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A school teacher for eleven years. Now I'm getting out of the classroom!!

A trucker for three years. Then Oops! I've become a Driving Instructor! ... Now I'm back in the classroom!! (Or on the backing range)

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Posted:  6 hours, 10 minutes ago

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Old School?

Steve, you can wait for Old School to get to the forum, or you can post your question here. But there are other skateboard drivers here who could offer advice much quicker. If you ask "publicly", you'll get an answer faster.

Also, your question and the answers will be available for other TT members should they be in a situation similar to yours.

Posted:  1 day, 5 hours ago

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Do not make enough monthly for Prime to accept my application as a CDL student.

Hi, Shelly, welcome to Trucking Truth!

I can't see how "not enough money" should be an issue, especially with a trucking company as large as Prime. That's why many companies offer Paid CDL Training Programs. Assuming you don't have any felonies or go bankrupt every chance you get, your personal finance shouldn't even matter.

Do you have documentation for you're time/income with Uber? Companies do like to see employment or other activity beyond simple "unemployed". (example: caring for a relative for several years).

This forum is a place to be honest and forthcoming. You'll get all sorts of good advice here.

Since you say you "want to learn how become a trucker and go to trucking school" we'll get you started with your reading material:

The High Road CDL Training Program is your first step - it will get you up to speed for your CDL permit written test. Good luck!

Posted:  1 day, 8 hours ago

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A Thank You, And A Promise To Our Community

I was thinking to add another point to this thread. Brett started it with a "Thank You" and a promise to this trucking community. And this particular topic had turned into a model thread!

What's going on here? Different ideas are added in, some here agree to disagree, and each new post moves this topic forward.

The idea I wanted to bring up is demonstrated here in the last several posts: quoting and referring to previous posters by name. Sure, I get an ego boost when I read "Errol said ..." But more importantly, referring to and quoting another post (no matter if it's in agreement or or disagreement) supports the overall net of consistency and respect that makes Trucking Truth the best place for new people to learn about this career.

We know what Bobcat Bob says is true:

Another thing to remember is a lot of people come here after seeing the other trucking sights which paint a horrible picture of all companies and the trucking industry in general.

Let's keep TT different from all the rest.

Posted:  1 day, 16 hours ago

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It is a good idea to be open about your history. Staying out of trouble for nine years does count for you, but companies look dimly at people who try to conceal things. They really don't need that kind of foolishness going on in their business.

Hopefully your application with CRDT will go through. Apps are looked at by real human beings, not just by a "too many check marks" system.

If CRST falls through, you could check out this link: Trucking Companies That Will Hire Felons

Posted:  1 day, 16 hours ago

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I messed up BAD

Mountain Call, all the stuff you bring up is actually pretty normal. It's been a while since I was a rookie, but I think starting at $.41 pre-bonus is too good to be true. And don't expect to roll 2,800 miles a week right out of the chute - patience my dear, until you really get the hang of it. And, don't you think a bonus should be a goal, for good performance, not just an addition to your paycheck?

For part two, manual shift, why? Steep mountain passes? Your company wouldn't use Auto shift if there was a problem on long downhills. You need to learn that the engine retarders ("Jakes") are your friend. In fact, they'll probably come on automatically. Just pay attention to your speed.

Finally if you're committed, as in going to orientation, stay committed. If you think misunderstandings about start pay and transmission tires are a reason to call "Unfortunately things have turned for the worst since I arrived", you need to thicken up the ol' skin.

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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Trucking Truth Driver Productivity Leaderboard

Kearsey explains:

i will park for 2 hours during rush hour. then i do the 8 sleeper. some will say i save only min, but some east coast areas could be an hour of traffic.

Here's an example from my experience, showing how good time planning works: Cincinnati, I-75 N to S. At 3AM, 20 minutes. At 3PM, try 1 1/2 hours. Would you rather take a two hour snooze or sit two hours in traffic? You decide!

Posted:  4 days, 2 hours ago

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You and the equipment... Don't be that guy!

Michael W bemoans:

One thing that irritates the heck out of me is pulling into a lot to grab a trailer only to find it is not road worthy. It will have a flat, a busted glad hand, broken air line, severe damage, etc. If you have a trailer, and you know that there is something wrong with it, GET IT FIXED! Or at least report it and have it taken out of service and out of the system.

Tim ripostes:

Wow. I think your barking up the wrong tree. This post belongs on another forum where the super truckers hang out.

Most people here are just trying to get going in the industry. Now, you want them adjusting

I get your point...largely, don’t leave it for the next guy.

Thanks, Mike. I know what you're talking about. As for new drivers, now is the time to be conscious if the bad trailer handoff. If you'd rather be rolling on the interstate than sitting at a trailer shop, you are very tempted to make the delivery and hope you don't get caught with a bad trailer - it saves you time.

So one taillight didn't work. You know your trip doesn't pass any scales so the odds are good you can get delivered and move on. Why waste your preciou$ time to fix a problem someone else should have taken care of?

Once I somehow got the luck of the draw to get FIVE tires fixed over a one week period. It would be better if all drivers got things fixed when they find them. But between you and me, that ain't gonna happen!

Michael is telling the truth - you will end up with trailers that should have been fixed before you got them. Tim gets the point, and says what we all need to do:

Don’t leave it for the next guy.

(Not "largely" but all the time!)

Posted:  4 days, 22 hours ago

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What smartphone is best for service

Verizon is probably the better carrier nationwide. As for the phone, choose the one that works for you. Then get a decent case to protect it. The case might go for $25-40.

Another thing to plan to buy is a Bluetooth headset. From my experience, I suggest you spend about 50% more than the cheapest one - around $100. You don't need it now, I bought mine with truck stop points after about a year in the road.

Posted:  5 days, 3 hours ago

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Maybe any DOT inspection.

BTW, that scale is out in the desert. I side roads except to head in I-40 Any 18 wheeler on a side road out there would be a obvious as a Las Vegas showgirl in a church.

Exit 286 Nipton Rd right/South toward Searchlight NV. In Searchlight go north on US 95. That ends up in Boulder City. Enjoy the trip

Posted:  5 days, 8 hours ago

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Why do you need to skip the scale?

Posted:  6 days, 6 hours ago

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Work boots or no work boots during otr training??

Sorry for the double post, here is some advice from Errol from a few years ago.


For your tootsies, a pair of ankle high hiking or work boots will do you just fine. Some people talk up steel toe, but in my first year, I never saw a requirement for them.


and more from Susan D.


Many companies don't require steel toe (or composite either) but if they do, they'll generally give them to you or reimburse some or all of the cost. What companies DON'T want to see at the terminal or in training are: slip ons, open toed, athletic shoes, etc. Most want to see you in sturdy leather boots with low heeled rubber bottoms.


I, er ... second that quote, including Susan's, again.

Think about what your feet will be doing: holding down the accelerator pedal a lot, but also climbing the steep steps into and out of the cab, walking around on pavement, gravel, ice and show and mud. The question is about boots, but any decently sturdy closed toe shoes would be fine.

Posted:  6 days, 6 hours ago

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2nd Chance

Yes, James, many people have started their trucking career with similar questions. The more information you can provide about your issues, the better we can help you out.

Posted:  6 days, 6 hours ago

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New and overwhelmed

{Sidebar to Amber: you have just started your career and you're already jumping into forum topics with some thoughtful answers. Keep this up! 👍👍}

Posted:  6 days, 7 hours ago

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Most cheapest/smartest way to obtain CDL A?

James is nervous:

I'm mostly too paranoid to sign on the dotted line just yet for a one year commitment.

Here's a reality check for you, James: the required 160 hour course to get you the CDL license does not qualify you to make a living driving a truck. The CDL test simply certifies that you are barely able to drive across town in an 18 wheeler, and does nothing to support your prowess in interstate driving or much more than what you accomplished in that driving test. That's why many trucking companies that don't support new drivers require 6 months or one year of experience.

And from the financial point of view, any time you use a credit card, you are committing to pay the bank back. Making car payments? Another legal commitment you made. For probably 4-5 years no less. So what's the big deal about working off your tuition in a year, and getting paid a decent wage at the same time?

Posted:  6 days, 21 hours ago

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Student Driver

Yes, Ryan, you have passed the trucker's Initiation Rite: Baptism of the Dog! welcome into the Fellowship of the 5th Wheel!


Posted:  1 week ago

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Investigators cracking down on truck accident fraudulent lawsuits

It is the rule of Deep Pockets. Yes, you are the guest of honor in such a lawsuit, but the lawyers are really after the Big Truck Company you drive for. That's the scam happening in Louisiana.

You can see "Bug Truck Accident?" billboards as you pass through every large town. Show of hands: Who has seen a "4-Wheeler Foul up?" sign in a truck stop or on a billboard?

Posted:  1 week ago

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Hair Follicle Testing Question

Hair follicle testing can detect various drugs for anywhere from 60 - 180 days with the norm being about 90 for most drugs. I have heard rumors (and only rumors) that HFT can detect drugs up to 1+ years. My recommendation would be wait 120 days and go for it...

The 180 day number is probably true. However, the stuff the lab looks for deteriorates over time, so it's often a 90 day limit to ensure the test is valid. All you need to do is ask. That's how I got the number from Swift.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Acceptable MVR?

I'm not an authority on MVR issues. You don't give a date for your record points. And company policies vary - it's not the same across the board. Here's a list you might take a look at: Trucking Companies That Will Hire Felons Not that you are in that category, but these companies may be a bit more liberal in their "past life" standards.

Also, fill out this application: Apply For Truck Driving Jobs. This one application is sent to many companies all at once - saves you time. This is the path I took and I got hired at Swift and entered their CDL school.

Finally, here's and application form that goes dirctly to Paid CDL training schols: Apply For Paid CDL Training

Good luck!

Posted:  1 week ago

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Hair Follicle Testing Question

A Swift medical examiner told me when I asked that the hair test was for 90 days.

However you look at it, if either test (hair or pee) comes out hot, your career is over. So better to wait a bit and be safe.

Posted:  1 week ago

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Making the leap! CFI Company CDL Training

You are ahead of the game here, Roxi! First post and you already have your company.

So get going, with the best of luck! And instead of lurking, join the party. None of us bite, so bring your questions and thoughts.

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