth/Google Maps. Be the "Office Manager", handle the paperwork, etc.

If you are truly a team, you can truly help your "team" become the most efficient and productive truck in the fleet. Having an assistant is always amazing, and having one that you love and trust has to be even better. Have him show you the correct way to trip plan until you are confident to do it on your own. The amount of time saved and REST gained will be invaluable.

And conversation - keep your driver alert and focused.

3 of our top 4 drivers have their spouse ride with them full time. I don't think its a coincidence. And to our credit, we treat them like they are part of the team as well... because they really are.

Posted:  7 months, 1 week ago

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Here is the standard, boilerplate guidelines that most companies use by default.

Some are stricter, some are a little looser, but most companies you would want to work for have these standards in place.

Rick hit it on the nose - 3 yr minimum wait from conviction date.


Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Might have prevented a minor accident

Not sure how far he was from hitting the car behind him but he had to have rolled back about 30 feet.

Remeber even when traffic is stopped to pay attention to your surroundings

I did that at in my regular car in a left turn lane waiting to get on to US-75 North in Bellevue, NE. Except I rolled FORWARD!

Was driving into the sun which was a perfect angle so that my sun visor couldn't block it effectively. So I'm just sitting there, messing with my visor when suddenly "TAP-CRUNCH!"

I rearended a cop on his way to work. A COP. In a bright yellow Toyata FJ. The look on my face when he gets out of his car and he's in full uniform...probably priceless. "Morning Officer - lovely commute we're having today, eh? Just figured I'd roll into you and see how you were doing."

On my way to work...

Even if a safe situation - if you lose focus for a minute, bad things can happen.

But seriously... a cop?

And of course he didn't let it go. And he had to call ANOTHER cop to make the OFFICIAL report. Good times!

Posted:  7 months, 3 weeks ago

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What really irritates you?

Packrat said: "Truth be told, I don’t do that all the time, but I do try to pull up as far as possible if I notice a Prime flatbed driver eyeing the empty spot beside me."

So, Packrat's dark side is revealed! Lol.

" When a guy is too embarrassed to use the urinal so they pee in the toilet stall, too lazy to even use their foot to lift the seat they pee all over it and the floor then walk away without even using their foot to flush. We all have to use them so at least lift the seat."

geez, guys. I never use public toilets. Gross. I don't care where they are. There are more sanitary options. But if you HAVE to use one, don't sit on the seat. Hover.

Eh - I can't stand Outhouses/Latrines, but thats more of a phobia thing. But modern Public toilets are just what they are. The door handle to enter the truck stop is grosser than most toilet seats. Bring a travel size Lysol and "ABRACADABRA" the toilet seat is now cleaner than your steering wheel!

In fact, and I know this is weird, but I tell myself "not only am I doing this for me, I am leaving the bathroom better than when I found it." So really, I'm doing it for all of you too! lol

Posted:  8 months ago

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My first lot lizard encounter

Truck stops are being scrutinized for "human trafficking", and many simple prostitution arrests are turning into human trafficking arrests.


To be fair - its ALWAYS been like that, but the focus was never on human trafficking. It was always about busting those dang hookers!

Turns out, we (society) probably could have put a huge dent in this if we took it seriously in the 60s-70s-80s-90s...instead of letting those modern day slave traders build giant, powerful, international human trafficking cartels.

We just didn't know better - but now we do, and I think its for the better!

Posted:  8 months ago

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New career with a "best fit" for me.

Great Thread! Should be Starred -

Posted:  8 months ago

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Need some advice please.


Man, this is one hell of a tough situation. I don't know what you should do, to be honest. I mean, to say you blacked out because of stress and exhaustion is not at all comforting.

For starters, trucking is all about stress and exhaustion. You're putting in tons of hours and you're in a lot of stressful situations. It's also about knowing when you're sharp and capable of driving safely, or knowing when you need to park it because you're unsafe. So there's a lot of judgment calls to make, a lot of stress, and it's very exhausting.

Your situation is impossible to call either way. Will it happen again next week? Will it never happen again the rest of your life? There's no way to know. I think it's safe to say we've all been exhausted and stressed out at times but we didn't just suddenly black out without warning. Obviously if it happens behind the wheel of an 80,000 pound rig you could take out a lot of people in a matter of seconds. It would almost certainly be a complete catastrophe.

Maybe you should consider putting this idea on hold for a little while just to be sure. I mean, this isn't all about you. It's about protecting the innocent families you'll be sharing the highway with. I don't know if it's fair to risk people's lives when you really don't know for sure what's going on or whether or not you're safe behind the wheel.

Risking your own life is one thing. But this is much bigger than just you. I think you should reconsider getting behind the wheel of a rig right now.


That's what's eating me up. Is that the risk of it happening again. And in a cmv on top of it. I mean the first thought I had wasnt about me I was worried about if I hurt anyone. I 1000 percent understand your point. I mean I've been exhausted and stressed before while in combat and all the other crap with the military with zero issues but we had time to rest. The 2 months leading up to this event there was no down time and Its my fault I didnt give my self time to sit back and decompress at all. This was the only time this sorta thing has happened. I know I have to put this plan on hold for now which is giving me that lost feeling since for about over a year I've had it all planned out and now I'm at the finish line it's gone in an instant. If I didnt have a family depending on me it wouldn't sting so bad. Sorry for rambling

I'll honestly take your advice....put driving on hold fix this mess.

Here is how I like to think of the situation:

Could you sit in a chair on the edge of a diving board with your hands & feet tied? If you have a health concern that says you couldn't do that for an extended amount of time, then you probably shouldn't be driving .

Obviously, its hyperbole, but if you have health concerns that might cause you to pass out or lose control of your body, then 70 mph with 80,000 lbs is a bad place to test it out.

Posted:  8 months ago

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Does “American Truck Driving School” Drug Test?


I’m not worried about other company’s or any other schools. I’m in Oklahoma. With a job waiting for me in North Carolina. I’m trying to start this training ASAP. Did anyone else that went to “American Truck Driving School” undergo a drug test to attend schooling. Or even during.


Why don't you ask someone at American Truck Driving School if they drug test?

lol - "it would look bad".

Honestly, if it is a question for you, its probably best you stick with telemarketing or fast food for now.

I still get that phone call, almost weekly. the first thing out of their mouth is "what kind of drug testing do you do?"

that's scary.

Now, I sometimes let it slide if it is a minority driver, because I am aware of the false-positives for people with "darker hair" (kinda seems like code for something else...), but... 99/100 times, the person asking that question is probably not going to be a good hire for my company.

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Does anyone have any nhra transporter photos post them here thanks

Everytime I get a driver that has a few years experience all they do is complain about the job and how regulations are absurd and limiting. Maybe it's because I started under these "debilitating regulations" but I donr think twice about them. The last 2 weeks I grossed $1600+ with very little experience compared to them. I guess I'll never understand how big brothers hand is crushing us.

Now ask them how they feel about the 1980 "De-Regulation".

Don't listen to the terminal rats.

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Proving work history.

So how do you prove that you worked for a company that no longer exists?

Prime wants 10 years of work history. The last 2 companies I worked for have shut down. I have been at my current job for 3 1/2 years.

I didn't save my old W2s :(

Ways to Get Transcripts You may register to use Get Transcript Online* to view, print, or download. If you're unable to register you may order a Wage and Income Transcript by calling 800-908-9946 to make an appointment and stopping by any IRS office in the country. We may also be able to fax or email it to you depending on certain factors. • Wage and Income Transcript (that’s what we need - Jerrod)shows data from information returns we receive such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098 and Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information. Current tax year information may not be complete until July. This transcript is available for up to 10 prior years using Get Transcript Online or Form 4506-T.


Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Do you have to report the accident after 3 years still in Texas?

Had an lay over single vehicle accident thankfully no one was hurt on 02/12/2019 took a curve at 55 and it was black ice I guess. I know my fault. The owner of this small company let me go. I been with a new bigger company driving since and they do use DAC 03/02/2019 and now the accident is on my mvr and I got a citation that I got differed. Been driving since then and no more troubles. I am lucky I got the job cause I applied before the accident showed up. I told the manager about the accident and they said “I was approved before the accident happened or showed up on my MVR so I’m good to go”. August will be 6 months of clean driving. After 3 years do I still need to put this accident on my job applications or does it go away in Texas? Thanks to any who have knowledge to these questions cause I know the insurance companies are rough on this. Any extra knowledge even better. Thanks again.

2-5 years on MVR, depending on the state. Some keep it on the "record" forever with major violations or accidents.

DAC - 7 years

PSP - 2 years

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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Getting Hire With Preventable Accidents

Some "minor" accidents are still 3 year "No Hires" for a lot of places.

Rear-end/Following too closely Accident: "I just tapped his bumper". Doesn't matter, thats a big NO NO.

Well, here. Here is what most insurance companies give to their Trucking Companies as minimum standards. Again, notice they put "Following Too Closely" right above "DUI".


Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Cannabis Testing, Swift, NYC Ban on Cannabis Testing

Well, Well, Well... turns out our "I smoked once, under a Dr's orders, for 72 hours" is now the Publisher of High Times Magazine!

You want to support your family? Make Millions of dollars AND legalize weed for truck drivers?

Create a "Breathalyzer" for THC. Because right now, all they can do is Urine/Hair/Blood testing. And that can't tell if you are currently under the influence or not, so they have to assume you are.

Plus - and I am all for the legalization of Pot everywhere - if you can't be disaplined enough to NOT smoke Pot when you know your work doesn't allow it, that's just another reason for a company to not trust your judgement. That's always been the big kicker to me.

Legally, I can drink alcohol in my office. The police can't arrest me for having a beer in my office. But I am fairly certain it would get me fired if I cracked open a "nooner" at my desk. If I were to do that, while knowing that my company would be upset about it, it would show a clear lack of judgement and self-control. Two things you absolutely should have in any job, but ESPECIALLY trucking.

What a hilarious stream of commentary..

First of all, using cannabis in your off time does not cause a safety hazard when you are not under its direct influence. Therefore it is not logical to bar use of cannabis at all in my opinion. Secondly, all driving tests where cannabis was actively altering the driver's minds has resulted in NO change to driver safety except in some cases where people have never used it before in their lives and it caused some deviation for them.

The logic that I see in some threads is that driving while under the influence of opiates, alcohol, etc. relates to using cannabis within 30-90 days of a drug test. You cannot be 'high' for 30-90 days for using cannabis once. It is not a safety hazard for people who ever have used cannabis as it is not a safety hazard for someone who is not drinking while driving. The ignorance about cannabis usage and driving safety is much more rampant than I would have imagined for a field which is so filled with those who are safety conscious. I agree that use of Ambient, alcohol, opiates and even cannabis should be disallowed while driving for safety reasons (despite studies indicated cannabis may be safe to drive with-- I'd like to see someone prove this wrong and cite their own study? Go for it) but use of it during off hours is not dangerous at all and it is a legal medication in most or many states. I won't bother to see if we're over 26 states with legal medical and / or recreational cannabis but it is not more dangerous than alcohol to use when you are not driving.

Calling me stupid for putting this up is forcing me to challenge those to a debate about the safety issues of cannabis. I am calling you ignorant, unintelligent, aggressive, rude and impractical.

Cannabis was banned initially because it was the first fuel for automobiles. It is still the best fuel for automobiles in my opinion.

Cannabis is a cousin of hops and CBD's are contained in beers and ales. Your body produces cannabinoids and requires them. Cannabis is also a food which is ideal for human consumption. Cannabis relieves stress, pain, PTSD, can settle autistics and seizure ridden afflictions when nothing else can. Cannabis was used commonly by horse and buggy drivers before anyone had a stigmatic opinion about it which resulted from vast disinformation in the 20th century which was paid for by Standard Oil.

Thus I cannot really entertain much recognition for the merits of most responses because they are not logical, enlightened, scientifically accurate or interesting. It will not be much of a problem for me to pass a urine test soon and when the time comes I can pass a blood, hair follicle or any test. Then there will be no issue. I do not need to use cannabis but many do and in my opinion it is harmful to the trucking industry, to this country to bar it from any person with any occupation because it simply is not the government's business to stop people from using medications which are not safety issues and which work for them.

If we are in a free country, then we can use what is legal here, what is inexpensive, what works, what is natural, what is our choice-- when we are not working. Alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis-- period.

Thanks so much for your time.

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Cannabis Testing, Swift, NYC Ban on Cannabis Testing

I am wondering how trucking companies get away with discrimination for those who use prescribed medications? My qualification for Swift was just reversed since I explained to the recruiter that I used marijuana under Doctor's advice for just a few days. She said in THREE YEARS I could re-apply! Excuse me but my driving record on my job (which is not CDL but is a driving job, 75 hours a week...) is still perfect and my service record is also the maximum, which is rare for the amount of work I do. So it's not a safety issue directly and it's legal in my State, it's under a Doctor's direction and it was a very brief usage. Now I cannot earn a living and support my family? What country is this again? I'll be able to pass a urine test within a week or two and a hair follicle test within about two more months. At that time, I cannot work for Swift. I've heard Swift is not the best outfit but it's quite a slap in the face.

For those who are not aware, NYC just banned testing for cannabis for most jobs. This does not stop Federal DOT testing but does inhibit it for anything but certain medical caregiver, construction and a few other jobs.

If you had already started working there, and started training, it will go down as a "Refusal to drug test". There are many prescription drugs that doctors prescribe that will also disqualify you from driving, not just The Sticky-icky/Mary-Jane/Wacky-Tobacky/etc...

If you went there knowing you couldn't pass a drug test, you basically wasted their time and money, and say what you want about trucking companies - but don't waste their time and money.

If they put it down as a "refusal/failure", you'll have a hard time finding ANY reputable company that will hire you for 3 years or more.

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