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A school teacher for eleven years. Now I'm getting out of the classroom!!

A trucker for three years. The Oops! I'm become a Driving Instructor! ... Now I'm back in the classroom!!

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Posted:  3 hours, 49 minutes ago

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Question should I train on manuals or automatics

Thanks for the replies. I’ve driven manual cars all my life, but the whole double clutching sounds scary. I’m sure I could do it. The instructor made it seem much harder

It's not scary. It's more that you need to develop coordination of the pat your head/rub your belly kind. Thousands of Trucking students learn it every year. You can be one of them

I'll repeat my suggestion: I vote for automatic, your career will do well in spite of the restriction.

Posted:  3 hours, 54 minutes ago

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Any words on Covenant?

Up at the top of this page, on the left are three bars. Tap those to find the information treasure trove of Trucking Truth.

Menu > Trucking Company Reviews > Covenant Transport Company Review

That's what we have. Of course, check out their own pages: Covenant Transport

From Covenant's "Our Culture":

“Over thirty years ago my wife, Jacqueline and I founded this company based on Christian beliefs and values. I have never sought to push my personal religious beliefs on any employee but hope we can all agree that a sound value system is a good way to live. I promise you I am committed to making sure these values are known and practiced throughout the Covenant organization and we will hold each other accountable.”
- David R. Parker, Founder and CEO

Posted:  7 hours, 5 minutes ago

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Two 15+ speeding tickets 2 years ago, No jobs will hire me because I'm fresh out of CDL School. Any suggestions???!?!!?

Have you filled out this application?

Apply For Truck Driving Jobs

A lot of companies get this. You might get a bite. Remember, don't try to hide anything. , Be upfront and show some remorse. Any company that likes what it sees will do a quick background check. They just don't like surprises.

Posted:  14 hours, 28 minutes ago

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Question should I train on manuals or automatics

Jay, the trucking industry is in a big transition from manual shift to automatic shift. The future is in automatic of course. So, going that route will not hurt you in getting an OTR driving job. You will end up with a restriction of "automatic only", but most trucks will be that way - no loss to your career.

Others may say learn the manual shift (restriction free endorsement) so you aren't limited in what you can drive. But as I said, that is almost meaningless now. Some might want to tell you "you lose control over your power/driving if you don't have a clutch". That issue is so minor it's not worth the time. Automatic shifting would not be a choice if there were problems even in mountain driving.

The biggest benefit of automatic shift in my opinion is you don't have to learn how to coordinate your hands and feet for double-clutch shifting. (Trouble with this can fail your CDL road test.) Remember "big truck" transmissions aren't as easy to shift as even automobile manual shifts. (I learned with the manual shift, and taught drivers in both so I know & have experienced the differences.)

Bottom line: I wouldn't worry about it. Go with the automatic shift.

Posted:  19 hours, 3 minutes ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

James points out:

Sure, two sides to every story. These are the "horror stories" I'm referring to though.

Yes there is. At least two. In these cases, the two sides are reality and losers. Nearly all company "reviews" are motivated by the poster being somehow "wronged" by that company. The "good" reviews would have been written by drivers who are still working for said company, happy with what they are doing, proud to be driving for that company. And they are too busy happy doing their job and making money to take time to write about their experiences.

If you understand the rigorous requirements of being an OTR driver, you will be successful and earn those big trucker bucks with whatever company you have chosen. If you don't "get it", or the reality of this job does not meet your personal expectations, you will also bail and maybe want to tell the world how the company messed up your career.

Here at Trucking Truth you'll find those who love their job, know how to be successful driving the big trucks, and want to pass on the secrets of the business. Read on.

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

Oh, yeah, I forgot this one:

If you go to any legitimate CDL school and get the license I understand it's not difficult to get a gig, no?

This is true. I tell my CDL students that once they get a CDL license, they'll never need to be unemployed. (A secret: all you need is at least a year of road experience to get to this promise)

Posted:  1 day, 13 hours ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

James figures:

I figured [company schools] cast a very wide net focusing on filling up their classes.

Are you thinking of a trucking company or a private school? Consider what either of these two is in business for.

Trucking companies make money moving freight. In actuality, a company school is a cost center, not a money maker that supports their main line of work. For a private school, their money is made by filling those classroom seats. And by the way, a VoTech school does exist by way of filling classroom seats, too.

Posted:  1 day, 14 hours ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

James, Google this term: TANSTAFL. It's safe for work, and I dare you to.

Here's a real estate term: OPM (Other People's Money)

Lastly, choose two of these three: 1)Fast 2)Quality 3)Cheap. You can't get all of them.

Now why fork over money when you can use the Big Company's? Here's a hint: they want you!! They will get you up to speed in the fastest possible time to get you out on the road

Once your training is over, which could be less than three months, you'll be getting the full pay of an OTR driver. We don't do "horror stories" here. Horror stories are mostly fiction written to get sympathy for their author. We do Truth here. A newbie who doesn't mess around, and goes for good training, can make $40K+ in the first year.

You say you hear about companies accepting 6 months experience. Fine. Now how, as a potential driver with a brand new CDL, how do you interview for a job to get "6 months experience" then move on? Any serious company will spot a job hopper and not waste their time.

My suggestion to you, your path to a well paying trucking job in the shortest amount of time, is to

Posted:  2 days, 10 hours ago

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Are trucker strikes a thing of the past?

A finer point of union strikes: if a union chooses to strike an industry, say airlines, supermarkets, or auto manufacturers, the union would select one company for their labor action.

So for example, Swift drivers would picket at their terminals and only Swift customers might suffer. Then the contract with Swift would be the model for the rest.

In reality, you won't have all 1.8 million truck drivers pull over at once.

Posted:  3 days, 5 hours ago

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Question regarding Swift

Ok. So I don't need a Swift facility near where I live? How do I get home? I know you can bobtail. What is the limit on how far I can drive? Where do I drop the empty?

This could be a game changer for where my wife and I decide to buy a house.

With Swift you don't "drop an empty". In rare circumstances you will travel bob tail, but don't rely on that.

Most large truck stops won't know or even care if you park for a few days. Though it never hurts to ask, especially if you'll be parking for more than two days.

So, as Banks suggests, look for a local business (even ask the management of your nearby Wallmart)

Posted:  3 days, 6 hours ago

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Birth Certificate?

Most new hires use a driver license and their Social Security card. Produce those two documents and you're done.

Posted:  3 days, 15 hours ago

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Does ABS work if emergency brakes come on?

Amber searches for meaning:

I can't seem to find any [tractor protection valve questions] right now

They are there. The list of air brake questions include several asking what happens when the trailer air lines get disconnected.

Posted:  3 days, 19 hours ago

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Need an advice. New cdl a.

A rule of thumb for trip planning is to use an average speed of 50 MPH to gauge your time. So, your $13/hour averages out to 26 cents per mile. But there really is a lot more to this: wait time for anything, other non-driving duties like loading/securing the load, etc.

Posted:  3 days, 19 hours ago

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Question regarding Swift

Does Swift have any sort of presence in the Las Vegas area or Wyoming? I know there's no terminals. But wondering if there's something like what they have with Wal-Mart in Corinne. Or a drop yard.

Where you live has little to do with your "home" terminal. There's plenty of Swift freight going through Vegas and Wyoming that you can get home nearly whenever you want.

I live near Memphis TN. Big Swift terminal. But as OTR, I rarely used the facilities there except to park the truck. And you can do that at almost any truck stop in the USA,

Posted:  4 days, 14 hours ago

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My first 3000 plus mile week

Adding to Turtle's coment, this is the kind of week you can expect as one of your DM's top drawer "go-to" drivers. I hope you can do this again. And again!

Posted:  5 days, 7 hours ago

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Finding work

Mike, three truck accidents in one week can get you fired from most companies.

We practice "tough love" here. Be straight & open with us, you wil= get unvarnished opinion - no "yelling or name calling.

Which Swift Academy did you train at? I taught at one. (I'm not telling where, just now.) What were your accidents? And don't say "a minor bumper". Be specific so we can help you better.

Posted:  5 days, 17 hours ago

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I have a few questions about becoming and being a trucker

I read your questions, Jefferson, thinking I like to type long answers but I'd try to be brief with so many of them. Then I saw Navypoppopp beat me to doing that.

And then Turtle even beat me to doing that, too! So I'll just fill in some of the blank spaces:

The old saw "This is a stupid question" hardly ever works b/c the asker doesn't know the answer!! And most of what you asked has been asked and answered here before. Just not by you. We're happy to oblige.

A few more things: at the top left are three lines. Tap on thm and the Site Index pops out - your key to everything "trucking" .

Also, we have a few things set up for forum first timers:

From "what it's like" to CDL Test Prep. So, do not hesitate to ask your questions!

Posted:  6 days, 9 hours ago

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Putting it all out there..

Follow Rob's suggestion. This should get you started:

Apply For Truck Driving Jobs


Apply For Paid CDL Training

As for any medical issues, they will be addressed in your DOT Physical (Don't get a DOT physical just now - wait till things start to move for you.)

Posted:  6 days, 11 hours ago

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I live in dennard 72629 ..talked to them yesterday..said they ran 48 and had training..??

Dennard is way west of Jonesboro.

As for MS Express, they are truckers? And a small operation with training might be all right - more of a one-on-one I suppose.

Posted:  6 days, 12 hours ago

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5:45 hours gained

Say it takes 10 hours to get home. Load and scale are NOT driving hours but your 14 doesn't get extended by the incoming recap hours.

14-3=11 left on your shift. The 14 starts on your pretrip, the local delivery eats 3. So by the shift clock you have 10 left. That's the shift clock, the recap does not extend that.

If you get close to home and run out of time, maybe someone can come meet you at a truck stop.

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